Time for GetUp to Get Off It

GetUp is an online-based lobby group which bills itself as an “independent political movement to build a progressive Australia”. It of course is in fact a radical leftist bunch of activists who want to radically remake Australia in their own image.

It is pushing every radical, trendy cause around. It is hardly interested in what ordinary Australians think. It is only interested in pushing its radical activist agendas. A perfect illustration of this concerns an attempt to have the protection of unborn babies become one of its campaigns.

GetUp actually asked people to suggest and vote on campaign ideas. So that some pro-life folks in fact did. In good faith they offered the recognition of the human rights of the unborn as a great campaign. It seemed like a perfect campaign for this lobby group to embark upon.

In a few short days votes from around the country pushed this item to number 2 or 3 on their list of top causes. Yet what did GetUp do about this? It simply dumped it, claiming it was not something GetUp would run with. It does not align with “GetUp’s values” as they said on their site.

So just what value does it promote? And this from the very folks who go on and on about social justice! This from a group which is so proud to stand up for the needy and the underprivileged. This from a group which seeks to take the high moral ground.

There can be no greater social justice than to allow unborn babies the right to life. Without that most fundamental and basic of human rights, there can be no other rights. But the radicals of the secular left don’t really care about genuine social justice. All they want to do is further their cultural Marxism crusade, and their war against the West.

Already concerned individuals are speaking up about this gross hypocrisy on the part of GetUp. Let me here simply offer the first two I have come across. I will just reprint their press releases in full. The first is from James Leach, Victorian President of Vitae Australia:

“It is disappointing Get Up! have chosen to shut down this campaign idea and not allowed voting to continue. In just a couple of days it would have likely become the most voted for issue and by closing voting Get Up! are denying members the right to show how much they care about rights for the unborn. It is clear that Get Up! are not interested in democracy or freedom of speech, otherwise they would have allowed voting to continue. Instead all they care about is pushing the already established agenda of those in charge.

“Simply because many supporters of this campaign are Pro Life does not mean their votes are invalid. This was a campaign to give rights to human beings after 20 weeks of development so of course Pro Lifers are going to support it even if they believe that it doesn’t go far enough.

“The issue of foetus rights can not be seen as a separate issue to abortion because if the foetus has rights then abortion is a violation of those rights. In other words you cannot legally protect unborn children in the womb from assault and car accidents while not banning late term abortions because whether or not a child has rights cannot be dependent on whether or not that child is wanted.

“While Vitae did not instigate this campaign we fully support its aims and commend griffibo for proposing it. Due to the large amount of support it has received Vitae will be running a similar campaign next year. To find out how you can support the fight to give the unborn rights join our Facebook group so we can keep you updated:  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=24689967484 ”

The second is from Warwick Marsh of the Fatherhood Foundation:

“GetUp has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of their members’ funds running ads supporting the summary removal of babies human rights through abortion and yet they are betraying their own constituency. A group called Labor4Life ran a campaign on the GetUp Campaign Ideas page for new campaigns. Human Rights for unborn children got 1,869 votes by GetUp members as against the pro abortion campaign which at the same time was sitting at 571 votes at the same time.

“This is a ratio of 3 to 1 for life and against abortion. It should be noted that the highest vote for any one campaign was 2,209. So the Human Rights for Unborn children was just below the highest vote on the campaign page at 1,869 votes. To put this in perspective for the average punter: Human Rights for Unborn children was number three out of 446 campaign ideas. It was leading by a massive majority of GetUp members and yet it was axed by the powers that be.

“At approximately 11AM this morning (EST) 20th December GetUp summarily removed the offending member driven campaign for Human rights and offered the following pathetic and hypocritical statement. They said they consulted their members but we have comments from GetUp members who are part of our Facebook site who say they were never consulted (www.facebook.com/canberra.declaration ).

“We encourage you to use the enclosed information to show Australia what Hypocrites Get Up are. They are not member driven as they so loudly proclaim but they are possessed of an ideology of extreme and fringe causes which puts them at odds with many of their devoted members who love the environment and also love life as well. This is the hypocrisy of the highest order. GetUp is beholden to no one. Only its extreme antilife and antifamily fringe policies of its dictatorial leaders will prevail. It has lost contact with its members who in the main are prolife and pro the environment.

“Instead GetUp is pushing fringe policies of the extreme left like euthanasia, abortion and homosexual marriage which are more in line with their elite taskmasters. Getup does not represent its constituency. They have betrayed them at every turn. Please send this information to every journalist you know as this is a national news story.”

Of course GetUp is not alone in such gross hypocrisy and double standards. There are plenty other examples of lefty secularists whose morality is greatly selective, to say the least. But this is a great example of what a bogus bunch these groups can be.

It is time for GetUp to get off its high horse, and admit to all the world what its real agenda is.


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18 Replies to “Time for GetUp to Get Off It”

  1. Ask an organisation enough positive questions and it will reveal its true colours.

    The email I received from GetUp said “GetUp declined human rights for unborn children.”

