On Our Emasculated Churches

OK, so just put this down to a rant if you like. Of course many folks – certainly my many critics – think everything I write is a rant. So nothing new there. But it is something that has long troubled me, and in fact is something I have often discussed previously.

What I am referring to can be described in various fashions:
-wimpy believers
-effeminate churches
-spineless wonders in our pews
-man-pleasing wimps in our pulpits
-weenies and woosies in our churches
-invertebrate believers
-cowards in our midst
-shameful evangellyfish
-gutless churchians
-believers without backbone

Call it what you will, we have way too many examples of this all around us. And I experience this all the time in various ways and in various places. Just trying to get believers to stand up for what matters seems like an impossible task. Getting them to boldly stand up for their own faith in a hostile public is like pulling teeth.

So is getting them to stand strong and fight the good fight on so many absolutely crucial issues of the day, such as the sanctity of human life or the battle over marriage and family. The great majority of Christians and Christian leaders will never stand up for any of these things.

Now there may be various reasons why this is so. But I suspect that a good part of the reason for all this is simply the sin of cowardice, fear, and especially the fear of man. Sin? Yep, it sure is a sin. And in some way it may head the list of sins. Recall what we find in Revelation 21:8 where it says that the cowardly actually lead the list of those cast out from God’s presence and judged!

How many hundreds of times are we commanded in Scripture to “fear not”? Yet our churches are filled with fearful wimps and cowardly Christians. And there are plenty of craven, men-pleasing folks in our pulpits as well. So this sin is a leading no-no in God’s books.

And as C. S. Lewis put it, its opposite is also at the head of the pack: “Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.” We desperately need men and women of courage right now. They are the need of the hour, but are so very far and few between.

At this point let me close with a few words from a guy who will never be called a spineless woosie. Doug Giles has been telling like it is for years now, and I have elsewhere shared part of this feisty recent article of his. And I have already been chewed out by some for his colourful and at times strong language.

Which of course simply proves my point: we have far too many weenies out there who will get far more upset about a few words than the ugly realities being spoken of and warned against. Sadly, they make my case for me. But let me offer a few thoughts from his powerful but much-needed piece, “God’s Judging America: He’s Giving Us Gutless Leaders and Effeminate Men”:

“Hey, reader: have you ever noticed the lack of men in our culture nowadays?
You haven’t?
Well, then allow me to be the first to tell you that you’re either…
a. Blind, undoubtedly deaf and you probably live in a van down by the river.
b. You’re simply not paying attention.
c. You are too young to have a historical reference point to when men were actually men and not giddy and roughed X-Factor hopefuls, or turkey-necked, unprincipled politicians, or earring sporting ‘ministers’ of the ‘gospel’.
d. All of the above.

“Now … please note that I didn’t say males but men; mature and responsible, demon-threatening machines who love leadership, the struggle and aren’t afraid to face head on internal or external obstacles and rank rubbish without crying like a chick about it.

“This type of man is symbolized biblically in the prophet, patriarch, warrior and wild man; this is whom I am talking about as being more absent from our milieu than Miley Virus would be during an Os Guinness discussion about the leadership merits of Washington, Wilberforce and Solzhenitsyn.

“I think this en masse societal distancing from masculinity and the systematic wussification of the male imago in a puerile environment of political correctness is more than just a flighty phenomenon. I think it’s a divine judgment.”

He then goes on to examine in a bit of detail “the negative sanction Jehovah levied on Israel in Isaiah chapter three wherein he removed masculine leadership and the warrior from their midst, and egotistical chicks and Peter Pans ran the show.”

He concludes: “Let’s recap shall we? In Isaiah three, when God wanted to get the attention of his people who were in the process of blowing him off, in this instance, he simply removed masculine men from their midst and allowed selfish women and capricious males to run the place into the ground.

“When the strong male presence was gone, then these three things became manifest in ancient Israel.
1. Israel’s prosperity got kicked to the curb.
2. Israel’s defenses against their enemy’s onslaughts weakened dramatically. Duh.
3. Israel’s captivity by enemy nations became not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ venture. Indeed, minus testosterone in the house, it was just a matter of time before they became one of the surrounding nation’s prison chicks.
And that concludes our little lesson from Isaiah chapter three.

