A Great Way To Destroy the Faith of Millions

Now if I happened to be the devil, intent on subverting God’s church and especially derailing the faith of millions of young Christians, what might I do? How could I get a host of believers to deny their own faith, reject the clear teachings of the Bible, and effectively tell God that he is quite wrong?

Well, I am not the devil, but there certainly is a real, personal devil out there, and I have no doubt he has asked these very questions. And it seems to me that a diabolical answer has indeed been found. And as much as I hate to admit it, it seems to be working perfectly.

compromise 2This is what he must have thought: “I know, I will target a bunch of popular Christian celebrities, pop stars and even gospel singers, and get them to fully surrender to the homosexual lifestyle, or, barring that, get them to come out in full public support of it. Given what a clueless lot most Christians are today with almost no biblical discernment, I can easily win millions of them to my side as a result.”

And guess what? The plan is working to a T. Not only do we have plenty of big cheese Christian celebs coming out telling us they are now homosexuals or lesbians, and that it is all fully blessed by God, but we also have many who have fallen hook, line and sinker for the homosexual agenda.

And as a result, millions of entertainment-mad but biblically starved Christians are lapping it up. “Hey, so and so is in favour of homosexual marriage. Cool. I guess I will be as well.” “Oh neat, this big celeb is delighting in her lesbian lifestyle. I think I will check it out as well.”

Satan of course is rubbing his hands with glee over this. And it seems every month another big-time Christian celeb decides to ditch his or her faith and take up Satan’s game plan. Sure, they still think they are Christians, and still call themselves Christians, but they are nothing of the sort.

When you deliberately tell God he is wrong, and wilfully violate his clearly expressed commands, then you no longer have the right to call yourself a Christian. You have moved out of God’s Kingdom and taken up residence in Satan’s Kingdom. It is that simple.

Satan loves it, God hates it, and most of God’s people wouldn’t have a clue. They just go with the worldly flow like any dead fish does. Hardly any will swim against the tide and stand up for God and his truth. That is the pathetic state of the Christian church in the West today. It is dominated by carnal, compromised and easily deceived pew-warmers. And plenty of deceived pastors are out there as well.

So just who are some of these Christians who have shaken their fist at God as they embrace that which God calls an abomination? There are many of them. I have discussed quite a few of these folks over the years. The following are just some of them, and you might easily add more names to the list.

Vicky Beeching. The most recent example of Christian compromise, capitulation, and carnality. I just wrote about her rebellion against God and his Word here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2014/08/14/umm-no-he-doesnt/

Carrie Underwood. This gal, who won the American Idol contest in 2005, and professes to be a Christian, has said on a number of occasions now that there is nothing wrong with homosexual marriage. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/16/carrie-underwood-gay-marriage-country-singer_n_2488967.html

Jennifer Knapp. Around four years ago this gospel singer came out and told us she was a lesbian and proud of it. I discuss her promotion and celebration of sin here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2010/04/16/justifying-lifestyles-ignoring-scripture/

Guy Sebastian. A number of times now he has publicly denied his own faith while promoting the homosexual lifestyle. I have written about him on several occasions, including here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2012/10/11/celebrities-and-losing-the-faith/

Jars of Clay. The group’s lead singer Dan Haseltine has caused quite a stir among his Christian fan base by issuing a series of tweets in support of homosexual marriage.

Amy Grant. She at best equivocates and refuses to take a clear and strong biblical stance here in an interview she did with the homosexual press: http://www.pridesource.com/article.html?article=59691

Miley Cyrus. I hesitate to even include her here, since she is clearly doing her best to be as despicable, slutty, perverse and trashy as she can possibly be of late. But she has claimed to be a Christian, at least in the past, and she too is pushing the homosexual agenda big time: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2011/08/02/wrong-again-miley/

As I say, there are many other names you might want to add to this list. These are some of the better known clueless wonders who have sold out their faith and sold out their God in order to win the applause of men. They shall have their reward.

