Gaga, Pence, and Christianity

We live in dark times. There is just no getting around that fact. Truth no longer means anything, feelings trump everything, and confusion abounds as to even the basics in life. Now we can’t even tell if someone is a boy or a girl, and we are said to be hateful and bigoted if we even try.

Sadly, as anyone who seeks to present truth in the public arena and the social media knows, this has massively impacted our churches as well. Today most young people who call themselves Christians know little or nothing about their own faith, run on emotions, and tend to just drift along with the dominant secular culture. The church in the West is in a real bad way as a result, and things will likely only get worse.

And as one of the most recent examples of this, consider the recent uproar taking place over Mike Pence, his wife, and Lady Gaga. The hot-potato story erupted last week when the mainstream media learned about a horrible reality: a Christian is teaching at a Christian school, and both believe in Christian values.

This was just fully out of bounds for the secular left MSM. The New York Times quickly jumped all over the story. Its opening words were factual enough:

Karen Pence, the second lady of the United States, returned to teaching art this week, accepting a part-time position at a private Christian school that does not allow gay students and requires employees to affirm that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

The website of the school, Immanuel Christian School, which enrolls kindergartners through eighth graders at its campus in Springfield, Va., details its religious beliefs and expectations of both students and their parents, as well as those who wish to work there. The school’s employment application requires candidates to describe their faith in Jesus Christ, affirm that they are a born-again Christian and vow to adhere to specific standards in their personal and professional lives.

The eighth item on the application’s “Articles of Employment,” which requires applicants to sign their initials next to a list of beliefs, outlines Immanuel Christian’s definition of marriage and stances on sexual identity. 

But it was all downhill from there. The NYT piece even mentioned – gasp, horror – that the students from the school would be going on a field trip to the Creation Museum in Kentucky next month! What a terrible and barbaric school this must be: it not only upholds biblical teachings on marriage and family, but also believes that the world was created by God. How dare they!

The mainstream media beat this story to death, putting it right up there with every great evil known to man. Imagine the VPOTUS and his wife actually claiming to be Christians and acting like it? This is just too much for the fake news media to handle.

Never mind that several recently elected Islamic congresswomen are thinking and acting just like Muslims. Not a peep out of the MSM about that. It is just fine if Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar swear in on a Koran, denounce Israel, promote sharia, and castigate Pence’s faith. No probs there.

But how dare these uppity Christians actually live according to their own faith tradition in the public arena? Let’s just lynch them already! As Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council put it:

This attack on Mrs. Pence is more evidence of the growing intolerance, if not outright hostility toward biblical truth and those who live by that truth, especially those who hold positions in the public square. The message being sent is quite clear: (1) Biblical faith and adherence must be checked at the door of public service (which is a reverse religious test), and (2) Those who hold to these “antiquated” views should be relegated to the margins of society.

Again, we don’t find the MSM routinely attacking Muslim schools for pushing Muslim beliefs and practices. But if a Christian school dares to do this, they are obviously evil incarnate and must be opposed. The MSM just does not get its own hypocrisy here. As Matt Walsh said:

Here’s the dirty little secret about (legitimate) Christian schools: they are in the business of teaching Christianity. They teach other things, too, but always through a Christian lens. If you are not willing to impart or receive those teachings, then there are many other lovely educational options available.

If this were the end of the story it would be bad enough. But things have just ratcheted up a few notches with outraged celebs now getting into the act. And one of the most bizarre rants heard so far comes from one pillar of morality, rationality, and Christianity, Lady Gaga.

Yes you heard me right. She has weighed in on this kerfuffle, making some extraordinary claims, implying that the Pences are the worst Christians around while she is evidently the best Christian there is – really! She said this:

To Mike Pence, who thinks that it’s acceptable that his wife works at a school that bans LGBTQ, you’re wrong. You’re the worst representation of what it means to be a Christian. I am a Christian woman, and what I do know about Christianity is that we bear no prejudice, and everybody is welcome. So you can take all that disgrace, Mr. Pence, and look yourself in the mirror and you’ll find it right there.

