The War Against “Conversion Therapy”

The endgame of the militant homosexual lobby has always been this: the complete and final elimination of any and all opposition and criticism. Not only that, but the compulsory promotion and celebration of this lifestyle has also been actively sought after and worked for.

And the biggest obstacle to all this has always been the Christian faith. The radicals have long known that the full acceptance and enforcement of their agenda can only take place when the Christian church is completely silenced. When it is muzzled by the heavy hand of the law, then the final triumph of homosexual activism will be complete.

Christianity insists that we are all born sinners, but that Christ came to deal with the sin question, as well as provide a way out of our chains. Christianity is a transformative religion in which people really can become new creatures in Christ. And that means even homosexuals can be transformed if they want to be.

But that threatens the very core of the homosexual narrative, depending as it does on the myth that homosexuals are born that way and can never change. Never mind all the honest homosexuals who have disagreed with this, and all those ex-homosexuals who prove this to be a lie.

So without question there is a massive conflict between the homosexual gospel and the Christian gospel. They both cannot be true at the same time, and only one can prevail. The homosexual militants know this full well, which is why everywhere they are seeking to make “conversion therapy” illegal and turn it into a major crime.

The term itself is a pejorative term, invented by the activists. Also called reparative therapy, all that it really involves is the offer of genuine assistance for those who want it. It has nothing to do with forcing anyone to do anything. If a person does not like his unwanted same-sex attraction and wants to get some help or counsel, they should be able to.

And that usually can take several forms: some just want the ability to stay celibate in this area, while others want to have some help with the actual attractions. And there are plenty of walking, talking examples of this very thing: many ex-homosexuals speak about how even their attractions have diminished, or disappeared altogether.

I happen to know many of these people personally. They were fully into the homosexual lifestyle for many years, but then they found a way out, and are so glad they did. Yet the activists want to make it a crime for anyone to offer this much needed help.

Imagine denying any sex addict the help they need and want. Should people struggling with various compulsive sexual behaviours be told they CANNOT seek any help, and they must remain exactly where they are – for life? I thought the other side was all about choice and freedom?

Here they are denying choice and saying people cannot be freed – even if they desperately want to be. But sadly one government after another has bowed down to the radical homosexual agenda, and is passing laws making it illegal for anyone to offer such help – even to those who really do seek it.

A number of countries and a number of American states have already banned such help, and in Australia Victoria has as well. If a federal Labor government is voted in this coming May, they will bring this in as well. So all over the West a war has been declared on those who are struggling with unwanted homosexual attractions, and those wanting to help them.

This is a direct threat to Christianity and it strikes at the core of Christian truth claims: that individuals can have their lives radically transformed by the power of Christ. And we have so many former homosexuals who have found new life in Christ.

But these laws banning this will mean Christians can NOT do what they were sent out to do: to preach the gospel and see people freed from the chains of sin, self, and Satan. All that is becoming a crime in many jurisdictions. Thus if you are a pastor or a counsellor or a therapist, and a person wants help in this area, you will NOT be allowed to give him that help.

And if you do seek to provide it, you WILL face the heavy hand of the law. Make no mistake about this: this IS a direct attack on the Christian faith, and it is all-out war declared on the ability of Christians to share the gospel and see lives transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit.

Let me offer some thoughts on this matter by two authorities. One very recent piece is well worth quoting from. In it Dr Carys Moseley looks at the scene in the UK. She begins her very important piece this way:

The LGBT movement worldwide – as well as inside the UK government – has made banning so-called ‘conversion therapy’ for homosexuality its number one goal. It is a top priority for Victor Madrigal-Borlaz, the UN LGBT czar, who told the ILGA Europe annual conference in Brussels on 27 October that he is determined to collect evidence worldwide to prove that ‘conversion therapy’ can be categorised as ‘torture’.

Taking therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction can include two goals, depending on what the client wants: some people want to diminish their same-sex attraction and remain celibate; others also wish to see a development in their natural potential for opposite-sex attraction. As this work is likely more common among Christians, the campaign to ban such therapy has anti-Christian and anti-social implications that reach well beyond this kind of pastoral care….