As for me, I will always remain true to God and his Word, regardless of how many professing Christians turn to the dark side. Compromise is just not an option for the true disciple of Jesus Christ. But it is happening all over the place sadly. There would be many reasons for this, which cannot be entered into here. However a concluding thought by A. W. Tozer cannot go amiss here:

“We live in a day in which renunciation is no longer being taught. We are not supposed to renounce anything to become Christians. We are not told to. We just believe something and accept something passively, in a state of moral inertia, and then we go right back to what we were doing before. There are people in this country making a career of compromising the cross of Christ with the world, until we cannot tell which is which. We are one big compromise.”

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19 Replies to “A Great Way To Destroy the Faith of Millions”

  1. It is all very sad. It is especially sad when professing Christians can fall hook, line and sinker for something called same-sex marriage which, as Paul might say, even nature itself tells us is a ridiculous absurdity.

  2. You`re right again Bill. Perhaps our church leaders spend too much time promoting “how do you feel?” rather than “Lets see what the Scriptures say here.”

  3. The sight of “the masses” all following a particular line of belief has a gut-hollowing effect on the person who sticks firmly to God’s rules. It’s as if there is a power of some kind reaching out to say, “look chum, you’re rapidly becoming a minority. Stop and think. If so many millions of Christians are welcoming homosexuality, don’t you think that God must be speaking to them? Don’t you think YOU are the one out of step?”
    Indeed I’m sure many of us have experienced times in life when we have stood alone in some debate or social attitude-change…..knowing deep down that we are right to do so, but all around us folk are saying “no, you’re wrong, wrong, wrong”. And then, the flow of sweet relief when we are shown to be right, in the face of all naysayers.
    What is happening now in Christian circles is just the same. There’s a real mind-bender of a test going on. Who is with the Lord and who is against?

  4. Homosexuality has become fashionable and trendy and has been for the past few decades. Other perversions such as incest and bestiality will next and soon become fashionable and trendy with lots of people getting into them and then there will be all these celebrities which will come out and be proud and open by saying that they are into them. Very sad and very sick.

  5. This trend is definitely getting stronger and sadly these celebrities will have to give account for their influence. I have had people ‘drop” me because of my beliefs and use the arguments that we must “love and by default tolerate all people” but I try to be guided by the order of these 2 commands in Matthew 22:37-39

    37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

    38 This is the first and great commandment.

    39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

    FIRST AND FOREMOST we must love God and his commandments and do his will even if this comes in conflict with the general view of “loving all”. We have plenty of Biblical examples of “standing alone” in the face of wrong.

  6. I have heard of people who want to discuss the Christian view of some topics having to meet in secret to avoid violent disruption. In Australia, in the 21st century! Satan must be desperate against Christian views being aired. If he can use professing Christians, so much the better for him. But he has long since lost the war.

  7. As for me, I will always remain true to God and his Word, regardless of how many professing Christians turn to the dark side. I know you will Bill, and so will I.

  8. These so called Christian Big Shots are not as Bigshot as they think, but are puny Underlings and Disciples of Satan and the more the righteous few who dare to stand Strong and Firm in the Face of this spouted Rubbish do so the more this will be shown up to be unrighteous Drivel. For out of their mouths will Spew Verbal Dahorrea and Ignoramic so called Wisdoms.

    Wisdom is not the sum total of how much a Man proffesses to know, but how he uses what He knows and I am afraid these deadend Christians know very little other than their own Vanities and self Agrandiostions. Otherwise showing themselves and followers (worshipers) total and complete fools and Imbeciles.

