Maybe It’s Time For Some Reverse Creeping Sharia

Indulge me please with this little thought experiment. If Christians wanted to take over the Middle East and turn all Muslim nations there and elsewhere into Christian nations, how might they go about it? What could they do to radically transform the Muslim world and turn it into a Christian one?

It seems to me that there are at least two main ways they could go about all this. The first way is in fact the normal Christian way, one that has been practiced for centuries: pray for Muslims, befriend them, evangelise them, and lead them to Jesus Christ. But consider another option.

sharia 4A second way they might go about doing this – although it ain’t gonna happen in Muslim-majority countries – is to flood these countries with countless Christians; fill their lands with Christian migrants; and appeal to the good will of these nations to take all these people in and grant them full citizenship rights – with no questions asked.

Once in, the Christians could get to work. They could set up churches on every block; they would demand the right to evangelise everywhere; they would insist on sharing in religious services at mosques, including praying and giving messages there.

They would insist that Muslims worship the same God as Christians do; they would demand interfaith services and full ecumenical cooperation; they would seek to convince their Muslim hosts that Christianity is an Abrahamic faith just like Islam; and they would seek to play down any differences between the two faiths.

They would demand that anything that they find offensive be removed or censored. Thus they will ask that crescents be taken down; women be allowed to go around in public without burkas; noisy prayer times in public be silenced; and alcohol be allowed to be consumed anywhere, along with nice pork dinners.

And of course these Muslim nations would fully comply with all these demands. After all, they want to be seen as tolerant and compassionate and into diversity and pluralism. They do not want to be regarded as racist, so they will bend over backwards to fully accommodate the new Christian arrivals.

They would have plenty of “Christianity appreciation” days. They would open the doors of their mosques and let all Christians – including Christian women – come in and do as they please. They would not even have to remove their shoes or kneel on a prayer mat.

Of course Islamic laws would have to be replaced with Christian laws. If that is a bit too much at first, then at least the Christians would start setting up parallel legal systems, including family law, financial law, and so on. And the Muslim nations would happily go along with all this.

In addition, Muslims would be forced to finance Christian activities overseas. For example, there would be a tax imposed on most foods and the fees collected by the accreditation bodies would be used to finance overseas Christian mission work, the building of churches, and the teaching of Christianity.

They would flagellate themselves with guilt for how unloving and uncharitable they have been to their Christian neighbours. They would voluntarily denigrate their own faith while elevating and honouring the Christian faith. They would do all they can to make Christianity the supreme religion of the land, while working overtime to dismantle Islam.

If any Muslim objected to all this, the leaders and elites of the land, along with those in the academy and media, would strongly denounce these people as not being true Muslims, as being extremists, and as being a blight on the faith. They would berate them and say, “This is not what we do here. That is not how we operate. This is not who we are.”

Indeed, any Muslim who digs his heels in on this would be condemned as Christianophobic. Seminars, media events and public rallies would regularly be held to stamp out this ugly Christianityophobia, and force all recalcitrants to repent of their unloving attitudes toward their Christian brethren.

On a regular basis Christians would be paraded in public as model citizens, and emotive stories of how some nasty Muslims have mistreated them would be shown constantly in the mainstream media. Christians would be seen always as victims and the oppressed, while Muslims would be seen as victimisers and aggressors.

After running with all this for a number of years, the results will be finally realised. All these Muslim nations will have become Christian nations. Muslims will now be in the minority, and they will have few hard choices: either convert to Christianity, be killed, or live as a second class citizen.

And of course on an international scale all this would be celebrated and promoted. The former Muslim nations which are now mainly Christian will be given plumb positions at the UN and other globalist bodies. They would be given preferential treatment, while all remaining Muslim nations would be excluded or marginalised.

This, my friends, is how Muslim nations could be taken over from within and transformed into Christian nations. This is an ingenious plan for the total transfiguration of Islamic lands. Now, if all this sounds vaguely familiar, there just might be a reason for this.

No, there are no Christian moves like this afoot anywhere in the Muslim world. But unless you have been asleep for the past half century, this is becoming the standard MO for Muslims as they work on subverting Christian nations from within by means of creeping sharia and stealth jihad.

Everything mentioned above is of course now happening in the West – except it is Muslims doing it in Christian countries. And they have been very successful thus far. That is why I and others keep warning about sharia creep and the slow transformation of the West.

Until we wake up and get a good grasp of what is now transpiring in the West, this process of transformation will simply continue until there are no more free and democratic nations, until there are no more Christian lands. Some folks may not think this is much of a big deal.

Well, I do, and I will keep resisting it with all my might. I suggest you do the same, before we lose it all.

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16 Replies to “Maybe It’s Time For Some Reverse Creeping Sharia”

  1. I wish this would happen and then we could expose the blatant double standards but the media probably wouldn’t even cover the story. Sigh.

  2. What a brilliant thought experiment Bill. The world needs many more similar experimenters like you for the good of Muslims as well as beleaguered Christians.

