Diversity Perversity

When you hear the word “diversity,” head for the hills:

We now all know that one of the major mantras of the radical left is the call for “diversity”. Along with other buzz words like “tolerance” and “acceptance,” it is a word always bandied about by the progressives. But all these words never mean what you think they should mean.

For the left, diversity means affirming all cultures except the West. For the left, diversity means affirming all races except whites. For the left, diversity means affirming all genders except males (and they have an infinite number of genders nowadays). For the left, diversity means affirming all sexualities except heterosexuality. For the left, diversity means affirming all ‘family’ structures except the traditional family unit.

The leftist lexicon, in other words, contains words that mean radically different things than they do for you and me. Thus their words for tolerance and the like have absolutely nothing to do with our understanding of the terms. For the left, tolerance means NOT tolerating anyone who dares to differ with them, and anyone who does not buy their understanding of diversity.

Hundreds of articles found on this website would have documented the madness and intolerance of leftist diversity. And a major part of this of course involves the deconstruction of language. Verbal engineering always precedes social engineering. Those who control the language control the culture.

So the favourite pastime of the radical left is to seek to control the language. They completely redefine what words mean, or they ban certain words altogether. We see this happening all the time. Consider some more recent cases of this – and they are real shockers.

The move to ban words like “mother” and “father” have been going on for decades now, and I have been documenting this for quite some time. One of the most recent – and most idiotic – attempt to do this comes from one of Australia’s premier universities, the Australian National University in Canberra. Get a load of what the num nums there are now demanding. As one news item states:

Australia’s leading university has encouraged staff to use “parent-inclusive language”, such as “chestfeeding” instead of “breastfeeding” and “human milk” rather than “mother’s milk”. Similarly, the terms “mother” and “father” should be replaced with “gestational” and “nongestational” parent, according to the Australian National University’s Gender-Inclusive Handbook.

Published last year by the Canberra university’s Gender Institute, the handbook describes itself as a guide intended for “any ANU student or staff member involved” in teaching. It offers recommendations to “uplift female and gender minority students”. In a section about student parents, the handbook notes that while “many students will identify as ‘mothers’ and ‘fathers’, using these terms alone to describe parenthood excludes those who do not identify with gender-binaries”. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/anu-urges-staff-to-say-chestfeeding-instead-of-breastfeeding-gestational-parent-instead-of-mother/news-story/bedde8c10621bcf23ab18b8cec7ffb95

Good grief – idjuts! Um, earth calling ideologies: every single one of you militants actually have a mother and a father. There I said it, so shoot me already. You would not exist without your mum and dad. And one day – heaven forbid – you might even become a mum or a dad.

But in the name of “diversity,” and to pander to the small minority of sexual radicals, they want to destroy the English language. And along with it they want to destroy biology and reality. We have a term for those who try to do stuff like this: fools.

One meme making the rounds on the social media shows a picture of a dad holding a toddler, desperately trying to teach him to say “non-birthing parent” and the like instead of “dada”. Yep, ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ are now verboten, while we run with the politically correct ‘gestational adult’ or whatever. As I say: idjuts!

On her very important website Binary, Kirralie Smith said this:

This social engineering attempt makes these academics look plain stupid. It is absurd that tax-payer money and student fees are spent funding such nonsense. These people need to get out of their bubble and spend some time in the real world where mothers and fathers are recognised and accepted due to biological reality. Redefining terms is a form of indoctrination, not education. Universities are being hijacked by activists who are not interested in facts, truth, evidence or scientific reality. https://www.binary.org.au/australian_university_academics_reveal_a_new_level_of_stupidity

And as Exhibit #2 of this activist insanity, consider more madness from the ever-mad ABC – you know, that hotbed of radicalism that us poor taxpayers have to keep alive with over a billion dollars a year. Here is what one report says about this latest case of moonbattery:

TV production companies must now meet minimum diversity requirements, ensuring the inclusion of “under-represented people and perspectives”, in order for their programs to be commissioned by the ABC. From Monday, all externally produced series ordered by two major divisions of the public broadcaster – entertainment and specialist, and regional and local – must comply with the ABC’s diversity and inclusion commissioning guidelines for screen content.

“While we already prioritise diversity and inclusion at the ABC, this is the first time we have prescribed guidelines to track progress towards our goal of looking and sounding like contemporary Australia,” said Michael Carrington, ABC’s director of entertainment and specialist programming. “We’ve already taken steps in this direction but we need to do more to better reflect the wonderful diversity of this nation.”

As a general rule, externally-produced series must be either about under-represented communities or experiences, or include at least one main cast member who is Indigenous Australian or from a culturally or linguistically diverse background, someone who lives with a disability or someone who identifies as LGBTQI+. Production companies must also “demonstrate representation” of these communities among key staff such as writers, producers and directors; and at least half of the main cast and crew must be women or people who identify as “gender diverse”. https://www.smh.com.au/culture/tv-and-radio/nothing-about-us-without-us-abc-unveils-new-diversity-rules-20210212-p5720s.html

Mindboggling! But never mind all the hypocrisy here. The woke activists have been telling us for years that it is just fine for Black actors to play white roles, but it is a terrible sin for a straight guy to play a homosexual character. Double standards much? And one can imagine where all this is heading.

