What Lady Gaga Does NOT Know About Christianity

OK, so Lady Gaga is no theologian or biblical scholar. Chances are good she has actually never even read the Bible, let alone studied it carefully. It is clear that she knows nothing about historic Christian beliefs and teachings. But I am not picking on her, since there would be millions of other people out there just like her who think they know plenty about Christianity when in fact they know next to nothing.

I mention her of course because she has been in the news of late, lecturing us on what biblical truth and morality are all about. In the process she claimed to be a Christian, yet savagely attacked those who clearly ARE biblical Christians. I wrote about her bizarre attack on Mike and Karen Pence earlier today: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2019/01/22/gaga-pence-and-christianity/

In it I cited this profound theological utterance of hers: “To Mike Pence, who thinks that it’s acceptable that his wife works at a school that bans LGBTQ, you’re wrong. You’re the worst representation of what it means to be a Christian. I am a Christian woman, and what I do know about Christianity is that we bear no prejudice, and everybody is welcome.”

Hmm. Let’s try to unpack that a bit shall we? First, consider her claim about the “worst representation” of Christianity by Pence. I would have thought that anyone claiming to be a Christian who seeks to faithfully adhere to the teachings of Christ and the Bible are an ideal representation of Christianity.

On the other hand, those who deliberately and blatantly reject the teachings of Scripture on human sexuality and everything else are certainly NOT a good representative of Christianity. Indeed, let’s move on to her claims to be a Christian. As I wrote yesterday, “While at the end of the day only God fully knows the human heart, we have plenty of Scriptures telling us we can assess a person’s faith or lack thereof by both their beliefs and their behaviours.”

So God is the ultimate judge here, but believers are instructed to assess the fruit of so-called believers, checking out what they say and how they act. The sort of perverted and debauched actions that we regularly see her engaging in – at least while on stage – are not exactly ringing endorsements of any sort of Christian conversion on her part.

And let’s look at her claims as to what Christianity is really all about: “we bear no prejudice, and everybody is welcome.” Oh really? I would like to see chapter and verse on that one. The term “prejudice” is of course just one of many words routinely pulled out of the hat by secularists and lefties.

That, and “bigot” and “hater” and “this- and that-phobe”. Such terms really tell us nothing, but they give the person tossing them around a sense of moral superiority – especially when they have no facts or evidence to back up their position.

So she thinks the Pences are prejudiced. Um, Lady G is obviously prejudiced. She has an irrational and nasty dislike of and aversion to all people who take their Christian faith seriously and seek to live according to the clear teachings of the Word of God.

And when a Christian seeks to do just that, he or she is not being prejudiced. They are simply acting consistently with their own worldview. They are trying to live out their basic biblical teachings. That does not make them prejudiced or bigoted. But if it does, it is not any more than Gaga is by hating on such people.

As to everyone being welcome, well it all depends on what you mean by that. The biblical take on this is pretty straightforward: Every person on the planet is a sinner, headed to a lost eternity. But God has offered a way out of this predicament by sending his Son to take the punishment we deserve for our sins upon himself.

He had made only one way available for people to get right with him, and if they reject that, then they are not welcome – by their own choice. So God of course IS being rather selective here. And of course everyone tends to be selective, even Miss G. She is selective in who she befriends, who she likes, and who she hangs around with.

It is pretty clear that she is NOT a friend of the Pences, she does not like them, and she does not at all wish to hang around with them. Thus she is NOT welcoming everybody. She is being just as prejudiced, narrow-minded and bigoted as she accuses them of being.

And when it comes to human sexuality, it is not prejudice to affirm heterosexual marriage. Biologically the human male is designed to match up with the human female. That is how the next generation is produced, and that is the best family structure in which to raise any such offspring.

That has been the common-sense position of nearly everyone for millennia. Sure, all that is now being thrown overboard, but that is clearly for the worse, not the better. If the Lady is happy to see marriage and family destroyed, that is up to her.

But having her try to lecture real Christians about what Christianity is all about is sort of like having Hitler lecture us about what real love for Jews is all about. Sorry, but your credibility is zilch here Lady. Unfortunately, however, millions of brainless millennials may be gobbling up her every word.

That is the real concern here. That Lady Gaga is out to lunch on all this is certain, but the fact that she may be leading so many others astray is serious business, and Jesus had some strong words to say about those very sorts of people who would do this to children.