  3. Good article Bill, however I fear the “she’ll be right mate” attitude along with our “being asleep at the wheel” multicultural way of life will only serve to advance the prospect of Sharia Law in our country. Australians will only begin to wake up when, ( just like many parts of Europe) we end up with well established Muslim no go areas in all of our capital cities where even police departments fear to venture. By then it will be too late. Bill, I applaud your efforts, regards, Kel.

  4. Hi Bill. An excellent piece of satire from you.

    As I am sure you have experienced repeatedly, one of the fastest ways to change the subject if (self-described) liberal/progressive Christians are present is to talk about our Christian brothers and sisters who are being persecuted worldwide. They couldn’t be less interested. At best, not interested. On occasion, openly hostile. And that is with no mention whatsoever about inflicting persecution.

  5. Contemporary Western society has largely chosen to refuse to submit to the Lord Jesus Christ. As Bob Dylan briefly reminded us decades ago, “You gotta serve somebody.”…

    The history of ancient Israel demonstrates that true submission to the will of the LORD can never be imposed “from the top down” with any lasting, real devotion to the ways of the LORD in the hearts of a nation’s people – a change of heart in each citizen is the only way for a genuine Christianisation of a nation’s life and culture.

  6. To me, the root cause of the islamising of the west, is the apostasy of the western nations.
    The God of the Holy Bible will use moslems to wake up the West to its almost unforgivable sin of casting Jesus and his divine teachings aside. ‘Trampling the Son of God underfoot’ [Hebrews] applies to nations as well as individuals. No sign of any repentance yet-oh dear, it’s not looking good for the West. God have mercy on the sinful West, as He brings it ‘Godly grief that leads to repentance and salvation’

  7. Thanks for the thoughts Bill. One thing that struck me was ‘ No, there are no moves like this underfoot anywhere in the Muslim world’. THIS IS SO SAD! Why are there none? It is because we don’t want them to know about The true God. We don’t love them enough to bother with the difficulty. We don’t trust our God would want us to be there & sharing with this needy group. We don’t trust He would give us sufficient strength. An Egyptian pastor said recently that because we refuse to go into Muslim countries preaching Christianity our God is sending Muslims to us so maybe we will reach out to them here & tell them about Christ. This is our second chance. I believe we should grab this opportunity given by grace & let God work through us. He loves these people as much as He loves us.

  8. Hi Bill
    In the wake of what appears another Muslim terrorist attack in Manchester, will those in authority finally get their heads out of the sand and begin to take action? Or will it be just business as usual, with platitudes the only response? Could this lack of decisive action be part of the “great deception” spoken of in Scripture?
    I fear we only have a short time before the West is overrun by the forces of evil.
    Regards, Vic

  9. Sometimes shock tactics must be used to wake the sleeping giant. And I find it interesting that over the past century Christian missionaries have decreased vastly in number, while Islam seems to have filled the void very nicely with its own propaganda. It’s time we stopped apologizing for being Christians and started to show the world that Jesus, and not Mohammad, is the only answer. And perhaps the first thing we need to do is to pray for a spirit of boldness rather than timidity and appeasement.

  10. As others have mentioned, the Manchester attack has happened and will it awaken Britain and the resting West? The “most feminist” religion has killed many young women in its’ drive to punish the “infidel”. The term “extremist” not Islamist is the word chosen as the one who inflicts terror and “we will not be cowed by this”. Your satyr of the (once) Christian West is most appropriate to be published in all high places. The people who “lead” us do not have their heads in the sand but in the banks of the other nations who are all in this self deception together – “saving” ourselves. They cannot hear because they will not and they will not because to listen to the invisible God who created all things, who is supposedly only to be found in costly temples made by Man – just like their own palaces, is to them just plain stupid. “Everyone knows you have to be rich to be powerful – forget the Christianity of Jesus, allow the Pope and the others to have their little say, we know where the good oil is”. In the case of this world, as with ancient, disobedient Israel “The ox knows its’ masters’ feed bin but Israel has forgotten God” just as Adam did and too many Bible believing Christians are falling in line. Some of the prophets used satyr as you have, Bill, and Jesus did. Someone send this to MT, BS and the rest. And God have mercy.

  11. Thanks Abu. Of course as I said in my piece, “it ain’t gonna happen in Muslim-majority countries”. And as a satirical piece, I do not think it should be attempted. But you are quite right about how bad things are in Europe. Bless you.

  12. Perhaps our Prime Minister and his cabinet do actually understand the Muslim problem after all. Surely our esteemed political leaders are not as stupid and ignorant as we sometimes assume. After all, what would happen if the PM came out and took a hard line and publicly announced that Islam is evil and Australian Muslims must forsake the hard-line teachings of Mohammed or leave the country. The flow-on effect would be horrendous. Just imagine. Do-gooders and lefties would howl in dismay and call for the PM’s dismissal. Our oil imports from Muslim countries would stop, etc, etc. There would be a avalanche of Muslim hatred against Australia with bombings, stabbings, shootings and all political leaders would be in an imminent danger from anonymous death threats. So we must ask: what can our politicians do about the rising Muslim problem here in Australia without appearing to discriminate against “ethnic-based” minorities of Islamic origin? Our country’s future seems to be in the balance. We have placed ourselves in a corner we cannot fight our way out of.

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