Sham Christians, Deceived Disciples, and False Shepherds

I am fully aware that this is a topic most folks don’t want to talk about – let alone even think about. However, the Bible is full of warnings about pseudo-disciples, fake believers, and false brethren. Thus it is incumbent on all Christians to take these warnings with utmost seriousness.

The tragic truth is, not everyone who calls himself a Christian is in fact a Christian. There are plenty of fake Christians out there. We were told 2000 years ago that this would be the case. In Matthew 7:21-23 for example Jesus uttered these horrific words of warning:

false christians 3“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’”

We have plenty of examples of this very thing. All around us are those who claim to be Christians but by their actions and by their false doctrines they make it clear they are none of his. And their actions and beliefs centre around the very thing Jesus singled out: lawlessness.

When people tell us that God is in error about what he said was right and wrong, then we know we are dealing with fake Christians who are pushing ungodly lawlessness. Three recent cases of this have just surfaced, and we can hold them up as warnings.

Of course it is true that only God knows the human heart and knows for sure those who are truly his. But we are told quite clearly by Jesus that we can and should evaluate people by their fruit. The very verses before the ones I quoted just above spell this out (see Matthew 7:15-20).

So we have every obligation to put the spotlight on those folks who are claiming to be Christ-followers, but by their very public actions and statements are certainly disproving that. Let me offer three pretty clear examples of scam Christians.

The first one has to do with the wife of a US pastor who thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with working in a baby-killing mill. One report on this puts it this way:

A Baptist preacher’s wife in Alabama who works at a local abortion clinic hit back at her critics Monday, declaring that those who criticize women who work at abortion facilities should first address the sins in their own lives before criticizing what women do with their own bodies.
“I feel that we have all sinned. None of us are perfect. No sin is greater than any sin. I don’t know why, other than that’s the only decision [abortion] that a woman could make. That’s her right to make that decision because that’s her body,” Callie Chatman, a certified medical technician who works at Reproductive Health Services told The Christian Post in an interview Sunday. Callie’s husband is Louis Chatman, pastor of New Elam Baptist Church in Montgomery.

One of the most idiotic – and common – ways in which pseudo-Christians seek to justify and defend their sin is to throw the old “no one’s perfect” line around. This one covers a multitude of sins. Or at least it tries to. Of course no one is perfect. Try telling us something we don’t know.

By her reasoning I could go around murdering people, committing adultery, or robbing banks, and when any Christian confronts me about this, I can just say, “Hey, no one’s perfect you know!” As if that is going to get me off the hook. News flash: God will never lead a person to work in an abortion mill.

God is 100 per cent opposed to the slaughter of the innocent, so for this deluded and deceived gal to actually try to defend her diabolical work tells us just how far down the tubes she has gone. She is an apostate pure and simple.

And she had only one option here: to get on her face before Almighty God and repent of her sin, and seek for his forgiveness. And of course the fruit of any genuine repentance here will be her immediately quitting this bloody profession.

My second example, also from America, is not much better. As one write-up says:

There’s been no shortage of controversy over “Sex Box,” the WE TV show in which participants have sex inside of a soundproof box and then emerge to speak with a panel of judges and relationship experts about the experience — but did you know that one of the judges is a Christian preacher?
Pastor Yvonne Capehart, a counseling expert who runs a ministry geared toward women, recently told CBN News that she believes God wanted her to participate in “Sex Box” and that she is simply doing what she was “called to do.”
Capehart revealed that she rejected three offers to participate on the show before reconsidering, admitting that she was, at first, turned off by the title, content and layout.
But Capehart said that she eventually felt pushed to step outside of her comfort zone and to accept the role after spending time in prayer.

Um, I think she has been praying to the wrong person. I don’t think the true God of the Bible will order a person to go on a sleazeball show like this and partake of and effectively condone this promiscuity, smut and sin. That is just not how God operates.

Sorry, you don’t need to pray about something like this – it is a no brainer. If she has been hearing voices telling her to go on the perverted show, then I can pretty much assure her that it was not God’s voice she was listening to. The capacity of self-deception and demonic deception is almost limitless.

My final example will not come as a surprise to any of my regular readers. This guy is a serial pest when it comes to spitting in the face of God all the while pretending to be a follower of Jesus. This apostate is in the news on a regular basis as he promotes and celebrates everything God calls an abomination and sin.

In his much publicised outdoor church bulletin board, he had this lunacy on display this past weekend: “All God’s blessings upon Mardi Gras”. He is referring to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras which was just held. And this of course is none other than Father Rod Bower of Gosford Anglican Church in NSW.

