No They Are Not Representing Christ and Biblical Truth

When error and falsehood come our way, it is never a trickle but a flood. We do not just get a few cases of deception and false teachings, but heaps of them. It seems that lies and deceit have a snowball effect, and when you start getting some of it, you soon have plenty more following suit.

As one clear example, it seems like just days ago I penned a piece refuting a ludicrous and senseless piece by a Christian leader telling us why we must fully support homosexual marriage. Oh yeah, it WAS just days ago – see here:

But sadly these articles are a dime a dozen. They are everywhere. And to be honest I have had a gutful of them. They push so much falsehood, nonsense and illogic that they do my head in. And my heart hurts as well to see this avalanche of untruth and unreason rushing in.

Why does all this remind me of Isaiah 59:15: “Truth is nowhere to be found”? Or Jeremiah 9:3: “Falsehood and not truth has grown strong in the land”? Or 2 Timothy 4:4: “They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths”?

Bright, gold “TRUTH” weighs one end of a gray balance beam down while a gray “LIES” sits high in the air on the other end. Isolated on white.

I grieve so deeply in my spirit when I read these terrible pieces. They are biblically false, logically vacuous, factually amiss, and spiritually deceptive. They might as well have been written by secular left homosexuals or atheists. Yet they claim to be penned by Christians. This is what really bothers me no end.

We expect those on the other side to run with every bit of falsehood, propaganda and misleading rhetoric they can find, but we sure do not expect folks who name the name of Christ to stand against their own Lord, their own Bible, and their own faith tradition as they peddle known nonsense, and as they rehash the deception of the militants.

The latest example of this is a real doozey. The author – who I never heard of before – claims to hold qualifications in theology. Yet the theological and biblical illiteracy of her piece is just staggering to behold. Indeed, written for an evangelical ethics organisation, there is not one speck of Scripture to be found in her entire piece.

It is simply yet another restatement of the shallow claims forever being made by the homosexual activists. It demonstrates no careful research or deep thinking. It simply rehashes all the old and oft-answered points made by the militants. Why do Christians even do this?

I have replied to so many of these lame pieces over the years in both books and articles that it gets real tiring, real fast. It is just the same old, same old which I and others have dealt with so often before. But they keep trotting out the same old stale “arguments” and trendy organisations keep running with them.

I hate to even draw attention to this atrocious piece, but I have been asked by a few Christians to answer it, so here it is. The link for it is found below. Here then are my brief replies to the six points she makes:

One. Um, words actually matter, and what they signify matters greatly. And the claim that marriage is all over the place, means anything to anyone, and has no fixed content and definition has long been claimed by the radical leftist social engineers. I have refuted this revisionism often. See for example the research I offer with 115 footnotes in chapter 4 of my book Strained Relations.

And we must always bear in mind that social engineering is always preceded by verbal engineering. Play fast and loose with language and you can play fast and loose with a culture and its institutions. Thus it is imperative that we be strong on the meaning of words and concepts, and not succumb to sloppy relativism here.

Two. Of course homosexuals already have all the same legal benefits and rights as anyone else, and they have been given plenty of relationship recognition as well. Which is why the plea for marriage is so meaningless. Most do not even want marriage, and they can publicly celebrate and promote their relationships now if they prefer.

They do not need to further undermine and destroy the institution of marriage by redefining it out of existence. And as I carefully document, many of them have admitted that what they mean by marriage has nothing to do with the normal understanding of marriage. But this writer and so many others like her are totally oblivious to all this.

So why do they need even more acknowledgement and recognition? Threesomes, polygamy, group marriage, and incestuous relationships, to name but a few “alternative lifestyles,” also already exist. Should we “acknowledge” all of them as well? Should we grant them marriage rights as well? If not, why not?

And please don’t tell me no one is demanding the full legalisation and public recognition of these other types of relationships. As I have carefully documented in various books and articles, they most certainly are. This is the slippery slope in action, the one that progressive Christians keep pretending does not exist.

Three, Oh good grief, here we go again with utterly foolish remarks about a theocracy, imposing our values, etc. I expect atheists and homosexuals to throw up such red herrings and straw men arguments, but certainly not folks claiming to be intelligent Christians.

To simply affirm the universal and historical definition of marriage over against those who want to radically alter it has absolutely nothing to do with Christians imposing their views on others. Plenty of non-Christians feel the same way, and in a democracy we all have the right to make our case in the public arena.

