Why We Should Vote For Romney

Actually I must make a number of qualifications here at the outset:
-This is not so much an article making this case, but a reminder of what I have said before on this. Thus I am not really offering new reasons here, but recapping them from my earlier articles.
-I am especially thinking about Christians here, and why they should be voting for Romney.
-Most of my articles have been more about why we should ignore those who say we can’t or shouldn’t vote for Romney, so that is the emphasis here as well.

As I have said before, the US election on November 6 may be the most important election in America’s history. We have only two options here: Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. Any vote for a third party or an independent is simply a wasted vote, a pipe dream, and an act of irresponsibility.

So we must choose either one or the other. Whoever gets elected will have a profound and long-lasting impact not just on America but the rest of the world. From my viewpoint an Obama re-election will be a huge disaster, while a win for Romney will at least act as a halt to America’s decline, and perhaps a start of her renewal.

In the past six months I have penned seven articles on Romney and the election. (Of course I have written far more articles on Obama in the past four years and why he is so very harmful and dangerous.) In those articles I mainly spent my time dealing with all the various objections as to why we should not vote for Romney, especially coming from Christians.

Here then are those articles, with a brief description of them, and a few quotes from them.

On Mitt Romney and America’s Future – May 13

In my first article on this I discussed the fact that Romney is the one who is running against Obama, and while he certainly was not my first choice (or second, or third…) he is the one whom we have to deal with. I mentioned how another term of Obama will be disastrous, and that despite his heterodox theological beliefs, we must run with Romney.

On Mormon Presidents – May 17

In my second article I directly focused on the issue of Mormonism, and why Christians can in good faith vote for a Mormon. I noted how we deal with non-Christians every day of our life: we buy from them, trade with them, work with them, study with them, and so on. I noted the hypocrisy of refusing to vote for a Mormon even though we regularly deal and interact with them and others all the time.

I noted that we will not be voting on the following:
-to have a Mormon preach in your church;
-to have a Mormon teach in your Sunday School;
-to have a Mormon lecture in theology in your seminary;
-to have a Mormon change laws to line up with Mormon teaching;

Obama Out, Romney In – August 8

In this article I made the simple point that this election is not really about voting Romney in, as voting Obama out. That is the real issue we must all face here. I cited an article from historian Niall Ferguson on why Obama had to go, and then featured some important quotes from Norman Geisler as to why he – an evangelical Christian – felt compelled to vote for Romney.

The AHA Needs To Think Much More Carefully Here – September 9

In this piece I assessed the stance of Abolish Human Abortion who have become the biggest purist group around, refusing to endorse Romney because he is not 100 per cent to their liking. As I wrote, “The truth is this: Barack Hussein Obama has been America’s most pro-abortion president ever. He has been horrendous in this respect, and if he gets back in for another four years, the damage he causes will be awful – perhaps irreversible.

“To not vote for the only man who can dislodge BHO is the height of irresponsibility, and it seems to me AHA, in telling people this is their stance – and probably encouraging many other gullible Christians to follow suit – will in fact have blood on their hands.”

How the Purists Can Destroy America and the West (and Still Feel Good About Themselves) – September 11

Here I discussed the rather lame objections raised by the purists:
-‘Romney is a Mormon so I just can’t vote for him.’
-‘But Romney has flip flopped on many key issues, is not really fully pro-life, and so on.’
-‘God is sovereign so we should just leave this all in his hands – it is not our responsibility.’
-‘But it is evil to choose between the lesser of two evils.’

Pharisaism, Compromise, and the Lesser of Two Evils – October 16

In this article I looked more closely at the two related objections of:
-you shouldn’t compromise
-you shouldn’t pick the lesser of two evils
I sought to show that by simply sitting this one out (not voting for Romney) the purists are in fact engaging in an act of compromise and are in fact being complicit with evil. They are actually acting just like the Pharisees of old as they try to keep themselves “pure”.

