Our Sexperts Living in Denial

Another day, another bizarre proposal from our activist sexperts. These guys are on a crusade to sexualise our kids whether we like it or not. Today we have yet another call to have condom vending machines in our schools. The proposal has thankfully been met largely with disdain and disbelief.

In an updated version of the story in the Herald Sun, we find this report: “Both major political parties are strongly opposed to Family Planning Victoria’s radical proposal to hand out free condoms at high schools. As revealed in this morning’s Herald Sun, students as young as 12 could get free condoms at high schools in a radical plan to reduce teenage pregnancies.

“Prime Minister Julia Gillard dismissed the idea today. ‘It is completely absurd,’ she said. The idea was also opposed by the Federal Coalition Government. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said the idea of providing condoms in schools was not on his agenda. ‘I have no plans to go down that path,’ he said.

“Family Planning Victoria wants condoms made available for years 10-12 – and to younger students in special circumstances. But according to the results of a heraldsun poll, almost 70% of readers believe that children as young as 12 should not be given free condoms. The taxpayer-financed group said they should be kept in student common rooms, or distributed by machines.”

These types of proposals are always idiotic and counter-productive. All they do is put up the white flag of surrender. They in effect tell kids that there is just no stopping sexual activity, and that they should just give in to any passions and lusts that grip them.

We are simply telling our kids they are no better than animals with such counsels of despair. We are sending our children a clear message that they do not have the ability to say no, to exercise self-control, to learn to resist sexual pressure.

Yet those are exactly the sort of messages we need to be giving to our young people. They need to be taught to respect themselves, and taught how to resist sexual pressure, not cave into it. They are human beings with the ability to make choices.

As it happens, I just debated on radio the sexpert in question. She was predictably out to lunch as she sought to justify this sexual suicide. She said we should leave questions of right and wrong out of all this. Great, just what we need – an amoral approach to one of the most moral issues facing our young people.

It is a moral framework with which to discuss these issues which is so desperately needed. Yet these so-called experts think it is nothing but a biology lesson. Sorry, our children are human beings with a moral nature who do not just need bare information, but the ability to make moral assessments.

But this proponent of the condom culture was out of her depth in other ways. She tried to claim that studies show that sex-ed and condom handouts reduce teen sexuality. But as I said on the radio debate, the very opposite is the case. In fact, I cited a major study from the world premier sex-ed outfit, Planned Parenthood International.

According to their own research, kids who take comprehensive sex education programs are in fact more likely to be sexually active, more likely to fall pregnant, and more likely to have all the other problems associated with teen sexual activity.

And how did the big cheese from Family Planning Victoria respond? Incredibly, she just said ‘No! That’s not so’. I was staggered. Here she simply denied in public the research done by her own side. She is either living in complete denial, or deliberately seeking to mislead the public about all this.

Indeed, I cited another study, this time from England, which found that teen pregnancy rates soared wherever government programs featuring comprehensive sex-ed and condom distribution were promoted. Once again, she was totally unable or unwilling to respond. But how could she? She had an ideological agenda she was trying to push, while I had the data.

But this is so typical of these sexual revolutionaries. They want to cram their mad hatter programs down the throats of our children, and live in la-la land as to the actual facts and evidence. Radicals pushing social engineering agendas cannot be bothered with mere trifles such as facts and data. They are on a crusade.

On occasion however some reality breaks into this dream world. Consider this story: Some 800 sexologists were asked at a world congress whether they would rely on a condom for protection if they had available the partner of their dreams and knew the person carried HIV. After a long delay, one hand was timidly raised in the back of the room. The speaker was irate. She told her audience that it was completely irresponsible to give advice to others that they would not follow themselves.

Quite right. Merely relying on condoms is simply offering our teens a go at Russian roulette. With around 16 per cent failure rates, this is the last thing we should be throwing at our kids. But this is the best our sexperts can offer. Our kids deserve far better.

They deserve to be told the truth about themselves, about sexuality, and right and wrong, and about personal responsibility. They do not need to be sold a bill of goods by these social engineers who will simply destroy our children and their innocence. Indeed, why they want to simply throw around condoms seems incomplete at best.

As I said on the radio interview, why don’t we just go the whole hog, and offer beds in our schools, maybe even red-light districts? That is certainly the direction these activists are taking us in.


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  1. If nothing else, spare a thought for the ‘good’ kids who’d get condoms in various conditions waved in their faces by the ratbags.

    I did high school. I know what happens to at least half of the stuff that gets handed out – It’s often not used for its intended purpose.

