Clueless Christians and the Rainbow Trojan Horse

I must say, about the only thing I find more troubling and disturbing than all the constant assaults on the faith by its various enemies is when folks who claim to be believers basically run with the same ideas, beliefs and rhetoric that the secular leftists do.

That the church of Christ should be attacked from without is fully to be expected. But when it is undermined and white-anted from within that is a real concern. So much of this comes in the form of Christians who seems to know little of the Bible and basic Christian teaching, but seem very up on all the latest trendy worldly thinking.

The issue of homosexuality is a constant example of this. So many believers have abandoned biblical truth on this and simply run with the secular world’s agenda. The amount of fuzzy thinking just floors me sometimes, and the number of Christians who are clueless as to what is going on bothers me no end.

As but one example of this, yesterday I wrote about how our Christian Prime Minister backflipped on Christian freedoms for religious schools. He now says he will NOT allow Christian schools to dismiss a student based on his ‘sexuality’. You can see that piece here:

Yet I encountered one believer after another either denying that he has any such plans, or that they had no problems at all with it! Equally worrying was how much mushy thinking about this was heard. Folks threw out one rather foolish, unbiblical and senseless claim after another. There were plenty of them found all over the social media for example:

-We just need to be loving and tolerant
-Jesus would never reject anyone
-Christian schools are wrong to expel such students
-Why are we afraid of having them in our schools?
-Lots of Christian schools have homosexual students
-Let them be there and we can maybe reach some
-What would Jesus do?

On and on it went. Oh dear. As to Morrison’s intentions, simply read his words again:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced the Coalition will legislate to protect children from discrimination. “Our Government does not support expulsion of students from religious non-state schools on the basis of their sexuality,” Mr Morrison said. “I also know that this view is widely shared by religious schools and communities across the country.” The Prime Minister says to address “anxiety” and “confusion”, he will take action to ensure amendments are introduced as soon as possible to make it clear that no student of a non-state school should be expelled on the basis of their sexuality.

Um, just what part of this do these folks not understand? He has promised to change the law to prevent religious schools from doing this. And there is nothing defensible about this. It is a clear attack on religious freedom. It is undermining Christian schools especially from upholding biblical standards and values on both behaviour and belief.

As to those who said we must just love everyone, etc, let me offer a few words. A Christian school, just like a Christian church, should have basic freedoms in terms of not only who it hires, employs and utilises, but who it allows in to membership – whether in the congregation or the classroom.

Both should be able to uphold basic biblical standards of belief and behaviour. While a church is not the same as a Christian school, both are built on biblical teaching about acceptable practice and acceptable doctrine. Both should be able to exercise biblical discipline and uphold biblical standards. Both should be able to determine who it allows in and stays in.

If the state will now force all religious schools to have homosexual students – either those already there who “come out” or those who enrol – then Christian schools will have to condone that which Scripture calls sinful. Of course then the next step for the activists will be to force schools to also hire homosexual teachers, staff, principals, etc.

None of us are saying that a homosexual – or any other sinner – should not be helped and hopefully converted if in a Christian school. Or that they should not be prayed for and counselled. But think carefully here and wake up to what is really at stake.

Recall that Morrison wants “sexuality” to be exempt from the school disciplinary process. That is a very wide-ranging term as should be known. Most folks assume this means just some quiet “gay student” but it of course can mean anything: not just homosexuals, but trans students, cross-dressers, fornicators, and so on.

And even if it were limited to homosexual students, just what does that mean? If it meant only a student who struggles with same-sex attraction, knows it is wrong, and wants out, that is one thing. We could deal with that. But without doubt it will also very much mean the loud and proud homosexuals who celebrate and promote homosexuality and want to see others recruited into the lifestyle.

With more and more governments also making any sort of “conversion therapy” illegal, then no religious school will even be allowed to offer any sort of counsel, prayer or help for that student. That will become illegal as well, and very likely become grounds to shut the school down altogether.

So this whole thing is fraught with danger, and can only play out very badly indeed for any Christian school seeking to uphold biblical values and behaviour. The issue is this: a Christian school should have the basic right to decide who is admitted, and to discipline students as it sees fit, including expelling them if so required.

As for those who claim that these schools can’t or shouldn’t do this and that they are being unloving and unChristlike if they do: Who says they can’t? Why can’t a Christian school refuse admittance to someone, or expel a student who defies biblical and school norms?

