It is Now Illegal to Think in a Non-PC Manner

We now live in an age in which not just wrong actions are punishable by the full force of the law, but so too are “wrong” thoughts. In much of the West to dare to talk or think contrary to the reigning hegemony of CorrectSpeak and CorrectThink is against the law.

Past dictatorships and police states of course attempted to suppress “incorrect” thinking and speech, and the free West fought against such tyranny and oppression. But now the West has swung full-circle, and is now among the leading proponents of punishing words and thoughts which the State regards as politically incorrect.

This site documents this on a regular basis, and now I add two more prime examples, both from Spain. Both have to do with the new orthodoxy which states that anything which supports and promotes and lauds the homosexual agenda is Good, Pure and Acceptable, while anything that in any way dares to criticise it is Evil, Dangerous and Treasonous.

The first case involves a judge who was concerned about homosexuals adopting a child. Here is how one news report covers the story:

“Fernando Ferrín Calamita, a Spanish judge who was fined and removed from the bench for failing to grant an adoption to a homosexual couple, has now been ordered to return almost €100,000 (130,000 USD) in pay that he received while he was suspended from his duties and awaiting the outcome of his trial.

“Ferrín Calamita was removed from his position as family judge in the Spanish region of Murcia in 2009, after he delayed a decision on granting the adoption of a child to the mother’s lesbian lover. He refused to issue a decision until he received a report on the possible impact of the woman’s lesbianism on the child, a topic that officials failed to cover in reports he had requested previously.

“Although the prosecutor in the case sought to send Ferrín Calamita to jail for three years, he succeeded only in barring the judge from the bench for 27 months and levying a fine of €6,000. Ferrín Calamita has appealed the decision to the nation’s Supreme Court.”

In Spain today it will cost you plenty to be more concerned about the rights and wellbeing of children than about the radical agendas of social activists. You stand to lose your job, your income, and your reputation – all because the Gaystapo is running riot throughout the West.

In another case of madness from the People’s Republic of Spain, the authorities have punished a television station for having the gall to actually complain about a sleazy homosexual march. Here is how this story has been reported:

“Spain’s socialist government has fined the Intereconomia television network 100,000 euros (130,000 USD) for running a series of advertisements that it claims ‘attacks the dignity’ of homosexuals. The spots, which are self-promotional advertisements by the group Intereconomia, show scenes of outlandishly and scantily dressed participants in ‘gay pride’ marches making sexually suggestive gestures to the camera and denouncing religious belief.

“The scenes, which are typical of such ‘pride’ events, are so lewd that Google requires viewers to state that they are at least 18 years of age before showing the YouTube version. In one of the ads, the images are interposed with a series of questions, including ‘is this the society that you want?’ and whether or not the viewer would like to ‘support this with public money?’ It ends with the question: ‘Proud? Of what?’”

Well there you have it: in gay ol’ Spain, a sexually provocative and debauched street march is now viewed as virtuous and decent, while any complaints about it are viewed as nasty and rebellious. Spain has effectively declared war on decency, family, children and community.

It wants to elevate destructive lifestyles, and tear down any last vestiges of the family unit. It in fact is declaring virtue to be vice, and vice to be virtue. Those who want to turn society upside down are celebrated as heroes, while those who wish to protect and defend it are branded as criminals.

Such insanity simply cannot go on for long. The complete destruction of a nation is well under way when we reach these precarious stages of lunacy and deviancy. It seems the only question we can now ask about most of the West is not, ‘Will it be able to stand?’ but ‘How soon before it falls?’

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  1. The waters are slowly creeping in and year after year i wonder how long we can hold out against the barrage of immorality that is ever bashing at the doors of our society. The Greens seem to have grown by a percent or so for the last few federal elections and i fear this election will be no different, disillusioned and disgruntled voters casting their vote to such a party again and strengthening their dangerous ideologies. Christian denominations giving in to allow homosexual persons teach in their churches and colleges, what a disgrace!
    Dorian Ballard

  2. Marriage and the family is the last remaining institution in their path. They think the natural family is the source of every prejudice. So they attack it ruthlessly. They can’t defend their position or conscience openly so they have to use the coercion of kangaroo courts and intimidation.

    And we have to talk seriously agreed Bill, if marriage is defined away and corroded then there is no way back and our fate is sealed – it is the pre-political institution of our society and generates the virtuous citizens we require very cheaply.

    Eve Tushnet said gay marriage will be the final nail in the coffin of marriage in the West, its all happening very fast. We don’t have much time.

    They won’t stop.

