Attacking Our Children – In Schools

Society at large is becoming a quite unsafe place for children. Indeed, one could argue that Western societies have basically declared war on our children. Instead of protecting them, nurturing them, and carefully guiding them, we have effectively tossed them to the wolves.

Instead of safeguarding their innocence and allowing them to enjoy childhood, we have thrown them headlong into an adults-only world, expecting them to cope in an atmosphere in which even adults struggle to deal with. The porn plague is a big part of this war on our children, and they are suffering greatly as a result.

Yet tragically even our schools are siding with the sleaze merchants against our children. Instead of shielding them from the destructive effects of porn, many schools are sadly allowing young children exposure to it. Incredibly some are even bringing porn into schools as an “education” tool.

Consider this harrowing story which has just come out of the UK. It begins, “Schools are free to give lessons in pornography, an education minister has admitted despite concerns about the impact of hardcore images on children. Campaigners have warned that growing numbers of youngsters are hooked on graphic films found online.

“David Cameron is preparing to make it easier for parents to block online porn from new computers. But [minister] Liz Truss insisted lessons in porn can form part of ‘age appropriate’ studies. Some teaching unions have called for students to be taught about porn from the age of 10.

“But an alarming study last month revealed children as young as 11 are becoming addicted to internet pornography giving them ‘unrealistic expectations’ of sex. Counsellors at Childline also report a surge in calls from youngsters traumatised after seeing adult images online.

“However, Ms Truss backed teachers to discuss porn in the classroom. She said: ‘The Government wants all young people to have high quality, age appropriate sex and relationships education. The current non-statutory programmes of study for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education, which include sex and relationship education, can provide opportunities for schools to teach about pornography’.”

The article continues, “In June this year a 14-year-old boy who raped a nine-year-old girl after watching hard-core pornography online was spared jail. His lawyer said the boy, who was just 12 at the time of the attack, wanted to feel grown up.

“Sean Templeton, defending the boy, said: ‘There is a real risk that young people are growing up with a skewed view of what sex is and sexual activity.’ Ms Truss was responding to a parliamentary question from Tory MP Andrew Rosindell, who said how children find out about pornography was a matter for parents not teachers.‘This is a matter for parents to make a judgement on,’ Mr Rosindell said. ‘I don’t think it is a matter for school teachers.

“Tory MP Andrew Rosindell said it should be a matter for parents not teachers. ‘There is a general concern across the country that these things are becoming far too accessible for young people and the moral side of this needs to be upheld. Guidance on young people is something that is something we need to ensure is there, rather than let this sort of thing become too prevalent.’ Last month the National Association of Headteachers (NAHT) called for porn to be taught in lessons from the age of 10.”

And we wonder why sexual crimes and things like rape are getting so out of hand in the West. With even our schools aiding and abetting the porn culture, we can only expect to see more sexual assaults, and from those at ever younger ages.

The truth is, offering any sort of education on these sorts of issues in some value-free setting is simply a recipe for disaster. Whether it be drug education, or sex education, or even death education, pretending these things can be taught to impressionable young people without a suitable moral framework is a recipe for disaster.

As Christina Hoff Summers put it some years ago in an important article, “Teaching the Virtues”: “To my mind, leaving children alone to discover their own values is a little like putting them in a chemistry lab and saying, ‘Discover your own compound kids.’ If they blow themselves up, at least they have engaged in an authentic search for the self.”

Or as William Bennett once wrote: “Sex education has to do with how boys and girls, how men and women, treat each other and themselves — or, rather, should treat each other and themselves. Sex education is therefore about character and the formation of character. A sex education course in which issues of right and wrong do not occupy center stage is evasive and irresponsible.”

The idea that we can just pump our kids’ heads full of lots of information, and hope they can process it all without a corresponding moral framework is simply going to result in big trouble. Alan Keyes once put it this way: “If we encourage our kids to believe they can’t control their sexual desires, what of their greed, their anger, their prejudice, and their hate? What condoms will we distribute to protect them from the consequences of those? Perhaps it’s time we remembered that for a free people the first challenge of education is not to fill our children’s heads with knowledge, but to instill in their hearts the confidence they need to quell the storms and tempests of unruly passion.”

