Male, Female Electrical Plugs Banned

In an effort to end appalling sexism, bigotry and inequality, two peak global electrical bodies have announced that they are putting an end to discriminatory male and female electrical connections. This courageous and long overdue move has just been announced throughout the global media.

The International Electrical Association (IEA) and the Electrical Engineering Control Kabal (EECK) have taken the unprecedented step of jointly issuing a public denunciation of such sexist, racist and outdated practices. In their joint statement they said this in part:

While in the past such hate-filled and discriminatory practices were allowed to continue, we no longer live in those dark and dangerous times. In our progressive and enlightened era, we know how hurtful and bigoted it is to insist that electrical plugs be labelled as being either male or female.

Not only do we now understand that there are far more possibilities than just male and female, but how dare we assume the identity of any of these poor plugs, outlets, and so on. That sort of narrow-minded prejudice and intolerance must stop now. It may once have been allowed, but it will no longer be given a free run from here on in.

All these damaging, hurtful and discriminatory practices will from henceforth be prohibited worldwide, and electrical connection police will be out in force, looking for any violations of the new legislation. Those caught continuing with these old and discredited practices will face the full weight of the law.

The declaration went on to say this:

Numerous male plugs who identify as female – or something else – have long experienced the pain of such narrow-minded bigotry and insensitivity. And countless female plugs have endured centuries of oppression and hate. From now on they will decide for themselves what sort of end they will be, and no one will be able to put them in their narrow little pigeonhole. This is indeed a day of fantastic liberation and tremendous excitement.

This global declaration – issued in 113 languages and beamed around the world by the global media – was instantly affirmed and ratified by the UN. A new, special office of the UN was also created to monitor all this, assuring that complete compliance will be the order of the day. Any recaltitrants will be swiftly and harshly dealt with.

And in some breaking news, the World Hose Manufacturing Association (WHMA), in association with the Plumbers United Against Discrimination (PUAD) and the Plumber’s Union of Kosher Endings (PUKE) have also come out on this, saying that from now on there will be no more male and female hose fittings, nozzles and the like.

The CEOs of these three bodies issued a joint statement saying that this day was “long coming, and the days of discriminatory and bigoted hoses have at last come to an end. We now will celebrate the liberation of all hoses and plumbing fittings and connections, bringing us in line with progressive values and principles throughout the world.”

Satire alert

Um, hopefully it is obvious that everything said above was a bit of satire and a bit of humour. Whether it brought any laughs – or just tears – is another matter. But of course the thing about satire is that it comes so very close to the truth. Really good satire can often be quite difficult to distinguish from reality.

But such is the world that we now live in with reality itself under attack, that half the time we read a news headline we have to ask if it is real or just satire. And we all know that a major war has been declared on sex, on male and female, on family, on marriage, on biology, and on reality itself.

The sheer madness of it all would be utterly laughable if it were not so serious. I have now penned many hundreds of articles on radical feminism, the androgyny movement, the homosexual lobby, and the loony trans agenda. Every day it seems to get worse, and each new headline looks like another piece straight out of a satire site.

So if you open the papers tomorrow and find a declaration has been made to ban male and female electrical or plumbing ends, don’t laugh – it just might be real. Indeed, I really do not doubt that someone somewhere has already seriously proposed such things.

We live in times of great moonbattery, and unless something intervenes and quick, it will get worse and worse until we come to the end of the West. Lord have mercy.

Oh, and as I was just about to post this on my website, an email with this headline just popped into my inbox: “California state senator bans use of ‘he’ and ‘she’ during committee hearings.” And no, it was not from a satire site.

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  1. Yes. While this is satire it illustrates the stupidity of the dictatorial bigotry of the homosexuality and transgender lobby and it’s perversity

  2. And as an indication of just how bad all this is getting, over half of the comments on this article as posted on the social media have been by those who thought this was a true piece!

  3. Hahaha…

    Do you think seat belts in airplanes could be next? All of the articles you have written on the subject are hilarious but praying that the matter does not on for too much longer or become any worse. It’s very disturbing when young Christian school students say they are gay and not in the happy way. There is way too much confusion and to make matters worse I’m almost sure that the Child Safe certificate coarse for churches is designed to further erode families by taking responsibility away from parents for raising their own children similar to unSafe Schools!