    Martin Snigg

  3. You’d think spanish homosexuals of all groups would tend to be more tolerant of dissent like that.

    After all, bin Laden and his loony acolytes consider Spain part of the Caliphate and I’m pretty sure if they take over (and destroying the society is only going to make that easier for them) the last thing this lesbian will be worried about is whether or not she can get adoption rights.

    I’m pretty sure last time I checked Muslims aren’t knowing for being particularly tolerant of homosexual practice.

    But I’m not sure you can expect sense from people that are by all outward appearances complete moral nihilists.

    Jason Rennie

  4. How truly does the Bible say “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34).

    These Spanish events show us the outworking of the spiritual battle taking place for the hearts and minds of people. We Aussies need to know that this same battle is raging right now, right here – in our Southland of the Holy Spirit.

    What to do? A few thoughts…..

    Understand that Christians are at war. Join the battle, in the name of Jesus, praying, speaking, declaring, writing, proclaiming God’s word – which expresses His Kingdom ways, and His will for our nation. There is no DMZ (de-militarised zone) – we are either on the Lord’s side, or the devil’s side!!

    How Pivotal is this federal election on 21st August! It will be one of the major skirmishes of the war, and Christians need to engage with Holy Spirit fire power.

    Interesting how PC seems to have a tendency to try to suppress Godly truth and wisdom.

    Aussies have always tended to call a spade a shovel, and we need to take the shovel to PC…

    David Alston

  5. Bill,
    Yet another piece of ‘thought’ crime and ‘belief’ crime has come to the surface in the case of Jennifer Keeton, who has completed all the requirements for a counselling degree at Augusta State University, Georgia, but the faculty refuse to allow her to graduate because of her Christian convictions. They have required her to attend “diversity” sessions and to change her beliefs before she can graduate.

    Read about the case here:

    The Alliance Defense Fund, which takes up such cases, has launched suit against the university.
    this raises the point: when such cases arise here because of the militant PC crows, as they surely will, should we have such a legal body to defend us, or do we simply rely on the promise in Luke 21:14-15?

    Murray R Adamthwaite

  6. Many thanks Murray and Carl

    This is a shocking story indeed, but just one of many, sadly. The West is quickly degenerating into a PC indoctrination camp.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. If Christians don’t pray, fast and inform themselves on how to vote as wisely as possible among the candidates we have, then we can expect similar events here in the not too distant future.
    Anna Cook

  8. I am concerned for Spain on a few levels and am not sure what will be left of the nation in 50 years. Thinking about the massive population decline, many towns practically becoming ghost towns, as well as the quickly aging population. Now upon hearing these reports it is frightening to think what will come of this nation if it continues down this road…
    Oliver Ins

  9. So, the moral bankruptcy of Spain is on par with their economy. Hmmm. Considering the impending financial ruin of other apostate (post-Christian) nations, this may be more than just a coincidence.
    Righteousness exalts a nation, (unrighteousness sends it down the tubes).
    Funny too – an “ungodly” country like China forced Google to filter out pornography. Somewhere along the line the post-Christian nations and their appetite for abortion, sex and all hedonism are doing MORE evil than the nations they are supposed to be evangelising!
    Didn’t we read about Israel doing that centuries ago…?
    Israel got hammered for straying from God’s commandments, imagine the hammering the west will get for collectively ditching the gift of the Son of God?
    Tim Lovett

  10. I read in today’s Australian that the editor of a gay magazine, said that [for Penny Wong on Q&A] “to cite cultural, religious, and historical view” [in support of marriage] “is indefensible”.

    I find this admission remarkable because if there is no view of marriage worth defending, then arguably there is no value in marriage. If this is the case, it would seem quite strange then to fight for an institution that has no value, would it not?

    Tim Stacey

  11. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your site. I discovered it last week by a link from one of your visitors, and have been hooked since. It is so refreshing to be kept up to date on important news from a sound Christian perspective.

    In all the great stories, the forces of evil are so successful because there is no united opposition against them, and it is only when they face united opposition that they are vanquished. Has the Church made any concerted efforts against this continuous tirade of evil we hear of? I know some things must happen before Jesus returns, but Christians must realize our own action (or inaction) has weight in this spiritual war.

