Our ABC Lie Makers

So are you aware of the fact that your tax dollars are going to pay the PC zombies to lie publicly, and promote the agenda of the homosexual activists? The recently established ABC FactCheck unit is anything but. It would be much more accurate to call it the LieMaker unit.

Take a recent “fact check” that had to do with Tony Abbott’s claim that marriage has always been about one man and one woman. That happens to be 100 per cent true. Have there been the rare exceptions along the way? Sure, but exceptions do not make the rule.

No culture ever promoted and recognised homosexual marriage until the Netherlands became the first nation on earth to do so in 2001. Up until then, no nation officially and publically recognised homosexual marriages. Yet you would never realise this if you just went by this scurrilous ABC “fact checker”.

All that it does here is push the homosexual lies and pretend it has offered us some scholarly fact checking. If they were honest and called themselves the ABC Propaganda unit that might be one thing. But claiming to be fact checkers as they lie through their teeth is especially appalling.

Their “experts” which they relied on were all homosexuals themselves or very partial to the homosexual agenda. One professor given a dream run by the ABC, Stephanie Coontz, of course has been a long standing historical revisionist here when it comes to family matters. She has long tried to argue that family and marriage come in all shapes and sizes, and they cannot be pinned down in any way.

Consider also John Boswell: we are simply told he was a Yale professor. The ABC nicely declined to inform us that he was also a homosexual who died of AIDS at age 47. His work – claiming, among other things, that homosexual marriages were performed in Christian churches – has been roundly debunked by experts.

And consider as well William Eskridge, a leading proponent of homosexual marriage. Are we informed of that in this article? Nope, he is just passed off as another prof from Yale University. Hey, guess what – you can lie just as much by what you do not say as what you do say.

And was one marriage and family expert who would have fully concurred with Tony Abbott allowed a look in here? Absolutely not. There are plenty of these experts and scholars, yet the ABC resolutely refused to dig up even one. Of course to do so would have undermined and discredited their little exercise in propaganda.

Indeed, are they even aware of such experts as David Popenoe, Bryce Christensen, Allan Carlson, Christopher Lasch, Philip Abbott, William Bennett, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Brigitte and Peter L. Berger, Maggie Gallagher, James Q. Wilson, Douglas Farrow, Dana Mack, Connie Marshner, Mary Eberstadt and a host of other scholars and marriage and family experts? I doubt it.

Just imagine if I set up a CultureWatch FactChecker unit. Let’s say I did a fact check on whether tobacco is harmful to the user. What if I offered up a list of experts who all said that tobacco use is just fine, and causes no harm? What if I said Professor Jo Blow from such and such university, and smoking expert from another uni, etc., all agreed here?

Oh, and what if I failed to inform my readers that every single one of my “experts” were in fact in the pay of Big Tobacco? Would that not skew my presentation just a bit and render it a bit useless? Indeed, would that not be a clear case of professional misconduct on my part, by deliberately concealing valuable information about my expert witnesses?

I would be forced to take my article down immediately and offer a public apology for deliberately misleading the public. I would be told I can no longer engage in such shoddy journalism, and I never again would be seen as in any way being a credible commentator on such matters.

Yet “our” ABC does this on a regular basis, and with impunity, and with our tax dollars as well! If there ever was a case to stop the public funding of the ABC immediately, this would be it. Indeed, will the lefty Media Watch show – also another ABC scam – be covering this issue? Will they be exposing the ABC here? Why do I rather doubt that, big time?