  4. Just don’t make the mistake of putting ‘male’ plugs on both ends of an extension cord in the mistaken belief that one is actually female!!!

  5. @David Williams. I did that once with one of those transgender “piggy-back” plugs and it didn’t end well. :-0

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone went out of their way to produce a type of connection that could be described as neutral just for the sake of pandering to political correctness.

  7. I’m glad you clarified this was satire because quite frankly we live in an age of irrationality. I can quite honestly say that a genuine declaration of this sort would come as no surprise to me!

  8. As an Engineer I can clarify the technical issues re terminology here. With electrical connections the ‘female’ power-source socket is the ‘live’ and dangerous end; while the ‘male’ power-receiving plug is the ‘dead’ and safe end.

    But we need an in-depth discussion of what the new terminology should be. This is essential to overcome centuries of sexist terminology in Engineering where male domination and hostility to women reigned.

    At first sight, safety being paramount, we could consider ‘dangerous’ – ‘safe’ terminology, but, until the male-female terminology disappears into the dust-bin of history, many will be offended by labeling XX identifying people as ‘dangerous’ whereas we all know that violence comes from XY people who are by no means ‘safe’.

    So what about ‘live’ – ‘dead’ terminology. We all know that XYs are the real problem and should be put in their place, but that the ‘male’ – ‘female’ terminology will take some time to die out and that is not a bad thing in this case as the ‘male’ = ‘dead’ connection will be a subtle reminder to all.

    And while we’re at it, we should strike a blow for equality and get rid of the concept of marriage altogether. Here I refer to the illegitimate use the term ‘bastard file’, which, even in this enlightened age, demeans children of unmarried parentage, not to mention that while it’s fine to label a fine file as ‘fine’, it’s quite coarse to describe a coarse file as a ‘bastard’.

  9. @David Williams. A male plug on both ends of an extension lead is highly illegal, and is known in the industry as a death lead….

  10. Not only that but those male and female connectors are completely adulterous – they will happily connect with any connector of the opposite sex of their species and, of course, we are going to have to rid ourselves of that racist red, black and green colour coding. From now on all wires should be coded with the same colour. We also need to ensure all differences in plug and socket type are completely removed. From now on there should be no impediment to plugging a 240V appliance into a 1100V socket.

  11. Those who propose to ban the words “he”, “she” and the like better be on alert themselves. They will only make fools of themselves as the public by and large will not stand for such nonsense, at least for now.

  12. Great news that this travesty has finally been recognized and corrected!

    For a moment there I thought our country had become “unplugged”.

    I am still concerned, however about the continuing (racist) discrimination preventing cross coupling of Australian plugs with US, and European plugs. Any plug should be entitled to assume the identity of and connect to whatever fitting he/she/it feels like doing at the time.
    What could possibly go wrong?

    Perhaps we need a Royal Commission or two to investigate this, and set up a committee at the UN to ensure a sensible, rational approach to the whole problem. Whatever the crazies of the world suggest, I’m sure we’ll follow their “lead”.

  13. Reminds me of a 1960s electrical manufacturing company (now defunct) where the process worker women objected to bushes being described as male and female. Company renamed them as “screw in” and “screw on”! Somehow that was acceptable.