Obama, Believers, the Election, and Evil – October 18

In my latest article I raised more common silly objections and issues coming from the purists:
-their claim that refusing to vote for Romney is not really voting for Obama
-that there is no real choice here
-the question of single issues
-we can’t have non-Christian rulers

Taken together these seven articles pretty well make my case for Romney, or at least dispose of the rather foolish objection to him. As I keep saying, he is not perfect, he is not ideal, and he certainly will not be the messiah. But compared to Obama, he will be a real God-send.

Oh, and one last thing. There are so many of these mindless objections floating around, but one especially moronic objection coming from the purists is especially grating. As they gloat about how they refuse to vote for either candidate, they will make this incredibly foolish remark: “I vote for God”.

Yeah right. That is the most imbecile cop-out I have heard yet from these mixed-up Christians. Of course they are not voting for God. By refusing to take their civic duties seriously, by refusing to take the command to be salt and light seriously, by refusing to realise that faith without works is dead, all they are doing is voting against God. They are just living in the clouds.

But it is worse than that – they are simply allowing Obama back in, which means more abortion and more evil to take place. And they will sit back smugly patting themselves on the back, thinking how pure they are and how they did not get their hands dirty with evil. But they will have evil all over themselves.

They really need to spare us these vacuous pseudo-spiritual clichés which mean absolutely nothing. They are not only silly, they are patently false. We are commanded by God to take seriously our responsibilities in this world to be salt and light and to be good citizens, which today includes our duty of voting.

This sham spirituality really helps no one. Indeed, what would these purists tell the Jews being led to the gas chambers? “Sorry, I cannot side with the Allies who want to liberate you because they are not perfect and I refuse to dirty my hands and compromise. I must remain pure at all costs.”

There is a group which Jesus rebuked all the time – they are called the Pharisees. That is exactly what these confused purists remind me of. Whatever else, they must remain “pure” and “untainted” and “uncontaminated”. Now genuine biblical purity is of course an important thing indeed. But this is simply phony, Pharisaical self-righteousness and silliness.

So I urge everyone reading this to consider what is at stake here. We either work to get the worst president ever out, or we allow him back in because of our misplaced and misdirected purity and Pharisaism.

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25 Replies to “Why We Should Vote For Romney”

  1. Hi Bill, interesting article, interesting slant, interesting suggestions. However, as Australians in Australia, and you writing to an Australian target audience (primarily, right?), how do we follow your advice and vote in Romney? I thought I could only vote Liberal, Labor or a minor party.
    Matthew Patterson

  2. Thanks Matthew

    Perhaps the best way for me to reply is to simply offer something I wrote for another context, but it seems applicable here:

    Some interesting news coming out of the US right now. Yet I still get some Australians taking swipes at me for talking about the US. To those folks can I respectfully offer the following:

    A – It is my website so I am entitled to post what I like.
    B – I am an American citizen so it is perfectly sensible for me to be interested in America.
    C – I of course have heaps of American and international friends, not just Australian friends.
    D – What happens in America certainly tends to impact the rest of the world, so we all should take an interest here.
    E – We all should be concerned about the most influential nation of the world.
    F – This is the Internet age for heaven’s sake, making us all in a sense global citizens with instant access to global events. What do you want to do? Hide in a little insulated and isolated cacoon, and pretend the rest of the world does not exist?
    G – Christians of all people should be global citizens, concerned about the whole world, not just their own little parochial paddock.
    H – It is rather surprising that I should have to even defend myself here from such rather juvenile criticisms.
    I – If you are so unhappy about my posts, then you are quite free to leave – no one is forcing you to stay here.

