You Have No Right To Speak Unless You Are a Lefty

That the radical left is not in the least bit interested in what the masses think and believe is quite apparent by the appalling disdain they show for genuine public debate. They do not want real debate to take place, and they do not want the ordinary citizen to be able to have a say in important social and political issues.

The secular left pretends it is the voice of the people, but the truth is, it can’t stand the people. It does not want them to have a voice at all. They think their “superior” views are the only legitimate views out there. As Bill Buckley said long ago, “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

Or as Mark Steyn more recently put it, “The Left does not want to win the debate, it wants to shut down the debate.” And we find this happening time and time again. Consider the issue of homosexuality and homosexual marriage. The left does not want these matters discussed and debated – they want them force fed on a hapless population whether they like it or not.

And their preferred means of “debate” is to simply attack you, call you names, and smear your reputation if you dare to disagree with them. Dare to appeal to facts, to history, to the wellbeing of children, or what have you, and you will be met with all the usual responses: “You are a bigot.” “You’re homophobic”. “You are hateful.”

Yep, that sure beats having to engage in actual debate. Just fling mud, resort to ad hominems, and never actually engage with a real argument. Thus the activists on the left simply seek to browbeat everyone into submission. They are not interested in debate – they want complete domination.

banksThey may pay lip service to genuine debate, the merits of democracy, and the place of free speech, but they demonstrate by their actions that they really care about none of these things. They want to implement their radical agendas, and want to shut down any voices to the contrary.

We have had plenty of examples of this with the homosexual marriage debate, and the issue of a people’s plebiscite on it. It seems every activist and their media buddies are demanding that we abandon the plebiscite. On the one hand they claim that everyone plus their uncle fully favours homosexual marriage, yet they are actually terrified of putting it to a vote.

They claim Australia overwhelmingly supports homosexual marriage yet they are doing everything they can to prevent people from actually having a say on this. Incredible. Just what are they so afraid of? Why are they so hostile to what ordinary Australians might say on this issue?

The latest example of this blatant hatred of democracy, free speech, and the common man comes from Tasmania. There the big cheese activists have made it perfectly clear that every single one of us should just sit down and shut up. Our opinions are not welcome, and they will decide how we proceed on these matters, thanks very much.

Consider this shocker from a recent newspaper article:

Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Robin Banks has spoken out against the plebiscite on same-sex marriage, saying the rights and freedoms of society should not be the subject of a popularity opinion poll. “Equality in marriage should not be the subject to the whims of the majority,” Ms Banks said at a rally in Hobart. The rally on the lawns of Parliament House today attracted about 80 people, including Tasmanian Greens Senators Peter Whish Wilson and Nick McKim and State Greens leader Cassy O’Connor.

Wow, did you get that? The “whims of the majority”! Yep, we sure do not want the Australian people deciding on something as utterly important and revolutionary as redefining the very nature of marriage and family, and overthrowing millennia of human wisdom and common sense on these matters.

Who are these mere cretins to speak out on such issues? They must just remain silent while a handful of activists and leftist elites decide all this for us. After all, they know so much better than the common man. They are so wise and so knowledgeable.

But the other 99.9 per cent of us are just too dumb to be able to voice our opinions on this. Indeed, our voice counts for nothing. Who are we to defy the activists and the gender benders? Why, that would amount to things like free speech and real democracy if the masses actually had the right to speak on such things.

We sure do not want that now do we? What next? Allow free and open elections for who runs the country? Boy, that rabble is getting carried away here. We will let the experts and the sexperts decide for the rest of us. After all, they must know what is best for us.

But wait, there’s more. Get a load of this:

Psychologist Tim Sanderson told the rally that linking public votes to marriage equality could lead to poor mental health. Mr Sanderson said the Australian Psychological Society fully supported that the marriage equality process should not be put to a public vote. “The APS recognises that a public vote presents significant risks to the wellbeing of those affected,’’ Mr Sanderson said.

“Risks to the wellbeing of those affected”? Really. Hey, am I not affected? Are not children affected? Is not all of Australia affected? Is not every family in this country affected? But we must all just shut up and not be allowed to share our concerns.

Only the radical left social activists are allowed to speak about this. Only they can decide what the entire nation must do on this. Not us poor slobs. We must simply remain silent and submit to the diktats of our elites. The masters will decide for us. Ours is simply to obey.