  14. Maybe the term multiculturalism as the description for mixed races and it’s acceptance has assisted in the adoption of ‘multisexualism’ for mixed up humans by the lunatic leftists, since there is no such thing as multiculturalism either. This is all unacceptable to our most powerful God of our salvation who made mankind (men and women) in His image, we are worth much more than the cost of a Universal Power Plug Adapter which is what man has made himself into by abusing God’s Creation. A very poor reflection of our real selves before the fall into sin of all of mankind, now we are sinful mankind in need of the forgiveness of Jesus who is the only way we can be restored by reconciliation to our Father God in Heaven so that we may live eternally with Jesus the way he intended when we believe in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection! For peace sake we have a Biblical mandate to tell people before we die, we do not have to allow governments to lord it over Christian Churches or Christian schools mainly for the reason that some so-called priests and other members of the clergy abused others, when people truly repent of their sins Jesus forgives he does not require monetary reparation the way our Government organisations do, all we need to pay government is taxes. We are required to obey governments but only as far as they do not go against God’s law and requirements, if people want to leave faith out of politics, people of faith in the Lord do not need to be accountable to government, what about all the other citizens who are allowed to carry on offending unchecked for the fact that they are not a member of a church? Some churches do not even cost the taxpayer a cent and still carry out their Biblical mandate which actually builds community and helps those struggling in the community by including them in community not letting them fall through the cracks or suffer from the effects of sin. Everybody needs to be plugged in to the worldwide church of God because we’re not all headed for eternity the way universalism teaches, God is a loving God who hates sin so we all need to repent continually and love Jesus more than ourselves! Is this not correct Bill?

  15. Oh, for crying out loud, already! I miss the days when I could get out of bed and not have to face some dumb as a bunch of rocks garbage by a bunch of losers who have nothing better to do than get all “triggered” and bent out of shape over absolutely nothing because they have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives! Enough already! Sheesh, God help us!

  16. Don’t give them any ideas!!!

    I have spent the last year reading books on Communist China and I recall reading that students during the cultural revolution would stand in intersections redirecting traffic because they felt that the red light should mean ‘go’ instead of ‘stop’. They produced chaos and eventually gave it up.

    But one wonders- to what madness does this all tend?

  17. Its not as far away as you think, Anderson plugs have been around for a few years and they are neither male nor female but fit together. They are identical but are made in such a way to slide together.

  18. Haha, from now on plumbers will only have smooth pipes and fittings of all the same diameter. None of them male nor female. We will all pretend they fit each other and the connections will stick together like a gay marriage. Then we will have sewerage spilling all over the place.
    BTW: I first got the term “gender bender” from an old Dick Smith catalogue from the 1980’s. It is a great poetic term for transgenderism, since they cannot change gender but only slightly “bend” it. The gender bender in electronics was a male-to-female connector – for those situations were you can’t connect a male cable to a male plug (or vice-versa).

  19. When I saw the title of your article Bill I did not realise it was satire. It shows how when the goalposts are shifted little by little, unbelievable things eventually become believable.

  20. Dear brother Bill .
    Such dangerous information. we almost died laughing , but it’s sad such satire may be needed to help people think more sensibly.

    Although (too) many years ago I first read some of your contributions in ‘Life News’ WA (of which I think I still have old copies), I have only recently come across your website. How instructive , well founded and balanced it is, especially with the loving attitude towards those who may not totally agree on everything, understandably of course if it is presented in the same vein. In the short time I have been observing your essays I have noted that amongst your extensive sources, you quote others who I read also, which to some degree is assuring. This perhaps suggests we have similar viewpoints, at least in important areas. I feel you probably agree that the Christian church is the pillar and ground of the truth. By that I do not mean any particular denomination or persuasion. We must exemplify a love for the whole true body of Christ and understand that we can and should be willing to learn from, and edify one another as much as possible. If these increasingly desperate days show us anything, I think it says we need one another, and every part with which the Body is endowed is vital.
    Although the unity of the Spirit is an accomplished fact in Christ, I pray that we all , even though we still look through a glass, will continue towards a more complete understanding of the unity of the Faith that Jude 3 urges us towards. I think that sites, such as yours, which encourages God’s people to explore the span of what is on offer through reputable sources, is one of the means Jesus can use to that end.
    I trust it is pertinent to add the following . As I trust to add your site to my ‘food bank’ do you permit some of what you afford ( as well as forum comments) to be copied to a personal file for easier access. I have always been drawn towards apologetics, having being persuaded of it’s importance since reading Jude 3 way back in the early 1960’s, and of which Paul and Apollos and Stephen were such masters.
    Finally unless I am mistaken, I believe you may be ministering in WA soon and I trust to be able to meet you personally. God bless you and your ministry.
    Your brother in Christ,
    Jim Dixon . Australind, WA

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