He is one of the greatest apostates in Australia, and he has often been the subject of my columns. See here for more on him for example:

So his latest case of apostasy is no surprise here. And just for the record, no, God never ever blesses perversion, debauchery, sin and wickedness. A holy and pure God could never bless what he has clearly called sinful. When people claiming to be shepherds of God’s flock call good evil and evil good, then you know we have a false shepherd on our hands.

The prophets, Jesus and the disciples all warned about false teachers and false prophets – often. These guys are about as good of an example of this as you are going to get. It is not my intention to pick on these three, but since all of them were so willing to defend their sinful and deceptive practices in public, then we have every right to alert others about them.

The Bible speaks much of a great falling away, of apostasy in our ranks, and of those who would seek to destroy the flock of God from within. When faced with such warnings, we need to very seriously keep an eye out for such folks, and be in constant prayer that they do not take more people to the pit with them.

Why am I reminded of the words of the great William Booth from over a century ago: “The chief danger that confronts the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, heaven without hell.”

That is not a bad summary of the situation we are currently facing.

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18 Replies to “Sham Christians, Deceived Disciples, and False Shepherds”

  1. Thank you Bill. Don’t know if you are familiar with Revs 100 here in Australia. All these people claim to be Christians, but if you have a look on their website, they all have allegiance to the gay/perversion lobby. Don’t know what bible their reading, but it isn’t the one I read.

  2. All I can say is thanks Bill for your continued courage and honesty in a world where so many are being deceived. As you mentioned above self-deception and demonic deception are almost limitless. Satan is using very clever tactics today and people are falling for it hook line and sinker. Because they are believing they ARE being good and helpful and non judgemental and all those other attributes clouding their minds. So sad.

  3. What pains me the most in my journey to becoming a better Christian is knowing what to believe and what not to believe. Many good people of faith claim they are sincere and genuine Christians, whose hearts and souls are in the right place. But I read what you write Bill and I am left really confused. Who to listen to and trust? Ultimately I feel everyone has something good to offer. It’s just a matter of deciphering the intent of the message and knowing what would make me a better person in the eyes of God.

  4. Thanks Toby. Of course it goes without saying that it really does not matter what I say, or what others say. What is of paramount importance is what God says to us in his Word. We need to strive to master that Book as much as we can, and then we will be in a much better place to assess and filter what others have to say.

  5. Anyone else spend the weekend grieving in prayer and fasting?
    I’m sure many here who read this did. Anyone know of churches who held vigils of prayer and fasting?
    In my experience, churches have forgotten to fight against the abominations through prayer and fasting. Rather, the focus tends to be on programs and fundraising.

    Here in Brisbane we had the ‘Rally For Life’ – very poorly attended. Disinterest everywhere when I asked people to come along with us. Their response was more along the lines of “First let me go and bury my father..” Where are the warriors?

  6. Thank you Bill. Your words are always so well considered and meaningful. I will study the bible harder and more conscientiously, to bring me closer to God. You are always in my thoughts along this journey, like my guiding light. I so wish you knew how much your companionship means to me. We should all have friends like you.

  7. Hey Bill, I know i’m beginning to sound like a broken record. But you so prime thoughts in the word of God; like “by their fruits you shall know them” (Matt. 7:20 KJV).
    I do think in that passage of scripture it is referring to false leaders. It would not be out of place to see false leaders as trees and the people that follow them as fruit.

    Are these people maturing in Christ or remaining in a place of ignorance or falsehood pertaining to the word of God under their leadership? If most of his followers are ignorant in the word of God, there is a big chance he or she is a false leader. “by their fruits ye shall know them”

    Are they just Sunday morning christians between 9:00am to 1:00pm? Is this the type of fruit that this church or leader is bearing?

  8. I wonder if Capehart belongs to the charismatic and Pentecostal brigade, they seems to believe God talks to them through personal revelation instead of through the scriptures. To read about this level of depravity and open sin taking place is hard. I guess we ought not be surprised that society is heading down the sink hole at 100 miles per hour. This is surely the apex of the sexual revolution, the same one that has been responsible for the 3000 abortions carried out in the US each day.

  9. Jeremy, I am amazed and saddened by your attack on Charismatics and Pentecostals. The ones I know love the Word of God and follow His teachings. Have you never had God speak into your in heart and lead you by His Holy Spirit in situations? That was how the Apostle Paul was led before he wrote his letters to help us. This woman obviously listened to the wrong voice, no matter which “brigade” she belongs to.

  10. Another great article. Good job on marking those who cause divisions and offences contrary to the Gospel so we can avoid them too.

  11. I love your boldness bill, to expose these sham Christians. I am horrified that those examples you provided would declare themselves Christians but their actions are against the Word. They have been deceived.
    But mostly what stood out in your article was the quote “the saddest words you could ever hear: I never knew you”.
    Thanks for another sobering article.

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