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That society is inundated with pornography in every shape and form goes without saying. The even more worrying thing about this is how it is found where it really shouldn’t be found, such as in our schools. But public education is hardly immune from the porno plague.

Indeed, often the schools themselves are bringing it in. I wrote recently about this disturbing UK headline: “Schools are free to give lessons in pornography”:

Increasingly our universities are becoming safe havens for all things pornographic. Years ago when I worked at a major university in Melbourne I witnessed the decadent “Sex it Up Week”. At this annual event college kids get to ogle at lap dancers, hookers and other sleaze merchants, all in the name of “education”.

And then there was the case of another Melbourne uni earlier this year involved in “live sex act furore”. As the press reported at the time, “The state’s most prestigious university is at the centre of a controversy over a live and extreme sex show performed on campus for ‘sex education’ purposes.” I wrote up that act of campus perversion here:

Well, unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg it seems. All over the decadent West universities are turning into glorified brothels and strip clubs. Kids today are majoring in porn it appears, all with the full approval of our top schools. Consider this recent article, “Should College Students be Getting Their XXX Degrees?”

It begins this way: “That question was posed in response to a new report from WORLD on Campus about the pornification of American universities. According to WORLD, self-styled ‘porn scholars’ in fields ranging from literature to law ‘believe in immersing their students in the porn culture. Last year, 50 schools offered courses that included in-depth pornography content.’

“Students and their parents—many of whom take out massive loans or a second mortgage to cover outrageously inflated tuition—might ‘be surprised to learn they are paying…to watch, digest and learn to appreciate pornography in college.’

“As someone three years out of college, the salacious details of the report didn’t shock me—although porn-y classes are even more extreme now than when I was on campus. Students in Wesleyan’s course ‘Pornography: The Writing of Prostitutes’ are actually required to produce a piece of pornography in order to pass. Other courses require students to photograph their genitals or write out their sexual fantasies in explicit detail. I also wasn’t surprised to see progressives defend the porno curriculum and lob accusations of ‘censorship’ at critics.”

The piece continues, “X-rated classes are often excuses for students to get their rocks off and get class credit for it, guided by pervy professors who have a prurient interest in their students’ sex lives. Defenders of the porn curriculum should check out ‘Sex and God at Yale’ by alum Nathan Harden. Although limited to one campus, many pornified campuses are going the way of Yale.

“America’s most prestigious university has become so awash in porn culture that the main event every year is Sex Week, which is actually ‘eleven continuous days of nonstop sex, sexuality, sexiness, and sexsationalism,’ according to Harden. He says the goal of Sex Week ‘is not to educate, but to titillate’—and that’s putting it very mildly.

“Highlights include sex toy demonstrations and giveaways, as well as a ‘porn star lookalike’ contest judged by an adult film director. The organizers of Sex Week give platforms to head honchos of the porn industry, including Steven Hirsch, who has produced 1,200 adult films. Hirsch bragged to an admiring student audience about how many women he’s slept with (‘thousands’) and downplayed the dark side of his industry. (When asked if he’d want his own daughter to appear in one of his films, Hirsch waffled.) Sex Week doesn’t sound like academic inquiry. It sounds like an eleven-day infomercial for the adult industry, financed by tuition dollars.”

The sexual shenanigans at Yale University are then described more fully, followed by this commentary: “This in-your-face, sex-obsessed atmosphere eventually led to complaints of discrimination against women. In the spring of 2011, Yale came under federal investigation for creating a ‘sexually hostile environment,’ and for its ‘inadequate response to a long trend of sexual harassment.’

“Seventeen female students were named as complainants. ‘I feel like because I have had to deal with certain sexual misconduct from my peers that I don’t have equal access,’ Hannah Zeavin, a Yale student and complainant in the case, told ABC News. ‘I can’t sleep well anymore and when I walk around Yale campus at night I’m scared.’

“Some might be tempted to blame the students for the campus environment. Harden disagrees. He believes the tone is set by administrators and professors, most of whom are steeped in sexual liberationist ideology. ‘Most universities today are run by leftist ideologues and free-love social revolutionaries left over from the sixties,’ Harden told me in an interview. ‘The hyper-sexual culture they helped create has led to a me-first brand of sexuality, where the feelings, the well-being, and even the consent of others is disregarded in an all-out pursuit of getting “what I want, when I want it”.’ As a young person, I couldn’t agree more. Our students—and especially our young women—deserve better.”

They sure do. Indeed, we all deserve better. This has nothing to do with education but everything to do with the sleaze industry pushing its wares on campus. They are getting rich off of the moral rape of our young people. And the fact that those running our colleges are quite happy for all this to take place shows how far down the tubes Western education has gone.

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5 Replies to “Sleaze School”

  1. Bill, the scenario outlined in today’s blog is well backgrounded by Romans 1:18-32 and Genesis 8:21. Suppression of divine truth by mainstream Western intelligentsia was bound eventually to lead to the elevation of debauchery in its place.

    It’s even more disturbing to realise that hypersexualisation of university life has its flow-on in the sexual rights movement’s agenda for development of new sexuality and relationships education curriculums in schools. After all, universities are trainers of most school teachers. University academics also drive most contemporary innovations in education.

    John Wigg

  2. A timely piece. Pornography and its availability are at the heart of the collapse of masculinity over the last fifty years. I have a theory about men and pornography – and there’s plenty of empirical evidence to support it. It is this: A man’s IQ drops at least 20 points within 10 seconds of being exposed to pornography in all its forms.
    Gerard Wilson

  3. Dear Bill, while distressing, you have given an accurate portrayal of the educational system of our nation. God’s people should be angry that the intellectuals have systematically destroyed the authority of God’s Word, especially in the holy realm of married love.
    Chuck Colson and Pearcy’s work, ‘How now shall we live’ traces the U S A degradation of God’s Word in each branch of the educational tree – from gentle kindergarten years to formative sexuality. Holy Spirit-engendered awakening must precede a radical reappraisal of sexual respect
    God give us an earthshaking awakening.
    Harrold Steward

  4. So true. This has less to do with freedom of expression and more to do with enslaving today’s youth to a new and depraved addiction – motivated by selfishness and ecenomic gain.
    Increased knowledge and exposure does not equate to freedom. Should we teach classes on suicide so that people are ‘free’ to express themselves that way, too?
    In order to have true freedom, healthy boundaries must also be put in place. In this regard, the pornographic ‘sleaze industry’ (as you named it) has definitely overstepped the mark.
    Grace Fitzmaurice

  5. Big Porn is a billions dollar/pound industry.

    Surprisingly, according to some articles I’ve read lately, the biggest consumers are not the Western nations, but the Islamic countries. Pakistan exceeds all others. Bin Laden had a cache of ‘gay’ porn on his computer and under his bed.
    Islamic drug cartels have muscled and murdered out the other groups, being the most ruthless, and are invading Europe, Asia and the Americas.
    Islamic countries are also the leaders in human trafficking and human rights violations.

    Sibyl Smith

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