This World Is Going To Hell Real Fast – And It’s a Good Thing Too

Forget your foolish illusions about a new world order and a great reset:

OK, before you freak out over my latest provocative and eye-catching title, read on, to see what I am saying – and what I am NOT saying. What I am saying is this: I will keep working to be salt and light in this broken and needy world. What I am not saying is this: I do NOT believe that human effort alone will do any real and substantial good in the long term.

Let me explain. On my morning prayer walk I once again felt so very weighed down and burdened by all the evil, wickedness, suffering, ungodliness and injustice everywhere. The tsunami of darkness sweeping over us is palpable. I just grieve so heavily for what I see happening all around me.

We are witnessing – right before our very eyes, in real time – the slow but certain destruction of our culture. Everything good and of value is being deliberately torn away from us and destroyed. And I am not here talking about the obvious hell-holes of human misery: the communist states, the Muslim-majority nations, North Korea, Venezuela, etc.

I am speaking about the once free and democratic West. Western civilisation was the direct result of the Judeo-Christian worldview. All the tremendous social goods that we have enjoyed for so long – human rights, freedom, rule of law, democracy, political liberty, prosperity, etc – have been primarily because of biblical Christianity.

But as the West tells God to get lost, it seems he respects our wishes, and we are now returning to a new paganism. We are returning to a new lost world of darkness and horror. Yet all the fools – and that is exactly what Scripture calls them – keep on believing the lie that they can still set up their towers of Babel; that they can still set up their little socialist paradises; that they can still bring in their communist utopias; that they can still deliver the goods as secular humanists.

They are utterly blind, deaf and dumb – and fully deceived. Every time we have tried our humanist experiments, they have ended disastrously. Well over 100 million people were murdered last century directly because of these godless social experiments. Yet we still chirp on and on about the perfectibility of man, unfettered progress, a brave new world, and a Great Reset.

Here’s the scoop folks: While I will keep seeking to be salt and light; while I will keep fighting for what is right; while I will keep working against injustice and evil, I will never be so naïve as to think that all this can somehow be turned around without God and his grace.

The truth is, there is no hope apart from God in Christ. THERE IS NO HOPE. At the end of the day, a new social structure will not save us. A new economic system will not deliver us. A new set of politicians will not cure what ails us. A new philosophy or ideology will not come to our rescue. A new world order will not bring deliverance. A new leader will not be the Messiah.

Unless God makes a massive comeback in the West, we are all toast. And to be honest, that may well be a good thing. We have tried so long to make our little utopias without God, and all it has done is unleash even more demonic evil, suffering, tyranny and brutality.

Maybe it is a good thing we are seeing everything around us crumbling and disintegrating and falling down. Maybe it is good to see the end of all things. Because if you have any sense at all, if you have any clarity of vision at all, then you might begin to realise that without God this must be the way it all ends. There is no other option.

It is either all of us getting on our knees before Almighty God, repenting, and crying out for his mercy, or we are no-hopers. NOTHING will save us apart from God. Nothing CAN save us apart from God in Christ. He is our only hope. There is no other.

The plaintive plea of Princess Leia in the very first Star Wars film – “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You‘re my only hope” – may well have been an appropriate and memorable line for a Sci-Fi flick. But in real life, our only hope is Jesus Christ.

Without Christ we will just keep stumbling along into further darkness, into further horror, into further annihilation. Yes, as I said, I will keep seeking to do my bit to hold off the encroaching gloom. I will keep fighting the good fight at all levels.

All Christians should still seek to do the same. As Jesus enjoined of us: “Occupy till I come.” That we must do. But as individuals, as families, as societies, and as nations, there is no ultimate hope apart from the Risen Saviour. The sooner we realise that the better.

The great American conservative broadcaster Rush Limbaugh has just passed away at the age of 70 after a long bout with lung cancer. Last June, while discussing the death of George Floyd, he said this:

But knowing that our country is in all kinds of hurt right now, 40 million people were thrown out of their jobs, their livelihoods, many of them owners of businesses now destroyed, it’s just stupid, senseless — for me it was — it’s not correct to call it a last straw. But it just got me, folks, because we all only get this one life. You can’t get it back. You don’t get a do-over. You get a do-over for some mistakes that you might make, but you don’t get a second life. Only one person has conquered death, Jesus Christ. Nobody else. You have to make the most of it.

Yes, he got that right. Late in his life he discovered the most important truth that one can ever find. The only vital questions for you, dear reader, are these: Have you done the same? Have you encountered the Risen Lord and had a life-changing experience as a result? Have you stopped playing god and allowed the One True God to be in charge of your life?

If not, why not?

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  1. This rings so true.

    One of my current frustrations is a conservative forum I’ve been a member of for oh close to 2 decades, has just been cancelled. It’s a trivial thing in it’s own way but it’s reflective of the way our culture is going. I’m hoping it’s only temporary, but the Satanic Left are very much take no prisoners, then salt the Earth. There is no room for compromise, no surrenders are accepted, and forgiveness is not possible. On the plus side if there’s nothing left, and no hill to fight on but Calvary … 🙂

  2. On my knees repenting… I will continue to my bit too and fight the good fight of faith, yes we are set apart & ‘salt and light’.

