Is Sharia Good For Us?

During the Cold War when millions of hapless souls were enslaved by totalitarian communism, Western apologists (either communist agents or useful idiots) tried to convince us that communism would be a good thing for Westerners to live under.

Yet people of course vote with their feet, and millions tried to flee communist tyranny. It was all one way traffic: there were never lengthy lines of people trying to get into these Marxist hell holes. We have the same situation today with Islam.

All over the world people are seeking to flee their tyrannical Islamic homelands to get into free, democratic and prosperous Western nations. So too, there are Islamist agents or useful idiots trying to convince us that Islam is a religion of peace and sharia can easily coexist with Western democracy and Western freedoms.

This is the line we are being fed on a regular basis. Consider what is reported in today’s press. Australia’s major Islamic leader wants to let us know that everything is just fine when sharia comes into a Western nation. According to him, it is all sweetness and light. This is how one report covers the story:

“Islamic religious law, or sharia, is often vilified but is really about freedom and tolerance, Australia’s new grand mufti says. Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, elected in weekend voting by imams and sheiks, also said sharia corresponded with Australian laws. ‘The sharia law also calls for freedom, justice, right of speech and this is something we are very fortunate to have,’ Dr Mohamed told journalists in Sydney yesterday, speaking through an interpreter.

“‘These are all matters that we already implement here as Australians, and we’re proud to have it as Australian values.’ The Egypt-born scholar and author said controversial penalties under sharia law often attracted attention but they were a small part of the code. Dr Mohamed said he did not want to preach sharia but wanted people to better understand it.

“As the new spiritual leader of the nation’s Islamic communities, he said he would focus on ‘correcting’ Australian Muslims drawn to extremism. ‘If such thoughts and elements do exist within any community … that is our role to correct that thought and bring it back on track’.”

The first thing to ask about this is just how integrative is sharia if its major proponent needs an interpreter? As Andrew Bolt notes, “If Muslims want to reassure Australians that their faith fits in well with Australian culture, it would help if their chief spokesman fitted in so well himself that he at least spoke English after nearly 20 years here.”

Indeed, as I have documented time and time again, the implementation of sharia law in Western nations has nothing to do with assimilation and integration, but has everything to do with setting up a rival political and social order until such time as the numbers are there for a complete takeover of the nation.

Muslim activists have made clear that this is their preferred means of operating. They try to convince a gullible and sleepy West that the two systems can co-exist, all the while making steady advances, until the time comes to implement full Islamist hegemony.

And all we have to do is look at Muslim-majority countries to see how non-Muslims are treated. “Freedom is a Sharia law, respecting others is a Sharia law, justice is a Sharia law” we are told. Yeah right, try telling that to the dhimmis living as second class citizens in Muslim nations.

Try telling that to women, to Christians, to Jews, or to anyone else who refuses to submit to Allah and sharia law. There is no freedom, respect for others, or justice in Saudi Arabia, or Iran, or Syria. There is only cruel oppression and persecution of any non-Muslims.

And we already have plenty of evidence of how creeping sharia fares in Western nations. I have provided numerous examples of this on my website. Let me offer here three more recent examples of this. One comes from overseas and two from Australia.

In Norway we see sharia in action: “An Afghan convert to Christianity fears for his life after being attacked with boiling water and acid by Muslims at a centre for asylum seekers. ‘Ali’ was targeted by fellow asylum seekers at an immigration centre in Norway after they discovered that he had converted to Christianity.

“He said: ‘Two of the Muslim residents asked why I had not fasted during Ramadan. When I would not answer, they began to discuss the matter. One of them said that he knew I was Muslim and converted to Christianity, and that they had to engage in Jihad.’

“One of them held Ali while another struck him on the back of the head with a pot of boiling water, causing him to collapse on the floor. The water scalded his neck and upper back, stripping the skin away in places. A third man then entered Ali’s room and began to trash it.”

A less severe example comes from Melbourne. It illustrates yet again how sharia compliance is not about blending in to Australian culture, but standing apart from it, and defiantly so. An article states: “Man bans are spreading as two more council functions are declared off-limits because it is ‘not appropriate’ for men to mix with Muslim women.

“And in a surprise twist, VCAT backed the latest bans, declaring there was no discrimination and councils no longer needed to apply for exemptions. The Darebin City Council ban will be in force for a music concert to be held in December, while another female-only event to mark the end of Ramadan was cancelled last week.