“No doubt, the caterwaulers will dog pile on me and call me nutty for even believing in God, believing he still doles out blessings and curses and that America could be in the crosshairs for committing similar infractions as ancient Israel. Which is cool. I get it. Being a Christian ain’t en vogue nowadays. To which I offer this challenge to the naysayers:

“Go ahead, ridicule God, mock his standards and do the opposite of what his word says. Go for it. I dare you. Also, continue to morph boys into sensitive little girls. Mandate that the Marines wear girly covers. Make the rest of our military kinder and gentler. Exalt metrosexuality, skinny jeans and weepy men who wear long scarfs and women’s deep V T-shirts. Knock yourself out.

“In addition, continue to elect spineless and vapid narcissists to office. The more the merrier. Blow off traditional values and elevate the freakiest stuff known to mankind. Let’s see what happens. Let’s see what happens when EBT cards and an entitlement culture take root in this formally can-do nation. Go for it, no nuts. Go ahead and say character doesn’t matter and ridicule masculine traits. I’m sure China, Islam, Russia, and our neighbors down south and Communists worldwide will cheer you on and support your push for Emasculation Nation.

“I’m also equally sure that as the anti-masculine crowd sees the obliteration of strong, principled dudes within our nation they’ll be giddy and, no doubt, it’ll feel like an emancipation; but I’ve got a feeling that this ‘freedom’ will be short lived and our new path will lead to a brick wall, as it did in Isaiah chapter three.”

Amen brother Doug, amen.


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  1. Good on you Bill for saying it how it is. Your posts are challenging me to the core.
    “Get on your knees and fight like a man” was one I heard years ago.
    Victory to our God.
    Damian Utano

  2. My husband and I decided some time ago that the best way to find a church to join, was to keep an eye out in the media for which church was being constantly criticised and even persecuted for their faith…

    ….sadly, we’re still looking.
    it seems that the church is too busy with Christmas boxes, fetes and fund raising to have any time left to worry about abortion, marriage and children.

    Annette Williams

  3. Hey Bill,
    While I definitely agree with you that we Christian men need to be courageous for Christ, what Doug said about God giving blessing and curses to America does not seem obvious from the Bible to me – for our Father “…causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” I thank God that through you I am challenged to be like Christ, and humbled.
    In Christ,
    Mitch Roberts

  4. Thanks Mitch. There are two errors to avoid here. One is to think that all the blessings and curses of Deut. 28 can be applied holus bolus to us today; and the other is the idea that we should now regard God in terms that a deist would: a God who does not intervene at all in our affairs today. The truth is, God has not changed, and he most certainly can and does bring judgment, even outside the Old Testament times. But I discuss this in much more detail here:


    So yes, there certainly is such a thing as common grace, as you refer to, and that also runs through both Testaments. But God can and does actively intervene, and that can take the form of judgment today as well.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. If you want to consider an example of God’s blessings and curses an excellent example is the Jews.

    As early as Genesis we find that those who bless Israel God will bless and those who curse Israel God will curse.

    America and all other nations need to be careful in their relations with Israel.

    In the 20th century and even today Jews have well and truly settled down in the diaspora (yet retained their identity despite so many centuries in exile) and yet things happened in the 20th century which led to the recreation of the state of Israel and the return of many in waves. Russia and the US incredibly voted together in the UN when for a brief period Russia supported the establishment of a state of Israel.

    Against impossible odds Israel not only survived but won wars in which they were hopelessly outnumbered.

    The transformation to the land from before the return to now is incredible. When the Jews came back so did the rain.

    Matt Vinay

  6. Our churches need more activities for men spending time with men. Jesus spent time with his disciples. There were things he could not teach them when others were around.

    I heard of a pastor who was used to preaching to women and children dominated churches and then became a chaplain in the RAF. His sermons were not well received and he had to learn how to preach to men.

    Matt Vinay

  7. Been saying this forever. Now MEN need to do something about it. We don’t need less men standing up for women and babies, we need more! Ditto for real marriage. I’m tired of doing the men’s job in this cultural battle. Come on guys.