Um, did we not hear this sort of thing before? Did we not send millions of our sons to die on foreign beaches and far-flung battlefields to challenge this sort of totalitarianism? Did we not decide that dictatorship, tyrants and Brave New Worlds were not to be the world’s future, but a free people?

Did we not witness the bloodshed of so many to keep us a free people? And now we are seeing all that being stamped on by the homosexual jackboots. They have become the new rainbow fascists who will demand the total compliance of the masses to the dictatorship of the pink elites.

Sorry, I will never submit to these sexual Stalinists. I refuse to bow down and worship at the feet of the pink mafia. If they so despise democracy, so hate freedom of speech, and so deplore the common man, then they can go take a hike. They should move to North Korea or somewhere more fitting of their tyrannical ideology.

But they have no place in a free and democratic Australia. I am shocked that every media outlet in the nation did not decry and condemn in the strongest terms these militants as they seek to silence the masses and pretend only they can speak and act on these matters.

But as usual, we heard crickets chirping. The mainstream media is totally in bed with the homosexual militants. Indeed, many in the MSM are in their camp, and they are doing all they can to shut down free and genuine debate, and turn 21st Century Australia into some 20th Century dictatorship and pink hell hole.

The other day columnist Andrew Bolt penned a piece entitled “We’re mad as hell and it’s time to speak out”. Well, that about summarises where I am at – and millions of other ordinary Australians. He documented a number of recent cases of the Stalinist left crushing free speech while vilifying conservatives.

He concluded with the words: “This assault by the Left on free speech has abused our intelligence and our freedom. Australians, insulted and offended, are now saying they are as mad as hell and will not take this any more. It’s time to fight.”

I hear ya Andrew. And I am fighting. Who will join me?

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24 Replies to “You Have No Right To Speak Unless You Are a Lefty”

  1. Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Ms Robin Banks declares, “Equality in marriage should not be the subject to the whims of the majority.”

    This reminds me of Lenin’s dictum that democracy is too good to share with just anybody.

  2. “The Holy Spirit will guide you in all truth. And the truth shall set you free”, Jesus said. To be free means to speak the truth. A spirit of fear is being utilized to intimidate people to not voice the truth but to keep it relegated to the private sphere, where it cannot be heard. As such the lie will triumph. The climate is against the truth, but the truth cannot ever die, as it is manifested in the risen Christ who is the Way & the Truth & the Life. No matter how we get underploughed, let our words be truth & our testimony eternal. The forces of hell will break upon that Rock of Ages.

  3. Haha! Don’t let ‘the whims of the majority’ influence community life and the shape of society. Methinks that she overmuch protesteth herself.
    Keep at it Bill, and others.

    ‘One word of truth shall outweigh the whole world’ – Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

  4. Well said, Bill.
    You get the impression that everyone is for SSM until you read intelligent and thoughtful comments such as under Lyle Shelton’s piece in the Telegraph today and see them voted up!

    The media usually manipulates everything to make it appear that your opinion is irrelevant.

    Fear of a plebiscite suggests fear of a loss.

  5. Right on Bill. Time for us all to stop worrying about the all important ‘comforters’ we have allowed to take over our intelligence and get back to being real people in a real world where decency and respect for truth guides us instead of what’s convenient. Thank God for Andrew Bolt, Katy Straus, Miranda Devine and all the others who like you and even me are styled by the Left-luvleys “haters”. How about the mutilated bodies of the trans kids, their battles with the drugs they have to take to change their poor bodies. Come on, who are the real haters? They are – they hate normality and reality and will do anything to change the truth into their lie to escape the responsibility of being what they are. How can I hate these poor deluded people? They are the saddest crowd in the world. The truth alone will free them to be what they are meant to be. God save them, heal them and give them a life!

  6. Very impressed with your article, well said. However it scares me that we cannot have an open National debate and let all those who want to speak, speak. The majority must in all cases carry the vote. So, same sex marriage, muslim migration and what is now taught in some schools MUST be openly debated, and again, majority wins.

  7. I am making use of the Q & A Facebook site to debate what I call the fundamentalist lefties. It is so easy as their main form of attack is asinine comment, pejorative language and a holier than thou attitude. Intelligent debate is totally beyond them. What is a sad is there are only three of us against all the morons of the left. If we flooded the site we could have a field day as they are unable to make a comment that warrants an intelligent response.

