Marching with the 10 Rebs

OK, now that I have everyone absolutely flummoxed by my cryptic title, let me say it is a send up on the 100 Revs which I wrote about in an earlier post. The 100 Revs were supposed to be 100 reverends and pastors marching arm in arm with their homosexual buddies in the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras held last night in Sydney.

Well, judging by the TV news reports, there were only a handful of these Revs there, and they were in fact Rebs. ‘Reverend’ would not be an appropriate title to use of these men. ‘Rebel’ would be more accurate: they are rebelling against Scripture, rebelling against God’s plan for human sexuality, rebelling against the holiness of God, and rebelling against the God-ordained institutions of marriage and family.

homo 54Undoubtedly these church leaders will seek to claim that they were just trying to be like Jesus, who was known as being a “friend of sinners”. That he was, but it was always with a view to leading sinners to repentance, forgiveness, and newness of life, not leaving them in their sinful, enslaved and God-denying condition.

Yes Jesus hung around with sinners, but so that they might see that God is calling them to renounce their life of sin and enter the kingdom of God by means of repentance and faith in Christ. That is a far cry from proudly marching arm in arm in a parade known for its glorification of sexual exhibitionism, debauchery and Christian-bashing.

The only message this bizarre gimmick sends to the wider community is that the church of Jesus Christ – or parts of it – has totally lost the plot, and is now making a mockery of God’s law, God’s holiness, and the purpose of the church in the world.

By the twisted reasoning of these church leaders, they should be consistent, and sign up as soon as they can for the next porn star parade, the next celebration of prostitution, the next adultery pride march, or the next fornication remembrance day.

Indeed, why not march side by side with pedophiles in their next public celebration? The reasoning would be exactly identical. After all, believers have not always treated pedophiles as lovingly and with as much acceptance and tolerance as we might have.

And the same excuses and justification for homosexuality can be used for pedophilia. Pedophiles can’t help it, they were born that way. Plus what is wrong with a loving, consensual relationship? We should not discriminate against such loving relationships, and we should be ashamed of not granting them the same rights and privileges that married couples enjoy.

Indeed, while we are at it, I trust that these same leaders will also march in the next polyamory pride march. If believers are now to not only accept, but endorse and bless same-sex relationships, something regarded by God as an abomination, then why not group sex and group marriage as well?

Again, if it is a loving, committed and mutually consensual union, what is wrong with allowing three men, or four women, or any such combination, to do their thing? Indeed, who are we to judge such a relationship? Who are we to deny them their rights? Why should we be so discriminatory?

We must love everyone and accept them just as they are. It would be cruel to tell people that they can only enter the Kingdom of Heaven if they first agree with God that they are lost, and their sin is keeping them from a love relationship with God. It would be so intolerant to tell people there is a hell, and that those who reject God and his provision in Christ are heading in that direction.

So maybe these church leaders are right. We have been awfully intolerant, bigoted, narrow-minded and judgmental. Let’s just welcome every lifestyle, every activity, every behaviour, and pretend that God has no preferences how we live or how we express ourselves sexually.

Let’s just open the doors and say, there really is no such thing as sin. Jesus really did not come to die in our place. He just came to say all of us are fine just the way we are. He wants us to be ourselves and do what is natural. After all, if something is so natural, it can’t be wrong, can it?

And let’s send the message out to our young people that this is a great lifestyle to explore and get into. After all, if church leaders are marching with the homosexual activists, then it must be a fully acceptable lifestyle, something that all of us should embrace and approve of.  Indeed, this is just what the homosexual activists are saying.

One homosexual, writing in the Sydney Star Observer, said that it was a great idea that these church leaders were marching. “Shifts like this will mean enormous things for gay Christians, GLBT kids growing up in Christian homes, and for others whose adult relationships with friends and family are strained by religious-based prejudices.”

Exactly. And if these same Rebs march in fornication pride celebrations, that will also mean ‘enormous things for fornicating Christians, fornicating kids growing up in Christian homes, and for others whose adult fornication relationships with friends and family are strained by religious-based prejudices’.

Of course all this is exactly part of the long-term homosexual agenda: the complete and total acceptance and blessing of the homosexual lifestyle. They know that the Christian church is the last obstacle to this aim. Thus they are rapt that these gullible Rebs are handing them on a silver platter what they are seeking. The same homosexual author makes this clear:

“But as much as it will annoy some to hear it, our journey to equality will never be over until our community is accepted as part of the mainstream of Australian society. That doesn’t mean assimilation, it means integration – where two things grow together. And having groups like the 100 Revs, Surf Life Savers, the defence forces and the police in our parade shows homophobic Australia that it is we who are becoming a part of that mainstream while they are slipping into the fringe.”

Yes indeed, and those homophobic Christians really need to be set straight. These ten Rebs are doing just that: Paul of course was simply wrong when he said that no homosexual would inherit the Kingdom of God (1 Cor. 6:9-11). Nice of these Rebs to clear that up, and give us the real lowdown on what the Bible teaches about this subject.

Jesus warned about wolves dressed as sheep coming in to destroy the flock of God and to undo the work of God. I would say that the 10 Rebs are a pretty good example of what he was warning about.

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  1. Yes and once again MSM regail us with what a great event it was. ICHABOD
    Stephen White

  2. All this tosh about the gay contingent being inclusive is plain lies, just like all the other lies that they are victimised and looking for lasting personal relationships, or that they eschew violence.

