Church Busters: A How-To Guide

If you are a biblical Christian you of course believe in a personal, malevolent, spiritual being known as the devil. And you know that he hates God and God’s purposes. Thus he works incessantly to undermine and destroy everything related to God and God’s people.

So he hates the church, he hates Christians, he hates the Bible, he hates worship, he hates godliness, and so on. He thus seeks to thwart, pervert, debilitate and immobilise the church at every turn. So put yourselves in his shoes for a moment (admittedly not something any Christian would want to do).

If you had to devise a fiendish way to incapacitate the church, to divide the church, to compromise the church, and to destroy it from within, what diabolical scheme would you come up with? There are many such schemes that come to mind, but I can think of hardly anything better than to use the issue of homosexuality to unravel the church.

Indeed, I have been warning about this for decades now. Often my warnings have fallen on deaf ears, or have been ridiculed and rejected. But I have not been alone here in sounding the alarm, and acting as a watchman on the wall to an often deaf, lethargic and sleeping church.

Others have sought to rouse a moribund church from its slumber concerning this issue. One clarion call to the church was made way back in 1991 by ex-homosexual Joe Dallas. He said this in his important book, Desires in Conflict:

“The debate over homosexuality and the Bible – specifically, whether or not the Bible condemns homosexual acts in all cases – will do no less than rip the body of Christ apart within the next decade. It will force believers to declare, in black and white terms, where they stand on issues of sexuality and biblical interpretation.”

He sure got that right. Everywhere in the West we see the church compromising and capitulating on the issue of homosexuality and homosexual marriage. We see one church after another caving in here, with church leaders, pastors, individual churches, and even entire denominations rejecting God and his Word as they readily embrace the homosexual agenda.

The most recent case involving World Vision and its utter capitulation to political correctness and appeasement concerning homosexuality is simply the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other shocking and appalling examples of Christian leaders, Christian organisations, and Christian churches selling their souls to the devil in order to be popular, well-liked, accepted and “relevant”.

Thus if I were the devil I would keep on doing what has proven to be such an overwhelmingly successful strategy: Target the churches, get them to compromise and doubt the Word of God, get them to be more concerned about what the world thinks than what God thinks, and get them to actually believe they are being good Christians by embracing the militant homosexual agenda.

What a winning formula. The devil must be popping the Champagne corks on a daily basis, given what he is witnessing in so many parts of the West. He is on a roll, and is delighted with how deluded, deceived, compromised and theologically illiterate most Christians are today in the West.

And just as God works through his people, so the devil works through his human minions. And he has plenty of willing servants – or useful idiots – to do his bidding, even in the churches. Those who hate the church and want to see it forever neutralised have been long at work on this.

That is to say, none of this has been happening by accident. There have been long-standing strategies set in place to bring about these very results. Enemies of faith, freedom and family have been at work for quite some time now to see the church in particular and the West in general put out of action.

Consider for example the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci. He famously spoke about the “long march through the institutions”. By that he meant the deliberate and patient overtaking of institutions of power and influence from within, such as the media, the political world, the academy – and yes, even the churches.

Instead of external revolution and violence, he and others counselled internal subversion and infiltration. And of course the cultural Marxists have been eminently successful in all this. They have pretty much taken over the media in the West, the universities, the judiciary, the political realm – and most importantly, the churches.

And the homosexual activists have been leading the way here. They too have their strategies, their plans, and their well-thought out means by which they seek to bring down the last great source of opposition to their agenda: the Christian churches.

They have even told us how they intend to bring this all about! Yet most Christians are utterly clueless about all this. They are utterly in the dark as to how the homosexual activists have thought long and hard as to how they will take over the churches.

homo 47Having learned well the lessons of Gramsci and others, they have offered detailed strategies as to how they will win. A number of examples could be appealed to here, but let me mention just one. Back in 1989 two homosexual cultural Marxists, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen wrote a very revealing book entitled After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s.

Every concerned Christian should have a copy of this book. I certainly do. It is no mere wish list or abstract vision. It is a very detailed and carefully thought through battle plan for winning the war against any and all opposition to the homosexual agenda. It is a comprehensive and brilliant blueprint for winning the war, with no compromise along the way.