    Anna von Marburg

  8. As you write elsewhere: “Why are our churches today filled with so many weenies in the pews and so many woosies in the pulpits? I will pay you good money to give me a solid answer on this”…

    I’m going for the money Bill 😉
    Throughout history, but particularly for the last few centuries, church leaders were intimidated by pretend intellectualism. These apparently theoretical arguments carried out in academic ivory towers initiated the erosion of a foundational of trust in the Word of God. Pretend scientific history (geological time, evolution, cosmos) and pretend theological frameworks (JEPD/Wellhausen) combined to produce a worldview that virtually inoculates the later generations from a basic respect of the Bible.
    Now, along comes a young person who starts reading the Bible. Before long they come across Cain, and if they don’t begin to ask “Where did Cain get his wife?”, they are obviously not mentally engaged (weenies).
    And what if a more savvy Bible enquirer actually cares enough to ask the same question to the local clergy? Odds are the woosie in the pulpit can’t answer it succinctly. (It is a very easy question – Adam and Eve had many children [Genesis 5:3-4] and he lived 930 years. Get your calculator out and do a population calc – is that such a big ask? Thousands of people matey)
    Clergy who shy away from clashing with the pseudo science of evolution would say “Oh, it’s not my training, I’m only trained in theology”.
    Let’s give a comparison: Go back to Joshua declaring it is time for the children of Israel to rise up and attack Canaan – with real weapons. They say “Oh, it is not my training, I’m only a tent dweller on manna welfare handouts”.
    The church not addressing evolution is like Joshua’s army staying in their tents. We can’t hope for anyone to take the whole church thing seriously while the school down the road spends so much effort pooh poohing the Bible.
    And real men don’t like sermons that fiddle around on the edges, so they don’t go the church. Hence only the weenies and woosies, which the world is happy to leave be. They’re harmless.

    Tim Lovett

  9. The church today is no more fundamentally different than the church in Paul’s time. People where having sex with their own mothers. The problem is still the same, and call is the same. We are totally depraved, and the gate to everlasting life is narrow. Very very narrow. Those who are ‘spiritual’ need to take the kingdom by force. If were are in the days of Noah, then those that are now spiritual have ‘found grace in the eyes of God’ Genesis 6:8.

    Gary Shermer

  10. Heterosexual males are in the cross hairs of many adversaries and ideologies (particularly feminists) who subscribe to political correctness, in the misguided belief that they are the cause wars and violence. In fact I read recently that they are the ultimate target. They are sidelined and ridiculed by the mob but gradually they are coming out of the woodwork, gaining credence, standing their ground and turning the tables, mindful of the mistakes of male chauvinism, but honest- masculine to their boots. Good news!

    Rachel Smith

  11. I found this article refreshing and timely.
    Why is it that the church generally avoids discussing issues of great importance to God and man because it will offend our secular humanist society?
    I see a time coming when the church will awaken; when men will stand up and say: “.. but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord” – no matter what the cost (Joshua 24:15).
    Brad Salisbury

  12. The more birthdays I have, the more I realise how little I knew about manhood when younger and that I am still learning even now. Being a man is a complex and daunting profession. It is made harder because there is seems to be little teaching around about the matter. Obviously, those males brought up in such an environment, will not have the capability to be true Biblical men. This is compounded when these Christian men join a church. This can result in churches that lack that ‘manliness’ of the Scriptures.
    Many men and women misunderstand their biblical roles, because of poor teaching received from the Bible and/or poor study of God’s word themselves. There are churches who follow the same path too, of inadequate analysis/teaching of God’s Word.
    We have ‘Men’ groups of various permutations around Australia: it would be interesing to know how many of them effectively educate from the Bible; what it is that men should be in God? It would be wonderful to know that these are being used as a way back to Biblical manhood for the men involved; not just for ‘sharing’, BBQ’s and the like.
    Many young fellows are being primed by the ‘X- Factor’ factor- to be something that is ephemeral. Young women too, are being taught that this is the type of man that is ‘manly’. Not that there is anything wrong with aspiring to a career in music/drama/etc., nor with being ‘relevant’ within bounds. There seems to be such a focus on this way of life- or am I over-emphasising this present-day TV propelled life-style?
    The trouble is, a lot of Churches and Christians take this on board as the way for them to live. The church and many Christians-particularly men- in this case become enculturated by the world, rather than ‘not conforming to the world’ (Rom. 12:2).
    Manliness in a Biblical context has become lost within the confines of many competing forces, which are contorting how matters stand in God’s eyes. Churches and Christian men are caught in this. Let’s pray and teach for more of what Rachel refers to: men becoming Christians and becoming Biblical Christians.
    The more the world sees real Christianity, especially in men, Christianity will be more effective and thus will Churches too. Of course, this means Biblical women too, working in a Biblical way, as partners with men in accomplishing the work of God in His way.
    Chester Wilson