If a student comes out living in adultery or fornication or is using drugs or is cheating on exams or involved in violence, are we seriously saying that the school has no right or obligation to discipline that student, if not give him the boot? Where in Scripture are we told we can’t do this?

A Christian school is under NO obligation to admit or retain such students who defy biblical and school principles and values. Again, this is true of all students found to be involved in any unbiblical sexuality – fornicating, or living in adultery, or caught with porn, etc. The school must act under such circumstances. Not to do so would be a clear dereliction of Christian and biblical duty.

Those who claim the Christian environment of the school might wear off on these recalcitrant students are being rather naive and unbiblical. Scripture speaks of the urgent need to rid the body of leaven (see eg 1 Corinthians 5). Moreover, Christian schools do NOT have as their primary mission the evangelisation of pagans.

It is their mission to train, teach, and disciple Christians, and help them grow in their faith. If they end up accepting more and more non-Christians – be they homosexuals, fornicators, drug-takers, etc – there will soon be only one ethos left to rub off on others: a pagan, secular, immoral ethos.

Pity any poor Christians still left in such a place. A parent sends a child to a Christian school to get a Christian education, and to be with other Christian kids. They want the children out of the toxic secular schools. Most parents will not send them to Christian schools if they have the same mix of students as a secular school.

And the slippery slope is of course alive and well here. It is time Christians stop being so naïve about all this. Cultural Marxists, homosexual activists, and secular leftists have long made it known that the want to neutralise Christianity. Targeting Christian churches and schools has always been a major part of their strategy. And sexuality – the very thing Morrison is talking about – has always been the Trojan Horse with which to do this.

Today it will be demanding that Christian schools have homosexual students. Tomorrow it will be homosexual staff. And of course this will not stop with schools, but will lead to the churches as well. They will soon have no right to remove anyone from membership, and will soon be forced to hire homosexual pastors and staff. Indeed, this is already happening in many places.

Christians really need to start thinking clearly here and stop being so incredibly naïve. Indeed, I really am astounded at how uninformed, unaware and clueless so many believers are on these issues. They seem to have no idea as to the war we are in. No wonder we keep losing.

I and others have been warning for decades now about the militant agenda, yet Christians still remain naive and uninformed. And when Christians start rehashing the very same “arguments” that homosexual activists use, and throwing around the same tired rhetoric, then something really has gone amiss.

Here is the bottom line: I fully expect Christian and conservative politicians NOT to aid and abet Labor and the homosexual lobby, and to do all they can to thwart them and their nefarious agendas. Is that really too much to expect?


While Morrison and so many Christians just don’t get it, at least one politician does. A news item just out says this:

Special Minister of State Alex Hawke says he ‘absolutely’ believes religious schools should be able to block enrolments of gay students. The Ruddock review into religious freedoms has recommended allowing religious schools to reject students and teachers based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or relationship status. The Liberal MP says people of faith are relying on the government to get the correct balance between religious freedoms and other rights in Australia. Mr Hawke told Sky News it is not controversial for people to expect religious schools to teach their faith and religious practices.

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  1. Hi Bill,
    My daughter enters high school next year. I am deeply concerned that in the next 6 years that transsexual students will be allowed into the girls toilets and molest female students. Morrison has proven to be a soft touch. Pretty Gutless effort ScoMo. Is Morrison is a complete fool? Christian schools may well in future be forced to lie to rid their schools of predatory “transsexual” males who will cause no end of grief. So much for the lie that gay marriage won’t change anything. This is tragically dangerous. God bless. Phil

  2. Yes I am convinced your fears are well founded Phil. Not only is Morrison clueless here, but so are his many supporters who think this will all just be peachy. They have no idea about the homosexual Trojan Horse.

  3. First, Morrison’s announcement that you quote only talks about expulsion, not admission. Second, his announcement doesn’t say that homosexual students can’t be expelled for flaunting their homosexuality, for promoting the idea, for being disruptive, etc. Only that they can’t be expelled for being homosexual.

    Now that might simply be because he’s not being sufficiently clear. But it’s also possible that he’s conceded this point because he intends the legislation to allow for schools to expel homosexual students in other ways, and not just for being homosexual, especially if that is defined as same-sex attraction rather than practising homosexuality.

    Now you might think I’m being naive in thinking that’s the case. But I’m not thinking that’s the case; I’m wondering if that’s the case. You are after all encouraging us to look at what’s he actually said, and he didn’t say that schools couldn’t expel homosexual students. And I believe that one of the people you disagreed with (not me) was not saying much more than that.

