It Must be Christmas – Terror in Strasbourg

You can always tell it is Christmas: yet more blood flowing on the streets. Yet more innocent men, women and children mowed down by devout followers of a particular religion. Yet more jihad attacks done in the name of the political ideology known as Islam.

It is becoming all rather predictable. The celebration of the birth of the Prince of Peace by his followers each year is marred by the followers of another religion – those who want to see the first group killed or in full submission to their leader.

Thus we now have at least four dead and a dozen injured in yet another European Christmas market attack – this time in Strasbourg, in the east of France. Once again the news reports are humming and hawing as to whether this was a terror attack and whether we should use the “I” word. One news report is saying this:

Four people have died and eleven people have been critically injured after shots were fired close to a Christmas market in Strasbourg, local authorities have confirmed. The incident happened close to a Christmas market in the central square of Strasbourg, Place Kleber.

Police have now said they know the identity of the gunman, who is known to have a criminal record and fled the scene after a shootout, as police tried to arrest him. The suspect had previously been wounded by a soldier close to the Christmas market and has now been cornered by police. It is not yet clear if the market was the target of the attack or if there was any link to terrorism. The alleged killer was identified as Cherif C, following DNA tests and the examination of CCTV images.

Another report is more willing to use the “T” word, but is saying that fewer people were injured:

A shooting in Strasbourg, France, on Tuesday killed four people, wounded several others and is being treated as an act of “terror,” police and government officials said, adding that the gunman is on the run. The suspect opened fire in downtown Strasbourg on Orfevre Street around 8 p.m. local time, government authorities Préfet de la région Grand-Est et du Bas-Rhin revealed on Twitter.

The gunman is known to police and has a criminal record, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told reporters. The suspect was shot and wounded before fleeing the scene, police officials told The Associated Press. Authorities attempted to arrest the individual ahead of the shooting, a police official said, but it wasn’t immediately clear why.

But another news report comes closer to identifying the cause of this terror:

A suspected terrorist was on the run last night after killing at least two people and injuring 12 in the eastern French city of Strasbourg near its Christmas market. Shots were reportedly exchanged in a street of the southern district of Neudorf after a manhunt involving police and soldiers but there was no confirmation he had been localised.

French authorities are treating the shooting as a terrorist act after identifying the gunman, named Cherif C, a radicalised 29-year old from the city on a “S” security and terror watch list, thanks to CCTV. Anti-terrorist prosecutors have opened an investigation.

Questions were being raised last night over how the assailant had managed to evade capture yesterday morning. Police were due to arrest him over a botched armed robbery but he had escaped and grenades were found at his home. Hours later, shortly before 8pm, the assailant went on the rampage in Strasbourg’s city centre in the bustling rue des Ofrèvres armed with an automatic pistol and knife.

So he was “radicalised”. I am not aware of Baptists or Quakers radicalising their followers like this. And once again, we have someone on a terror watch list. As Pamela Geller asks, “Tell me again the point of those terror watch lists. To watch them go out and kill people in the cause of Allah?” Yes quite so. The Telegraph article goes on to say this:

But some already started criticising President Emmanuel Macron’s security credentials. “How many terror attacks by those on “S” watchlist do we have to suffer before adapting our law to the fight against terrorism. What are we waiting for to finally wage war to eradicate Islamic fundamentalism that has declared war on us?”, asked Laurent Wauquiez, the Right-wing Republicans party leader.

Far-Right leader Marine Le Pen said: “A radical change must happen as terrorism policy is clearly failing.” France remains on high alert after a wave of attacks commissioned or inspired by Islamic State militants since early 2015, in which about 240 people have been killed.

Yet Western policies of terrorism have often been weak as water – especially when authorities refuse to use the T word, the M word, and the I word. And when they do, they seem intent on making excuses and usually manage to blame the victims.

As long as we seek to placate Islam above all else, and refuse to look after the wellbeing of our own citizens, these jihadist attacks will simply continue, and our Christmases will become times of fear and dread instead of happiness and joy.

The word Islam means to submit, and it is expected that all infidels will do exactly this. And they have only limited options here: submit to Allah, by conversion or dhimmitude, or be killed. Islamic faith is quite clear about this. A good Muslim follows the example of Muhammad in all this.

Christianity on the other hand urges its followers to run with the example of Christ, including praying for your enemies and blessing those who persecute you. The two religions could not be more different. If however it turns out that this radicalised terrorist was indeed a Baptist or a Quaker, I will offer an apology here. But I will not hold my breath.

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  1. It is just so bleeding obvious this is a Muslim terrorist attack.

    With Australian debating immigration right now and going into the next election we must be as one saying NO to any more Muslim immigration.

    Australian Conservatives, Australian Liberty Alliance and Fraser Anning’s new party are so far the only politicians to commit to this policy.