We live in a very scary world today. The war against children continues to accelerate. Parents need all the help they can get in protecting their kids – but sadly that help is often not forthcoming from our society, our culture, and even our schools.

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  1. This is terrible!

    From the one whose aim is to steal, kill, and destroy!

    I wonder how much of it happens in Australia?

    I wonder how many parents realise how much porn “floats” around high schools.

    Plenty of it when i was there 🙁

    Jeremy Hopwood, A.C.T

  2. There has always been porn. Even my brothers (a hundred years ago) had Playboy stashed away. It’s just amazing how static and “innocent” Playboy images are compared to what is out there today. And the fact is, pornography isn’t sex. So if teachers want to show children what sex is really all about, they shouldn’t be using porn as a demonstration. Porn is, in reality, sexless. It’s an act being put on for the benefit of the person watching (who wants to have actual sex).

    In addition to misrepresenting sex, porn is reducing women to objects. And children. It shocks me that after all these years of women screaming about their feminist rights, they allow their little girls to reduce themselves into whores.

    And if you think your example above is bad, you should look into what is happening at colleges. I had to bring my daughter home from a very well respected college because she couldn’t handle the charged atmosphere. Rape was an everyday occurrence. And even though the majority of students were under the age of 21, the college itself allowed a beer company to stage massive college-wide parties, where no one was checking IDs.

    There are now S&M clubs on Ivy league school campuses. Pamphlets that joke about how rape is the norm. And parties that distribute sex toys.

    Sexually, the world is out of control.

    Julia Marks

  3. It is well-documented that kids aren’t fully developed in the ability to reason out consequences for decisions and actions until at least age 18. So if we give them such information at a younger age, it is pointless to expect them to make wise decisions about how to use that information.
    Seems like some adults are also lacking in this area of reasoning ability!!!

    John Bennett

  4. Yes Bill great article, porn is most defiantly an epidemic. I am a part of a ministry that takes this issue very seriously; we have a ministry specifically dedicated to helping its members have ‘safe’ devices. I am very grateful for the people that put so much time into this area. It is very difficult these days to purchase any device that does not connect to the internet. People can view porn from all sorts of devices these days, including phones and even televisions, just to name a few. All of our ministry uses a program that I would like to recommend called ‘safe eyes’. It blocks inappropriate content as well as send a report to a chosen ‘accountability partner’ on a fortnightly basis. I believe that any person that does not have their devices locked down and safe are crazy, don’t care who they are.
    Daniel Hagen

  5. It well and truly makes my blood boil when I read or hear of such stories as these. It makes me sick to the stomach that people out there even dare suggest such things are the new norm.

    Children under age 18 years are too immature, too impressionable to ever have to deal with these issues even considering that those in much older age groups can’t reasonably deal with such issues.

    Here exists no moral fabric or values whatsoever, it is like throwing your Child into a Den of starving Lions (actually the pit of Satan with out any sign of remorse).

    Given that the Human Mind is like a Camera and takes a snapshot of all it sees and stores it in a vault. Only to resurface in moments when one’s guard is down, how dare we as Adults allow such issues to go unabated. Nobody even mature adults can continue to view such graphic images without it affecting or warping our sense of moral values.

    Anyone Advocating such actions should be publicly flogged and put in Stocks to be ridiculed and pelted with rotting fruit and vegetables but even then they would never admit to aiding and abetting the loss of moral values in our Society.

    Disgust is not a strong enough word in my vocabulary to indicate my absolute distaste at the way people are being desensitized to such moral bankruptcy. As for myself I can’t wait for the return of the Saviour, Jesus Christ to reclaim his Kingdom from the deceitful, conniving, lieing Usurp, Satan

    Leigh Stebbins

  6. Pornography via the Internet now competes with parents and educationists for the attention of children and adolescents when it comes to learning about sex. This dishonest material has proven addictive for adult men and destructive of their relationships with their wives.

