A Review of The Global Sexual Revolution. By Gabriele Kuby.

LifeSite, 2015.

In 300 well-documented pages, Gabriele Kuby makes it crystal clear that the sexual revolution has been every bit as wide-ranging and destructive as other fateful events such as the Russian revolution and the French revolution. The trouble is, the sexual revolution shows no signs of abating, but in fact is getting worse, damaging everything it touches.

The German sociologist released this book in 2012, but it has only recently been translated into English, and we all can be grateful that it has. It is a detailed look at the sexual revolution and its bitter fruit. She begins by examining some of the founding fathers of the sexual revolution, those who especially attacked the family unit, sexual morality, and the Christian churches.

kuby-2These include Karl Marx, Margaret Sanger, Wilhelm Reich, Alfred Kinsey, and John Money. These and others paved the way for the social upheaval and the sexual freefall we are still experiencing today. Bad ideas have bad consequences, and their many abhorrent and reckless ideas have been filtering through from top down, with our elites and activists force-feeding the masses on all this ideology and radicalism.

All the indicators and hallmarks of this revolution are carefully covered, including the gender bending agenda, the pornification of society, the push for all things homosexual, comprehensive sex education for children at the earliest ages, the relentless assault on marriage and family, abortion on demand, and so on.

Consider just a few of these. The porn epidemic is a chief blitzkrieg of the sexual revolution. She mentions a 2013 headline: “Porn sites get more visitors each month than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined.” And child porn is just another horrible facet of this:

“The child pornography market is booming the fastest. Every day, there are approximately 116,000 online searches for child pornography. It is estimated that 2 million children worldwide have been offered on the web or depicted in sexualized violence.”

Children are in fact the ones who suffer most in all the manifestations of the sexual revolution. Consider easy divorce:

“A survey in England of 1,600 children under 10 years old shows how severely children suffer from their parents’ divorces. To the question of what they would change if they were king or queen and could enact new laws, the most frequent answer was, ‘Ban divorce.’ Can children cry out their suffering and fear any louder than they did here?”

And with “homosexual marriage” we also have to have homosexual adoption rights. Once again the child is not even considered:

“When the state legitimizes same-sex outside adoption, it places the alleged rights of an adult minority above the welfare of the child. This contradicts all of Western legal tradition. Even biological parents do not ‘own’ their children but are merely ‘trustees’ with the task of providing the child with the best possible conditions for arriving at his or her unique individuality.”

Consider some of the totalitarian aspects of the sexual revolutionaries’ agenda. How many of you have heard of the Yogyacarta Principles? Not many I suspect. These are 29 radical principles formulated at a 2007 conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

They are as radical as you can get, and many countries around the world have already committed to implementing them. Have a look at what Principle 2 says:

Everyone is entitled to enjoy all human rights without discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity . . . whether or not the enjoyment of another human right is also affected. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity includes any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on sexual orientation or gender identity which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing equality before the law or the equal protection of the law, or the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal basis, of all human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Wow! Kuby presents this in plain language:

All moral criteria regarding how people deal responsibly with the power of sexuality are classified as “discrimination.” People’s essential moral distinction between right and wrong, good and evil, is to be forbidden as applied to sexuality. Human rights that may stand in the way, such as freedom of religion and freedom of conscience, are considered subordinate. People are no longer allowed to preach, teach, or be raised to believe that the purpose of sexuality is the bond of love between a man and a woman and the creation of children, even though stable heterosexual relationships are essential to the existence of society.

Image of The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom
The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom by Kuby, Gabriele (Author), Kirchner, James Patrick (Translator), Spaemann, Robert (Foreword) Amazon logo

Other chapters explore in detail various nefarious aspects of this worldwide revolution. Besides providing plenty of specifics, she also is insistent that we see the bigger picture: the social and cultural revolution of the past half century is greatly restricting individual liberties while greatly expanding the power of the state. As the family is weakened the state is strengthened. Moreover, mediating structures such as churches also become weakened and further constrained.

When activist minority groups get state, UN and EU backing, along with a compliant media, then the war against individuals and churches which dare to differ intensifies, with increasing penalties for not going along with the agenda of the sexual revolutionaries.