And even more incredibly idiotic was the attempt by the ABC to make its case by appealing to Nero of all people! Just how far in scraping the bottom of the barrel did they have to go to try to get some “proof” here? But there was a good rebuttal to this nonsense by Andrew Bolt, so let me offer his helpful response:

The extra grant Labor gave the ABC this year for a “Fact Check” unit was a complete waste of money. It’s gone to yet another Leftist cell largely devoted to exposing conservative motes while overlooking Leftist beams. Worse, it seems to have trashed the facts to push propaganda. This week, the unit tries to dispute this statement from Prime Minister Tony Abbott: From time immemorial, in every culture that’s been known, marriage or that kind of solemnised relationship has been between a man and a woman. Aha! The ABC fact checkers pounce. False, they cry:

Roman Emperor Nero was married to not one man, but two. His nuptials were recorded and discussed at the time between subjects – friendly and hostile. What a fraudulent gotcha. This is not fact-checking but fooling and faking. What Nero did was actually culturally transgressive. His “marriage” no more reflected Roman mores than did his purported incest with his mother. Tacitus, a boy during Nero’s reign, recorded such “marriages” as “unnatural” and a “degradation”:

Nero was already corrupted by every lust, natural and unnatural. But he now refuted any surmises that no further degradation was possible for him. For a few days later he went through a formal wedding ceremony- with one of the perverted gang called Pythagoras. The emperor, in the presence of witnesses, put on the bridal veil. Dowry, marriage bed, wedding torches, all were there. Indeed everything was public which even in a natural union is veiled by night.

Suetonius recorded them a few decades later in an account of Nero’s “vices”:

XXVII. Little by little, however, as his vices grew stronger, he dropped jesting and secrecy and with no attempt at disguise openly broke out into worse crime… Whenever he drifted down the Tiber to Ostia, or sailed about the Gulf of Baiae, booths were set up at intervals along the banks and shores, fitted out for debauchery…

XXVIII. Besides abusing freeborn boys and seducing married women, he debauched the vestal virgin Rubria… He castrated the boy Sporus and actually tried to make a woman of him; and he married him with all the usual ceremonies, including a dowry and a bridal veil, took him to his house attended by a great throng, and treated him as his wife… That he even desired illicit relations with his own mother, and was kept from it by her enemies who feared that such a relationship might give the reckless and insolent woman too great influence, was notorious, especially after he added to his concubines a courtesan who was said to look very like Agrippina. Even before that, so they say, whenever he rode in a litter with his mother, he had incestuous relations with her, which were betrayed by the stains on his clothing.

XXIX. He so prostituted his own chastity that after defiling almost every part of his body, he at last devised a kind of game, in which, covered with the skin of some wild animal, he was let loose from a cage and attacked the private parts of men and women, who were bound to stakes, and when he had sated his mad lust, was dispatched by his freed man Doryphorus; for he was even married to this man in the same way that he himself had married Sporus, going so far as to imitate the cries and lamentations of a maiden being deflowered.

Cassius Dio referred to one of the marriages as among Nero’s “indecencies”:

Now Nero called Sporus “Sabina” not merely because, owing to his resemblance to her he had been made a eunuch, but because the boy, like the mistress, had been solemnly married to him in Greece, Tigellinus giving the bride away, as the law ordained. All the Greeks held a celebration in honour of their marriage, uttering all the customary good wishes, even to the extent of praying that legitimate children might be born to them. After that Nero had two bedfellows at once, Pythagoras to play the rôle of husband to him, and Sporus that of wife. The latter, in addition to other forms of address, was termed “lady,” “queen,” and “mistress.” Yet why should one wonder at this, seeing that Nero would fasten naked boys and girls to stakes, and then putting on the hide of a wild beast would attack them and satisfy his brutal lust under the appearance of devouring parts of their bodies? Such were the indecencies of Nero.

And how much of such reports is even true? How much is anti-Nero propaganda? But step back. What a strange argument the ABC fact-checkers are so deceitfully presenting. Gay marriage is sanctioned by history because Nero did it? This is fiddling while the argument burns. The ABC fact-check unit is out of control.

Exactly right Andrew. And as another commentator said elsewhere, “Nero also burnt Christians alive. Just because he did it, doesn’t mean it’s right”. Yes quite so. It is utterly appalling that the ABC is allowed to get away with this bogus baloney and shameful scam.