    There’s so much more I want to comment, it would be too long, but I hear your heart, agree with you, with all that we are seeing right now, thank you for sharing. Stay blessed always in His Amazing Grace.

  3. Very true Bill. Well written and well said. Yes the entire world is crumbling especially because we are in the end times and Jesus is coming back very soon.

  4. One of my regrets, Bill, is having attempted to convince people of the wrongs of various anti-God legislation, by using ‘informed’ arguments which I had expected they would at least be able to relate to. I am inclined to think now that, had I been more forthright with the Word of God, though they still may not have been receptive, nor in many cases have even understood, they would at least have heard the Word up front.

  5. Thanks Alec. Although there may still be a place for both. Proclaiming biblical truth in an ever-darkening culture is vital. But for things like urging a politician to consider how to go on a piece of legislation, we need to give solid reasons why, not just Bible verses. So a bit of each I think.

  6. I agree totally Bill. I look at the little ones I love and any small innocent child I see and I feel so sad. I wrote some years ago that I saw 1968 as the Tipping Point for Western society and nothing I have witnessed since has changed my mind only confirmed it. I know I am now old but I still enjoy meeting and engaging with people as I am by nature a “Happy Chap”. For your interest I jotted down a brief Blog article recently which you might like to comment on :

  7. James Coates’ sermon on “Directing Government to it’s Duty”
    GraceLife Church Edmonton Alberta was shut down and James has responded in civil disobedience, by continuing services with excess numbers and not masked etc.
    This week he spent Wednesday night in prison.
    This sermon has some really interesting concepts that we are not used to thinking about.
    It is his explanation for what he chose to do.
    The key is loving your neighbour.

  8. Bill, I am reminded of Peter’s preached words in Acts 10: “As for the word that he sent to Israel, preaching good news of peach through Jesus Christ (he is Lord of all), you yourselves know what happened throughout all Judea, beginning from Galilee after the baptism that John proclaimed: how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him.”

    Jesus went about doing good. Healing all who were oppressed by the devil, preaching the good news of God’s kingdom. Commanding repentance and belief. Ephesians 2 says we were created for good works in Christ, as our Savior exemplified them and showed us the way. Acts 1 says that we have been annointed with power to be witnesses to the truth, just as Jesus was – and with the same Holy Spirit power and fire. And Jesus said that he would be with us to the end, just as his Father was with him.

    So much going for us in Christ. So much enablement. I would urge all of us to glorify God with our lives. Good works. Preach the good news of God’s kingdom. Make crooked ways straight. All under the grace, enablement, and glory of God.

    We are headed toward disaster in the short term, and eternal life in the long term. We shall suffer. (One of the saddest outcomes of all this could very well be the invasion of the Chinese, I’m afraid.)

  9. I wonder if bonhoffer and his compadres felt the same way during the Nazis rise to power???

    ‘the sky has grown dark but it’s not too late….. the night is closing but it’s not too late.’
    ‘The atmosphere is lethal but I will fear no evil’

  10. First we overlook evil. Then we permit evil. Then we legalise evil. Then we celebrate evil. Then we persecute those who still call it evil.

    Remember a few years ago in NSW Parliament politicians and supporters cheering, hugging, high fiving and crying after legalizing abortion up to birth. And to top it off going to a champagne party afterwards with activists and their supporters!!!!

  11. As Doug Wilson and his friend, James White, have repeatedly said:
    “It is either Christ or Chaos”

  12. I grieve too for what I see happening all around me. It really hits home when it concerns those we love. I’ve been brought to my knees in despair many times over the last few years. And it has really tested my faith. But there is HOPE. Always hope. Jesus had a divine purpose…we as believers are called to follow his example. We must keep our ‘eyes on the prize’ and not become distracted or fearful. This is the work of the enemy. In the scriptures it is written, ‘The fear of man is a snare’. Trust God. Stay close to Him. Always look to Him. Yes. Trust God! God bless you Bill and thank you.

  13. Dear Bill. Thank you for your wise words. We must keep our hopes up and pray without ceasing but it is very hard when the darkness is so encompassing. Its the little children growing up I feel sorry for. So many of them growing up without fathers and who will never hear of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Its so sad!

  14. Dear Bill, this really hit home with me. Even while I struggle against the wickedness of this world, get involved with fighting against so many current evil agendas, write protesting letters to politicians (wow, what a waste of time and energy!) and try to stir up fellow Christians to at least pray for those who are suffering under godless laws…..I know you’re right. Our hope is not in what we can do, or what we inspire others to do… is in Jesus Christ alone. Anything which involves trust in what human beings can do, can only have one end…..complete failure.

  15. Thanks Jan. Yes it is a balancing act. We must know where our only one true hope lies, but at the same time we must keep fighting the good fight. So please do not stop all your great work! Bless you!

  16. Bill you have never been more correct! (And I find you very much correct at all times!)
    Our world, our culture, our very existence is beyond any hope other than a rescue from God and He will only rescue in response to the cries of repentance and true reformation!
    The only glimmer I see is in reading about the horrible cultural decay BEFORE the Great Awakenings.
    Paul Harvey did a commentary in which he said: “Sometimes sickness is so bad that only regurgitation will help.” And he said, “America may have to reach the regurgitation stage before we improve.” I for one am sick!

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