    The reason they are so pathetic is that I always stick to facts, which they know are true but they cannot handle it so they have to attack with inconsequential rubbish. In cases like this silence is not a virtue.

  8. Hi Bill, a very big thank you for speaking out so forcefully against those who would deny us the right to FREE SPEACH & FREE DEBATE. No wonder so many folk are listening to the distorted ideologies of the likes of Trump and Hanson. They are giving “a voice” to the genuine fears and concerns of the SILENCED majority who want genuine discussion and debate on these issues to take place. It must have broken the heart of the Apostle Paul when through the anointing of The Holy Spirit, he looked down the corridors of time and then had to write Romans Ch. One.

    As one of your previous responders Somerset Morkell wrote; “The Holy Spirit will guide you in all truth, and the truth will set you free.” This will only happen if we give The Holy Spirit something to work with, and that is to constantly feed on His Word. It was said that Smith Wigglesworth was prepared to give £5 to anyone who saw him walking around without a New Testament in his pocket, how much easier is it for us today to carry the whole Word of God as a phone app. We then can give the Holy Spirit something to work with when the opportunity presents itself.
    Bill, I am fast coming to the opinion that the Christian Community has left it too late to voice opposition to “the looney left”. If we as Christians really want to save our nation from the going down the destructive path it is now headed on, then we as a Christian community have to get down on our knees and start praying 2 Chronicles 7:14-15, AND REALLY MEAN IT!
    Again Bill, thank you for displaying the guts to pen this article, and keep up the good fight.
    God Bless, Kelvin Nairn.

  9. As secular humanism casts a shadow over the world we find ourselves in an anti Christ environment. We can draw strength from the band of like minded souls who believe in the truth of Jesus.
    “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves”.

  10. Two young female friends who have had to withdraw from their teaching degree because they would be required to write an essay (pro) about same sex marriage and they just couldn’t be bothered, knowing that they would fail…
    Where to from here?

  11. The same sex lobby tried to use the Anti-discrimination Act as leverage to both silence and force the Roman Catholic Church in Tasmania to change it’s view on same sex marriage… already this bully tactic has been used. Of course, the complaint was purely a political stunt to harass, shame and intimidate the Roman Catholic Church which is why it was inevitably withdrawn before a ruling by the Commissioner (there was no discrimination going on at all) and this is what The Australian Christian Lobby are addressing – that is: the misuse of the Anti-discrimination Act to silence and bully critics should not be used by anyone (either the “yes” side or the “no” side of same sex marriage) because it is dishonest, it stops free speech and it is an abuse of our Anti-Discrimination Laws to make a claim that is purely a political stunt and not relating to any discrimination. The way that the media has made out the ACL are wanting favouritism or somehow circumventing the Anti-discrimination Act is further evidence of how devious and deceitful the SSM advocates are. The obvious outcome is that it will backfire and more and more people will be chased over to the “no’ side – that’s what happens when you lie too much for too long. The withdrawal of the claim exposes the dirty tactic being used and exposes the empty threats that the SSM people spew forth.

  12. As usual, non-Christian Andrew Bolt speaks on these issues with more courage and clarity than most of our soi-disant Christian leaders—and most LINO (Liberal In Name Only) politicians.

  13. Thanks Bill and Roger Marks
    I’ll have a look at q&a facebook.
    Keep up the fight

  14. I am totally with you and the other commentators on your site Bill. I for one cannot be silenced when it comes to subjects such as moral and common decency. While there are still outlets for such expressions of Truth and opposition to blatant disregard for the revealed and sacred words of God in the Holy Scriptures I will do my utmost to voice my horror and disbelief in this so called age of enlightenment against a vocal minority who seek to ridicule God and his Law of Chastity.

    I never cease to marvel at the lack of numbers of dissenting voices opposed to those around us who preach, force or who seek to ram immorality down the common persons throats. I never cease to wonder that so many remain silent when a minority seeks to strip the majority of a voice and who think they are more enlightened, more wise than God. I never cease to be amazed at that majority who fear to speak out for the fear of being labelled homophobes, islamaphobes and who have over the decades allowed themselves to be dumbed down by secular leftists and social engineering by those with a blatant disregard, and disdain to the truth, and the evidence to the contrary. I am even dismayed that so many will not stand up and fight for their God given rights, such as freedom of speech and opinion endowed by God on every man with their free Gift of Agency and the freedom to be able to choose for themselves their own beliefs and opinions.