The militants always claim that we are forcing our morality on others when we simply want a voice on this issue, but when Christians make the same ridiculous charges, it bothers me greatly. But I have dealt with this foolishness far too many times already. See here for some mental and moral clarity on all this:

Four. Once again, this writer is utterly clueless about what is actually going on here. The claim that if we legalise homosexual marriage we will reduce homosexual suicide is completely and demonstrably false. Places which have fully embraced homosexuality and homosexual marriage still have very high suicide levels for homosexuals.

It has nothing to do with “homophobia” and the like. Again, I have this all fully documented in my books. Why don’t these people actually do some research instead of just blindly repeating homosexual propaganda and falsehoods? Why are they so mentally lazy that they simply regurgitate the false claims of the activists?

And just take one howler of a statement found here: “I am arguing for the preservation of human life, a deeply Christian concern. If legalising same-sex marriage will contribute to that, let us do it.” For heaven’s sake. Some rapists, murderers and thieves may also feel bad about what they have done and feel the lack of social acceptance and approval, and may therefore take their lives.

So according to this brilliant bit of reasoning, we as Christians must be fully in favour of abolishing all laws against rape, murder and theft to ensure that these people do not feel bad about themselves, do not feel social disapprobation, and do not self-harm. Oh Puh-leeese.

Five. God’s truth is applicable to everyone, not just to Christians. That is, God has given us general laws which apply to all people, via the state. God has created the institution of the state to curtail evil and administer justice, and he expects all people – saved or not – to abide by the laws so set up. It is foolish in the extreme to argue that only Christians should be expected to keep these laws.

One might as well argue that we cannot expect a non-Christian to observe speed limits, stop murdering people, refrain from running stop signs, or ease up on lying. Yeah right, try telling that to a judge. This idea that we have utterly nothing to say to unbelievers on moral and social issues is just ludicrous, as well as patently unbiblical.

And her unhelpful understanding of what our Christian mission is all about is really quite frightening. She says, “Our message to them ought not to be about the goodness of traditional marriage, but about the goodness, beauty, freedom, truth and comfort of the person of Jesus.”

Um no, you cannot separate these whatsoever. They are a package deal and they belong together. You might as well make a silly claim that we should talk to non-believers about the truth of Jesus but never mention his truth claims about things such as sin, morality, righteousness and so on.

The goodness and beauty and freedom of Jesus are all fully tied together with his actual teachings, including all of his ethical teachings. And as he made clear time and time again, if you claim to love him, you must obey him. And that includes obeying what he had to say about the institution of marriage.

Six. Witness? Are you kidding me? We are going to somehow offer a great witness to the world by siding with sin and immorality? We are going to offer a sterling witness to the world by effectively telling God he is wrong, and refusing to obey God’s word? Yeah right, great witness.

No wonder the church is dying all over the West. When you baptise sin, evil and unrighteousness, and simply run with the world’s faulty notions of tolerance and acceptance, you have already lost. Why not just stop all the Christian pretence and admit you think and act just like the pagans do?

Her concluding line is among the most disingenuous and damaging of her entire piece: “The injunctions to care for the vulnerable and to make Jesus known are critical, and move me towards a ‘yes’ vote.” Um, you do not help the vulnerable by lying to them. The most loving and Christlike thing we can tell a homosexual is they do not have to be this way, and Christ is able to set them free if they so desire.

But this gal refuses to give these people such biblical hope. She just wants them trapped in their dead-end and sinful lifestyle, heading to a lost eternity. That sure is not how I understand biblical compassion. And you are not making Jesus known to anyone when you twist his teachings, deny the Word of God, and side with the activists. That is actually hiding Jesus from others.

The truth is I have little time at all for such blatantly unbiblical, irrational and emotive pieces. As I say, I expect pagans to carry on with all this nonsense, but it grieves me greatly that people who say they are disciples of Christ run with this, and with organisations that claim to represent biblical ethics.

This is why we keep losing. With Christian friends like these, who needs enemies?

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37 Replies to “No They Are Not Representing Christ and Biblical Truth”

  1. Hi Bill
    Have you any information on the Rise Up Australia Party and are they a good religious and faith based organisation ?

  2. Bill I have Christians who are the same way when it comes to transgender. I know of Christians who have this weird belief with it where it sounds like they believe God messed up. They accept the one study which claims that the transgender brains don’t match the sex they were born as (which is contradictory considering the same activists claim there’s no difference between male and female but now they’re arguing males and females have different brain structures?). Because of that they have this belief that the transgender’s soul is actually what they strongly “feel” as and that when they die someone like Bruce Jenner for example will be a woman in heaven. Its a very weird belief because I would ask them why would God make them male then? Why couldn’t God make them be born what they identify as?