Even worse yet, I am forced to pay for these lie makers. Privatise the ABC now!


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33 Replies to “Our ABC Lie Makers”

  1. 1984 has arrived – I wish there was a way of publishing your above post right on the ABC website without them being able to ever remove it!

    Jo Deller

  2. I just read a great quote on the SMH that is apt regarding the “gay is natural” arguments based on “Science” even though the topic was something entirely different.

    Science writer Garry Taubes couldn’t have said it better: “What you do in bad science is you ignore any evidence that’s contrary to your beliefs, your hypothesis, and you only focus on the evidence that supports it,” he told Catalyst.

    Jo Deller

  3. Oh, and Jo: I need to mention that your comment above was the 40,000th to appear on CultureWatch! Come to my place and collect your prize! (I don’t know what it is yet!)

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  4. Really???? That’s amazing. I like that you’ve received so many comments – it shows that your site is really needed in this world.

    I think I live too far away to come over, when I’m in the area one day ;-)…

    Jo Deller

  5. I learned something new today, I knew Nero killed Christians and blamed them for burning Rome but he was also a homosexual and boy lover.
    Christopher Cunningham

  6. I went back into this ABC article and now see that many of the original posts are under review. Still surprised to see that one of mine has survived the cull.

    @Jo, couldn’t agree more that 1984 is arriving, just a few decades too late.

    And CONGRATS on winning a prize from Bill. I hope it doesn’t involve a smelly sock 🙂

    Matt Patchon

  7. Even IF, and I say IF, all of what the ABC said were true about “so called” solemnised relationships or marriage in the good old days, none of those past relationships involved allowing access to artificially create children and raise them. The concept of same sex marriage now involves the possibility of state sanctioned and funded deliberate denial of a mother and father to a child. It’s a whole different kettle of fish. The stakes are astronomically higher. We are talking about child abuse.

    Anna von Marburg

  8. Furthermore…is the ABC actually endorsing the other kinds of non-traditional marriages that they say were commonly accepted, ie. female husbands, man woman brother , polygamy, man woman ghost? Honestly…they believe in ghosts but not God?

    Anna von Marburg

  9. It wouldn’t surprise me If the ABC is hiding a few secrets like the BBC. How is it that the public pays these people?

    Greg Sadler

  10. Whilst privatizing the ABC would put an end to the misuse of our taxes in funding a leftist propaganda machine, no doubt a privatized ABC would just continue with the same agenda of leftist deceit.

    Ending the ABC’s misuse of our taxes is a good thing.
    But unless the leftist propaganda is stopped, then society will just continue on its decline.

    Harold van de Wiel

  11. I notice that the comments on the ABC website are given a “score”, apparently decided on by an immature twit who wouldn’t recognise a good comment if he or she saw one.

    Sorry. I shouldn’t write like that on a Sunday.

    And congratulations Bill on moderating 40,000 comments. You are entitled to an endurance medal just for that.

    David Morrison

  12. Thank you, Bill, for providing such well-researched material. If we are to defend our Christian values and freedoms from the incessant assaults of atheists on the left and Islamists on the right we need the moral courage to expose their lies, and the intellectual rigour to produce sounder arguments – to distinguish between politically correct propaganda and factually accurate reality. You have these qualities in full measure, and we are all indebted to you.
    Could somebody please identify the author of ‘political correctness’? He/she/it has a seditious case to answer.

    Karen Bos

  13. A written comparison between the ideal gay ‘marriage’ – that being of Nero, to the most insidious heterosexual Marriage of our times – that being that of the Abbott family, is something Andrew Bolt should rightfully do!!!!!

    Anyway fun aside, the label of marriage will no longer be the most important label for heterosexuals in society. In fact, it will no longer be a heterosexual label, and heterosexuals have no other label to define the importance of their relationship[s] – more so a relationship that includes children! In effect, to remove it by government conscience is still theft of heterosexual property.That act of theft alone by parliament undermines a foundation of society. The law.