    Leigh D Stebbins

  15. Very sorry to hear Anna von Marburg’s comment about having to promote sin before becoming a teacher. Is there any way, Bill, you can encourage these people to take up their chosen vocation in another institution? This, to me, is just another mark of the Beast arrangement where people cannot do business or follow their chosen vocation unless they act sinfully. We are likely to need as many moral teachers going into the future as we can get.

  16. It is not for the (semi) faceless Members of some Parliament to redefine our language & customs: despite Robin Banks’ opinion. Who is profiting from all the nonsense about genders with which we are currently being bombarded?
    Well put, Bill.

  17. On June 23rd, Britain held a plebiscite ( referendum) on whether to remain in the European Union or leave. The leave or Brexit party as it was called, won the vote 51.89% against 48.11% who wished to remain. Out of 46 million who were eligible to vote, 33 million voted, with the Brexits winning 17, 400,742 votes, beating the remain party by 1,269.501 votes. Invariably it was the minority of gays (1.5 % of the UK population) and Muslims (5% of population) who wanted to remain in a multi -cultural and multi- faith European Union. They were are supported by Cultural Marxists, the liberals and greens who amount to nearly half the nation.
    We are a divided nation, but no longer left against right, Labour against Conservative, or even between Marxist and fascist who have coelesced into a conglomeration against national sovereignty, the Biblical definition of marriage, family, childhood, the unborn baby and above all against Jesus Christ and His Church. I shall simply call them the EU idolaters.
    The result of the referendum on Friday 24th June 2016, resulted in outrage from the idolators who will not accept the result. They mounted a rally of 30 – 50,000 in London, one week later, on June 2nd, demanding an overturning of democracy and the result.

    Below I have made a compilation of how the behaviour of idolaters and gays has become indistinguishable, from one another, apart from the former becoming more militant.

    In the name of love they demonstate hatred of the truth

    (note Sarah Brown, the ex Prime Minister, Gordon Browns’s wife marching at 1minute 25 seconds)

    In the name of enlightenment their minds become darkened.

    In the name of tolerance they become fanatically intolerant

    In the name of freedom they take it away from those who disagree with them

    In the name of creating a civilised nation they descend to profanity and barbarism

    In the name of equality they create inequality

    In the name of love they incite violence

    In the name of multiculturalism both gays and idolators invite Islam.

    In the name of maintaing law and order they create a police state

    In the name of equal rights they breed tyranny

    David Skinner UK

  18. To add to David’s comments above about the EU Referendum in the UK, David Cameron (the Prime Minister who instigated it) was criticised by many in his own party and also many European leaders for running the risk of having a Referendum. The London-centric, political elite merely assumed they knew the mood of the country – and got it badly wrong.
    I suspect the pink activists fully realise the implication of this result! There is a maxim that basically states you should never ask a question to which you don’t know the answer and it is far easier for those pushing for gay marriage to control a small bunch of politicians – many of whom are driven more by the fear of being unseated than in what is actually the right thing to do – than the general public at large.
    As political correctness stifles more and more debate, I believe these activists are very aware of the risk associated in giving the ‘silent majority’ the opportunity to cast an anonymous vote!

  19. Dear Bill,

    Everything you have written about the trendy lefties is true. The reason being they are led by the father of Lies – Satan. The real problem in the failure to drown out the clamour of their voices is the sheer indifference of so many otherwise decent people.

  20. Hi Bill.
    Her name is “Robin Banks”?? Really? What a great Socialist name! And a whole 80 people turned out in a city of over 200,000. It’s good to see that, despite having some of the most liberal gay laws in the country, that Tasmanians still feel passionate about this issue. Ahem…… Maybe there’s hope for us yet. If not, may God intervene soon.
    Mick Koster.

  21. The SSM lobby make sit very easy for us I have discovered in debating the issue on the internet. If you want to know the truth, just take what they say and then apply the opposite which becomes the truth. as they are incapable of telling the truth because the father of lies is their commander in chief.

  22. David Skinner and anyone else. They are not gay as they are the most miserable people on earth. The correct word is “homosexuals.”

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