Wow. So a routinely sleazy, debauched, and raunchy singer is now trying to pass herself off as a terrific Christian and a paragon of virtue, while telling us that the Pences are evil personified, and must be in bed with the Antichrist. Yep, OK, makes perfect sense to me. Sure, why not.

Why does that ancient word from the prophet Isaiah keep coming to mind at times like this? Why does it seem perennially relevant, especially in these dark days. Under divine inspiration he made this sober warning: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter” (Isaiah 5:20).

I return to where I first began: our culture is now just a septic tank. And worse yet, how many Christians will actually side with Gaga against Pence on this? How many will simply emote their way through this whole affair, and think Gaga is somehow the epitome of Christianity while Pence and his wife are evil old dinosaurs who must be renounced as unloving, bigoted and narrow-minded?

We already know that this is how most of the world looks at these matters, but the shocking thing is how many people claiming to be Christians will likely feel the very same way. When you get heaps of Christians – at least the younger ones – defending folks like Gaga while condemning folks like the Pences, then you know Christianity in the West is all but finished.

Please pray for Mike and Karen. They sure need it right now. And pray for Gaga. While at the end of the day only God fully knows the human heart, we have plenty of Scriptures telling us we can assess a person’s faith or lack thereof by both their beliefs and their behaviours.

Based on all that we know about her, I will pray that she does in fact become a real Christian, repenting of her sins, and turning fully to Christ in faith. Until then, she really should stop pretending to be some great theologian, and she really should stop lecturing us on what biblical Christianity is all about.

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29 Replies to “Gaga, Pence, and Christianity”

  1. Thank you for continuing to stand for Christian beliefs. We are in full blown spiritual warfare.

  2. Yeah, like someone who wears a steak as a dress is going to be someone I will listen to. I mean, she can’t figure out what is food and what is apparel

  3. Great article Bill,
    A happy new year to you in an ever increasing hostile anti Christian environment. What concerns me is to lack of respect shown by Gaga to the 2nd most powerful leader in the US. This is now an established trend. No one is exempt from abuse. Respect for those senior and more experienced than the young in society has disappeared. Regrettably it’s getting much worse. Shame on “lady” Gaga,

  4. “Lady GAGA”?? What??? Since when does a lady look like GAGA or even act like a GAGA? The name says it all where this moron is coming from – a land of deception and is well suited to the Anti Christ LIGIBITIQA (LGBTIQA+). GAGA is Satanic indeed for it – she – whatever it is endorses the will of the corrupt and not the will of God for God makes clear his intentions of those who engage in LGBTIQA+ or endorse it.
    The Christ said: What does it profit a man to win the whole world and lose his soul?
    GAGA has gained the whole world but has lost its soul. Soon, her body will wrinkle and the tattoos will look like a Picasso sketch on a tattered canvass – a good depiction of the soul within.
    John Abbott

  5. Greetings Bill, Servant to the Most High

    You nailed it again. I don’t know if you like Hemingway but I heard once that he said his writing was, “You just sit down and bleed all over the typewriter.” For lack of better terminology that would describe your articles for me, how beautifully you weave common sense and insanity together in one sentence and wind up with gold. And your wisdom & cynical approach is enlightening and sometimes hilarious.

    I heard recently that Lady GA GA used to be a satanist and that she now regrets it. It’s going to take her a long time to come out of that and I do pray for her. Also pray for Mike Pence & his family every week in our prayer group.

    Always look forward to your articles of wit, wisdom & rain drops of humor sprinkled throughout.

    Thanks Bill & His love & protection over you & your family.

    “God’s Not Silent” on evil, partner in prayer

  6. Greetings Bill, have a great year of publishing the Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. Yes there is opposition to Real Christianity, the Bible says it is Fools who make a mock at Sin. Keep up the good work Bill.

  7. Kind of funny that to be ‘gaga’ is defined to be “no longer in possession of all one’s mental faculties, especially on account of old age.” Ironic?