    We should even be going further and say only Christians should be allowed to immigrate to Australia because we are a Christian Country and we have a right to maintain our Christian ethos.

    One word of warning, be on your guard against those who pretend to be all for a Christian Australia but will attack and vilify Christians from the Middle East, or Egypt, or Africa. Even if there are some teething problems with Chaldean and Maronite wannabe gangsters in Sydney, or South Sudanese wannabe gangsters in Melbourne, these people are Christian and will never engage in a religiously inspired terrorist attack against our country.

  2. “As long as we seek to placate Islam above all else, and refuse to look after the wellbeing of our own citizens, these jihadist attacks will simply continue, and our Christmases will become times of fear and dread instead of happiness and joy.

    The word Islam means to submit, and it is expected that all infidels will do exactly this. And they have only limited options here: submit to Allah, by conversion or dhimmitude, or be killed. Islamic faith is quite clear about this. A good Muslim follows the example of Muhammad in all this.”

    Denis MacEoin’s essay yesterday for the Gatestone Institute fleshes this out with another European example and some pertinent references to some laws that apply in Europe.

    “European Court of Human Rights Blasphemy Laws: Where a Word out of Place Can Cost Your Life” This site asks us not to copy, so I will attempt some minor summary of points that got my
    undivided attention.

    The ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) now agrees with Islam that any slur on Muhammad’s reputation is really hatred. This means that in Europe the definition of free speech has been officially and legally changed to protect Islam.

    In reality there can be no legally acceptable debate about the merits or otherwise of Muhammad or Islam, even if this is hosted or presented by experts.
    Only the opinions held by devout Muslims are legitimate for public discussion.

    The 57 state membership of the OIC “Organization of Islamic Cooperation” has been lobbying the UN HRC “Human Rights Council” for along time to adopt a “general blasphemy law” that will be specific to Islam. i.e. no criticism!

    It has taken only about 30 months for an ominous prediction to be obviously correct.
    “The chief threat to free speech today comes from a combination of radical Islamic censorship and Western political correctness..”

    I commend both Bill’s fine work and this article.

  3. The European MEPs were locked in the Strasbourg building while this Christmas-market attacker was pursued by police; an ironic event really, considering that these are the people who have permitted and voted for immigration in such large and uncontrolled numbers. Many of us wonder if it was a set-up, to distract attention from the hammering that Emmanuel Macron has been getting from the “gilets jaunes” protesters. However you look at it, the UN and EU law-makers have blood on their hands….again. I don’t think we’re far off a Europe wide revolution.

  4. Will the prosecutors investigating this case find a drug habit as part of the alleged killer’s personal story? The words “hashish” and “assassin” were not invented during late antiquity or the early mediaeval era by Europe’s pagan barbarian invaders…

    For a long-held etymology of the word “assassin” see: . For a learned article on the etymology and historical background of the word, “assassin” see, “The Origin of Assassin”, by Kevin M. McCarthy,
    American Speech, Vol. 48, No. 1/2 (Spring – Summer, 1973), pp. 77-83 [Go to: for more details.].

  5. Dear Bruce,

    The ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) now agrees with Islam that any slur on Muhammad’s reputation is really hatred. This means that in Europe the definition of free speech has been officially and legally changed to protect Islam.

    Our conservative government led by a publicly testifying Christian Prime Minister is just about to propose “religious freedom” laws.

    This sounds good but all Christians must be wary of the law of unintended consequences.

    Islam should never be given the same protections that we as Christians in a Christian nation rightly deserve.

    Yes we do need religious protections. I am a Maronite Christian and my community here in Sydney is campaigning against Bunnings for selling door mats with our Saviour’s name on them. Meaning thousands of Australians will be inviting guests to wipe their dirty shoes on “Christ” this Christmas. In the Middle East walking on or wiping your feet one someone’s name or image is one of the lowest and worst insults ever. And before anyone says hey we’re in Australia and Middle Eastern customs shouldn’t apply here, remember our Saviour was born and lived in the Middle East and he observed this custom and that means Christian everywhere should too.