    David Orchard

  12. Thanks David

    Yes I am with you. We believers play a very important role in the way things pan out. Too often we have opted out instead of engaging. God will certainly do his part, but we must do ours.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  13. Over the last century Spain was gripped by radical swings to the left and right. This culminated in the 30’s when the radical left had an agenda to remove all Catholic influence from Spain, and in turn when the Civil War started, no quarter was given by either the Right or Left in a bloody prelude to WW2. Thousands were executed after surrendering on promises of fair treatment
    Somehow the moderation that Britain and some other countries experienced under the Reformation by-passed Spain, and violent and radical uphevals have resulted in what we still witness there, and a decade ago, in the Balkans.
    Stephen White

  14. Thanks Bill. Christians make up a far greater constituency than homosexuals. Voting and acting as a block Christians can impact any election and sway public opinion. If the injustices you have written about are allowed to continue, it is because Christians couldn’t care less. The watchman has gone AWOL. The key to turning back unrighteousness in society is the Church, but it seems incapable of sounding a clear warning. The one body that should be part of the solution is part of the problem. We pray for our society, we also need to pray for the church.
    If Labor gets in with the help of the Greens and therefore indebted to them, and the Greens hold the balance of power, we will all be thinking in secret and this site will be closed down. This is no time for “a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest.” Now is the time to rise up as a mighty army. “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ.” With God we are a majority.
    Des Morris

  15. It is sad to read that the endangered species today are not the whales or dolphins, but children. If they are not killed by abortion before birth, every effort is made to corrupt them after birth. Like the Roman empire, all these nations will fall, for they are destroying themselves. The Roman empire disappeared basically because of immorality. You would think with all the knowledge today and all the so-called intellectuals and all the history someone would figure this out.
    Anne van Tilburg

  16. Thanks Des

    Very well said indeed. I could not agree with you more. In fact, I believe that if the Labor-Green machine is elected, this really will be the beginning of the end of Christian freedoms in Australia. And yes, I am under no illusion that this ministry will be among the first to be shut down by the new thought police. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  17. It’s interesting to see how all this can be done in a noncommunist culture. In China and Vietnam, the thought-enforcers would go village by village and require people to point to fellow villagers with the wrong attitudes and then to confess their own lack of enthusiasm for the proper attitudes. Something similar to these campaigns may gather steam in our own culture without the help of the secret police.
    John O’Connor

  18. “In much of the West to dare to talk or think contrary to the reigning hegemony of CorrectSpeak and CorrectThink is against the law.”I might want to start using that as my forum signature.
    Torey Rasul

  19. It’s a travesty that a group that is probably less than 2 percent of the Spanish population should be able to hold the whole country by a stranglehold. All they needed was an oppressive socialist government to back them up. We have the same militant agenda homosexual lobbyists here, all Australia is lacking for the moment is the extent of socialism experienced by Spain to back them up utterly. If we end up with Fabian Socialist Julia Gillard, how much longer will it be before we are in the same iron grip?
    Dee Graf

  20. I was shocked to read of the degeneration of morals in Spain. Many people in the West (it’s no longer the ‘free’ world) will laugh at you if you describe Socialists as communists, but what is the difference? It is all a matter of degree. Any country, which votes in a Socialist government, puts its population in danger. Socialists understand what I have written above and believe very solidly in the tactic of gradualism. One of the socialist prime ministerial failures inflicted on us by the numbskull press in this country, once stated “We need to achieve power only once in a generation to have our agenda in place”
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  21. Hi Bill
    This comment has nothing to do with your article, and if for some reason you do not want to comment, I will understand. But I am sure I have read some of your article’s in either News Weekly of A.D 2000. Am I correct?
    Anne van Tilburg

  22. Thanks Anne

    One can not only find me there, but perhaps in hundreds of magazines, journals, periodicals, e-mags and assorted websites. Once my stuff is posted on my website, all sorts of people – both friend and foe! – pick up on it. So yes you may well have seen me before!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  23. I find it so hard to love thy neighbor when I hear these stories… Thank God for the apostles and saints before us. By their example, we can be inspired to continue to have faith in God, no matter the public trial of our faith.
    Daniel Amos

  24. Since you’re not goint to print this anway (like the rest of the Bible-thumper sites, you’re only willing to post views that agree with your own), I can say what I really feel.

    You people are ridiculous. Seriously, something is wrong with your brains if you think there is any virtue, any moral high ground, in stopping people you don’t like from having the same rights as you. Stop hiding behind your Bibles and step out into the real world. Gay people are no threat to you, me, or anyone else, especially THE CHILDREN.

    It’s people like you who give religion a bad name, and who cause decent people to not want to have anything to do with it. You use your Bibles to excuse your agenda of narrow-minded, petty, spiteful hatred towards people whose only sin is in being happy with who they are, instead of ashamed like you want them to be. You hate them because they have the guts to do what you don’t; to choose their own path, to not hide who they are, to not live in fear.