    Leigh D Stebbins

  9. So sad about Guy Sebastian. Our family watched him on Australian Idol in 2003 and we have bought his songs in the past. Now my 3 boys who are aged 11,14,17 and saw him as a Christian are seeing this transformation. Check out the lyrics to his new song “Come Home With Me” – Appalling!!
    “Yeah, I ain’t sure that it’s not the whiskey making me dizzy
    Who knows? Who knows?
    It’s time now to put down my glass
    This is my chance, and here goes, here goes!
    You may think my lines are bad, and
    Throw my number in the trash
    But I can’t let you get away
    So I won’t leave until I say

    Come home with me,
    Not just for tonight, but maybe for life
    We’ll see!
    Come home with me,
    ‘Cause I just can’t change until I’ll make you see
    So come on, ho-oooome home with me
    So come on, ho-oooome home with me

    Sometimes we’re not in control,
    You got to hold on, just take a ride
    ‘Cause what if, what if tonight is the first night for the rest of our lives?!
    You may think my lines are bad, and
    Throw my number in the trash”
    But I can’t let you get away
    So I won’t leave until I say

    Come home with me,
    Not just for tonight, but maybe for life
    We’ll see!
    Come home with me,
    ‘Cause I just can’t change until I’ll make you see
    So come on, ho-oooome home with me
    So come on, ho-oooome home with me

    Let’s make this a night to remember,
    Yeah to remember!
    We won’t remember!
    Let’s make this a night to remember,
    Yeah to remember!
    We won’t remember!

    Not just for tonight, but maybe for life
    We’ll see!
    Come home with me,
    ‘Cause I just can’t change until I’ll make you see
    So come on, ho-oooome home with me
    So come on, ho-oooome home with me

  10. ” They shall have their reward”? No. Jesus said they already have their reward.

  11. It is not just a problem of homosexuality but how the whole Christian music industry is corrupting the Bible. Here are a few examples:

    But perhaps it might also have something to do with Marshall McLuhan’s, thesis that the medium is the message.


    Does art change a culture or does culture change art?
    Does art copy life or does life copy art?

    Changes in styles throughout the history art, which includes the visual, literary, musical and architectural are not arbitrary. Changes in language, syntax and grammar occur because the old forms of expression no longer serve the purposes a new message. This why for instance the medieval style gives way to the Renaissance and the Renaissance gives way to the Romantic and so on.

    Even without the lyrics, much so – called Christian music, in its form, will transmit a post modern, neo – calvanistic, cultural Marxism, especially to the younger generation, without their even being aware of it. Like black atomic dust it will seep into the subconscious.

    Anyway that’s what I think.

    David Skinner UK

  12. Hi Bill,
    You are right to highlight this sad issue. The fundamental problem is that, once a Christian rejects the Genesis creation account and tries to accommodate evolution teaching, one of the pieces of mental gymnastics that is required is the belief that God spoke to people of old in ways appropriate to their culture.
    It becomes necessary to believe that God made up some nice stories to fill the book of Genesis to keep these ‘unenlightened’ people in line, rather than tell them about evolution and how long it took.
    Of course, once you accept that low view of Scripture, you are able to freely reinterpret any other passage to suit your own cultural norms – and that is exactly what is happening.

  13. How sad to think that those who have proclaimed The Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, are now draw away by greed and so called stardom.
    Eternity will be what they crave, but it will not be the utopia that they have chosen.
    The sadist thing is that they have CHOSEN death everlasting, instead of the TRUTH that they have already experienced by rejecting the LOVE of JESUS.

  14. Bill,

    I think I found something that MAY explain why so many people ignore the Truth.

    Here is a link to a key piece of why so much perversion is going on and why Islam is running rampant.


    It comes down to Sustainment, Global Sustainment. I think some of the elite want to brainwash people to stop having babies so they can get the world population back down to a half a million people.

    It’s very scary.

  15. True Bill, the endorsement of homosexuality, gay marriage and all else by these failed or false Christians shows the extent to which the many Churches and supposed Christians now openly endorse our declining and debauched culture. However, as Christ said, “not all who call me lord will enter the kingdom of heaven” …on that day I will say “I never knew you” .