The real target is Christian teaching and pastoral care based on it, and the spiritual duty to repudiate sin after spiritual conversion. Conversion in the real spiritual sense does demand moving away from homosexual behaviour. This is clear from the Apostle Paul’s words to the church in Corinth….

As has become evident in California and Malta, laws aimed at banning ‘conversion therapy’ are really being used to attack the religious freedom of Christians, specifically the right to uphold publicly the nature of marriage, sexual ethics, and as such traditional orthodox interpretation of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. In Malta, gay rights activists and even government ministers were complicit in stretching the meaning of ‘conversion therapy’ (as ‘healing’) to include Christian testimony and thus spinning tall tales on the matter. In California therapists managed to alert church leaders to the fact that a ban would constitute the thin edge of the wedge as regards state control of Christian pastoral care.

When we consider that Jesus Christ upheld the teaching of Genesis 1-2 we must reckon with the fact that this is an attack on the mind of Christ about the Old Testament and its fulfilment in the times of the New Testament. The Gospels of Matthew and Mark record Christ’s teaching on marriage which is explicitly based on the book of Genesis. Thus an attack on Christians’ freedom to teach about this and to organise churches and groups based on this is among other things an attack on the interpretation of Holy Scripture.

She concludes:

It is impossible to have a Christian church and outreach without Christian sexual ethics rooted in the doctrines of creation and fall. Defending people’s right to treatment is not just an individual matter, it now involves the need to defend people’s right to have small groups and to keep matters confidential within those groups. It should be obvious that this extends to entire churches and therefore comes under freedom of assembly as well as the right to privacy (freedom from surveillance) and the right to respect for private and family life.

If you are watching from the sidelines and thinking ‘my church does not offer counselling for people to move from homosexual attraction and behaviour to heterosexual attraction and behaviour, therefore I/we won’t be affected by a therapy ban’, think again. As this is all really a worldwide attack on the Bible and Christian ethics in relation to human sexuality and embodiment, it is an all-out attack on Christianity. It is time Christians in the UK stood up to be counted otherwise much vital Christian pastoral work will be forced underground here and internationally.

My second piece comes from another authority on homosexuality, Robert Gagnon. He gave a talk several years ago, addressing some of the concerns that even some Christians may have with this. Sadly, some churches and Christian leaders have fallen for much of the homosexual agenda, and are also condemning “conversion therapy”. Gagnon urges us not to ‘throw it under the bus’. He says:

Reparative Therapy has been mostly attacked from within by psychology, but also by fellow Christians, although from a different angle. In psychology, this attack is coming from the LGBTQ stranglehold which it possesses on that profession. In offering their own critique, the Christian community is giving aid and comfort to their enemies and distress to our friends. This is unintentional, but it is still happening. This is collateral damage.

He quotes the father of Reparative Therapy, Joseph Nicolosi, saying it “involves a collaborative relationship between the therapist and the client in which the therapist agrees to work with the client to reduce his unwanted attractions and explore, his heterosexual potential. No outcome can be guaranteed. Outcomes range along a continuum from complete change to partial change, that is management and reduction of unwanted feelings.”

Gagnon concludes:

Descriptions of “Reparative Therapy Heresy” and denunciations of Reparative Therapies (there are actually more than one, really) as “non-Christian” or even “anti-Christian” are not helpful. Reparative Therapy should be embraced by Christians, not as a total answer to life, not as an alternative to the Christian faith, but as one valid tool for dealing with same sex attractions. Which again, it does not primarily have in view the altering of the attractions, but the altering of the dissonance between their understanding of their gendered self and their actual gendered self given to them by the Creator.

The homosexual war against offering help to homosexuals wanting out, or at least seeking some change, is a full-frontal assault on Christianity and the Christian gospel. If it becomes illegal to tell people that change is possible in their lives, then the entire faith is undermined and muzzled.