    One of the reasons given was they suspected people were voting from fake accounts. GetUp denies the humanity of one group while denying the humanity of those who stand for those GetUp opposes.

    Lance Macormic

  2. This page shows just how much notice GetUp takes of it’s voters.


    It would not surprise me if most of GetUp’s members are pro-death. I can’t imagine many on the right hanging around for long. I joined up for their mental health campaign and left when they started promoting abortion and SSM. I only rejoined recently for the human rights campaign suggestion so I could vote.

    Kylie Anderson

  3. It looks like GetUp has been caught in a position it does not like, as it would have looked good – all fair, impartial & unbiased (no censorship!) – believing & hoping that the court of public opinion would side the way that GetUp views life (that is pro-choice) – I’d say that the powers that be at GetUp were shocked when things didn’t go their way and wham, they pull the plug. It shows how immature, insincere and shallow GetUp is.
    Neil Innes, NT

  4. Very true Bill. 1900 votes is what I saw, shame GetUp, GetOff killing rights for the unborn…
    Tara Kelly

  5. Well said, Bill, you summed them up perfectly.

    This statement you make, is beautiful……”It of course is in fact a radical leftist bunch of activists who want to radically remake Australia in their own image”…..They do want to remake Australia in their own image, unfortunately a very sick image.

    Yes the so called caring left, show how much they really care for innocent, voiceless little people. This is one of my reasons for pursuing this campaign, to show how cruel they really are, when it comes to the 20week plus babies that most people have more compassion for than GETUP realise.

    Very sad that so many people are mislead by these organisations to believe they do really care.

    The outcome of this campaign is probably exactly what I expected from Getup, although they showed maybe a little more outright bad attitude in their response.

    I thought they would try to look more like they were being reasonable(in some distorted way), but their response is actually completely rude, without really even trying to look they are being passive aggressive.

    I feel so pleased and positive today, as so many people got on board and voted for this campaign. Rallying friends and putting in the time and effort to vote and comment. It is so great to see so many people who will stand for the unborn, at a moments notice and put the time and effort in.

    We are a rapidly growing group of so many people & it is so great to see the above comments that people are planning new and other campaigns.. This is the attitude that will see in the near future our infants being protected by our laws, and the word “Deliberate Abortion”, becoming a tragedy of our past. That we will look back on like black slavery and Nazi Germany.

    Thanks Bill for your time taken here to sum up so beautifully what Getup is… God Bless

    Loretta Coffey

  6. Many thanks Loretta for all the hard work you put into this. You are a super saint, and your efforts are not in vain. Bless you,

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. “suspected people were voting from fake accounts..”

    Of course the looney lefties wouldn’t do anything like that, would they? Not.

    David Williams

  8. Yet another example of censorship practised by those who denounce it in pornography, internet filtering, advertising for prostitution, etc, etc.
    The pity is that most governments in the western world are following their lead.
    Dunstan Hartley

  9. It wasn’t so long ago that if you asked anyone what the most fundamental human right was they would answer without hesitation that it was the right to “life”. What a pitiful state society is in when anyone can think that the right to life should be supplanted by any other right, let alone the spurious “choice” to kill one’s own offspring. The selectivity of GetUp in which “rights” it supports is reflective of the selectivity and hypocrisy of most of the people who talk a lot about social justice but are just spouting the politically correct propaganda they’ve been fed by organisations such as the Greens and GetUp.

    Mishka Gora

  10. Oh Thanks Bill. Everyone did a great job. I think it was worth while, as we are not letting them pursue their campaign to legalise murder without a fight.
    Just really need some wins in this field now. The State Election result was great, but not in our area unfortunately. I think God maybe telling me there is no rest in this battle. God Bless You Bill. Thanks very much. You wrote this so well.
    Loretta Coffey

  11. hello yes i feel the same way about Getup the setup, and we The Australian Sovereignty Party believes that Getup was created in the image of the Labor Party! an off chute so to speak. Anyway love your website most of your beliefs are what make up ASP and thats a breath of fresh air i must say!, We actively promote the common law rights of individuals – and the obligation of our government to protect those rights, to act without favour and with courage for the benefit of all Australians,
    Please check out our website folks look over our polices
    we are a new party with a new vision.http://www.sovereigntyparty.org.au/
    Peter Jackson

  12. Progressivism is a religion. No matter how many times you trust them they will sucker punch you and laugh at their cleverness. In their culture, there is honour in deceit and in dob artistry. There is no reasoning with people who are possesed by an idealogy. And this idealogy is the worship of death and self destruction.

    The sad thing is those who really believe it’s for the best are the worshipers who are ground under, while the agitators and perpetuaters of the idealogy get on with their own lives and have a rewarding life with kids and family. The well meaning convert s are chewed up by lesbianism, drug addiction etc etc and die of broken hearts.

    The tax payer funded left wing organizations dont care a bit about individual clients but only their agenda, as the blog says. The well being of the clients is not even on their minds for an instant. The only goal is to brainwash the clients into being canon fodder for their agenda of diversity. If a client is resistant, he/she becomes the target of emotional violence and bullying, psychological warfare.

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