    I only hope that you people remain what you are; a rapidly-dwindling, lunatic minority whose time is quickly coming to an end. And when it does come to an end, there will be no choir of angels, no God and Jesus waiting to pat you on a back for a job well done in treating your fellow human beings as second-class citizens. There will be nothing but darkness and the cold, black earth.


  25. Thanks Rob

    You are quite right that I normally would not print something like this, for the simple reason that it violates all my commenting rules. So normally these types of comments go straight into the bin. But since your comment is so very representative of the sorts of comments I get all the time from you folks, I will print it, as it offers a very good example of what your side considers to be intelligent debate.

    You of course do not provide a full name; you simply push your own soapbox agenda; you simply engage in ad hominem attack; and you offer no evidence, fact or argument whatsoever, just plenty of vitriol and ugly mud-slinging. So those are the very reasons why these sorts of comments do not usually appear here.

    But at least you nicely demonstrate to the whole world the standard of ‘argument’ your side so routinely and monotonously produces.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  26. Why do same-sex marriage advocates seem so quick to automatically label anyone who opposes them as bigots? Is this fair?
    Ross McPhee

  27. Thanks Ross

    No it is not fair. But it is certainly easier to call people names than to mount a rational argument and provide evidence for one’s case. Sadly this happens all the time with the other side.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  28. Unfortunately the church is also not immune from the same political correctness. And yes it is equally prevalent on the left and the right.
    David Brown

  29. I distinctly remember a scripture of end times where God has warned us that Evil will be called Good and Good will be called Evil! That time has officially found it’s way in society.
    Catherine Cook

  30. I’d like to say, that as a lesbian, I find the behavior at pride parades to be something less than family friendly. As such I never attend them and refuse to support them. I do not associate with lewd actions in public or kink related floats etc.
    There is a time and place for those things and it’s generally in your own bedroom!

    I would like you all to realize that for every idiot in a parade there’s ten more who act decently there. Just like in any very large group of people there’s bound to be Somebody who gives the entire event a bad name for acting like fools.

    Nobody is perfect and the gay community, such as it is, is no exception.
    I do wish they would stop being so over the top lewd. A decently dressed drag queen is in your face and over the top enough to get attention!
    I also wish police would act on public indecency but I can all too clearly see how and why they can’t. YET. I have every hope that one day the pride parades around the world will turn into something less defiant and more a celebration of human joy in all it’s forms.

    I also hope that you all can stop being afraid. Trust me, you have nothing to fear from me. I don’t want you to stop going to church, or having faith. Gay marriage is legal in my country and other than an increase in wedding planner sales, nothing has changed here. Except for the odd knowledge that one day I might just check off that little ‘married’ box on surveys. Take a spouce to work parties. That nobody Cares who I date, nothing special other than, oooh Beth has a date!

    Contrary to many Christians and others that I see on line, not all gays are sexually abused, promiscuous, child corrupting, no good role models, who choose their sexuality.
    I fall under none of those catagories, nor do I enjoy dating those who DO. Damaged people need help, not dates.

    Anyways, I followed several links to this page. I don’t know if this comment will even be posted, though I hope it is. You all need to realize there are sane, thoughtful, gays out there who really, Really only want to be given the chance to leave normal happy lives. I’ve been given that chance by accident of location. It’s taken time, a few years for me to realize that yes, it’s safe now. It’s truely Safe now to be open.

    Isn’t that what we all want? To be loved, to be free and to be safe.


  31. Thanks Beth

    A few replies if I may. First, you are supposed to provide a full name here according to my commenting rules. But I will let you on nonetheless.

    Second, those familiar with my writings on this topic will know that I have often said that my concern is really not with what people do in the privacy of their own homes. Homosexuals who want to live a quite life is one thing. But those who want to push their agenda big time in public, and in so doing wage war against faith and family is quite another thing. That is my big concern and that is what I mainly deal with here.

    Third, while a particular same-sex “marriage” may not seem to be causing any problems for the rest of society, it in fact does. As I have written elsewhere, when we radically redefine something and undermine all the ground rules for a historic social institution, it affects everyone and everything. But see my other articles here, or my books, for more on this.

    Fourth, while you may well be content with your lifestyle at the moment, I will continue to remind folks like you – and everyone else for that matter – that there is a God who exists, who loves us, and who is in the change business. That is, he accepts us the way we are, but he loves us too much to leave us the way we are. Thus my prayer for you is that you will find the complete wholeness – including sexual wholeness – as God intended for us to enjoy. Genuine love, freedom and safety come only in being in right relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

    But thanks for writing.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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