And this draconian war on change is really just what we have with militant Islam: conversion out of Islam is considered to be blasphemous and deserving of death. How much longer before the help offered to homosexuals who really want it is not just illegal, but worthy of the death penalty? Serious question folks.

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19 Replies to “The War Against “Conversion Therapy””

  1. Quote from Culture Watch 11 Dec 18.
    “When it is muzzled by the heavy hand of the law, then the final triumph of homosexual activism will be complete.”
    The muzzling of Christianity will only be the first step, the next is Bible burning and total eradication of Christianity as hate speech.
    Next will follow all religions as by that time the laws of State will be damning to any hate speech and Islam is full of it. Riots will spring out all over the place but that will serve LGBTIQA+ as laws will include the death penalty for hate speech. Many will be martyred and many will be tested as we are now. This is just the beginning.
    John Abbott

  2. But lesbians are proving that they are naturally the same as all other females and giving birth, some are even using semen from gay males, again proving that the internal workings of gay men are ‘normal’ also.

    In other words would gay people ‘change’ if they were the last people on earth, would they have sex and give birth to save humankind?

    See – gay people really can change!

    Every gay has the right to change given they live till 60 years or so, as they have life experiences and may during that time have various reasons for changing, and Christ just being one.

    Gays have the right to the best healthcare that Australia can provide and should be provided with conversion therapy, as transsexuals and other types receive it.

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

    God Bless Bill.

  3. Yes it’s alright for people to be put down like dogs or have their genitals surgically removed or their breasts removed and for them to be put on taxpayer funded hormones for the rest of their life, often with huge emotional side effects but what ever you do don’t sit down with someone and talk about their problems. Of course if standard psychological help for homosexuality is torture then so is all psychotherapy.

  4. A good article, thanks Bill. Yes, conversion therapy has certainly helped many over the years and its demonizing by the LGBTQIA+ is yet another attack on a legitimate, beneficial therapy.
    Isn’t it incredibly hypocritical that it’s almost “celebrated” to convert a straight person into becoming homosexual, but the reverse is “illegal”.
    One despairs about the human race at times. As you’d know, Kirk and Madsen invented the “gay gene” back in the 1980’s, but admitted it was a fraud a few years later.
    The American AMA and the LGBT’s major medical body also both admitted there is no gay gene. But over 50% of Americans still believe there is!
    The Andrews and Shorten governments will wreak irreparable damage to our kids, culture and country, but the masses seem oblivious. Although our warnings about the consequences of “Yes” vote have proven to be correct, they don’t care a jot, and are more interested in chilling out watching the cricket than the welfare of their family or themselves.

  5. The interesting thing is that none of these zealots can point to any study in which the therapy has been applied to a large number of conscientious patients, and found to be 100% ineffective. Considering the fact that some forms of therapy must be ineffective, this is surprising.
    Dr James Phelan once cited nearly 100 studies which reported successful therapy. His original paper is no longer on the internet, but some time ago I copied it out and put it back on the net.
    See Rates of Cure for Homosexuality. Feel free to link to it.

  6. The operant term in the polemic against “Reparative Therapy” is obviously the word “Conversion”: In a world where that Determinist ideology, Neo-Darwinism holds the upper hand, where Original Sin is laughed off in the same breath as chastity and virginity are condemned as “unnatural and unhealthy”, nothing is worth repenting of – the individual may only celebrate the erotic appetites and practices he or she fervidly embraces as the indelible signatures of his or her personal identity.

    Outlawed are the once-“scientific” terms, “inversion” and “deviance”. In their place, an ever-widening, iridescent rainbow of erotic inclusion and diversity holds sway.

    Apparently, only religious fundamentalists need to “repent and be converted” – As far as everyone else is concerned, the very idea of “conversion” is a thrice-proclaimed anathema! Eros has, it seems, succeeded in seducing the collective Psyche of 21st-Century Western culture.