    Any serious Sexuality and Relationships Education curriculum must offer a socially and ethically responsible analysis of the pornography industry… an industry which claims legal protection under the pretence of the right to freedom of expression.

    John Wigg

  7. I would be inclined to say that rather than a war against children that its an issue or a symptom of the war against the family ( which historically the church has lead the charge ). I feel it is important to make the distinction if one is to address or seek a solution

    I was thrown off a school board because I stood up for parental say and authority…..and this was in a church run Christian school

    Hans Madsen

  8. Whenever I have had the misfortune to come across pornography I have found it traumatising in its joyless, brassy perversity. How hard and empty must you be to watch such stuff. Even to be a voyeur is to be party to something dirty and dark. To present it to children for educational purposes is harmful as the shock of the sick way of sex imbeds itself in the mind. I can remember vividly some sick images I accidentally came across on the internet years ago. You could say “it’s only a staged graphic or cinematic image and people can discern the difference between that and reality but reports suggest otherwise and that relationships suffer under its influence. People get a buzz out of watching humiliation, degradation, sadism and masochism, just as in WW2 nazi officers claimed to have been sexually aroused by kicking naked women prisoners, such is the low level of this entertainment.

    Sex must be taught to children as the consumation of the deep love and respect of a man and a woman where female and male join together, become aroused to orgasm and the male sperm impregnates the female egg and new life in the form of an embryo is created. If they learn the basic process they are equipped to self-determine how they want to live when they reach their age of majority. I cannot see any place for pornography in the classroom, even to say how bad it is.

    Talking of the war against children, in the UK we are hearing revelations that former, now deceased, popular personalities were abusing children and their actions were kept secret by the relevant authorities.

    Rachel Smith, UK

  9. Yes, but after wetting the appetite of the child, they will naturally want to experiment. No worries. The National Health Service fill the niche in the market by showing the kids how to do sadomasochism, mutual masturbation, rimming, fisting, felching and all the other diverse ways of catching AIDs, HIV and other sexually transmitted delights.

    The real evil is that children are being taught that unless they know this stuff, then they are being denied knowledge that will make them more “ informed” and grown up. If they don’t know this stuff, they are mocked by others and even the teachers, as being somehow backward.

    Straight back to Eve and the Serpent.

    What is also overlooked is that the young brain is still developing and it can become programmed to become addicted to this material. The brain is a growing and living organism that can become a superhighway, offering little resistance to sexual impulses.
    The best sex education my parents taught me was never to take sweets from strangers. Nowadays we ought to teach our children self–defence, unarmed combat, against teachers, who attempt to groom and corrupt them. The use of two fingers, the knee and an uppercut.

    David Skinner, UK

  10. Thanks Bill.

    In my previous workplace (a Christian college) I taught a personal development class to Yr8 & 9. One component of our abstinence program (No Apologies – from Focus on the Family) included an excellent exploration of the dangers of pornography, how addictive it is, and the way it trains people to only look at others in a sexual way.

    We discussed these topics in same sex (pardon the pun) classes. I of course took the young guys and was amazed at how honest we could be about the potential struggles we as men faced, and how we needed to keep ourselves pure.

    Great stuff and totally placed safely and firmly within God’s plan for our sexuality.

    Imagine if all PD or Sex Ed was done in such a natural and moral way?

    Keep up the great work.


    George Kokonis

  11. There is something rotten in the State of Britain:
    Wannabee Prime Minister Harriet Harman:

    Former British Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith:

    Chris Bryant, former Labour State Minister for Europe and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, is a homosexual, who appeared on a Gay dating site, Gaydar, in his underpants looking for love. This is his campaign manager who helped Mr Bryant to a resounding victory in Rhondda during 2010’s election

    How long before the BBC think that their soaps should reflect this kind of reality?

    Porn ceases to be a guilty pleasure but a pursuit of evil for evil’s sake:

    Pornography is the weapon of choice, used by Marxists and homosexuals for undermining the moral fibre of a nation.

    David Skinner, UK

  12. Very well written Bill, this should be read and taken on board by the new 2013 Federal minister of education.

    Johannes Archer

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