    I don’t like this change either, in that it will be a further hoop for the schools to jump through, but it’s also possible that Morrison has made this concession in order to get agreement on the rest.

  4. Thanks Phil, but I am not sure how many times I have to keep repeating what he in fact said:

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced the Coalition will legislate to protect children from discrimination. “Our Government does not support expulsion of students from religious non-state schools on the basis of their sexuality,” Mr Morrison said. “I also know that this view is widely shared by religious schools and communities across the country.” The Prime Minister says to address “anxiety” and “confusion”, he will take action to ensure amendments are introduced as soon as possible to make it clear that no student of a non-state school should be expelled on the basis of their sexuality.

  5. Hi Bill and all Australians. Scot Morrison may have missed more than the right to religious freedom protected by section 116 of our Constitution, section 51 sub section xxiiiA (23A) provides the Federal Power the power to legislate for:-
    maternity allowance; widows’ pensions, child endowment, unemployment, pharmaceutical, sickness and hospital benefits, medical and dental service (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription), benefits to students and family allowance.

    Please Note: BENEFITS TO STUDENTS! not education. Therefore the Federal power has not constitutional power to interfere with education what so ever and so cannot dictate to private or State schools who they employ as to teachers or staff and certainly who they teach if they are a private entity. After all, the reason there is a private school is to accommodate those who have special interest and it will be interesting to see how they deal with Islamic schools?
    To enact laws that in any way interfere with the State rights to legislate upon education is to usurp power where none exists and thus any law by the Federal power regarding education is and would remain ULTRA VIRES (without legal force):
    John Abbott

  6. Hi Bill, I’ve looked long & deeply at your article, and have carefully considered the correspondence which has since been posted. I can’t offer any fresh perspectives on this issue, however, I can applaud your efforts Bill, please keep up the good fight, and God Bless you & your family richly, best wishes, Kel.

  7. We have gone down such a slippery slope I am not sure we can crawl our way back up. Here in NSW Christian schools get a large slice of funding from the state (and I am sure you know this). Therein we have compromised our say. The State giveth, the State taketh away, no matter what we think we are accomplishing.

  8. Thanks guys. Sadly so many Christians think the Morrison move is just peachy, and it will only apply to students, not staff. Um, even if so, Morrison will not always be there. Shorten has made it clear where he will go with all this: “Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will move to remove laws that allow religious schools to sack a teacher or staff member on the basis of their sexuality, gender identity, or relationship status.”

  9. It’s neither ‘loving’ nor ‘Christlike’ to allow actively homosexual students in Christian schools. To love in the Christian sense means always to do what’s best to help others attain eternal life.
    Given that the law Christ came to fulfil (Mt 5,17) expressly forbids homosexual acts, how can a Christian school possibly allow students to proclaim the homosexual lifestyle which leads instead to eternal death?

  10. Thanks Julia
    You nailed the issue. Well done.
    Sin is sin and leads to eternal consequences and as Bill has told us repeatedly, homosexuals also suffer health issues.

  11. Great on-going work on your part. We expect nothing less from you, Bill. You certainly are a highly commendable soldier for Jesus Christ well done mate! God is still in control!

  12. Bill,
    Keep up the good work as a majority of Australians aren’t deep thinkers like you. My biggest concern is that state is attempting to gain ultimate control over our religious churches and schools by forcing a secular morality onto religious people. The secular idea that homosexuality and same-sex marriage must be taught to all students as an acceptable behaviour and practice, and if a student’s/parent’s conscience doesn’t agree with this secular teaching, then they’ll be re-educated to accept it. Currently, Christians schools in Australia have the ability to govern their school community using the guidelines of Christian ethos/principles, and they have never encouraged students/teachers to experience a sexual relationship within the school’s environment. Many parents would object to students/teachers organising a gay Mardi-gras as a school function because naked men have never been an acceptable behavioural practice in any school environment.

    The laws in Victoria are independent to people’s morality because the state has decriminalised (no longer punishes) the harm of adultery, abortion, drugs, prostitution, gambling, pornography, prostitution, sodomy, fornication, abortion, euthanasia etc. The state allows freedom of choice or legal contract/consent to participate in these harmful behavioural practices, and it even has criminalised people if they have deterred and or prevented a legal abortion within a 150m zone. However, the state should allow Christians their right to choose not to participate because they hold a different view to these legal harmful behavioural practices. This means the state should allow Christian parents their right to choose a school environment for their child which is free from sexuality and gender theories. There are parents who will wish to protect their child/children from the secular idea that a lawful husband can now sodomise their lawful spouse. Christians should be allowed to express a different view to the secular idea of man, woman, marriage and family.