In fact, it is a full 400 pages long, and is a perfect example of Gramsci’s strategic thinking in action. It is all about white-anting (to use an Australian phrase) the West from within. It really is an ingenious volume. The use of propaganda, indoctrination and advertising is a big part of their campaign. And the church was certainly not left out of their thinking. Let me offer just one paragraph here:

“Gays can undermine the moral authority of homohating churches over less fervent adherents by portraying such institutions as antiquated backwaters, badly out of step with the times and with the latest findings of psychology. Against the atavistic tug of Old Time Religion one must set the mightier pull of Science and Public Opinion… Such an ‘unholy’ alliance has already worked well in America against churches, on such topics as divorce and abortion. With enough open talk about the prevalence and acceptability of homosexuality, that alliance can work for gays.”

Yep, and we see that all working out very nicely thanks. The churches are so concerned about public opinion, pleasing the world, not rocking the boat, and not offending anyone, that much of this strategy we now see being fulfilled. Churches are crawling over each other to be the first to reject their own faith in order to be pleasing to men.

World Vision is just one case in point. So I repeat: all this is not just happening by accident. It has all been carefully planned and orchestrated by those who are seeking to see the church rendered totally ineffective and irrelevant. And behind these schemers is the Grand Schemer, the devil, who is rubbing his hands with glee at how very nicely things are going according to plan.

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  1. Hello Bill,

    I have done a search for the book mentioned in this article and found that there only seems to be a few available with prices ranging from $100 to around $300. The good news is that I have found the precursor article which gave rise to it. The title is THE OVERHAULING OF STRAIGHT AMERICA by Marshall Kirk and Erastes Pill. Erastes pill is a nom de plume used by Hunter Madsen, and according to a Wikipedia entry “erastes” has a linguistic connection to pederasty.

  2. Thanks Donald. Yes the book is long out of print, but can still be found in second hand bookshops after careful searching. And yes the 1987 article is much more readily available, and offers a nice summary of what is in the book. I quote from both in my book Strained Relations.

  3. Hi Bill,

    You may know more detail of this than I do, but I recently read that after the initial attempts to “normalise” homosexuality were unsuccessful, the gay lobby responded (in the 1970s) by petitioning the Library of Congress to reclassify pro-homosexual literature under a less pejorative heading. Their petitioning was ultimately successful and gave the gay lobby a very symbolic win.

    Anybody who doubts the level of evangelism of the pro-homosexual lobby should meditate on the level of cunning it would have taken to devise and implement the plan I have described.

    Nick Davies

  4. There’s a very dangerous slippery slope happening as we speak. The polygamists are fighting for their rights, as long with many other perverted groups. Society is also turning away from justice, things like denying justice for rape victim, for example. A girl took her life 2 years after she was gang raped. The police and courts said, oh there’s not enough evidence. There was the video, what more do you want than that? Other things are ignored like honour killings. It goes on and on.

  5. Thanks Nick, Yes as I recount in my book, homosexuality was removed from the American Psychiatric Association’s list of mental disorders in 1973 after an intensive, high-pressure campaign by homosexual militants.

  6. Bill, you know that I share your concerns, but what would you say to any Christians out there who might think that you’re being alarmist?

  7. Thanks Ross. But how is stating truth being alarmist? And how is stating biblical truth being alarmist? Were Isaiah and Jeremiah and Jesus and Paul for example alarmists for proclaiming truth?

  8. Thank you Bill for all your posts and vigilance. I’ll be passing this post on for sure.

  9. If you had to devise a fiendish way to incapacitate the church … what diabolical scheme would you come up with? There are many such schemes that come to mind…

    Have a long-range plan to do it bit by bit. First, use the relatively new science of geology to claim that rock formations form slowly, as James Hutton did in the 18th century. Then argue from this that the Earth is very old, contrary to the creation account recorded by Moses. Charles Lyell said that he wanted to “free the science from Moses”. Third, extend this principle to living things. So in the middle of the 19th century, Charles Darwin read Lyell and applied the slow-and-gradual-change paradigm to life.