    The church certainly should be and in many cases is inclusive and welcoming of all, but this is not because the church has suddenly matured and caught up with the 21st century, accepting a smorgasbord menu of sexual preferences; it is in spite of the sinfulness of the heavy laiden. The task of the church is to facilitate recycling people off the rubbish dump and to rebuilding them so that they begin to reflect the holy character of God. Those who don’t want to repent and change are welcome to leave. To stay and insist that it is us who must change to their way of thinking deserves only one response. On your bike! But to suggest that the gay contingent (please do not let us call it a community along the lines of a race or ethnic community) are cohesive and compassionate flies in the face of the evidence. Apart from the violence and bitching that goes on within its ranks, it is prepared to hold up for public ridicule and exclusion anyone who disagrees with their anarchist ideology: age_id=1770 (Stonewall involvement in this case of Bishop of Hereford.) ( bigot of the year).

    Does anyone seriously believe that either the Bishop of Hereford or the Archbishop of Birmingham (another nominee for bigot of the year award because he has chosen to shut down Catholic adoption agencies rather than hand children over to homosexuals) would have received an understanding and compassionate welcome at this glittering and sweaty, star – studded event? Even without the Christian having to argue the case against homosexuality along religious lines, there is plenty of evidence to show that encouraging our children to find out which sexual preference they feel most comfortable with – whether it be it homosexuality, paedophilia, necrophilia, polyamory, bestiality or even sex with a bike ( ) – is not a good idea. Let the evidence speak for itself: (Kevin greening – risks and drugs and the face of homosexuality) (bi-polar depression) (suicide of Garry Frisch) (Terrance Higgins Trust and its dream for our children) (negative side effects of homosexuality)

    Finally in the same way that Islam does not want to be integrated but rather insists that it is the “Christian populace” that should become Muslim, so it is with the gay brigade. Frankly they are not interested in becoming integrated with us, the bourgeoisie. When the gay community are offered marriage there is not exactly a stampede. The evidence shows that marriage does not suit the gay life-style. What they want is the acceptance and recognition, the goods and services associated with marriage but not the essential nature of it. But it is heterosexual-like marriage which is easiest to sell to the wider heterosexual community.
    Even those who do want marriage – especially gay men – tend not to see a need to restrict their sexual activity to their menage. They deeply resent the homophobic implications of a negative view of homosexual practices which don’t mirror conventional heterosexual marriage practice. ‘Freed of the constraints of marriage, gays are presently free to explore guiltless pleasures of sexual abandonment … Some gays worry that the marriage license will deprive them of their avant-garde status. Instead they’ll become retrograde, tarnished imitations of the bourgeois coupling they hold in contempt. The monogamous, heterosexual marriage does not fit in with a homosexual lifestyle which in their own view is at the very cutting edge of modern , progressive 21st century , technological , post modern life.. A characteristic of the homosexual outfit is its love of risk, abandonment, shock and rebellion. One only has to attend the grotesque, leering, mocking and strutting spectacle of gay pride and Mardis Gras exhibitionism to be suddenly seized by an overwhelming desire to have a bath or shower.’
    The only obstacle, as it is with Islam, to the homosexual agenda is the Bible and the Christian holding it. It will therefore become imperative to go beyond integration to coercion, public humiliation, loss of jobs, fines and finally imprisonment for anyone who dares even to raise an eyebrow. Next up for Australia will be homophobic hatred laws. They are probably already printed.

    David Skineer, UK

  3. Bill

    Hard hitting article. Needed to be said though.

    Thanks so much for having the guts to take a strong moral stand on this issue!

    Damien Spillane

  4. Is there any analysis of the many things claimed to be positive about same sex unions? It seems to be the case that it is hard to find truth in any of these claims, eg., the numbers attending the Sydney Mardi Gras; longterm exclusive relationships; being born that way, etc.
    Stan Fishley

  5. Thanks Stan

    Yes there are. My own website contains many articles dealing with these sorts of issues. The truth is out there, it’s just that much of the MSM does a good job of making sure that truth is suppressed or undermined. Hopefully soon I will have a book out on all this.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  6. “We have been awfully intolerant, bigoted, narrow-minded and judgmental.” At least with that I agree, Bill. I wouldn’t have marched in the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, but I’ve spoken to one of the Revs you pillory so vehemently, and I understand why he was marching. Homeosexuals are constantly on the receiving end of mouth-frothing invective from “Christians” and this erects a barrier to communication that is very difficult to overcome. To be able to be taken seriously and even allow the dialog to begin takes a great deal of compassionate understanding and preparedness to enter their world exactly as Christ entered ours. Our Lord and master was pilloried by the religious establishment for consorting with sinners and quislings. I’m not surprised that it’s happening again.
    David Esdaile

  7. Thanks David

    But sorry, I’m not buying your argument. It is typical liberalism – theological and political. To be consistent David, you and the Revs should be marching in a money changers march, apologising for Jesus’ treatment of the money changers. He was certainly intolerant, judgmental and unloving there, wasn’t he?

    Indeed, will you be marching arm in arm with capitalist pigs, rightwing racists, conservative dictators and multinational oppressors, and apologise for how they have been treated by the church? Somehow I don’t think so.

    But not only should you be marching in solidarity with them, but also with the porn stars, paedophiles, sado-masochists, and so on. Sorry, you have turned the gospel on its head, and perverted it. Jesus identified with sinners, yes, but always with a view to setting them free of their bondage by means of repentance. He would never glorify and promote sexual exhibitionism and debauchery.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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