When Rights Talk Goes Completely Mad

Just when you thought you had seen it all, something comes along so absolutely mind-boggling that you sit in stunned disbelief. Indeed, this episode is so shocking that this article is now the fifth I have written today. My family is now seriously wondering if they will see me over Christmas.

But I had to write this up before I slow down for the Christmas break. It is simply mind-boggling. There are almost no words to describe it. Yet what happens in real life is often stranger than fiction. This one certainly takes the cake. And no surprises here that this story comes from Europe, the darkest, most secular, and maddest continent on earth.

It concerns a Belgian judge who has actually told us that unborn babies now have a right to be aborted. Yes you heard me right. In an age where rights are being pulled out of the hat on a daily basis, this one is the most remarkable, the most bizarre, and the most idiotic of the bunch.

This morally challenged judge has taken the most fundamental right of all time – the very right to life – and turned it on its head, arguing that we now have a fundamental right to death! Living judges – not dead ones, not killed ones – are ruling that babies have a “right” not to even see the light of day!

No wonder we are now living in the trash heap of history. No wonder we are now living in a moral Twilight Zone. No wonder we have basically reached rock bottom. I am still dumbfounded by all this.

Here is how Father John Flynn begins this incredible tale: “Abortion advocates have long argued for a woman’s right to control her body and to be able to dispose of the unborn child if she wishes. In a bizarre decision, a Belgian court has extended that reasoning to say that a child has a right to be aborted.

“A Belgian journal, ‘Revue Générale des Assurances et Responsabilités,’ has just published the decision handed down by the Brussels Court of Appeal on Sept. 21 regarding the case of a child born disabled after an erroneous prenatal diagnosis, according to the Gènéthique press review for Nov. 29-Dec. 3.

“The court ruled that the child’s parents could claim damages from the doctors who failed to detect the disability. They said that by making therapeutic abortion legal, the legislators intended to allow women to avoid giving birth to seriously handicapped children, ‘having regard not only to the interests of the mother, but also to those of the unborn child itself.’

“Thus, the judges considered that the child would have had the ‘right’ to an abortion if his disability had been correctly diagnosed. The report on the decision did not explain how the court could consider an unborn child to be able to be the subject of rights, and why that right was only one to be killed and not to live.”

Exactly right. For forty years now we have been told that unborn babies have no rights. How can a blob of tissue have any rights? How can a clump of cells be the subject of rights talk? Babies have no rights, we have been told over and over again, and he or she certainly does not have the right to life.

But now this judge has declared that an unborn baby does have rights after all – but simply the right not to be alive! Am I missing something here? Is this the best our law schools can turn out nowadays? Is the legal profession simply a front for the pits of hell?

This is all just a further example of what happens when we jettison God and seek to construct some sort of man-made morality. But an ethical system which is simply up to the whim of judges and activists will always produce this sort of madness. Unless an objective, universal moral code exists which we are all subject to, then in the end anything goes.

Judges and legal activists will simply make things up as they go along. And the ones to suffer will be not just the unborn, but eventually all of us. We all suffer when right and wrong is taken out of God’s hands and put into the hands of judicial activists.

The West is well and truly on its last legs when the Judeo-Christian worldview which brought it into being is fully and finally expunged from our world. Then the West can only descend into the nightmarish world of tyrants, technocrats, and other elites who will decide what is best for us.

One would have thought that what took place just last century would have awakened us from our slumber. The murderous atheistic regimes of Hitler and Stalin, of Mao and Pol Pot, should have been our final lesson. But we have not learned that lesson, so we are now paying the price all over again.

You can continue to read the excellent article by Father Flynn. He looks at the obvious issues of who decides who should live and who should die, and of when is a life worth living or not.

I am still in a state of shock here. Words simply fail me. Even a passage like Isaiah 5:20 seems inadequate at a time like this. Surely if this is the outcome and epitome of many centuries of Western civilisation, then God help us all.


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  1. Don’t worry Bill – euthanasia is legal in Belgium. So when this child grows up, he will be able to exercise his right to kill himself. All is not lost!
    Jereth Kok

  2. I suppose when these kinds of judgments and arguments and news stories are appearing on an hourly basis, it’s impossible to be shocked anymore. Yet, of course, I still am.
    Kendra Mallock, US

  3. I have noticed you’ve been quite prolific lately! I too have a strong feeling we’re watching civilization come hurtling down the slippery slope of morality faster and faster. It’s getting very close to hitting bottom.
    Rhonda Witt

  4. G’day Bill,

    Well, it is the silly season … what a sadness and an indictment on our society that the season celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour is so called.

    Do have a break, Bill, and see your family. You are labouring mightly for the kingdom, helping us see through the shallowness and foolishness of our godless world. May you be blessed and strengthened, encouraged and supported, anointed and empowered for, no doubt, more silliness in 2011.

    God bless you and yours for the Saviour’s season.

    Andrew Campbell

  5. The fact of the matter is, intelligence and education have nothing to do with wisdom. Lots of judges are simply learned fools and we have lots of them in our own courts too. Unfortunately, learned fools are not restricted to the secular. they’re sitting in the pews too.

    Merry Christmas, Bill. Lets all be joyful that our Lord IS in control – even of the learned fools.

    Eddie Sim

  6. Bill
    We shall never forget the power of hope. And Jesus promised that “the gates of hell shall not prevail…”
    Christ is our King.
    We celebrate the occasion of his birth on Saturday but we have to remember that the forces of evil are always about and appear from shocking places and with shocking ignorance and stupidity.
    The devil is always about. It amazes me the idiots who listen to him.