  8. Bill i will pray for Mike. Im also wondering if you’re aware of what happen to the Covington Catholic boys and how the media is demoralizing them and Christianity. The MSM is painting them as racist for “gasp” smiling at a Native american guy that walked up to him. The media also ignored the hateful things a group of black guys that were part of some other group were saying to the boys including to one of their black friends. All of these boys are now being dox and have been sent death threats by people on the left, including celebrities like Gaga. Please pray for these boys as well Bill and everyone.

  9. Haha – it amazes me how hard the media sleuths work to find something they can attack. I mean, seriously, they must have fished for hours all over that schools databases to find the connection to the Creation Museum. Speaking of which, when I worked at building that museum in 2006-2007, this sort of thing was common. If you want to get the wrath of the secularists you simply tell the world that Darwin was wrong – and tell it boldly in a big way. I can’t think of any Christian ministry in the US that got hammered as hard as that small bunch of creationists building a world-class museum designed to un-brainwash kids.
    I’ll give an example. Some of my colleagues put together a video of Adam being created from dust. It was only a minute long as an exhibit in the “Creation Walk”. The guy who acted Adam was chosen for his looks etc, so the media crowd must have worked round the clock digging up dirt. They found something! They found that the actor had once had a website that he sold to someone else who later changed it to a porn site. Seriously, how do you track that down? That was enough to get all over the Cincinnati headlines in the first week of the Museum’s opening. We pulled the video right away. It was running again last time I was there, though – and why not? What does a website by a third party have to do with our actor anyway?
    It is just too easy to throw mud and something will stick.

  10. Dear Bill, Thank you for the article. The sad truth is that although Christianity IS under attack from without the most damage to it will come from within because so called Christians will not stand firm on the TRUTH. As for Lady GaGa the name says it all. She is completely GaGa so who in their right mind would take notice of her?

  11. “Lady” Gaga is a satanist, a mother of lies, so why wouldn’t she call herself a christian?

  12. Bill,
    How has Western Society got to such a situation as outlined in your article? I know ultimately it is due to the abandonment of the Christian faith but other cultures wouldn’t be so blindly hypocritical. Could you write an article or email me on what you think happened?

  13. Lady Gaga is hardly a shining example. However, I don’t think we should lose sight of the fact that, like the former governor of Alaska, the late Senator McCain’s VP choice, Mr. Pence is a dyed-in-the-wool NAR believer-guy. That, of course, doesn’t make him a spawn of Satan or a total wolf in sheep’s clothing, but his worldview is rather skewed.

  14. Thanks for a great article. It all just makes me shake my head. I don’t know why, but that is the only reaction I can muster, even if it just one more example of the constant reality .

  15. Hi Bill,I feel strongly about my traditional bible based Christian beliefs and disagree just as strongly about Lady Gagas views.
    What I am commenting on here is the lack of love and presents of un Christian like comments left by some of your supporters here.
    We can disagree and put forth our comments without personal attacks and name calling and get our point across just as well and probably even get a more sympathetic ear.
    In my view that would be a lot more loving and show a more Christ like attitude.
    Jesus loves Lady Gaga so much,In fact He even died for her to demonstrate it.
    Jesus also loves gays,lesbians and all the lgbt etc etc people.
    The feeling I get when reading some of the comments is that some of us”Christians”fall very short in the love area when dealing with people of another view.
    Someofthe comments also take the liberty of accusing Lady Gaga of things that seem to be gossip.even if true it still is gossip.
    Please don’t get me wrong here,I in no way support the beliefs and comment made by her in regard to the Mrs Pence,I’m just saying let our speech be with love not hate.
    God bless.
    Glenn Hannah.

  16. Thanks Glenn. A few replies if I may. I did say we need to pray for her in my article. And in one sense, I am thankful for those who have commented here – it shows that they at least care about these things, that they have some passion about it, etc. That may well be preferable to the 97% of Christians who would not give a rip about any of this, with some of them actually siding with Gaga!

    Yes Jesus loves sinners, Gaga and gays. But he loves them enough to hate their sin and seek to have them repent and turn from their sin. Leaving people in their dead-end lifestyles and unchallenged is not loving them.

