Victoria’s War on Parents, Morality and Family

Every dictatorship worth its salt knows that a fundamental way to cement power and keep the masses in control is to separate children from their parents. When the state usurps the role of parents, the task of creating a compliant and comatose citizenry becomes infinitely easier to achieve.

Thus all the totalist states have specialised in separating parent from child. Instead of children looking to their own parents for guidance in all things, including moral and spiritual development, they look to the all-powerful state. This worked wonders for the Communists and other coercive utopians.

war 13So it is no surprise that today’s secular left governments are happy to follow suit. And in Australia we have no greater example of this than Dictator Dan Andrews’ Labor government in Victoria. I have written plenty of pieces now on all the dastardly deeds of this devious and dangerous Premier.

He simply shows no signs of slowing down alas. And to think he still has 15 more months to go in his reign of terror. Yikes. His latest outrageous act of leftist social engineering is to allow children to access contraceptives without parental knowledge or consent.

Last time I checked Victorian school kids needed parental permission to get an aspirin. But now they can get something far more worrying and their parent need not know anything about it. Hmm, why am I not surprised that someone like Andrews would be happy to run with something like this?

One news report on this offers us some more details:

Girls as young as 11 could obtain a prescription for the contraceptive pill from school without their parents’ knowledge, under updated guidelines for a Victorian program that make it clear parental consent is not a legal requirement.
Guidelines for the Doctors in Secondary Schools program, made public this week, suggest teachers will have the authority to overrule parents who have objected to their child seeing a doctor during school time, with “all secondary school-aged students … considered mature enough to make a decision to see a GP”.
Announced as part of last year’s Victorian budget, the $44 million program involves GP clinics operating once a week in 100 secondary schools, providing treatment for physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health issues. The program has already been rolled out in 20 schools.
While the scheme claims to seek to balance the rights of young people with the need for parental involvement, the guidelines heavily emphasise the rights of young people to seek confidential medical advice.

Thankfully however not everyone is happy about the move:

Australian Christian Lobby’s Victorian director, Dan Flynn, accused the Andrews government of preventing parents from obtaining access to critical health information affecting their children. He said parental consent should be required for minors seeking treatment at school. “The government cannot use the time that it has children in its care to provide medical advice and treatment … without informing parents,” Mr Flynn said….
Opposition education spokesman Nick Wakeling said parents “must be included in decisions about their own children”. He said it was concerning that schools could make a judgment call to override a parent’s reasons for not consenting to their child seeing a school GP.

There are just so many problems with this. Instead of pushing contraceptives down the throats of our kids we should be emphasising that they concentrate on their studies. The three R’s would be a good place to begin. This road to contraceptive handouts is a counsel of despair.

It assumes every kid that age is a sexual dynamo, has sex 24/7, and is incapable of some self-restraint in these areas. Why do we even countenance the idea that 11 year olds are fulltime sexual locomotives? And are folks even aware that many contraceptives are in fact abortifacients?

Why not just work with groups like Marie Stopes International or Planned Parenthood and set up abortion mills in our high schools? And for “safe sex” let’s set up nice bedrooms in our schools so our kids can do their thing, no questions asked?

Oops, I better stop giving these activist educators more dumb ideas. They have enough ideas as it is. Hmm, how about teaching our children to respect themselves and providing them skills in learning how to say no to sexual pressure instead?

But the sexual revolution is both favoured and encouraged by these hyper-left politicians and “sexperts”. Encouraging the sexualisation of children has also been another part of how the totalist state maintains power over the masses and keeps resistance to a minimum.

Thus it is no surprise that this is being pushed in the same state that has led the way with the awful “Safe Schools” programs, with seeking to ban religious instruction in schools, and even trying to keep Christmas carols from being sung.

It is all of a piece for Dictator Dan and his secular left activists. They will do anything to assault Christian morality, the family, and traditional values. Most Victorians would just prefer the government concentrate on workable road networks, a crackdown on crime which is running amok here, and some halfway decent education, instead of indoctrination.

But we won’t hold our breath as long as Dan and his leftist buddies are in charge.

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  1. Thank you Bill for another wonderful article.

    As a parent I am sick and tired of schools undermining our teaching of abstinence in our homes and churches.

    As an Australian Chinese father I perhaps have less to worry about as our children are very good at avoiding sexual activities before marriage, but I fear for the Body of Christ as a whole succumbing to secular left activists.