    Have a happy, holy and peaceful Christmas with your family.
    David Grace

  7. My first thought is ‘perhaps Belgium needs some missionaries; I will go if the Lord opens the door’ – while writing about things is important I wish I could act on the things I read; at times I feel like life is passing me by because of politically correct routine of life – eg grandparents should be around to look after their spouses and grandchildren ‘is this not so?’
    Ilona Sturla

  8. Somebody must have greased the slippery slope of morality. I see civilization going down it faster and faster.
    Rhonda Witt, Palmer, Alaska

  9. Thanks for being a voice to speak out against this madness throughout the year.
    Chris Cursaro, Australia

  10. I don’t know what you and readers think of ‘strategic level spiritual warfare’ (principalities & powers over nations), as espoused by C Peter Wagner, but Belgium is a basket case. I know from previous experience & intelligence, that Belgium, along with parts of Russia, is a hotbed of child abuse & pedophilia. Some of the most disturbing cases of sickening child abuse, sexually and with violence have been perpetrated in Belgium and in high numbers – could it be tied in at a national level with the way they treated the Congo, when they were colonial masters? Not sure – but what I do know is that it is, like Sweden, one of the most secular & atheistic of European states. Belgium, because of it’s small population, will most likely be the first country in Europe to be subsumed by Islam and have a majority Muslim population, probably within 20 years – reaping & sowing; a vaccum being filled or judgement? I don’t know, but I do know that the Belgian’s don’t even realise what is coming down the pike.
    Neil Innes, NT

  11. Wrongful life suits. This disabled child would never have been born if the doctor did his job and diagnosed the disability in-utero. Funnily enough I have never heard of wrongful death for a normal baby aborted due to a wrong diagnosis of disability.

    Where will this lead? Doctor erring on the side of disability instead of on the side of normal to save their skins.

    Kylie Anderson

  12. Isn’t Europe (north) facing disastrous weather conditions at the moment, preventing people from making it home to their families for Christmas? God’s justice may be more obvious than we think.

    Dear Bill,

    Wishing you a holy, faithfilled Christmas!! May the Lord continue to bless your work and may you continue to attract more people to your website in 2011! I certainly believe the Spirit is moving among many Christians of all demoninations today, as more people are seeing the real and evil consequences of Godlessness.

    Your website (amongst numerous others) encourages us all to take real action against the Godlessness promoted in our society. Let us not forget to keep praying, as prayer can also move mountains!

    May we all be united for God!

    Jane Petridge

  13. Well, the obvious question to ask is: “What are we going to do to mitigate these satanic effects?”
    Surely the time for discussion is long past.
    We must, repeat must, begin to organise politically. The performances of the parties of principle, to date, have been woefully inadequate; due in large measure to a lack of support from people who espouse our views.
    There are nominally 13 million Christians living in this country whose values are being trashed by a strident minority; and, what is worse seem not to care.
    The call to arms has never been more pressing. Act today.
    Dunstan Hartley

  14. May the peace of Christ fill your heart and your home this blessed season Bill, and may you and your family be blessed and protected always by the mighty power of our God.

    Marana tha
    Anna Cook

  15. Thanks Kylie

    Funnily enough I have never heard of wrongful death for a normal baby aborted due to a wrong diagnosis of disability.
    I am going to use your quote if you don’t mind.
    The truth is, their liars continually looking for a new way to say evil is good.

    Daniel Kempton

  16. The law is indeed an ass and I find it unbelievable that one area in the world, Europe which was once, for the most part, a solid Christian continent, has deteriorated into a cesspool of evil and stupidity. The Belgian judge, of course, should be on some form of medication, preferably supervised 24/7. I believe these educated idiots’ biggest problem is that they take themselves so seriously, they are forever looking for a so-called “superior solution” for anything they deem to be a “problem” – a solution which is much too intricate for the hoi polloi. In fact their real problem is that they lack the common sense of the blue collar worker and the farmer. Also, In America some obstetricians pay as much as $500,000 p/a insurance premiums, to combat frivolous claims against them. Why? because Barack Obama won’t introduce tort reform to moderate the situation. Lawyers become millionaires with some of the claims instigated. Why is there no action from Obama? The answer is that the biggest financial contributors to his campaigns are trial lawyers.
    Frank Bellet, Petrei Qld

  17. The judge is irrational. The standard stereotype of a judge is someone who is legally learned, moral in character, and wise. Plainly this is not always the case, especially in North America where they can be a laugh a minute. As for rights, the concept of a right was once a substantial and noble one, as can be seen, say, in the struggle against slavery. Nowadays, rights-talk seems at times to be no more than sophistry to rationalise getting your own way. It also involves intellectual dishonesty, such as the poisonous idea that the US Constitution was meant to licence partial-birth abortion and a right to sodomy.
    John Snowden

  18. As I was conceived in the dark, barbaric time of 1950, before there were Human Rights, the blessed European Union, or other such beacons of light as New Labour, I was forced to suffer the violation of being born. As we now know, from recent decades of Enlightenment, that my Human Rights were hideously denied, I shall be sueing the EU, HMG (Her Majesty’s Government (!)) and assorted others, due to their utter refusal, at that time, to allow me to be aborted as I wished [I think that’s ‘might have wished’ – Ed.). I deserve very extensive damage settlements (the taxpayer, of course, is wealthy and profligate), and if fine, moral people such as Mr. A. Blair are honoured by having to contribute, it’s no less than they deserve.
    John Thomas, UK

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