    And I am aware that many things that the prophets, the disciples, and even Jesus said about sin and sinners would be considered to be hateful and hate speech by many folks today. So we walk a fine line here. Righteous indignation has a place, as does the idea that we are to speak the truth in love. As always we need to strive for biblical balance here. But thanks for your thoughts.

  17. Well said Bill,
    I expect too much Christians are prepared to sit back and let evil prosper for fear of being labelled as unloving. Why did Christ use a whip to remove money changers from the temple? Many Modern day Christians would also probably label this behaviour as unloving.
    Best regards Phil

  18. Well, my understanding of ‘gaga’ in the vernacular is: crazy, foolish and wildly effusive. I guess the truth will out, Bill!!!
    Thank you for the reminder to pray for the Pences and for Ms Gaga as well.
    Thank you for doing what you do so well. Your commentaries provide good consolidation for our faith.

  19. None of what you mentioned should surprise us believers because Satan is the father of lies and his kingdom is not divided. about 50 years I began teaching in the public schools, and I soon learned a Christian simply did no “belong” there. The school was in a small city in a farming area, but it could not have been wilder had it been in the heart of any major metropolitan area. Most of the teaching staff considered things like selling drugs, being addicted to substances, spending time in jail, premarital sex, unwed pregnancy, and abortion a “normal and natural” part of “growing up.” These teachers felt “sorry” for the students from Christian homes because they (the Christian students) were missing out on all the “fun” in life! The teachers could not see the dangerous consequences of any of these practices, let alone the turmoil in the lives of the students families. I, of course, refused to join them in their viewpoint and their ridicule of believers. I made my first year at that school my LAST year, and I was praising God every step of the way out of that building and out of that town. If conditions were that bad 50 years ago, they must be far worse now. Thanks, Bill, for bringing important issues to everyone’s attention.

  20. It is a common error in the West that “God loves all people” is preached without exclusion and that “Jesus died for your sins”. 1 Cor 15 makes it clear that it is our identification with the work on the cross that enables us to find ourselves in Christ, to enter into His righteousness. But it doesn’t say that my specific sins were died for or that I sent Christ to the cross. It was God that sent His Son to the cross with an overriding love for His creation that “all *may* be saved”, however only those who identify with Christ’s sacrifice and in His suffering, and thus obey Him and His word, will actually inherit eternal life. Yes, God loved us while we were in our sin that He made this Way for us to be with Him.

    But to actually to say either “God loves Lady Gaga” is not really true.
    To borrow from Tim Challies who summed it nicely, “Psalm 11:5 puts it bluntly: God hates wicked people. “The LORD tests the righteous, but his soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence” (Psalm 11:5). He hates wicked people from his soul, from the very depth of his being. God hates their ways (Proverbs 15:9), their thoughts (Proverbs 15:26), their worship (Proverbs 15:8), their actions (Proverbs 6:18), and their evil deeds (Psalm 5:5).”

    So does He love us individually and delight in us, while we are his enemy?

    Jesus’ sacrifice was completely needless if there is no judgement of the wicked. Until we accept God’s gracious gift and obey Him, we are at enmity with God, we are *not* for Him, we are *not* His children, and He does *not* delight in us – we are still under judgment and are heading toward the wrath of God before the judgement seat.

    We pray that Stefani Germanotta turns from her rebellion and obeys God, accepting what Christ has done and thus obeying His word. But until then, her persona “Lady Gaga” is an appropriate name for her – for her speech and her lewd behaviour shows she is “no longer in possession of all one’s mental faculties”. Let’s not kid ourselves… you cannot live the life she lives, and attack the Truth on one hand and then on the other hand believe that you are going to escape the result of that and the Father of Lies that you are beholden to.

    The entertainment industry is full of those who have sold out to the occult for fame and fortune. She like Eminem and many others have talked about their regret of being caught into the web of satanism but that doesn’t mean that they have turned from it, or forsaken the notoriety and wealth that comes with it.

    God has given us the “out” from His judgement but it is up to us to actually take it. We make our own beds that we lie in, and we need to own that.

    The world needs to hear unadulterated truth, not nice words about evil people. It’s time to get some righteous anger for those who attack God and attack His children, and a backbone.

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