  3. Thanks James. Yes too many folks are woefully confused about some basics here. God made us to be male and female, end of story. But because of the Fall, none of us are fully the way we were meant to be. We are now all impacted by the Fall, and we all come into the world with an orientation away from God and toward self. And this shows up in physical ways as well. Some may be born with a physical handicap (eg., a missing limb, etc). This is not part of God’s original good intention for us.

    And some may be born with ambiguous genitalia. The very rare but genuine Intersex condition is a case in point, where there is some abnormality, and it may not be fully clear what the actual sex of a baby. But in 99% of these trans cases we just have males who want to be female, or females who want to be male. Well, so what? I want to identify as a super handsome, super rich, twenty-year-old, but it just ain’t gonna happen. I am who I am, and no amount of wishful identifying with who or what I am not is going to change anything.

  4. Homosexuality is a Judgement!

    Man has made ‘LOVE’ an IDOL
    * sexualised ‘love’ is actually the Strongman of LUST
    This has also brought in the Spirits of ‘don’t judge’ and ‘don’t judge me’
    Blaspheme against the righteous judgment enabled through the word
    and the ‘philio love’, being of service through calling out righteous judgment to our Brothers and sisters.
    If you don’t want God he will harden your heart and allow the Strongman of Perverse Spirit to engulf your life.
    Isaiah 19
    1 Corinthians 5
    1 Corinthians 6
    … etal

  5. The comments here raise the big issue and lie that is promulgated by the enemy. People who claim to be Christian but are happy to change the definition of marriage have the very false idea that homosexuals are born that way, despite what the scriptures tell us and despite the scientific evidence of separated identical twins that shows overwhelmingly that the causes of homosexuality are sociological.

    We are all born into corruption but that does not mean we promote and develop it which is what must happen for someone to become homosexual. Just as you don’t become an adulterer unless you so decide so you don’t become homosexual. Large numbers of people have been released and grown out of homosexual tenancies but you would not think that is the case listening to the left wing media lies of the ABC and others.

  6. As Steve said, keep on keeping on. I know it seems frustrating repeating yourself Bill, but who knows? Every time you state the truth about these false prophets, you may reach another person. Blessings.

  7. Another disgraceful Anti-Christian propaganda piece in the Murdoch media:

    When they mock us by saying it has “confusing spelling and grammatical mistakes” they are really saying Australian Chinese Christians do not have a right to speak about marriage.

    The ACF will not be silenced and we will continue to educate our people about the truth of these sodomites and their agenda.

    We must all be aware, they are coming for all ethnic Christians. Pastor Nalliah will be next. We need to pray for and support each other.

  8. Hi Bill
    I feel for you dear brother. I listened to a great lecture which can be found on R.C. Sproul, Renewing Your Mind pod cast, by Peter Jones entitled Where is Society Headed. It is from the series Only Two Religions. I highly recommend this to your readers and I have confidence that they will be as encouraged as I was. Peter Jones helps one to get behind the world view and to understand what their motivation is – something that you do so well.
    Bill you don’t get much praise from many quarters, but you are a great encouragement to me as with you I too weep for the apostasy that is rampaging through our land like a hurricane.
    I write as an immigrant who came here to escape.

  9. Bill, I fully support your annoyance with the continual attempts of people who think or imagine they can influence or even change the Word of God. Their continual attempt to discredit the Word, and promote homosexuality, reveals their total misconception and misrepresentation of God and His Word. The full consciousness of their foolishness will be finally understood when it is too late for them. Psalm14:1, 119:89 & Romans.1:18-32

  10. Dear Bill,

    Just posted on

    “Dear Susan,

    You are hereby very welcome to the join our new church. It’s called the Modern day Church of Laodicea.

    It is exceptionally pleasing to read your dissertation supporting the YES vote for Same Sex Marriage as we know you will fit in so well as an active member always supporting worldly views. This is excellent. Thank you for also being supportive of our vision statement “be conformed to this world and always let the world push you into it’s mould.” Here we are a mind renewal and transformational church and we are certainly not interested in the term redemption. Just remember we never ever mention that word “sin” or “judgement” or “eternal damnation” and we never ever mention Sodom and Gomorrah or Paul’s PC incorrect comments in Romans 1 v24-27. Paul the apostle would never have fitted our style or direction, however we believe you are like minded. .