  6. I quite agree. Anyone who is known to be in Australia with any ties to jihad, ISIS, al Queida etc. must be deported immediately. This is not being mean spirited, it is a way of saving the lives of innocent people. These fanatics want to take over the world. Remember WWII. Only now this is on a much bigger scale. Operation Beacon should be mandatory reading for all adults, especially those in favour of opening the floodgates to all Muslim immigrants. Most are content to live in peace, but they won’t learn English or integrate like past mass refugee programs. They want their towns and their Sharia law above that of Australian law. That’s NOT going to happen if I can help it. Christians are generally peace loving and giving people who will help almost anyone who will give life a go. But not lazy men with four wives and umpteen kids living on welfare in government subsidised houses, with free health care aren’t welcome. They have never given anything to this country like those of us who have worked for forty years paying taxes all the time. We are entitled to a pension should we need it. But many of us in this position are self funded retirees and worried to death by Bill Shorten’s aim to take our cash returns on shares. We’ve paid tax to put money into super, tax is paid as company tax by the companies we have shares in. If we earn more than a certain amount we get taxed on taking our own money out. We’re limited as to how much we can put into super in any year and along comes Bill with his huge pollies pay and perks trying to tax us again in order to have money to buy votes at next year’s election. Its not on. It makes me very angry that the next generation see life as a thing that is not worth trying hard at. One day there won’t even be enough taxpayers to fund the welfare. There are jobs out there but so many jobless won’t lower themselves to take them. These jobs are not good enough for them even if they have no qualifications. To get to the to the job takes more than 15 minutes travel time and that’s too long. And then there area the just plain damned lazy. Put them all in the military for year or two. It will give them some discipline and self confidence as well as making them employable in the future. If we don’t act we are doomed.

  7. Michael Taouk, these gangs from South Sudan running amok in Melbourne might be from a so called “Christian” country, as people from Australia identify as “Christian”, but I don’t believe they are true born again Christians, as there seems to be no repentance for their crimes, and a true follower of Jesus would not continue in this manner.

  8. Dear Helen,

    The answer is not to vilify our prodigal Christian sons who have fallen into sinful way. As a father I say there but for the Grace of God go I . The answer is to reach these lost sheep with the Gospel.

    How many folk calling for Christian African-Australians to be deported back to Muslim countries have reach out the hand of Brother-in-Christ friendship to even one youth? Until you have and until you know that each boy’s heart is hard and closed to Jesus Christ, only then maybe you could say that boy doesn’t belong in Australia.

    And anwyay even if these prodigal Christian sons stay in Australia, I guarantee none will ever do an act of terrorism in the name of Jesus Christ!

    This is my testimony. My family comes from a country where Christians are a minority. We survived by sticking together. Australia will soon (by next Census 2121) be like that with Christians a minority in this land. For us to survive as a minority we must stick together. We must defend each other otherwise we are doing the work of our enemies. The Devil wants your heart to desire the borders of Australia be closed to Christian immigrants and refugees while we import thousands and thousands of Hindus and Muslims from India, Pakistan and Indonesia.

  9. Chérif Chekatt was initially reported as being a terrorist but surprise surprise when a woman who knew him personally, was asked what he was like? she responded by saying he was quite normal, just like anyone else. Indeed she said he was quiet, respectful and courteous. But why should this be surprising, as though all terrorist walk about with big beards, baggy trouser, turbans and bombs strapped to them. The fact is that every normal Mohammedan is a potential murderer and liar .
    Chrerif was reported to be on list of 12000 with suspected islamist views .The Guardian reported that, ‘”By the age of 29 he had 27 convictions for theft and violence, the public prosecutor”, Rémy Heitz said…..His religious practice and proselytising in jail were described by Heitz as “showing signs of radicalisation”. For that he was put on the Fiché-S list. Since the watch list was established in 1969, 400,000 people have been added to it after being deemed a potentially serious threat to national security.’ No doubt all of these 400,000 can be described as run of the mill Mohammedans, just like their fellow countrymen in Pakistan and other countries where the prophet rules and reigns.

    Bill Warner is someone we need to listen to :-

    Having listened to him, we need to apply his principles to the parallel terrorist group in our nation and that is the LGBTs . Instead of bombs and bullets, they use other forms of oppression, fear and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Either way the two groups are working together to destroy the nations.
    In the same way that Mohammedanism is incapable of reform, so is Sodommedanism.

    David Skinner UK

  10. Good grief, look what a horrible mess the so-called Palestinians made of Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem once they gained control of that area.

    *Far-Right leader Marine Le Pen said: “A radical change must happen as terrorism policy is clearly failing.” And here’s another, “Duh…” But, of course, to verbalize such a daring, but accurate assessment immediately labels one a far-right freak.

    I keep trying to think of a polite way to say the fanny kissing of Islamists is stupid on so many levels. But there is no way. Why are we continually expected to ignore reality and make like those who call for an end to what it really is…”Hello…Terrorism, Jihad, getting rid of the horrid Infidels,” are a bunch of rightwing bigots and fearmongers? We are the haters? Gosh, I can’t think of the last time I beheaded someone for rejecting the gospel…do any of you recall that kind of thing? I kind of remember asking God to send more laborers across the person’s path, and then waterers of the Word, and finally reapers of that Word. Beheading or making them pay tribute just never entered my mind. Gee, what gives? Big difference…

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