  2. How about researching whether Dunny Dan is a homosexual or part of the LGBTIQ and or whether he has a vested interest in someone who is part of the LGBTIQ. The results may be useful to understand the warped thinking?

  3. Hi Bill, living under Kim Jong Andrews in the Democratic Republic of Victoria does have its challenges. I wonder if our fearless leader is hatching legislation to keep ALL Victorian school children back in school until midnight every night for political indoctrination classes ??? In fact, Andrew’s ultimate goal maybe to sever all ties that school children have with their parents and turn schools into gulags! Sorry for being so sarcastic Bill, the one message coming through loud and clear from your article, is that Victoria’s education is progressively disintegrating. Gender extinction has taken over from the 3 R’s. And it is only going to get worse. As always Bill, KEEP DISHING IT OUT, regards, Kel.

  4. Last night I read on the internet that a State School in Officer has told its yr 9 students in their sex ed classes to abstain from sex as long as possible.

    Shock horror! Some parents are storming the gates and telling the school how dare they tell their children this? Such advice will cause them to have mental breakdowns if they have to curb their sexual gratification (read animal instincts) and don’t they know that abstinence is such an outmoded concept.

    No, we should encourage them to hop into bed as soon as possible and as much as possible.

    My advice to these parents is to get real and discover that sexual promiscuity before marriage produces sexual promiscuity in marriage and divorce.

    That is far more damaging than controlling their sexual urges.

    And don’t they know that for thousands of years, abstinence has produced marriages where both people are faithful to each other, do not divorce, don’t have their babies killed in the womb, don’t treat their female spouse like dirt by sleeping around, and didn’t stick their children in commercial parenting facilities so they could go out and get rich.

    Tell me you sick and disgusting parents, what’s not to like? These kids don’t stand a chance of a normal life.

  5. One doubts that, in the long run, the state will turn out to be any better than a bad parent – despite the best intentions of the bureaucracies and the best efforts professionals at the coalface of service delivery. Anyone remember anything about the Soviet Komsomol?…

  6. Gee! When I was at school, we never had GPs coming around once a week. We were there to learn the 3 Rs, and our parents called in our family GP if we got sick. Indeed, the fact that we were at school meant that we were not sick, and didn’t need a GP.

  7. Roger Marks:

    The school or parents should now back it up with statistics on sexual diseases and other afflictions, drug and alcohol use also. After all, the school does have a legal obligation where the health and well being of ALL students is paramount, not just lgbt kids.

  8. Dear Bill,

    I have been reading many of the website you reference and I recently read this one about lack of religious protections.

    What legal protections should we as Christians be asking for whether we win or, God forbid, we lose the plebiscite vote?

    I was asked to sign a petition opposing repeal of 18C and I did so because in my Australian Chinese Christian community we felt it was important to retain legal protection from racial vilification and racist insults. But then other Christians told me I was wrong because 18C is used by Muslims to silence criticism of their culture and religion.

    Reading the article I would like the sorts of protections proposed by the Institute for Civil Society but how can we as Christians ensure they only protect our view of marriage and not the Muslim view? Everyone talks about protecting “sincerely held religious views” but doesn’t that open the door to Muslims using the same laws to silence us?

    I am confused! I and many others desperately needs articulate pastoral leadership such as yours.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  9. URGENT: please forward this article and as many others of Bill’s to friends and family (including LINKS)- it is of utmost urgency that we alert as many parents as possible … AND FAST!

    You can precede your email with: “Please feel free to SHARE with other parents and friends as possible and anyone who is interested in preserving our FREEDOM OF SPEECH – BEFORE IT IS FOREVER LOST with even DEBATES BEING BANNED – and BEFORE the INNOCENCE OF YOUR CHILD is HIJACKED and ABUSED!”

    “RE: Our children being hijacked for the “Politically-correct-gone-mad” left-wing Marxist agenda.
    See also: other articles how our children are being hijacked via “Safe-Schools” Programme (SUPPOSEDLY about ANTI-bullying – BUT where they are “howled-down” if they dare to question, eg, children being encouraged to cross-dress; to imagine they are in a “same-sex relationship” (yes, in Primary School); “transsexuals invited to schools to talk to children; and other truly bizzare concepts – when they SHOULD really be enjoying their innocence and to be concentrating on the “three-R’s” and other basics of learning).

    This rubbish – under the label of education – MUST be stopped IMMEDIATELY – before more damage is done to innocent children (CHILD EXPLOITATION!)”

    (Then copy and paste Bill’s articles)

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