    Less than a century later (in 1948), Oxford Curator of the Museum of the History of Science wrote that ” …I myself have little doubt that in England it was geology and the theory of evolution that changed us from a Christian to a pagan nation.”

    Once this idea is sufficiently established in the halls of academia, put more science in school curricula, bringing the anti-biblical (and unscientific) ideas of deep time and evolution with them. This happened in the 1950s in the U.S. and Australia.

    This will sufficiently undermine belief in the accuracy of the Bible that it is no longer considered authoritative. Huston Smith, Professor of Religion at Syracuse University, wrote:

    One reason education undoes belief is its teaching of evolution; Darwin’s own drift from orthodoxy to agnosticism was symptomatic. Martin Lings is probably right in saying that “more cases of loss of religious faith are to be traced to the theory of evolution … than to anything else.”

    Then its time to send in the homonazis to finish the church off. If a church leader rejects homosexuality because of what Genesis says about marriage, the media can point out the inconsistency of believing the Bible about homosexuality but not about creation.

    Does that sound like a plan? Fortunately, I can’t take credit for dreaming it up.

  10. Bill. Thanks for your constant reminder of the crucial importance of the fight against the liberal agenda for undermining a Christian stand against homosexuality.
    I note that the book costs around £65 or so here in the UK.
    A truly prohibitive price!
    May I recommend what I think is an equally hard hitting exposure of all that the Gramisci school advocate.
    You may already be familiar with this but your readers may not know it.
    It is David Kapelian’s The Marketing Of Evil – How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell us Corruption Disguised As Freedom.
    I cannot recommend this too highly – every Christian should read it, and keep it by for reference.
    He has no time for “dumbed down” Christianity, and is committed to a rock solid biblical theology and it’s uncompromising opposition to all that the “gay” ideology stands for.

  11. Their talk now about the inevitability of homosexual marriage is an example of this. As if we live in this Hegelian universe which is driving us towards gay marriage the way they thought the revolution of the proletariat was inevitable and will soon usher in communism.

    But what a laughable failure that turned out to be!

  12. It won’t be long before it become a pansexual culture. Every perverted lifestyle under the sun. Now this is sad.

  13. Lot looked up and saw the whole region of the Jordan. He noticed that all of it was well-watered (before the LORD obliterated Sodom and Gomorrah) like the garden of the LORD… – Genesis 13:10 [NET]

    The world has long had its pseudo-Edens – its Fools’ Paradises. The true inheritors of Abraham’s faith will never “pitch their tents in towards Sodom” or her sister cities.

  14. Damien, that is because they made all their calculations and predictions without the God of the universe, who is having a lovely chuckle. Ps 2
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  15. As stated above:
    “science in school curricula, bringing the anti-biblical (and unscientific) ideas of deep time and evolution with them … (have) undermine(d) belief in the accuracy of the Bible that it is no longer considered authoritative. … (Hence if) a church leader rejects homosexuality because of what Genesis says about marriage, the media can point out the inconsistency of believing the Bible about homosexuality but not about creation.”

    If anyone thinks this is far fetched, thing again. In a newspaper debate between Dr (now Prof) Roger Magnusson of Sydney University and Sydney Anglican Archbishop (now retired) Dr Peter Jensen, Magnusson wrote:
    “Romans 1:26-27 seems pretty clear in its condemnation of men who “burn with passion for each other”. But Genesis 1 is equally, and literally, clear that the world was created in just 7 days.”

    The clear implication is that not even Jensen believes Genesis is accurate history so why should anyone believe the rest of the Bible. I could find no response from Jensen. This Achille’s heel of Christians, who do not accept the historical accuracy of early Genesis, is probably the reason why atheists will often debate such Christians but they will rarely debate Christians who can give logical and scientific defence of Genesis 1-11. Sadly, this inability to logically defend Genesis is one of the reasons why Christian youth lose faith and leave the church, and a reason why non-Christians reject Christianity.

    In checking the Magnusson quote, his final sentence rang bells in my memory:
    “It is both ironic and disappointing that we have secular law, rather than church teaching to thank for the fact that there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, gay nor straight, for we are all one in our common humanity, protected by the rule of law.”

