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Old Hippies Never Die

Jan 31, 2007

The recent anti-war march in Washington saw the resurrection of old Hollywood lefties still trying to maintain the rage. These included the perennial activist, “Hanoi Jane” Fonda. All the other usual suspects were there, including Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon and

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Christmas Becoming an Endangered Species

Dec 15, 2006

Is Christmas on the way out? Well, certainly not the commercialised and consumeristic version. That is alive and well. But the real Christmas may well be under threat, and headed for oblivion, at least in the public square. We are

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Child Neglect and Fatherless Households

Dec 8, 2006

Much is made of the tragic problems of child abuse and child neglect. The latter can take many forms, but one of the most important, yet underrated, examples of neglect is when a child is deliberately brought into the world

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Celebrities on a Crusade

Nov 21, 2006

It’s amazing how many actors, rock stars and other celebrities are coming out of the woodwork to lecture us on all manner of issues of political and social importance. It seems each passing day we have people who are better

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Elton John and Tolerance

Nov 16, 2006

Many media outlets reported the recent remarks made by pop star Elton John. He argued that religions were by nature intolerant and bigoted, and they should be banned. Of course his main gripe was so-called homophobia. He claimed that religions

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The Truth About the Religious Right

Nov 9, 2006

There were some very interesting comments about faith and politics made recently by a Victorian Labor MP. Health Minister Bronwyn Pike said that we all must be concerned about the sinister “influence of the religious right” in Australia. (Jason Dowling,

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Marriage Takes a Beating

Oct 31, 2006

When radical social experiments are undertaken, it takes a while for the dust to settle and for clear assessments to be made as to how beneficial or damaging the changes have been. The current assault on marriage is a good

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I Love My Progenitor A

Oct 27, 2006

Welcome to the future. If you want to know where Australia is heading, just look at countries that are a few steps ahead. Consider Holland for example. Or Canada. These are two nations that have moved so far down the

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The Demise of the Australian Democrats

Oct 24, 2006

Several recent events surely spell the end of the Australian Democrats. Three in particular come to mind: their electoral decline of the last few years; the announced retirement of one of their leading stars; and their continued war against religion.

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Separation of Church and State

Oct 20, 2006

There is a lot of confused thinking about the concept of separation of church and state in particular, and the role of faith in public life in general. The former is often used by secularists to insist that religion should

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Time To De-radicalise Our Schools

Oct 9, 2006

Federal Education Minister Julie Bishop caused quite a stir last week when she made a two-part suggestion about our education system. One, she proposed a standardised national curriculum, and two, she argued that the hegemony of left-wing ideology over our

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Religion, Sanity and Secularism

Oct 5, 2006

Religion in the public arena has been getting a lot of attention recently. The Australian Democrats are fearful of Christian influence in politics. (Indeed, I was attacked in the Melbourne Age today by their leader over this very issue.) On

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Education Wars

Sep 28, 2006

As has been frequently documented, our educational institutions have by and large been captured by the ideological Left and the forces of political correctness. The three Rs have for some time now been replaced by various left wing causes, ideological

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Our Bigoted Australian Democrats

Sep 22, 2006

Many people would be aware of a survey the Democrats launched several months ago to look at the role of religion in politics. Of course, given the secular bias of the Democrats, the real purpose of this “survey” was not

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Why All the Anti-Christian Bigotry?

Sep 21, 2006

It is to be expected that followers of Jesus will encounter persecution, abuse and vilification. Jesus had to endure it, and he told us that we would as well.

But why the animosity to committed followers of Jesus? Well, sometimes

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When PC Endangers Our Children

Sep 20, 2006

Children are our most precious commodity. How we treat the next generation will determine how society fares. Treat our kids poorly, and society will suffer.

Several articles in the Australian last week show what a miserable state of affairs we

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Are Our Universities Biased?

Sep 18, 2006

This of course is a rhetorical question, much like, Is the Pope Catholic? Western universities have been hotbeds of radicalism and leftist ideology for some time now, certainly since the 60s, when they were deliberately targeted by the New Left,

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