    Hopefully that answers your question.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. Hi Bill, wow, what a response to my very first post here! I had only just started following your site very recently, after having read Strained Relations – brilliant read by the way (made me angry, righteously angry). The fact that you’re are an American citizen is the only answer I needed to hear to qualify this post. I thought you were an Australian living in Melbourne and so primarily writing for an Australian audience? Even if we are to be considered Global Citizens, we are not American citizens, so my question would still stand…because that remains unanswered: how can we specifically influence the vote count towards Romney in the US? I am asking this as a global citizen wondering how we can impact on the US, not because I am offering juvenile criticism sitting in a cocoon in a parochial corner of Australia, but I am genuinely curious as to how we can influence this – because I am a concerned global citizen.
    Matthew Patterson

  4. Thanks Matthew

    Sorry, did not mean to come across strong. As I said, it was an older generic piece I pulled here, so it was not written with you in mind, and I was actually not quite sure where you were coming from. Glad you are aware of the global situation. Sadly many Australian Christians are not, and some have actually chewed me out for raising the US and the election! Speaking of which, it goes without saying that only US citizens can vote, but of course we all can and should pray for it at least. As I said, this election will have global implications, and that includes Australia as well. Thanks again for sharing.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. Bill, as one who follows what happens in America (my late father being born in America) I am happy to read your articles about their upcoming election. My American news feeds often are quite different to what is printed in the MSM here in Australia and what is reported on the TV news.
    We need to pray for a Romney win in November otherwise the whole of western society will be in big trouble.
    Madge Fahy

  6. For those who browse the internet/media, it is extremely clear that Obama has attempted to champion
    1) the blasphemy bill (only against Islam) in the UN. Were this to be passed, Australia will most definitely come under the domination of Islam, to a significant degree, at minimum. (I speak as someone who has spent many years studying Islam and its purposes.)
    2) the murder of the unborn
    3) homosexuality
    4) axiomatically, the destruction of marriage.
    5) started the bloody ‘Arab Spring’ (Christian Winter) through the use of the CIA.

    The whole point of Bill following the US election for we Aussies, is that it is our privilege and responsibility to pray for this critical election – both for the family of God in the USA and for the USA as a nation. That another term of Obama, will definitely impact Australia through the devious wicked influence of this man. If that last statement is politically incorrect, then I am happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with Jesus the Messiah, John the Baptist and many Old Testament prophets and be judged along with them for their political incorrectness.

    Peter Magee

  7. We *do* need to know what is happening in the world around us and yes we have become global so there is really no excuse not to be aware of or concerned for what is happening to people in other nations.

    Everyone is somehow affected or impacted upon by major world occurances and decisions made by national leaders. America is our ally and a powerful country and what happens in the US has a powerful impact and influence upon Australia.

    Paula Pike

  8. Dear Bill, When the believer realises the hurtling train of national life is out of control and headed for total ruin, he must cut off the electric power and divert the national convoy to a safe conclusion, Likewise, the obstetrician must act immediately when the patient, in strong labour, is exhausted and the babe strained, he must immediately operate, sparing mother and child. The physician facing a fulminant infection, threatening the life of the patient has to immediately intervene. So must the true believers in our Lord Jesus Christ wisely vote to rescue this once great, now tottering nation.. Criminal neglect is no alternative.

    Bill, you enlarged my world view: our nation honors you
    You stand with Albert Mohler and Chuck Colson’s successors.
    Harrold Steward Christian Family Bible studies.

  9. It’s interesting as an observation, that Australians, who are not really interested in what Obama is up to, seem to default to Obama is good and good for America. Similar to women and Julia. But thank God not all women.
    Daniel Kempton

  10. Romney has been good and bad in the debates. Whilst he has probably out performed Obama on the whole he has only done so by becoming more of a moderate than he was whilst appealing to the tea party types in the beginning.

    There has been much, at least on reducing the deficit and the size of government that would distinguish him from Obama. There may be more to distinguish them on foreign policy. But I hope he isn’t just going to be another big spending Republican president.

    Damian Spillane

  11. Bill, as far as we Aussies go if any fellow Aussie Christians are anything like me I have many believer friends in the US and I’m urging them to vote for Romney for just the same reasons you’ve already stated.