    Our Denomination Leader Lucy (aka Lucifer) – we are gender fluid here, was exceptionally pleased to know that there so many pseudo Christians (aka “useful idiots”) in Australia promoting the YES vote. You will also be pleased to know that hell is in a state of expansion with the spirits of many homosexuals falling into hell every week. Many cell expansions in Hell were necessary to cope with the influx when SSM was approved in the US and the UK and Lucy (Lucifer) is blissfully hoping to see Same Sex Marriage approved in Australia. The reasons are self evident.

    SSM attracts more and more Innocent impressionable young men into such an elegant, trendy and fashionable lifestyle. In time due to unprotected anal sex and other “fun” activities they eventually develop HIV or hepatitis and sadly die early. Many wonder why they end up in hell when so many Christians have been so “lovingly” supportive of their sexual behaviour and voted YES to gay marriage.

    Lucy remains very pleased to see his congregation “down under” increasing.

    Susan, Please join us any Saturday night at 12 midnight at the Moonlight Cathedral, Darlinghurst.

    We would be very pleased to see you

    Philip Darkside

    Ps Well done not so good and “unfaithful” servant Susan.

    Dear Susan, I do hope this mythical parody may wake you up from your worldly slumber. Really distressed with your article. Bill Muehlenberg critical comments on your Spiritually bankrupt article are excellent. When the body of Christ has people like you pushing the YES vote we really are in deep trouble –

    Deeply concerned – Philip Browne (Sydney)

  11. Most of the people I have talked with about this always confuse the Eros and Agape love not knowing the two are different

  12. Re Peter Law’s link.

    Yes Peter, it is not just Christian culture that is being trampled by the homosexual and left wing agenda. This is just one of the many lies that are being promulgated with the claim that the change does not affect other people. It affects all people but clearly the left wing supporters of this change are too deliberately ignorant to see what they are doing. So puffed up in their pride they can’t see past their own noses.

  13. Philip,
    Susan also had some other people objecting to her views and publishing on her site.
    Good on you and them.
    People will listen to and believe what they want.
    Unless they critically examine what they are listening to they will believe it.
    Hopefully some will read your comment and get some truth.

  14. I read your work constantly Bill. You say what I think and believe. However, I lack the ability to express myself as you do, so I take great comfort and courage from your writings. You keep the eternal perspective in view while fighting the good fight. As we walk our pilgrimage through the city of man we trust in our Sovereign God who even uses sin in a sinless way to achieve His will and purposes. How great is our God. God richly bless you and your work. En agape.

  15. Peter, thanks for the links.

    I’m probably less worried by the Uniting story – there’s no Scripture behind their claims in the report, nor any logic. If love is love, and commitment divine, then obviously they’ll be supporting the marriage of a man and a kid – animal or human, since they support equality of all marriage options. The fact they still identify as Christian is troubling, and confusing for those who don’t see the relevance or Christianity or understand what it means, but increasingly you have a divide in messages between progressives and followers of Jesus.

    As for the Chinese piece, isn’t the news article and Twitter response racist? A Labor senator has asked for all offensive content, such as your example, to be submitted, and yet to describe it as an almost laughable document filled with confused spelling, poor grammar, absurdities, and unfounded facts seems inherently offensive. I admit there’s errors in the document, though to be honest I probably noted the Simplified Chinese first, and the English doesn’t read as a native would, but would there be such a response had the English been issued by the Redfern Homeowners Association, or the Bankstown Homeowners Association? It is a fact (unless the meaning of fact has recently changed) that homosexuals are the most affected by STDs such as AIDS. That homosexuality kills off a family line is generally true, but is cultural specific. The trans paragraph seems a little off topic – and I’m not aware of a torrent of trans-women rapists, but the basic facts accord with what overseas is doing. If facts are deemed offensive then this debate is deeply problematic!

    And a couple of related links:
    Religious freedom at risk in same-sex shift

    Will we still be free to have our own opinions of same-sex marriage?

  16. Dear Bill,
    Robyn Whittaker (trinity college) at it again on ABC promoting gay marriage. Exceptionally sad but fits well with ABC pro gay stance.
    Best regards
    Ps why doesn’t the ABC ask you to comment on SSM. You knowledge of the issue leaves Robyn in the dust.

  17. Dear Andrew, yes if facts are deemed offensive we will not be able to debate.

    Which is why I am deeply disappointed Lyle Shelton condemned the anti-ssm poster. The poster highlighted academic research which the ACL had previously endorsed. I have also heard word that the ACL will no longer mention the children of sodomite couplings for fear of offending those people. Did Jesus not speak the truth for fear of offending his enemies?