Again, we need to keep her in prayer. Right now she is doing her master’s bidding, but her master is clearly not the Lord Jesus Christ.

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15 Replies to “What Lady Gaga Does NOT Know About Christianity”

  1. The word ‘prejudice’ goes hand-in-hand with ‘discrimination.’ Too bad today’s arrogant PC know-it-alls don’t understand that to discriminate is to “distinguish’ between things. Yes, Lady G, true Christianity does have a certain amount of prejudice because it discriminates or distinguishes between Truth and error, orthodoxy, PC platitudes, and cultic beliefs and practices. If Lady G is condemning true Biblical Christianity for being the direct opposite of her interpretation, seeing that real Christianity is indeed exclusive and must be so, well she is sadly deceived and mistaken.

  2. Naomi King, I have long had no desire to reveal my past association with Wicca/Witchcraft, But this video demands a response, so I’ll come out of the closet on this one. Ever hear of John Todd? That was a totally bogus bunch of malarkey promoted by some deceived Christian folk who dug sensationalism and, in their warped view of ‘evangelism’ thought his tale of horrid satanic rituals would cause unbelievers to run into the arms of Jesus.

    Naomi, the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ needs no such hype, particularly hype that is bogus. I was delivered from Wicca, aka, The Craft, through the sheer truth of the gospel. Like the 2 men on the road to Emmaus with the risen Christ, when I heard the Truth it burned within my heart. I could not run away from it, it haunted me, it wooed me. I knew it was Truth, and it was what I had really sought my entire life,

    Please don’t think I am trying to reprimand or humiliate you. Using Scriptural terminology, I am “beseeching” you to ignore fantastical reports and videos about Satanism and New World Order, Illuminati-kind of reports and videos like this. Satan and his adversarial kingdom are real, but they are not all spooky. The devil’s lies can only be addressed by the Truth, as Jesus dealt directly with the devil…”It is written.” When we go in for the spooky, we give the enemy way too much credit.

  3. Since Eden, it has always the penchant of Satan to pose as a theologian and philanthropist of some higher, more sophisticated kind. Scare tactics are our enemy’s strategy of last resort. In Bob Dylan’s perceptive words, “The Enemy… wears a cloak of decency” !

  4. Great blog as usual Bill. The fact that tolerance, or being judged a hater, or anti Gay etc shows the bias of those who support all LGBTQ etc. God standards are Truth, Righteous and in His Word for All clearly to see. As Jesus Christ followers all we can do is warn and leave the judging up to God, though I will probably be judging for warning against Judging. Your sister in Jesus Christ. Carmel Parker.

  5. I doubt very much Lady Gaga is a Christian in the sense of a Bible-believing Jesus loving Christian, simply because if she were she would be one of my role models.

    She formed the Born This Way Foundation, that focuses on youth empowerment which would alarm parents as the last thing my dad wants is for me to be empowered in the sense the BTWF means empower, seriously you would not want to give me too much power neither would you want to give my friends too much power as it would, due to our age be power to make mistakes that we are not ready to handle, you have only got to see what adults do with power to realise that. I think I prefer limits being set, but I can test the limits now and then. I do think, however, that a daughter who does not have a mum should be able to decide when they are allowed to wear makeup if they are over 13, as dad’s do not understand how important makeup is to someone who is nearly an adult, in fact, I’m wondering if dads would even have the capacity to know! it seems dads have been trained to say you are beautiful enough without makeup, seriously what sort of argument is that, as never in the history of mankind has a dad said to his daughter, I wouldn’t bother with makeup even that won’t help. When I was a bridesmaid at my uncle’s wedding, a lady asked do you want me to do your makeup for you, yes, just popped out of my mouth, seriously I could have passed for 17! And boys at the wedding were interested in me.

    Anyway, what Lady G has got to understand is that the sin that some homosexuals have isn’t like the other sexual sins, like every man (hopefully) knows its sinful to sleep with someone who isn’t their wife but it’s one thing to say to Jesus I was weak and slept with my girlfriend and I am very sorry, however, it’s quite another to say to God I am a homosexual and that is normal and acceptable, and I want you to say it is, say it, God, say it, otherwise, you are homophobic. That is pretty much what the homosexual should say too, God as far as Lady G is concerned and we know that from her comment. Further, she should know it matters little, what she makes, Mr Pences say, as its Gods laws we follow, therefore, even if she got, Mr Pences to say what she wants, that changes nothing, other than her deception has caused many more homosexuals to stumble, and she will have to witness, on her judgment day, those poor individuals being punished in no small part due to her encouragement.

