Getting What We Want (By Killing Others)

Life is full of things we may covet, long for, desire, seek, thirst after, and dream of. But of course not everything we keenly desire is obtainable, at least by normal means – and moral means. We can get many things in life, but not always by doing the right thing.

For example, if I really desired to get a fancy $200,000 sports car (and I don’t), I could likely never get it. Sure, I could always sell my house, dump my wife and kids out on the streets, take the cash, and get my dream car. I suppose folks have done things like that, but I would never stoop so low. Nor would most folks, hopefully.

A common way to get what you want – without working for it or earning it – is to just grab it, often by killing the one who has it. A mugger might get $50 by murdering someone on the streets and stealing his wallet. A drug cartel could obtain a nifty mansion by killing its occupants and simply moving in.

There is no end to what we might get if we simply killed those who stood in our way. Sure, that is normally illegal and unethical, but that has not stopped so many people from going after what they want – regardless of the cost. Far too many folks are willing to do almost anything if it means getting what they really desire.

So where am I going with all this? Let me tell you: how often is an abortion just another form of all this? The sad truth is, for many women seeking an abortion, it is because having a baby is an inconvenience, an unwanted interruption, an intrusion into their life, a block to their career, a hindrance to their pleasure, and so on.

Sure, some women may be forced into it, but overwhelmingly abortion is after-the-fact contraception. It is desired because the baby is simply unwanted. And often this is because a woman prefers getting her career set up and established, and maybe later on she may have thoughts about children and family.

And it is not just bad old prolifers like myself who are saying this. We constantly hear of women who have said exactly this: they had to have an abortion so they could advance their career, do well in life, get that new house, and so on. They freely admit to why they had their own baby killed.

Consider a very clear example of this from one high-flying career woman who actually boasted about her abortion – and for this very reason. She actually sought to justify killing her baby because she could not have gotten into her terrific lifestyle without it.

I refer to Cindi Leive, a “media and publishing executive, and a former editor in chief of Glamour and Self.” In a June 30 piece for The New York Times she had an article which was all about one thing: defending her abortion, and using her spiffy career as a major reason for why it was essential.

The piece is called “Let’s Talk About My Abortion (and Yours)”. You can read the piece for yourself, but let me just pull out one short quote from it:

I recently told my own 15-year-old daughter about the choice I’d made. To my surprise, I cried as I described my life that year — the confusion, my mother’s illness — and though she was just a kid, not much younger than I had been then, she wiped my tears. I told her that I felt immense gratitude for the life I have been able to build, for the two children I’ve been able to care and provide for, for the marriage I could choose freely, for the dreams I was able to pursue. And all of it, I told her, was made possible by my right to decide when I was ready to be a mother.

As we all know, the most horrible things we can do as human beings are always covered over by euphemisms and a complete lack of straight talk. So instead of telling us she had a terrific career because she killed her own child, she talks about “my right to decide when I was ready to be a mother.”

Um, the time for being responsible is when you jump in bed with a guy. That is when you are to make proper choices. Simply killing the product of your bad choices does nothing to ameliorate the evil that has taken place. As mentioned, some women are forced into having an abortion.

That was certainly not the case here. What we had was a free and deliberate decision to end a life so that a woman could follow her dreams and make it big in the world. In my books, that “choice” is no more morally superior to the cases I offered above.

We can always get what we want if we take extreme measures. And that can include killing the person who stands in your way of following your dreams and realising your desires. Most of society frowns on that sort of behaviour. But when it comes to abortion, we seem to lose our moral compass altogether.

As commentator Micaiah Bilger said about this case:

The truth is that, for many women, abortion is not a choice. Many are forced or coerced into aborting their unborn babies. Others willingly make the choice only to regret it deeply for the rest of their lives. Many of these women suffer because they realize the truth too late. An abortion involves more than just a woman’s life and choices. It involves two lives, hers and her unborn baby’s. And destroying one human being’s life for the convenience of another’s should never be an acceptable option.

No it shouldn’t. Not even to become editor in chief of Glamour and Self. And that second title really does say it all, doesn’t it?

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  1. Spot on Bill.
    In your article you state: “So instead of telling us she had a terrific career because she killed her own child, she talks about ‘my right to decide when I was ready to be a mother’.”

    Pro-abortion people seem to always avoid the truth of the matter.

  2. Jesus said ‘Let the little children come unto Me…for of such is the kingdom of heaven’ Mark 10:14. Just as satan brought pain and death into the world through the fall into sin in the Garden of Eden, he distorts and twists and must rejoice in the number of aborted babies and all the associated suffering. Jesus is truly the only hope for this world.

  3. The irony is, she didn’t need to kill her unborn child in order to achieve the things she did. She could have placed it for adoption.

  4. How ironic that in her article she says “Not the situation that I wanted to be in but thank God it’s a choice I have.”
    Ironic because we all have free will and the choice to do good and the choice to do evil…is she perhaps thankful for that choice?

    Unbelievable to go to your own daughter and talk about how you killed her brother or sister and tell her that it’s all good…smh.

  5. I stumbled upon this insightful article from a FB post. Thank you, Mr. Muehlenberg, for this analysis. I was once a young woman who had an unexpected pregnancy which resulted in the birth of our wonderful (now) 10-year-old son… No, I didn’t think I was ready. I had a career, an education to continue to pursue. I am so grateful to God for giving me the courage to choose life! It was not the time I chose to become a mother, but everything worked out the way it was supposed to. I put aside my own selfishness and chose life.