    If any reading here are not Christians and would accept a voice of reason such as Bill Whittle, here is a link to a youtube clip on this very matter. Link is: http://youtu.be/H5v7QQ5vQWg

    Morris Otte

  12. Bill, with you being an American I think it would be quite reasonable for you to take an interest in the day to day goings on in your country of birth, what reasonable person wouldn’t? In fact I have never heard of anyone from another country who does not at least possess a passing interest in what is going on back “home”. An excellent article, although a pity you have to repeat yourself to try to make the recalcitrants in the church ranks exercise some common sense!

    Steve Davis

  13. Damien, I venture to disagree with you about Mitt Romney’s debate “successes”.

    I am game to follow Andrew Bolt’s analysis, that Romney has presented himself as the better candidate to be the next President of the USA, as has Paul Ryan presented a better candidate for VP than the execrable Joe Biden.

    Unfortunately, the electorate in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia (the free West, really) faces polarised politics such as we see here (two major parties and a few fringies), while clinging to a common base of culture (rule of law, basic economics, and a basic philosophical conservatism).

    That means that the candidates will
    a) try to distinguish themselves from their opponent,
    but meanwhile
    b) try not to run too far away from the expectations of the voters (discussion for another thread: this is what Schaeffer calls the “Peace and Safety” bloc).

    And they can only move on one of two directions: towards freedom (roughly Republican, and Coalition here) or towards centralist totalitarianism (Democrats, and ALP/Greens/non-Christian fringies here).

    The net result is that both sides will look like moderates with a dash of one or the other flavour – left of centre, or right of centre.

    That’s mostly why our elections over the last couple of generations (maybe since the riotous 60s, Bill?) have been won on slimmer and slimmer margins.

    John Angelico

  14. Dear Bill, As an Australian I cannot of course vote in any U.S.elections. However I have some relatives in the USA who are devout Mormons. They will obviously vote for Mr. Romney. As for Barack Obama, the ABC radio reports gave the impression that the main influence behind him is Planned Parenthood. I have written a letter of encouragement to my Mormon relatives. They may or may not receive it before the 6th of November elections.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  15. You utter Fool!

    You prefer another war-monger. How lovely of you.

    Your narrow-minded vision is made more and more plain with every bigoted statement you write.

    Take a look in the mirror if you want to see a Pharisee.

    Graham Douglas-Meyer

  16. Thanks Graham

    We’ll put that one down as yet another example of sweetness and light from the tolerance brigade shall we?

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  17. Graham, Obama’s war on children results in many hundred’s of thousands of casualties more than those sustained from any wars in the middle east America has been involved in recently, foreign or friendly. I recommend a thorough study on the statistics because while the wars always make the news, the Abortion holocaust is surprisingly absent from the MSM. Maybe you haven’t heard how many children the current President has the power to save each year, but does not?

    To put the question back at you, so you want millions more children murdered by voting Obama, both in America and in other countries around the world, where Obama is aiming with his deathly reach?

    There are plenty of reasons why Romney is better than Obama, as Bill has qualified in much detail, not necessarily making Romney good in himself, but better than Obama for sure. Abortion alone does it in my opinion, but like I said, many other important reasons.

    God makes it clear about what happens to those who prevent children from coming to him. And if the blood of Abel cries out and God hears, what does he hear from the billion of so who have been murdered by abortion in the last century?

    Simon Fox

  18. As we observe what is going on in America, we also have in similar ways here in Australia. Leaders who are living in sin.
    No rightful nation wants a leader who supports abortion and homosexuals and is a Muslim. These are not Biblical principles to support these sins.
    People in America, I appeal to you to make your vote count and vote against Obama.
    Obama is the only president who has not spent time with Dr Billy Graham. Mr Romney already has visited Billy Graham.

    Judith Bond

  19. I assume that in the USA there is not a preferential voting system for president. If there were, people could vote for minor candidates and still vote for Romney ahead of Obama. As it is they have to put Romney first (we hope).

    David Morrison

  20. While also not being an American citizen, I took the time to make my opinions known on Twitter, which is always an option. While I may not have swayed many, hopefully I had at least some impact. Not that it really matters much anymore, but I would still do the same again in future.

    Mario Del Giudice

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