    A homosexual who struggles daily to keep Gods law, even if he slips up and falls into sin now and then is someone to be admired. Someone who attempts to tell God he is wrong so they may indulge in breaking his law is someone who is to be pitied.

  6. Bill; As opposed to “well written” you write well! Were the Lady fortunate enough to read your words I suspect she would truly feel the Heart of Jesus therein.
    Vicki Collins; You have reminded me of a truth I learnt from Tozer “Power of Praise” read 40 years ago: Give thanks for all things… When we thank and praise God for even the “bad” we take all the glory from the devil and glorify God for it acknowledging that only He rules everything thereby enabling Him to turn every situation to His glory. The Lord giveth, and the LORD taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

  7. Response to Vicki. Do appreciate your father’s attempt to enforce what he believes unless it is life threatening. My father was so sensitive to girls need to fit with the others he bought me my first lipstick before I wanted it. I told him to,hers at Sunday School were wearing it so he got me one. Different fathers have differing priorities. If it means a lot hope you get to talk with him .

  8. >> Katherine,
    I am sorry to jump in where you expected, Vicky, Katherine, but I just had to ask you, at what age did your dad buy you your first lipstick? If it was before you were 15 that is soooo unfair.

    In my Sunday school, none of the girls wears makeup since some of the girls aren’t allowed too, as their dads consider them still children, as my dad does me! That is so unfair of him. Since all us girls are sisters in Christ and sisters are to be treated equally the girls who may wear makeup, don’t in Sunday school, anyway, which is fair, but it would be fairer if at 13 we were all allowed to wear makeup in the same way we may marry at 18. If my mum was still with us she would have taken me to the ballet when I reached 13, as she promised me she would. We, my mum and I would have dressed up and I’m sure she would have taught me how to use a little makeup, it would have been the point my dad would have realised I was no longer a child perhaps, but since my mum couldn’t keep her promise I think my dad didn’t have that defining moment not to mention the support of my mum so he is frightened he will make the wrong decisions on matters my mum would have advised him on, so he says no to most things, as he considers if he keeps me a child he can better look after me. in truth, I look after him and my brother, as I didn’t want them to miss my mum where I could take on her role, so I do 90% of the cooking and 90% of the cleaning. I enjoy doing it as I like to see my dad and brother eating just what my mum would have given them and my dad and brother are immaculately turned out too. I will make someone a very good wife and I have my babysitting certificate so I will make a good mother too, I can’t wait, but I must be seen as an adult or at least not a child first otherwise no one will want me.

    I think Vicky is a very godly lady from what I have read of her posts so she may have a strict dad if she isn’t allowed to wear makeup too. I think Christian girls have to overcome the problem of being poor girlfriends, as you have to be a girlfriend before you can become a wife and the secular girls make “good” girlfriends since they do not have to stay pure, but I think us Christian girls make better wives and mothers, but we must look our best if we are to attract a nice boy, as he could have something from that secular girl that I can’t give him until he marries me.

    Sorry to jump in uninvited but I have a lot to say about most things and your comment to Vicky interested me to the point I couldn’t ignore it lol.

  9. I say this love and goodwill toward all your readers, Bill, those who truly love, serve, and worship our Lord in spirit and in truth…I have no idea what on earth they are talking about, what they are saying in response to my comment. I love them in the Lord, but I keep thinking I must be on drugs, as I’ve no idea what they are saying.

    All I meant was that when people like Lady Gaga say things that are beyond preposterous, we must be certain to address those well-documented comments rather than go beyond that and make claims that we are not able to back up.

    We are daily given an enormous amount of verifiable quotes that are utter nonsense and totally anti-christ by various ‘celebrities’ like Lady Gaga. We really don’t need to add anything, especially speculative or unsubstantiated BS to comments by ‘celebrities’ like the Lady G herself. They already show their ignorance, their hand, and their anti-christ agenda without any hyperbole from us. Let us all who claim the name of Jesus rise above the world’s way of exaggerating our claims. The truth, what these folks really say is plenty enough to make our case before a deceived world.