“The council sought the bans because it was ‘culturally inappropriate for young women to participate in recreational activity with males present’. But Ratepayers Victoria president Jack Davis said the bans were ‘another case of segregation’. ‘I think it is totally wrong. I think it’s ridiculous and I do think it is discrimination, and it goes against what the average ratepayer wants,’ Mr Davis said. ‘We are seeing more and more of this kind of stuff’.”

And consider this statement from a Muslim group in Perth concerning a new hospital being built there: “It is important for us as Muslims, to unite on this issue and to push for a separate Muslim Prayer Room. Please read the attachment for some points on the why we need a separate prayer room and how a multi-faith room is not adequate. Briefly, only a separate room can ensure that we are always able to perform our 5 daily compulsory prayers undisturbed, have adequate space to prostrate, bow, etc, and maintain the area clean and free from any pictorial or other representation of idolatory [sic].

“We have been in some preliminary discussions with the Health Department on the issue of a separate prayer room.  They revealed to us that initially they were not considering a separate Muslim prayer room but would rather design a multi-faith room.  However, since the point has been raised they are now considering the issue and are interested in gauging the level of Muslim community need and support for a separate prayer room.”

Once again, we see separatism and exclusion, not integration and inclusion. This is not surprising, since all true Muslims consider the kafir (non-Muslim) to be an infidel and unclean, and not to be befriended (see especially Sura 3:28; 9:29, etc.). Thus separation is the order of the day. It is hard to see how any Western society can stay together with that sort of mindset being promoted.

So we can take the remarks by the grand mufti as just another example of makara (deceit) and takiyya (dissimulation). These are fully justified means which Muslims can use against the infidels. Thus this statement is part of the propaganda battle, but we need to look beyond rhetoric to reality. We know how the kafir is treated in Muslim countries, and we know how they will be treated as sharia creeps further into the West.

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  1. “sharia can easily coexist with Western democracy”

    Hmm, why does this remind me of the USSR’s slogan “peaceful co-existence”?

    John Angelico

  2. How is the Islamic doctrine of Takiyya different to leftist subversive activity? When they talk about ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ which is anything but if you happen to disagree with their socialism.

    Fundamentalist Islam is just like leftism, built on deception and lies in order to tear down the prevailing culture. It is a power grab, pure and simple.

    Damien Spillane

  3. Thank you Bill for such clarity on this subject. Australia already has a legal system which mostly works well.
    Unfortunately for Victorians VCAT seems to be a law unto itself.
    People who flee their own countries to get away from oppressive regimes and laws cannot then expect Australia to include these same oppressive laws here.
    We are one, but we are many, we are Australians who live under the Australian Constitution and Laws.
    Madge Fahy

  4. If the west can’t wake up when….
    hijacked planes are flown into buildings,
    honour killings happen in the west,
    Australian grand mufti needs an interpreter to speak to reporters,
    ….then will they ever wake up?
    Maybe we are comatose.
    What a hopeless case of integrating with society, which, as we all know, is exactly what they DO NOT plan to do.
    They plan to replace it.
    But if my people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, then they will have the King of Kings to contend with. Until then, it’s a piece of cake.
    Tim Lovett

  5. Your Islamic analogy with Communism is a good one, with one small, but significant, difference.
    While Communist society sought, by use of the Iron Curtain – and exemplified by the Berlin Wall – to prevent its citizens from fleeing the tyranny within, Islam has no such qualms. Quite the contrary.
    It uses the strategy of the ‘Trojan’ Horse’ to infiltrate western societies for the express purpose of using their secular, welfare system to ultimately overwhelm them.
    Dunstan Hartley

  6. “Islamic religious law, or Sharia, is often vilified but is really about freedom and tolerance, Australia’s new grand mufti says. Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, ….”

    Muslim leaders like Dr Ibrahim will continue to DELIBERATELY deceive the majority-ignorant Westerners/Australians again & again until they achieved their dangerous goal. Wolves in sheep clothing are the worst lot! Someone has to challenge him to admit there are horrible things in Sharia law! Ask him, “Is there freedom for Muslims to convert to other religions?” “Is there freedom to share your faith to a Muslim in ANY Islamic country, even in de-facto Islamic Malaysia?” What about the Islamic law on the issue of inter-marriage, inheritance, divorce, children custody, multiple wives, punishment, food, etc. No tolerant or freedom there if you are a non-Muslim or an apostate (or a Muslim woman in several aspects).