    Our culture supports and encourages a hostile climate that pushes for women (especially “successful” career-minded women) to abort their unintended pregnancies. It is after-the-fact birth control, and it is incomprehensibly evil. Thank you for your article and God bless you.

  6. Access to surgical abortions has been the subject of recent, at times acrimonious agitations by a Labor politician and a Greens politician in the Tasmanian house of Assembly recently. The Hansard for the Tasmanian House of Assembly for the afternoon of June 13th makes “interesting”, if unpleasant reading for those of the Pro-Life persuasion.

    When the government health services provide for ante-natal, in utero infanticide, there will ultimately be less funding to support mothers during difficult pregnancies and for supporting the needs of prematurely born babies.

  7. The truth seeps out through every pore as Fraud said. The fact that she felt the need many years later to tell her story of having an abortion and that she cried in the doing clearly speaks about the pain of abortion. A pain her words belie. The truth is that for every abortion there are two victims- one is killed and one harmed.

  8. Thank you, Bill, for another timely article about abortion, a serious moral and social problem all over the globe. This woman has been so caught up in her “sacrifice” that brought her success, but she has thought nothing of the child’s life or the blessing the child might have been.

    At eight weeks gestation and in my fourth pregnancy, I miscarried an empty egg sack because the part of the ovum that should have become a baby had fizzled. I can tell you that the six hours of labor and the needed surgery to remove all the tissue of pregnancy and stop the bleeding amounted to the same discomfort and inconvenience as the full-term C-section deliveries of my other children. The two-month recovery from the miscarriage was just as difficult and was the same process, plus six months of trying to reverse a 20-pound weight gain. I am describing my experience to illustrate the point that the end of a pregnancy (whether a spontaneous miscarriage, an elective abortion, or the full-term delivery of a baby) is not easy. Why some women choose abortion thinking they will “escape” from something is beyond me. As you said, this woman could have chosen to give birth to a live child and could have let a loving couple adopt it.

  9. In this day and age, when we have more contraception available than ever before, the need for abortion should be decreasing rapidly. However, there are more abortions being carried out than ever before.
    Call it out for what it is : Murder of Convenience!
    Responsibility for one’s actions is sooo old hat…

  10. Simply put: If they are not ready to be a mother then don’t have sex. A lot of the time the decision to have sex is made without consideration for the ramifications and of the consequences that could flow from that momentary lapse in judgement. I agree with John Lyon comment that, providing you are not Catholic or similar, the prevalence and availability of contraceptives is immense. Some women cannot use them due to drug interactions and allergies et cetera (additionally there those whose lives would be put at risk through pregnancy) BUT they, more than others, should be aware they are unprotected. I wasn’t able to drive because of a medical condition and it was only when I had stabilised and endure 2 years of being clear that I was even able to get behind a wheel as a learner. I didn’t just go out and drive as soon as I was able – it was illegal and I would put peoples lives at risk. Driving is perceived as a young persons right of passage. Sex isn’t. It must be taken seriously and with sobriety and wisdom.

  11. It is hypocritical to protest about a woman’s right to control her own body while omitting self control by getting pregnant and denying life to the life she helped to create. An end of term abortion, condoned by Hillary Clinton, is but a short step away from killing a live baby.

  12. Dear Bill,
    For quite a while I have tried to make sense of the Marxist agenda, but it still does not gel.
    You have penned on each of the below before but I still do not get what it will achieve.
    Where the LGBTIetc agenda is concerned, I do not grasp how this lifestyle can continue the species given most cannot and do not want children.
    Where abortion and euthanasia (especially for younger people) are concerned, they cull future lefties in the womb or their prime.
    I do see some link between the hatred of Christianity and the love of Islam but Islam is not a left leaning religion. We have seen what they do to gays.
    Still all are being supported by the left.
    Best regards,
    PS: I am not sure if it is just me but your index pane does not show on MS IE 11. It does on MS Edge though.

  13. Thanks Pascal. A main driving force of Marxism and the left is a hatred of Christianity and the West. When other groups share in this dislike, such as Islam, it is natural for them to become fellow travellers. And the radical pro-death and homosexual agendas have long been part of Cultural Marxism. I have all discussed this in various places, eg:

  14. Retelling her story of her abortion to her daughter defies belief. What this means is that she is subtly preparing her daughter that if the need arises its OK for her to also have an abortion.
    If true about her tears it says that she actually grievef gor her action and still does. The rest of her story is justification and her need for justification especially with her daughter someone who might also find herself in same situation. Her justification prepares the way clear for her daughter.
    That her daughter wiped her mum’s tears is not something out of the ordinary but an act of a child who loves her mum. All children hate to see mum crying but later, when tears dry, the daughter is left with memory of lost brother or sister and what this means to her and how she slowly behins to change how she views her mother.
    The story is contrived, trite, and stage managed for effect and for her need to speak about pain she wont acknowledge.

  15. An abortion does NOT restore virginity; it DOES destroy maternity.IF enough men truly loved, abortion would quickly become an event of the past. ‘True’ love does Not seek to harm/damage the loved one in ANY way. Should ANY female tempted to ‘casual’ sex ask, before submitting to male urging, “Are you ready for ‘fatherhood”?

  16. When you read about 27 babies aborted and delivered alive and left to die by a paid assassin, there is nothing to justify abortion.

    The fact that it is justified only goes to show that we as a society have become more barbaric than our forebears and worse than animals because I have not read of one single case where an animal has aborted a baby in their womb.

  17. All this is so predictable.
    James 4.1-2a
    What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? 2 You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight.

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