    Alison Keen

  2. Hi Bill,
    I am in AWE of your column and very much agree with everything that you say. I am so glad that I know of a writer of your stature, that is in Australia…(I originally thought you were in the USA until you started writing about local happenings, the election etc)
    The willy-nilly handing out of condoms is quite in keeping with the unrelenting agenda of the left for the indiscriminate sexualisation of culture. I believe JG was against it only because she does’nt want it to become an issue so close to the election.
    Look forward as always to what you are saying.
    Joy Pirone

  3. Very interesting.

    I have been trained to offer all young women who come to see me (age 18 and up) a prescription for Pill and give them the “talk” about pap smears. Especially if they mention they have a boyfriend. Occasionally, the response I get is a deep blush and “no, um, er, we don’t have sex”. My training then compels me to urge them to come back for the script and pap smear once they start having sex.

    I suspect that many of my female colleagues offer the Pill to 15 and 16 year olds.

    I worry a lot that this standard medical protocol puts ideas into the heads of young women that they wouldn’t otherwise have — namely “it’s normal to have sex before marriage, indeed, the very fact that the doctor assumes that I am doing it means there is something wrong if I am not.”

    But the consequences of not following this protocol are potentially disastrous — the young woman comes back 12 months later asking for an abortion.

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    (Dr) Jereth Kok

  4. “We shouldn’t get bogged down in ‘right’ and ‘wrong'” !! I was able to log on and listen and heard it with my own ears. And she wants to be taken seriously as having the best interests of children and families in mind? What mind? When she cannot call to it that most fundamental of distinctions?

    Family Planning Victoria mm no doubt her salary is paid by the taxpayer. Clearly a non-entity. Keep showing up and showing them up Bill! 🙂

    Martin Snigg

  5. Hi Bill
    I very much agree with what you are saying. It will not stop with just handing out condomns. The following was in a Dutch newspaper today.
    “Children could have lessons about homosexuality while they are at primary school because that is the ideal age to learn about norms and values, Amsterdam mayor
    E.v.d. Laan says in an interview with free news paper Spits.”
    ‘Children have to learn that it is normal in the Netherlands for two men to walk down the street arm in arm. I want to involve schools in that’ v.d.Laan said.

    One really wonders what else he classes as “norms and values”.
    Holland is not the best place for children. This is the mayor of one of the biggest cities in Holland willing children to learn a lifestyle which is high in suicides, sickness and often death. They have truly lost the plot.

    Anne van Tilburg

  6. Thanks Bill for the link
    I know this has nothing to do with your article but how long did you live in Amsterdam? And can you speak
    My husband and I went to Holland (for the last time) about twelve years ago. We found Holland already then, totally Godless. We saw many play grounds for children, but no children. Churches had been closed and were used as museums or entertainment halls. One beautiful church in Amsterdam, corner Kalverstraat, build many centuries ago, with beautiful stained glass windows was a pickup place for prostitutes.
    I read somewhere, i have forgotten who said this, “Give people enough money and they won’t need God.”
    That was the way we found Holland. Everyone had what ever they wanted, the government took care of all their needs. They did not need God. But they were the most unhappiest people you could ever meet. Gossip, slander and envy was rampent. We vowed never to go back again.

    Some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are charity, joy, peace, goodness, forgiveness, without God they are absent and certainly that was very visible.
    Anne van Tilburg

  7. Bill and Anne this moral decline in Holland, and the West generally will only serve spur on those who are running with the Islamic ideology. It will be part of their battle cry to bring morality back to the world in the name of Allah and who can blame them? Oh where is the voice the Church?
    Keith Lewis

  8. Bill, the idea of “let’s not get bogged down with right and wrong” leads to the follow up comment: “well then, stop promoting your own view of right, thanks!”
    John Angelico

  9. “But according to the results of a heraldsun poll, almost 70% of readers believe that children as young as 12 should not be given free condoms. ”
    The remaining 30% worry me.
    Dominic Snowdon

  10. Government subsidized sexual anarchists somehow cause me anger and sorrow at the same time. Anger at the corruption they would lead our youngest citizens into and sorrow at the lostness of those who advocate such amoral foolishness. Jesus have mercy on our kids and grant repentance to those who try to defile them.
    Glenn Christopherson

  11. One thing to say….if marriages don’t fall apart….less girls are likely to be having sex at an early age……absent father’s are a huge part of the problem……girls need sex to find some love and security which they should be getting from mother and father.

    Strong marriages for a start….

    Jane Petridge

  12. Jane
    Please make sure that you and your friends attend, or at least support, National Marriage Day to be held in Sydney on Thursday 12.8.10.
    Details are available from your State branch of the Australian Family Association.
    Dunstan Hartley

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