  10. Vicki L King
    There is such a thing as Satanic Ritual Abuse. Clinical psychologists, counselors & prayer ministry teams have dealt with this. There is also mind control through torture. Ask the MK Ultra, Monarch, & Operation Bluebird survivors who suffered horrific abuse by the US military, many from the time they were born. Christians are often guilty of denying evil they have no real knowledge of.

  11. I hear your frustration, Marissa. I think if I may add what ‘I think,’ of course. When we read an article that has the availability for those reading the article to comment, we are likely to get a wide range of different opinions and importantly a varying level of interpretations of what was meant by any given post. I read Mr M, Article before I go to school and any comments resulting from his article, but I never (well I try) respond then as I often misunderstand what adults say or mean (as they speak adult) I then think about the article and the comments in the day (especially in math class), then when I get home from school I comment ensuring I write like an adult, so no “coz”, be careful to use, however, instead of, but and the like and the transformation is complete.(this is the important bit lol) I say what I want to add from my perspective, sometimes I bet Mr M, pulls out his hair before begrudgingly making my post available to others. If you check his picture out you will see most of his hair is missing from the front of his head, he had much more their before I started commenting lol, (sorry Mr M). I think your “crime” was that you were misunderstood and you did not vent your frustration towards Lady G, enough, but tried to tell others to be careful on how they commented, which was fair enough as you were giving your opinions and views which are important. However, what you did if I could put it in a biblical narrative is to tell Peter (John 18:10) to stop waving that sword around otherwise he will cut someone’s ear off. I think that is the most descriptive explanation I can give your sister. It’s not necessary we all agree on all matters as we are not a cult but a family who sometimes disagree with each other. If we get upset we can ask for a hug or (in my case) grow a thicker skin. No one meant any disrespect to you sister, it’s just you were standing in the way of the one that it was aimed at. Keep commenting sister as your opinions are valued and important.

    With love and respect from your sister in Christ.

    Sarah xx.

  12. Egg-zactly. There is a good reason that Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) deserves to have her arguments publicly dismantled. She is a celebrity figure with friends in high places (the media), claiming to have superior knowledge of Christianity, who has been making misleading public statements about the core beliefs of Christianity.
    So too were the Pharissees of Jesus day: they were also rich, respected and appeared to know everything. They were in cahoots with the powerful people of the day (the Romans), they interpreted the Bible to fit their lifestyle (rich means God loves you), and they opposed Jesus all the way to his death and beyond.
    Sorry Stef, you are wrong about pretty much everything that comes out of your mouth. So regarding Jesus the friend of sinners, you ain’t gonna know him until you first repent of your sinful life and follow Him. Like the Mary Magdalene, Zachias, Matthew, Saul, John Newton, and thousands of others whose lives were turned around 180 degrees…

  13. In all things have spiritual insight. Discernment is something we learn from knowledge of the word and listening to the Spirit. 2 Timothy 2:15

    I’ve noticed some of those commenting on this and other articles of Bill’s, who like to take exclusive and dogmatic positions for or against the beliefs of other believers in things that are not central to the Cross or our salvation. We need to be wary of our own error and poor theology, and judge as we would wish to be judged. If you feel the urge to call out every person who doesn’t believe what you believe then it’s time to question yourself and your motive.

    It is not wrong to highlight evil, since all things should and will be brought out into the light. It is in the light that evil is dealbt with. So we *are* to stand up against evil – we just have to be *very* sure that we can speak with authority on things before we do so, so that we are not guilty of championing that what is unsubstantiated or fake, or wasting our time on things which we have little control over.

    Let God be God, and let us fulfill our holy commission (Matt 28)

    Fighting evil can be a righteous thing to engage in to protect others, but it is not the end game – above all the answer to every evil, and to all man’s sin is the Gospel. That is the focus – preach Christ, and God’s unlimited grace in the face of our depravity before Him and the need to make a choice which avoids God’s wrath, for it is only that and the Holy Spirit which can change a man’s heart, and thus change the world.

    Stefani Germanotta is in need of salvation through Christ, that we can all agree upon. We need to call her, and others like her, out on the lies that she is using to influence millions, and the basis upon which those lies are founded (ie. her worldview). Lies are being called truth and visa versa, and that is something that we cannot stand for. These lies need to be revealed and the Gospel shown to the true.

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