  18. Many are blind and deceived, not only in the ssm issue, in other areas of life, too.
    Bill, keep the fire burning for truth and righteousness.

  19. Say no more …
    1 Timothy 2:12-14
    12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
    13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve.
    14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

    Isaiah 3:12
    12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

  20. Joseph,
    Shame on you. By throwing Scripture at this woman who is advocating gay marriage you are also condemning the many fine Christian women who are making a stand against it! We are not here to fight about the role of women in the Church, no matter what we believe. Keep in mind there are far more so-called male “Christians” than women who are betraying their Lord over this issue of gay marriage. Come on brothers and sisters, let us stand united and fight this evil together. Together we stand, divided we fall. Isn’t that the problem we face?

  21. Thanks guys. The issue of women in church leadership is a contentious and important topic, no doubt. And there is at least some connection between it, and the issue of homosexuals and the church. But it is a different debate nonetheless. So perhaps we can stay with the original topic here of theological revisionism as it relates to homosexuality. If and when I pen a piece on women pastors, etc, then we can have a full-fledged debate, if not war, on that one as well! OK? Thanks guys.

  22. Dear Peter Law,

    In defence of Lyle IMHO, I think Lyle Sheldon is a very good operator so I would be careful not to be too critical of him.

    I have seen him interviewed by some really aggressive ABC journos and he stays very cool with measured answers.
    ACL is walking a tightrope and has accountability to it’s supporters. Our tiny church just gave $2000.

    If he comes on too harsh on gays the MSM will tear him to sheds and the ACL will be front page news as a GAY HATE group which it is not in the interest of the promoting the “NO” vote.

    So he must exhibit extreme care and always play a straight bat. ACL can’t afford to make an error at this early stage when the VOTING DOCS have not even reached the POST BOXES.

    My advice is pray for God given wisdom in every word Lyle says and excellent health for him in the long days ahead. Ditto for spokespersons at Marriage Alliance ad David van Gend.

    This is tough game when the MSM and ABC are only pushing the YES VOTE and we now have the overpaid celebrities wearing the YES vote T SHIRTS encouraging other BIMBOS to vote YES.

    Of course it’s all too hard for these MSM lightweights to actually read and assess what has happened in the UK. See article attached. it is very concerning.

    Andrea states “Since marriage was redefined to include same-sex couples in the UK in 2014, religious freedom has been dramatically eroded, particularly for Christians. At the CLC they deal with 200 case inquiries every year, involving scenarios you’d expect to hear from a Communist dictatorship, rather than 21st century Great Britain.”

    God bless,

  23. Hey Bill, just discovered your website a few weeks ago and am finding it very helpful in relation to ssm. One question though, how do you refute the pro-side when they say heteros use donors and surrogates within marriage too. I get the non-equivalence between gays getting married and heteros without kids, but, the AI/Sor issue is a bit trickier. I don’t agree with any “donations” but simply saying that straights have no moral right to do that either isn’t compelling for them. Any suggestions?

  24. Thanks Damien, and welcome on board. Two responses: plenty of us have very real concerns indeed about Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Indeed, my next bioethics book will be all about IVF and surrogacy and the many shortcomings and problems thereof. So just because some heterosexuals make use of the various means of ART does not mean we all think it is acceptable.

    But much more importantly, the fundamental and crucial difference is this. Heterosexuals do NOT normally need ART, given that they (or at least the great majority) can naturally have children just by virtue of being heterosexual. They need no assistance along the way, because a man and woman together are clearly designed to be able to have children. In a minority of cases (perhaps 10-15% max) some couples are infertile for various reasons, and so some resort to ART. We call this biological or physical infertility. They ordinarily are able to have children, but something is amiss, so extraordinary means are sought.

    Not so with homosexual couples. By definition and by reality, they CANNOT naturally have children. They can NEVER have children, except by ART. So theirs is a “social infertility”. It is brought about by seeking to do what nature never intended. Humans beings are not amoebas and do not reproduce asexually. We are made male and female, and only male and female together can naturally produce children.

    Any electrician can tell you this. Only a male electrical plug works with a female one. Two male or two female ends will never get the current flowing. It is that simple and that basic. Men and women in a complementary union are designed to have children, while two men or two women are not and cannot.

    I have written often on all this. See here for starters:

  25. Hi Mark,
    Only 1000 people surveyed so may not be truly accurate.
    But I agree if true it’s a sad reflection of the church. I expect many Christians will also take the mark of the beast in the future and will lose their souls. Sad times ahead but no surprises, the Bible is a true and accurate document.
    Regards Phil

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