  13. Bill, and no one will ever call you a spineless woosie either.

    Amen brother Bill, amen.

    Madge Fahy

  14. Francis Schaeffer warned us of the consequences of Hegelian philosophy, whereby antithesis would be replaced with synthesis. It would result in the destruction of 1) moral 2), epistemological and 3)ontological categories. But nothing is new; Isaiah put it succinctly in 5:20:

    Morality: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil.
    Epistemology: “ that put darkness for light.”
    Ontology: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.”

    The weapons of choice for destroying antithesis have been the gay liberation and feminist movements. Central to their agenda is the destruction of masculinity and the distinctive and complementary roles that men and women play in society.

    Allow Professor Eric Anderson to spell it out. People need to listen to what he saying.


    His agenda and that of all gay liberationists is clearly written in the Gay Liberation Manifesto of 1971. We need to take this seriously.

    One wonders whether next year’s Katoomba Men’s Christian Convention will go anywhere near these issues, or will wussification have taken hold even there?

    David Skinner, UK

  15. I’m gobsmacked Alex. Mark Scott director of the ABC is speaking at the men’s convention???????
    What kind of wussy Christian has he proven himself to be and now he is invited to preach to Christian men?????

    Mark Scott is as wussy a Christian as they get.
    What a disgrace on the Katoomba convention – my husband won’t be going now.

    Annette Williams

  16. The call to godly manhood in the face of an apostate society whose ethical and spiritual fortifications have been breached is exemplified in these words from Ezekiel:

    And I sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the breach before me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none. 31 Therefore I have poured out my indignation upon them. I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath. I have returned their way upon their heads, declares the Lord GOD. Ezekiel 22:30,31 [ESV]

    John Wigg

  17. He is the Managing Director of our ABC, and also a Christian – or so he claims. But he has done absolutely nothing to tackle the appalling and flagrant anti-Christian bigotry at the ABC.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  18. Thanks to David Skinner for the manifesto information – so much to absorb and digest. What a tragedy that the family has hurt and turned so many people to hatred.

    Rachel Smith

  19. I recently heard this Mark Scott, in an radio interview. He laughed a lot, took nothing seriously and for such a person in such a important job, I thought, how did this twit get there?
    Daniel Kempton

  20. Re Mark Scott

    Yes equally appalled that Mark Scott has been invited to Men’s Katoomba Conference next year. I will not be attending in protest. The Organisers are either stupid or ignorant of what the ABC is doing.

    Scott’s failure to provide any legitimate support for traditional marriage is legendary. The ABC Same Sex Marriage agenda is unstoppable and unbalanced. For a publicly funded Media Group to be promoting the Gay Agenda is a disgrace.

    His recent release of TOP SECRET documents on surveillance activities in Indonesia is also appalling lack of judgement for the head of the ABC.

    We have recently had the anniversary of the 88 Australians who were killed in the Bali bombings 10 years ago. Better intelligence and surveillance could have prevented this slaughter of innocent people.

    For the Managing Director of our ABC to jeopardise the critical surveillance and intelligence activities of Australia and call the release of this information “in the public interest” makes me vomit.

    Shame on Men’s Katoomba Conference.

    Highly Unimpressed

    Philip Browne

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