    Where had I heard that EXACT same quote before? No, not the Bible quote from Galatians 3:28: “neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female”, but the quote as distorted by the Father of Lies: “neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, gay nor straight”.
    Sadly, I’d heard it in a sermon on Galatians 3 in a church in Melbourne’s “Bible Belt”.

  16. It amazes me that Americans have become so gullible in regards of the subject of homosexuality. We used to have a disease called “gay bowel” disease but due to the political P.C. crowd, the medical community dropped the name. This condition includes such diseases and conitions as condyloma acuminata, hemorrhoids, nonspecific proctitis, anal fistula, perirectal abscess, anal fissure, amebiasis, benign polyps, viral hepatitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, anorectal trauma and foreign numbers of shigellosis, rectal ulcers, and lymphogranuloma venereum. These conditions are a significant issue in regards HIV infection. That said, those that know God and know His Word realize that when God says “thou shall” or “thou shall not” there is a good reason for it. We should notice that whenever God said something would happen did just as He said. From Genesis to Revelation anything that God said came into existence. We can see that when we read the fulfillment of past prophesies and really see it when it comes to prophesies concerning the end times. He can do that since He is the great “I AM, ” the Alpha and Omega, and He knows the end result of that behavior. When God said in Lev 18:22 that “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination,” He’s already seen the destructiveness that comes with this behavior. Look at the high STD and HIV/AIDs rates in this population, look at the high rates of intestinal parasites within the male homosexual community, look at the high rate of viewing porn in this population that is used as a “motivator” for even more risky sex acts, look at the rates of “gay on gay” domestic violence which is nearly double that in the heterosexual population, look at the high rate of drug use in this population as they try to mask the emptiness that this lifestyle brings, look at the high rates of suicide in the homosexual population as they try on their own to escape this lifestyle. When God called this act an “abomination,” He was saying this out of love, to give us a warning of the potential harm it could and will cause. The problem today is that we do not know what true love is or does. Love cares enough to confront.

    Another point to examine, people involved in this lifestyle are not being allowed the information on the health risks due to organizations that have caved to the will of the Radical Left. Their actions will lead young, uninformed, biblically ignorant astray into a lifestyle that will cause them untold grief and physical harm. The biggest growth in the numbers of newly acquired HIV/AIDs has been in the 24 and younger age group according to the CDC. Another thing to notice is that our medical research organizations that track STDs have now lowered their age for tracking STDs to 15 yrs of age and some even as young as 13 yrs. If you want some interesting but sad reading, go to the “gay dating” websites and see men (boys) 18 yrs of age looking for “dates” that post their HIV positive status. As one pastor has once said, “Like all sin, homosexuality is not bad because it’s forbidden. It’s forbidden because it’s bad. Most people have the mistaken idea that God arbitrarily set up certain standards and parameters and called anything outside of those boundaries sin. Not true. Sin is not bad because it’s forbidden–it’s forbidden because it’s bad. It’s forbidden because it will destroy us corporately and individually…”

  17. I think homosexuality is a secondary attack.
    The primary tool of satan is to throw doubt on God’s Word – and his weapon is evolutionism.
    Without this frontal attack (evolution), any secondary action (homosexuality, abortion, multi-faith) would be impossible.

  18. Again I have to ditto Tim’s comment.

    By declaring the Bible to be wrong in the area of beginnings, it then loses its authority to make comment about anything else. If Christianity is just a lifestyle and there is no absolute moral standard, then who are we to say that homosexuallity is wrong?

    All these evils come from convincing people that they are just a cosmic accident and that nothing has eternal consequences. It makes people of no more worth than sludge in a pond, and yet many claim to be Christians and hold with the God denying belief of evolution. Some even try to say it is how God created the world.

    With such a warped world view these supposed “Christians” are open to all sorts of unbiblical thinking and those seeking to destroy the church are taking full advantage of them, while calling the rest of us backward.

  19. So many Christians have gone lukewarm on the bible, and lukewarm on the bible will undoubtably mean lukewarm faith. And lukewarm faith, neither hot nor cold, is the sort of faith Jesus spits out of his mouth.

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