    Aphrodite, Cupid’s employer, was once known for a certain, cruel, passionate, vindictive jealousy…

  7. Thanks guys. Bear in mind not just Christians have offered such help. As I wrote in my 2011 book Strained Relations:

    And it is not just “religious” organisations that are involved in helping homosexuals go straight. The decidedly non-religious Masters and Johnson Clinic in St. Louis has treated hundreds of homosexuals and bisexuals. Masters reports that they have successfully “changed” more than half of their homosexual clients, and higher than 75 per cent of bisexuals.

  8. In the days of Noah. The wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. Genesis 6:5.
    As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of Man returns. Matthew 24:37

  9. In the “gay law reform” days, the LGBTIQA+ activists said, “What consenting adults do together is no-one else’s business.” Therefore, what client and counsellor do together, is none of the activists’ business!

    Imagine if tobacco company heavies called themselves “breathing equality activists”, and lobbied the government to ban medical treatment for lung cancer, because this interferes with a person’s innate and unchangeable respiratory orientation.

    LGBTIQA+ lobbyists claim to be worried about depression and possible suicide of LGBTIQA+ youth, but fail to consider the contribution to these things made by their own false ideas of human sexuality. If you teach a vulnerable young person that voluntary sexual behaviour cannot be changed because you were “born that way”, then the only way out of an unwanted same-sex attraction is death.

    The LGBTIQA+ dictators know perfectly well that reparative therapy is life-changing, life-affirming, and life-saving; that’s why they try to ban it. Take any thing that’s illegal: it is possible for you to do that thing; that’s why the government made it illegal in the first place.

  10. Jo Deller, this man and he is a man, he says so himself unfortunately tried to get help from transgender support organisations, but he seems to have stopped that. He now lives as a man, and takes testosterone medicine. He says reversal surgery is too expensive and doesn’t know if it will work anyway, that he might end up worse. He is what used to be called a eunuch, an honourable estate in ancient times. Remember the story in Acts of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch. I always wondered how Philip knew the man was a eunuch, unless he was baptised naked. Eunuchs are mentioned many times in the Bible and in the histories of many cultures. In the days of the early Church some men made them themselves eunuchs to avoid sexual temptation and concentrate on God’s work because Jesus in Matthew 19:12 said that was okay. I don’t think He recommended it, but just said that some men did it. But none of these men ever considered themselves women.

    Actually, I think I have read about this man before.

  11. I came across a man on Facebook who claimed that when the Bible talks about eunuchs, it means and is referring to homosexuals and because Jesus said becoming a eunuch is okay, He was approving of homosexuality!

  12. Bill, I read your article that you linked on Matt 19:12. I had no idea that this view (eunuchs = homosexuals) was so widely held. I have only heard it from this one person. Anyone who knows any history and the Bible, knows that eunuchs = men who have been castrated or born intersex or something similar..

  13. A good sum up of this Bill. I have been trying to alert people about this for more than 5 years. Most look at ministries who help people and believe the lies that LGBT people are being subjected to shock treatment and other horrific, imposed ‘therapies.’ NO ONE does this, but it makes for good press and stirs the emotions of not only secular people but Christians as well, who happily believe these reports.

    The first person to talk about ‘conversion’ in this sense was Madsen in the book, After the Ball, where it is discussed about the last stages of changing their world’s thinking. He puts forward the plan to have a ‘Conversion Strategy’ to convert people to agree and to experiment with same-sex relationships. We need a number of people to start calling out the true ‘conversion practices’ as suggested by Madsen. If people started writing about stopping ‘Madsen’s conversion strategy’, this could possibly help to turn the tide.

  14. One way or another, whether you be pre-trib, post-trib, or amillennial…. it is clear that Biblical “dogmatism” is the issue in this pluralistic, PC world. It’s okay to say the all-encompassing term, God, but society-forbid that you mention the Lord Jesus or the Scriptures that support Him as the Savior, promised Messiah, and Lord of all. Modern society-forbid forbid that you claim thee God of the Bible as the final authority.

  15. Are the main people pushing to ban so-called ‘conversion therapy’ also pushing the whole notion of gender fluidity? If so, then can’t they see the irony? If one can try and change their gender – even to the point of undergoing sex-reassignment surgery, then what is the big deal if one wishes to change their sexual orientation?

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