    Parents aren’t going to pay thousands of dollars for their child’s religious education when its education and morality are ultimately controlled by the state government. This would make the religious school exactly the same as the free state school, but with the expensive privilege of paying only for the private school name. Also, genuine Christians are going to reject a state controlled church which enforces a secular morality including same-sex marriage. Genuine Christians want to exercise their freedom of conscience and speech against the scientific experimentation of human reproduction such as recent report in the news of mice created by same-sex parents and linking this practice to a same-sex marriage. Students and teachers need their freedom to argue against a future “animal-human marriage,” despite married woman no longer need a lawful spouse/husband to procreate, and a civil registered marriage has removed the criteria of sex. This secular idea that a civil registered marriage doesn’t need to be a sexual relationship means that a legal registration/contract between an owner and their cat/dog can be included. However, these secular ideas need to be debated with the objective truth about a real man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) whom can naturally procreate new-life and form an intact family. Also, God’s laws about adultery and breaking a man-woman “one flesh” (marriage) oath which the court has replaced with a no fault divorce law for a fee, and this is equivalent to revoking the registration of a civil partnership for a fee. Australians urgently need to understand the real reason that governments have established laws, regulations and public registries because these are now confused with subjective information such as people’s choice, feelings and ideas.

  13. If government prohibits Christian schools from employing Christian staff by mandating privilege for homosexuals seeking employment as teachers then Christian schools will cease to exist – without Christian teachers to instruct and model such schools become Christian in name only and private rather than independent education. If the government prevents conduct being grounds for expulsion then the discipline taken for granted in such schools will vanish – if a serious offense can no longer be punished why should minor infractions? State schools may seek to sexualise children, and persecute Christians and others who fail to kowtow to the so called Safe Schools agenda, but children in Christian schools are generally protected. IF Morrison is trying to be clever, making a distinction between expulsion for violating a school’s code of conduct, and expulsion for an innate characteristic then so be it, but I’m a skeptic. For regressives sexual choices are an innate characteristic that must be protected, religious orientation a private matter of choice. 🙁

  14. Thank you for your efforts Bill.
    I agree, ScoMo will open a door for lgbtpi students to claim victimhood ( & compensation) for any exclusion.

  15. John Abbott, the federal govt does have the ability to regulate employment of teachers if the school organisation is, or is owned by, a corporation, under the corporations power.

  16. Please pray for our Christian schools. I am an administrator and parent in a Christian school and I know that we are really concerned as a community that the government feels entitled to dictate to us who is/is not a suitable employee or student in our faith-based community. This issues goes directly to the ability of our school to operate as intended by its parent community. Please also write to MPs to let them know of your concerns about this ASAP.

  17. Does not sound too reassuring:

    Something else to note: this is all happening in the backdrop of the upcoming by-election in Wentworth. And Wentworth is one of the most pro-gay electorates in Australia.
    If the Liberals lose, then they lose their majority government. If they win, then they get a very pro-gay politician amongst their ranks.
    It all sounds like a lose-lose-lose situation at this point.

  18. Thanks Bill for reminding us all about the precipice that we are near. If I need motivation in maintaining direction, I just think of that female medical doctor (of Chinese descent) who was vilified and threatened for stating that man and woman marrying is God’s way during the “marriage” debate. It continually spurs me on.

  19. Thanks again Bill for your terrific insight into this topic.
    Caring, intelligent Australians are increasingly dispirited with frustration at the pathetic, short-politicians we’ve had in charge of this country in recent times.
    Turnbull led the charge on the “Yes” vote and has shown his true colours. We then hoped Morrison would bring some decency back into politics and protect Christians and our children, but it appears he has turned out to be a weak, and irresponsible leader.

    PS: Phil Browne: You are so right about LGBTQI health issues; both mental and physical. The LGBTQI have cleverly diverted the topic away from “what they do” and the resultant health consequences, to “who they are”. Sadly, the likes of Kerryn Phelps have muted organisations like the AMA and it’s almost impossible to find anyone brave enough to tell the public how serious these health issues are.

  20. ‘Love is love’ is a very sophisticated slogan which has deluded many. To the best of my knowledge, it has proven to be bullet-proof in a propaganda sense.

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