    For him to say we, Geert Wilders included, vilify Sharia when we expose the evil of Sharia is the ultimate insult to people, me included, who have lived under the discrimination and intolerance of Islamic rule or de-facto Islamic rule. Incidentally, for me, any comparison of Communism to Islam is an insult to Communism!

    Richard Chieng, Perth

  7. Vicki Jansen, in Theological Jihad, says how hard it is when you really do love Muslims but traffic is all one way. Interesting that Wahid Ali gets his book in local library but hers is available only at C.D.P meetings.

    Katherine Fishley

  8. Thanks Bill.
    To appreciate the way that Islamic apologists practise doublespeak and dissembling, just have a look at this videoclip of such an Islamic scholar “explaining” why no Christian churches are permitted in Islamic lands, and yet to a non-Muslim he lies and attempts to present sharia law as a matter for different regimes in different countries.

    The mendacity of Islam fairly boggles the mind.

    Murray R. Adamthwaite

  9. ‘culturally inappropriate for young women to participate in recreational activity with males present’.

    Then don’t go – simple. Organise your own ‘culturally appropriate’ activities, at home, at your own expense, like every other group.

    Actually, ‘culturally inappropriate’ is rubbish when you live in a country where it has obviously been the culture for some centuries.

    Gig Searle

  10. I just might go and hear what Geert has to say, just to spite the Shariaists.
    Wayne Pelling

  11. “While Communist society sought, by use of the Iron Curtain – and exemplified by the Berlin Wall – to prevent its citizens from fleeing the tyranny within, Islam has no such qualms. Quite the contrary. It uses the strategy of the ‘Trojan’ Horse’ to infiltrate western societies for the express purpose of using their secular, welfare system to ultimately overwhelm them.”

    Islam has an inbuilt “berlin wall” with it’s treatment of apostates. This is why so many ex-muslims feel it necessary to maintain at least a veneer of faith… to avoid at the very least ostracism from their families and/or communities or quite often (in the islamic world at least) death, whether as an honour killing or state sanctioned penalty.

    Dominic Field

  12. During the Second World War, so many Australians showed so much courage. Nowadays why are so many Australians and others in the current World War, cringing like cowards hoping to pacify our enemies? I have often stated that they hope that the Muslims will eat them (kill them?) last. When the idea that Australians were “racists” was foisted on us (quite erroneously) I always believed there was a dangerous ulterior motive. The word “racist” has become the celebrated term used to denigrate an opponent and hopefully win a hopeless argument. The derogatory term “racist” has been used as a satanic wedge to allow foreign misfits and ideology to enter our nation and culture without so much as a whimper.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  13. How can a “law” promulgated by an unremorseful brigand be any good?
    Srini Varadarajan

  14. I propose that a year of sharia would be very good for us. If the naive sheep of any western country were exposed to real sharia for a year, they would rise up against the Islam pandering traitors that rule them, and expel both the traitors and all muslims from their country. If we don’t expel the muslims and traitors, it is our fate to be condemned to the never ending hell of sharia.
    Claude Boisson, France

  15. Dunstan: For the Islamic world, their people (Muslims) who leave for the Western world are a boon in many ways. Creating, from oppression, a perpetual wave of outgoing believers means not only that the religion is spread but also brings the benefits of the remittance economy. As people flow out, money and Western goods flow back in. As the West tries to please its religious newcomers and bend to their demands, the confidence of the dictatorial leaders of the “donor” countries increases and the oppression along with it. Our acceptance of their people must surely strike them as the blessed will of Allah! While our God must be shaking His head as He observes us…
    Penny Gamlin

  16. STUPID QUESTION. Doesn’t come from an American….prob from obama or his crowd? A woman who appears in public with face hidden should result in her whole family being deported. One female child mutilation should result in one or more ENTIRE MOSQUES BEING DEPORTED. (1) honor killing: it does not suffice, nor will it stop unless (3) of the largest mosques in USA ARE DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY.
    Barbaric customs must be abandoned or muslims be deported to their homelands or any country that will tolerate barbarism.
    AMERICA WILL NOT. DEPORTATION IS THE ONLY PUNISHMENT THAT WILL HALT THE BARBARIC PRACTICES. Nothing else will. Do it now and save yourselves a lot of grief. A person’s face covered is a danger as it cannot be identified. DEPORTATION IF YOU INSIST.
    Janice Fortin

  17. Sharia isn’t good for annnnybody!

    Good article, Bill. Keep ’em coming.

    Yusuf Al-Kafir

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