The next time the ABC wants to do a remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, they will of course have to use ‘Sand Black’ for the lead role, and the seven will be comprised of three giants, two dolphins, one lesbian weightlifter, and one package of bird seed. Let’s keep that diversity rolling ABC. I repeat: Idjuts!

The truth is, the last federal census found that there are 1500 trans folks in Australia. How many people live in this country? Let me tell you: 25.5 million. So you do the math. We are pushing all this madness to keep a tiny fraction of a percent of people happy.

One last quick example. A Sydney childcare centre is foisting radical gender bender nonsense on the hapless toddlers there. Says one report:

Outraged parents have pulled their three-year-old from a childcare centre after it promoted gender fluidity through story books to pre-schoolers. The Only About Children Warriewood West pre-school on Sydney’s Northern Beaches told parents last month it was reading ‘Julian is a Mermaid’ to children – a book about a boy who dreams of becoming a girl.

The centre added they were also reading the children a book called ‘Pink Is For Boys’ to challenge the ‘stereotypical blue/pink gender binary’. One father said he removed his son from the pre-school when he found out about the reading sessions.

‘Our three-year-old son is still learning to talk, use the toilet and, like most kids, struggles with big emotions and just needs love,’ the father told The Daily Telegraph. The pre-school said they were reading children a book called ‘Pink Is For Boys’ to challenge the ‘stereotypical blue/pink gender binary’. 

‘Childcare should be providing and concerning themselves with the essentials of our child’s wellbeing and not planting thoughts into our precious little ones that are irrelevant and inappropriate to his learning at this stage.’ The school said it was following new guidelines set by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian – a regulatory organisation for childcare providers. The centre added the books were recommended reading by Early Childhood Australia to help teach children ‘individuality’ and ‘inclusion’. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9264335/Parents-pull-three-year-old-Sydney-preschool-finding-gender-fluidity-lessons.html

Good on those outraged parents who have put the wellbeing of their own small children ahead of this radical gender madness. And thankfully we have terrific politicians like the head of One Nation in NSW Mark Latham slamming this idiocy.

He said it was ‘appalling’ children of such a young age were being introduced to sexual fluidity. Many people, myself included, regard reading these books as a form of child abuse, completely inappropriate, age inappropriate material for three and four year olds.’ 

War has been declared on our children. And it has been declared on the family, on common sense, on biology, and on reality. This is straight out of Orwell’s 1984. The calls for diversity by the lunar left are really just calls for perversity. Heaven help us all.

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9 Replies to “Diversity Perversity”

  1. What a terrifying thought that these radical leftists could have children of their as bill mentioned, God have mercy on those poor little souls.

  2. “….War has been declared on our children….”

    Those in the military colleges may have our backs – two full battalions are now almost exclusively ‘fatherless’ — That’s a statement that’s being made —- someone sees that meaningful employment is clearly in the best interests of males. And proper role models for all aspects of life.
    But they won’t be females in the civilian arm of government that see that — as every time I see them on TV as opposed to their sisters in the senior ranks of the police and military – the more I see the lack of respect for males, the lack of concern towards their common issues, and the less civilian females are on ‘top of their subject matter’ on most matters, and the less civility shown in general by them.

    The results of feminism and ‘progressivism’ are more often than not placed in the sunlight on the floor in the justice arm of government, a courtroom, and increasingly worse a coroners courtroom. Well at least the kids make an attempt at remorse – see the stupidity in their ways – and start turning their lives around.

    Thanks Bill and God Bless.

  3. “Diversity” as used as a Newspeak term – what they really mean is uniformity to their narrow ideas, & if you disagree you are “intolerant” & “bigoted”

  4. “Non-gestational parent” is nine syllables, compared to two for “father” or one for “dad.”

    These idjuts need to be reminded that they are wasting precious energy and creating more CO2 by their long-winded expressions!

    Not to mention the loss of productivity in their workplace (if universities can be called that!). It will cost the uni a lot more to run the courses they teach because they will spend a lot more time handling the new jargon.

  5. Of course the idiocy is evident in the fact that that even for males to produce milk (which, apparently, is possible with artificial hormones etc.) you still need breast tissue to produce milk. The breast tissue is where the milk is formed.

    And, of course, the outrageous attitude from the ABC means that Christian truth is not only under-represented at the ABC it is, in reality, completly banned and someone needs to inform the ABC that discriminating on the basis of race, sex or “sexual orientation” is, in fact, against the law.

    Of course the ABC has been flouting the law for years now in refusing to give balanced views and balanced, objective reporting including, but not limited to, its ongoing witch-hunts and I am certain that without large scale sackings their illegal, immoral and corrupt actions will only get worse. All that is happening is they are honing their already hugely proficient propaganda skills.

  6. 1984 was written as a warning. The Left has taken it as Holy Writ and uses it as a manual for creating their kind of Utopia.

  7. They scream for more diversity whilst at the same time scream for less diversity. The only diversity they want is a certain type and for certain groups and identities. The West is spiralling into the pit of degeneracy and perversity in a huge way. Christian West defeated Hitler then post modernists took over and have have given us: cultural Marxism, feminism, gender ideology, the abortion holocaust, the destruction of the family, the destruction of universities, pop culture entertainment, the plague of pornography, nihilism, hedonism….

  8. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
    ~Inigo Montoya

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