    Even if the ABC gave a more better example of historical gay ‘marriage’ than that of Nero – it would still be in practice ‘upside down or back to front’ depending on it’s participants. It’s simply not a natural union of the sexes. It’s something that doesn’t even have the elements leading towards a natural union – far unlike an infertile person wanting to be married, which is an argument that gays often use to explain away the central ‘baby/parenting’ feature of Marriage. However that matter is one of misfortune.

    Marriage is a natural union of the sexes, and why that union has to be considered ‘exactly equal’ to that of an unnatural union needs to be explained. Because it isn’t.

    But like in NZ, the gays, politicians, MSM ect will not ever explain that. They ‘explain’ instead that, “…Marriage is a union between two people of matters between those two people alone, and how that effects others’ Marriages like mine and my wife’s is what I fail to see ….other marriages have not effected our Marriage ….” – John Key NZ PM.[words from memory] – and that was at the very start of the debate!

    But Marriage in very basic and simple terms, is a very important heterosexual label of commitment to each other because children are INTENDED for by the couple, which is a sign of recognition that the couple are making a PERMANENT commitment to themselves AND society by having OFFSPRING between them alone – the natural parents. Those parents should be then accorded the respect of society so as to raise those children to that which society expects. Children are not what you get with a Happy Meal; toys.

    But by allowing those who have no ‘natural intention’ of ever procreating, does nothing more than undermine the significance of the Marriage institution in society and those who benefit from it – the children of the next generations. Parenting is a practical matter and that institution is the hardest of acts to do well. It should be accorded it’s high status.

    All in all, pro-gay ‘marriage’ arguments indicate the very low level of intelligence of those who support that idea.

    Thanks Bill God Bless.

    Mike Marshall

  14. Good on you again Bill.You’ve inspired me (as a Christian) to put my money where my mouth is or else shut up and go home! God forbid that another clueless, lukewarm, flaccid, and poor excuse for the explanation of the Gospel to opens it’s mouths yet again. Thank you God for the real men, the true courageous and fearless Sons of God, with fortitude and backbone, to have the guts to stand up for what You stand for. Victory to the church.
    Damian Utano

  15. We as a society actually began to downgrade marriage when we allowed the Government of the day to recognise the children of single Mothers as legitimate. I really don’t like to degrade in any way shape or form, any child, but from that day, it became OK to simply cohabit, or have a one night stand and simply disappear and the man has no consequences to face. Society has picked up the tab, but society has failed miserably to protect these children and their Mothers. I know that they receive a pension, but what is needed is the knowledge that they have a Husband and Father in place. Of course, it is politically incorrect to criticise anyone for being the Mother of 4 or 5 children (all with different Fathers of course) and the more children they have the more money they collect – how can this mindless madness end?
    Joan Davidson

  16. Marriage was, of course, instituted by God when Adam and Eve were created:
    ‘… a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.’ (Genesis 2:24 NASB)
    The Apostle Paul affirms marriage and also explains that it is actually a replica of the relationship between Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5:21-33).
    How dare the ABC look to Nero regarding marriage. This wicked man had Paul killed around May or early June 68AD, and then killed himself on 9 June 68AD. I wonder if (like Judas) he killed himself due to the guilt he felt in putting to death our Apostle.
    However despite how they try to redefine it, marriage will endure (Luke 17:27).

    Sid Avery

  17. But it is the BBC that has become the World’s major gay propaganda machine. It has gone into overdrive with normalising the unnatural and perverted. Recently Stephen Fry did a two part series, on a global mission to corrupt the World’s nations. Unbelievably he was allowed to insult and slander foreign government officials without being bum rushed onto the next plane out of their countries. What an ambassador he is for Britain!

    This is a must see.