    Indeed, the biggest opponents we have in presenting and defending the Gospel and Biblical worldview are “supposed” Christians who oppose God’s clear statements in scripture. And publicly take the side of misotheists and the ungodly when pressed. Sadly, mainstream Christian bodies and institutions have to varying degrees capitulated to the Humanist worldview, and embraced the godless naturalism and evolutionary deep-time agenda,

    I refer to the “Four Godless Horseman of the Apocalypse”: Naturalism, Darwinism, Deep-Time dating and “Secularism”: Of course, another name for “Secularism” is “atheism”. These four horseman are being used with deadly effect by global atheistic socio-political movement activists to wreak havoc on theism and the Judeo-Christianity worldview – and forced conservative politics ever further to the left.

    Indeed, atheistic “Secularism” is now being enforced by the judiciary and the State in all western democracies. With the stated purpose of imposing a godless worldview and lifestyle “Without God, spirituality and traditional religion”: So that theism and the once dominant Judeo-Christian worldview are driven from public life and education, and banished to the irrelevant fringe of western democracies. .

    Of course, all of this has been aided and abetted by supposed Christians and political conservatives, who in “self destruct” mode, have sadly accompanied the godless hearse and the homosexual lobby to their own funeral.

  16. You cannot serve God and money. When money and fame comes thick and fast, that person may have sold their soul to get there. A Christian would clash with such an evil empire, so must compromise to stay there.

    Matt 4:8-10: Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to him, “All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.” Then Jesus said to him, “Be gone, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.’”

    Matt 6:24: “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.”

  17. Bill Muehlenberg, I am gay.

    Please don’t see “Gay Pride Parades”, Conchita Wurst, and other disgusting immoralities as representative of gay people.

    Gay Pride Parades are orchestrated by leftists who want to sexualise our children.

    And although I’m gay I do NOT support gay marriage, and there are many gay people who would agree with me.
    I believe it’s in the best interests of the child for it to be raised by a mother and a father.

    Mr Muehlenberg, many gay people are good regular folk, it is the leftists who try to convince us that we are somehow victims and that we must attack the traditional family.
    Many gay people do NOT follow that argument.
    Those who support those gay pride parades are sick, it is not representative of us.

    The real threat to the West, is the leftists and their cultural-Marxist idealogy of Multiculturism.

  18. Thanks Dave. My commenting rules actually state that I need a full name here, but I will let you get through. I basically agree with you. When homosexuals say, “I just want to do my thing, and not force it on anyone else,” I can live with that. It is the militant homosexual lobby that I of course warn about constantly. They do not want to just live and let live, but they want to force their agenda on everyone else whether they like it or not. And they will use the heavy hand of the law to force everyone to grovel before their agenda. My new book fully documents all this. That is what I oppose, and I realise that perhaps the majority of homosexuals are not a part of this group of intolerant coercive social engineers.

    Having said that, I will always offer hope to those who want out of the lifestyle, which many former homosexuals have found. Thanks for writing in.

  19. With media pundits talking about “the collapse of the current world order”, in the West we are seeing a revolution as secular humanism comes in and Christian belief in God fades out with compromise and unbelief. This is combined with a sexual revolution which is all about sexual rights. In addition there is the anxiety caused by the global economic depression and the hunt for resources. Already the results of the changing times are showing us the manifestation of the culture of death (promotion of abortion, euthanasia, pornography, variations on adult heterosexual behaviour and a general coarsening of behaviour). Opinions are moulded by celebrities and social media with their followers and “likes”. In the UK an example is the presenter of BBC TV’s once flagship Newsnight programme extolling the virtue of assisted suicide in an angry/comedy fringe festival setting, which will no doubt influence many followers.

    Conversely belief in fundamentalist Islam is being propelled by the terror tactics of the Islamic State. Strict adherence to the perceived law of the Koran is enforced on pain of instant barbaric death to any civilian or military personnel regarded as an infidel to Allah. The shocking cold-blooded beheading of an American journalist, apparently filmed, was reported as in retaliation to American drone attacks.

    One can only look on aghast at the atrocities of war-mongering and hate going on around the world.We urgently need to find peace and trust. Surely the words of Jesus “I am the way, the truth and the life” are worth revisiting. Give belief a chance, love the Lord our God above all other and love our neighbour as ourselves;

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