Indeed, after detailing the pernicious effects of things like comprehensive sex education, Kuby lists twelve broad negative outcomes of the sexualisation of children by the state and why we must oppose this. These include:

-Deregulation of sexuality leads to cultural decay.
-Deregulation of sexuality destroys the family as the best environment for children.
-Sexualization robs children of their childhood.
-Uncertainty about masculine and feminine sexual identity due to gender mainstreaming leads to personality disorders.
-Concealing the risks of practicing homosexuality endangers young people.
-Representing broken family structures as “normal” prevents children from overcoming the painful psychological results.
-Destruction of the family leads to state control of childrearing.

Thankfully this book is not all bad news. She does offer hope. One chapter informs us about a resistance movement which is not buying this but is taking it all head on: “There is resistance, and there is successful resistance. Around the world, Christian churches, NGOs, individuals and institutions are working for a culture that respects the dignity of the human person and fights for life, marriage and family.”

She lists a number of these to give us some encouragement in the battle we face. And she reminds us that we all have a vital role to play in this:

It is always the individual who gets things moving—for better or for worse, however small or large the scale. They have a goal, commit themselves to it, inspire others, and create new opportunities—each person in his own walk of life. A bishop, a politician, an investor, a managing editor, a media celebrity, a philanthropist—each has special responsibilities and possibilities of influence; but everyone can make his own distinctive contribution to the good cause.

Quite so. As she succinctly put it in a recent interview, “As sex goes, so goes the family. As the family goes, so goes society. Sexual norms have a decisive influence on the whole cultural edifice.” Thus we have a job to do: to become informed about these issues, and then take action. Getting this book is a great way to begin.

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7 Replies to “A Review of The Global Sexual Revolution. By Gabriele Kuby.”

  1. So the question is – there appears to be a fightback in the US happening against big government, big media, big business and big unions who all seem to promote this stuff. And there’s a hint here with the shift to minor parties. It seems we have to rise above politics to stop the rot- even above some larger churches. Where do the grassroots movement start?

  2. Thank you Bill for this book review.

    I suggest everyone should read this book to really know what we are up against in our fight for God today. I have read it and it gave an excellent view of the big world wide push for this agenda and how it is being implemented around the globe.

    I wish we had all of our citizens standing up against it in our country, but there are good stories around the world of other citizens fighting for their families. One in Mexico from a few days ago:


    I also found this NZ video very inspiring in exposing the warping of gender and the sexual revolution particularly against students in schools. It encourages their culture to stand up against this sexual revolution:


    I pray that God will show us how we are meant to fight this in our country. I know some resistance is already happening, but I pray that it will grow. Getting well informed is a very good start.

    Thank you again Bill for your vital work for God in waking people up and keeping us awake.

  3. Thanks for this Bill. I have googled the author and she joins the dots. now I am seeing Dan Andrews in a truer light. Every one needs to read her “gender mainstreaming”. Greatly appreciated your intro.

  4. the social and cultural revolution of the past half century is greatly restricting individual liberties while greatly expanding the power of the state. As the family is weakened the state is strengthened. Moreover, mediating structures such as churches also become weakened and further constrained.

    While reading up about the names I did not recognise, I read a comment referring to Aldous Huxley’s preface to the 1943 edition of “Brave New World” describing, and I think saluting, this very fact.

    The seeds were sown a long time ago.

  5. I’m just reading Samuel Blumenfeld’s Revolution via Education. The two books seem like great companions. I’ll add Kuby’s to the list.

  6. I do not think the large governments and large corporations backing gender ideology give one hoot about these poor confused 0.3% of the population. Look at the slave labor used for manufacturing in 3rd world countries. What they do care about is cultural marxism, or pitting vitually all sectors of society into fights with each other over who is the oppressor? and who is the victim? Then they can make totalitarian laws to protect the “victims”, laws that supercede freedom of speech, conscience, religion, natural law, current rights and freedoms, you name it. Really gender ideology and the sexualization of society, particularly children, is just a means to break down the family and replace it with a higher allegiance to….the state? employers? After all, Castro never married, but had a number of girl friends and children; his example was that only the state could be relied on – family was a direct competition to loyalty to the state. So it is now for western society. Gender ideology deliberately confuses a person’s identity, telling them they can be whoever and whatever they think they are (the opposite sex, a wolf, a vampire, etc) This identity confusion can be used to control the individual and those around them. The government and corporations will now tell us who we are and who we should be, Next step: The Gulag Archipalago for those who disagree (1 million per year were murdered under Stalin’s 40 year reign – probably twice as many under Mao), but ultimately the Gulag will be for everyone, just so we can all live in fear of telling the truth to ourselves and others about The Great Dictator.

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