    David Skinner, UK

  18. Great article Bill, hopefully the ABC will be reviewed for its wasteful use of tax payers money now that we have a decent government in power. Perhaps we should consider writing to our members of Parliament to request an inquiry?

    Regardless, let us continue to pray for a sense of decency and morality to return to our society.

    Fred Merlo

  19. just saw the ad for monday’s Q&A and noticed that Dan Savage will be on there….no suprise! I never watch this show anymore anyway, as it has always been very anti absolutes etc…..Peter Hitchens will be on there too. I wonder how they’ll portray him and how much say they’ll actually give him, with Savage and Germaine Greer both on there?

    Jeremy Woods

  20. Bill what do you think of Mark Scott, managing director of the ABC, and the biggest Australian CINO, being a guest speaker at the Katoomba mens convention?

    Annette Williams

  21. They say on the site “Nero was not married to one MAN but two”…Nero married a BOY by my calculations and castrated him – what a great example the ABC uses ( not ) of a pederast to endorse gay marriage.

    Jo Deller

  22. I’m so glad Mr Bolt has picked up on Emperor Nero’s “pioneering efforts” in the arena of same-sex marriage. The unquestioning association of “Marriage Equality” so-called with “democratic freedoms” is plainly a dangerously facile assumption – Nero was a megalomaniac, narcissistic, tyrant and no champion of democracy or the freedom of his subjects to worship and preach according to their consciences.

    John Wigg

  23. One way we can fight back against the lies is to challenge en masses any articles where a lie is blatantly being promoted in the online comments section. Strength in numbers – even if your comment is later removed or challenged it may stay up long enough to have an impact.

    It encourages others who are wavering to see that there are people who are not following along like sheep and believing lies in the media.

    Jo Deller

  24. The emperor Hadrian has been held up as a gay role model for children in the UK. The LGBT History month runs every February throughout many British educational institutions. It concentrates on normalising sexual perversion by claiming all manner of historical personalities as being gay. According to our queer folk Abraham Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth 1, Winston Churchill, Jesus Christ, David and Jonathan, Ruth and Naomi, Amelia Earhart, you name it, were all pinkoes.


    David Skinner, UK

  25. Perhaps the ABC should also claim the emperor Elagabalus as a gay icon, along with Ernst Rohm.

    But the ABC will probably tell you that these personages are not held up as role models, but their mere existence justifies their existence!! In other words the public service role of the BBC and ABC includes reflecting people, life and the world as they really are.


    David Skinner, UK

  26. “Tell a lie often enough, people will believe it.” Adolph Hitler

    Nothing Tony Abbot said was incorrect. He said no culture has recognised same sex marriage, even though some went against the culture of the time, but that doesn’t make it culturally right. So if they set up Nero has a role model, then why is paedophilia illegal? Clearly Nero was an extremely sinful man and his example should be ignored.

    Ian Nairn

  27. The day will come when paedophile JIMMY SAVILE will be seen as a role model for “empowerment” or similar.
    Jo Deller

  28. Why don’t we start a fund with the purpose of taking legal action against the ABC for misuse of public money?

    Rodney Gynther

  29. I am afraid that if the ABC are anything like the BBC, writing and complaining to the them is utterly futile. One’s complaints are answered by Brezhnev apparatchik human answering machines who pump out a mixture of responses that avoid the issue, whilst serving up lies. Like fort Knox, they are impenetrable. To go on believing that we live in a day and age where reason, morality and intelligent discourse still operate is truly to live in the past.

    David Skinner, UK

  30. Interesting of all people to give an example as a role model for homosexuality Nero was the choice? he is the one who blamed Christians for burning Rome as writes Tacitus and had them burned and killed not a proper role model if you ask me why not just go ahead and use the Nazi party as well?.

    Bill are you familiar with the book The Pink Swastika? it documents how much of the Nazi party was a pan-homosexual movement and that the gay movement today uses many of their tactics.

    Christopher Cunningham

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