Targeting and Recruiting Children

It is a sad fact of life that our most vulnerable and most innocent members are most at risk of exploitation and abuse. Children need all the protection they can get from any sort of harm or predatory assaults. If we fail to protect our children we can no longer call ourselves a civilised society.

Another fact of life is that the homosexual lifestyle is a dead-end lifestyle. By its very nature it is a sterile, barren lifestyle. Homosexuals cannot reproduce, so the only way they can continue is by recruitment. And there has been a sad history of older homosexuals recruiting younger people into their orbit.

Indeed, many homosexuals speak of being introduced to the homosexual lifestyle by someone older, while they were still in their teens. Consider this representative quote: “Nobody is fooled when we proclaim that the gay movement has nothing to do with kids and their sexuality. . . . Many of us – both women and men – had our first homosexual experience with partners who were older than ourselves”.  Indeed, one study found that 75 per cent of homosexual men report their first homosexual experience before the age of sixteen. This compares to 22 per cent of heterosexual men reporting their first heterosexual experience.

A well known saying affirms that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Homosexual activists know this all too well. As one lesbian put it, “Whoever captures the kids owns the future”. Thus we find the constant attempts by homosexual activists to influence children.

There have been many such attempts lately to get access to young people. For example, in the United States the New Jersey Supreme Court has ordered the Boy Scouts to admit homosexuals. The Girl Scouts have also caved into Political Correctness. Indeed, according to some Scout staffers, one in three of the Girl Scouts’ paid professional staff is lesbian. And in the United Kingdom, the English Scout Association recently lifted the ban on homosexuals becoming troop leaders.

In Australia a number of homosexual activities have made many conclude that children are indeed being targeted by older homosexuals. Several years ago a large outcry arose over the discovery of homosexual swap cards. The cards, which featured sexually explicit photos, pictures and cartoons, were part of a safe-sex campaign.

Also, in a recent edition of a Melbourne homosexual newspaper, there was a large article entitled “Comics come out”. The article described how mainstream as well as underground comic book makers are increasingly using homosexual characters and themes in their comics. Homosexual superheroes have been featured, along with graphic homosexual scenes and dialogue. Indeed, one comic, The Authority, features two main characters who are homosexual superheroes.

Another article in the homosexual press on the same issue reported that there are “probably around a hundred gay characters out there” in comics right now. Given that children are usually the main readers of comics, one has to ask if recruitment is not part of the strategy.

And we also have homosexual cartoon characters in both TV series and in the movies. Consider Utena, Revolutionary Girl, an anime character who is a lesbian. Anime, or Japanese animation, is of course hugely popular with children – (Pokemon being but one example). Advertisements for Utena the movie feature in homosexual newspapers.

Along the same lines, what is one to make of the world’s first talking homosexual dolls? The dolls, which have been sold in the US and Europe, were made available in shops for Christmas 2003 in Australia. Openly homosexual Elton the Biker (complete with nipple rings), and his plastic counterpart Marshall, evidently have sold well overseas. Given that dolls are usually the kind of thing that children, not adults, play with, one has to ask if this is another recruiting attempt.

Let me finish by noting one more quite recent example of this. I have already mentioned the Boy Scouts. This movement of course was originally established as a Christian initiative. The way the Scouts are now being heavily targeted by homosexual activists would have the founder rolling in his grave.

Here is how one news outlet covers the story: “The Scout Association has revealed plans to boost its number of homosexual members and leaders. But the move has been criticised for ‘steering the organisation’ away from its original Christian values.

“John Cormack, of the Scottish Christian Party, said: ‘My reaction to this is one of dismay and I suspect many other people will also be deeply concerned.’ He added: ‘This is a huge step-change away from the Christian founding ethos of the Scout movement.’

“The half-a-million-strong movement has released a video as part of the campaign, which will also let Scouts attend homosexual marches in uniform. Wayne Bulpitt, the association’s UK chief commissioner, appeared in the video for homosexual lobby group Stonewall.”

One can think of no better place for older homosexuals to come into contact with young people, and actively recruit them into this harmful lifestyle. By allowing this to happen we are really permitting child neglect, if not child abuse. Targeting children now seems to be given the green light.

And of course the biggest outcry will come from various “enlightened” quarters, not against this outrage against children, but against myself and anyone else who dares to point this out, and sound the alarm. In our politically correct and morally numb culture, the only offence is to speak out against such activist shenanigans.

In an age of tolerance the active targeting of children is not only promoted but celebrated, while the attempt to protect children will be howled down with shouts of derision. Indeed, this is quite par for the course nowadays. But I for one will continue to speak out, until the forces of “tolerance” shut my site down or have locked me up.

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  1. Yes, Bill. This is obviously an attempt at recruitment. It is in the homosexual community’s interests to expand their percentage in the community and they, like several other nefarious organizations, have their collective eye on the next generation. If they are going to recruit in the schools, they are certainly going to recruit where they are not so much under the scrutiny of a very visible umbrella like public education. There are also other groups in society targeting this generation. Look out for occult organizations forming pseudo spiritual groups modeled on Christian youth groups, funded by other occultists and using such bait as Harry Potter etc. to interest kids in learning how to cast spells etc. The race is on, and if Christians don’t rise up and meet the challenge, we’re going to lose out on the next generation.
    Dee Graf

  2. Great article, something we really need to watch out for. I did have one point of contention though, I have seen a number of different anime series and some of them are clearly not aimed at children. I don’t know about Revolutionary Girl Utena, but saying it’s aimed at children simply because it uses the same animation style as Pokemon would be like saying Lost was aimed at children because it’s live action and sesame street is live action.
    Andrew Huxley

  3. Thank you Bill for bringing to this matter to our attention, I pray that the Lord will keep you strong, and that more people will sign up to your website. If they ever lock you up I suspect that like the apostle Paul you will keep writing, and standing up for righteousness. God bless.

    Garry Brown

  4. Another place our children are being targetted is in schools. Posters explaining or even extolling the homosexual lifestyle are commonly displayed in schools.
    One from the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard which is funded in part by the Commonwealth National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy reads, ” Only 9 in 10 young people are attracted to the opposite sex.”
    We have a 10% rate of homosexuality now? Someone has been reading the Kinsey Report with a naive, uncritical eye!
    Another favourite is to advertise a University Study into same sex attraction and invite students to participate. This method elicits a commitment to the homosexuality from vulnerable adolescents. Very clever!
    Jane Munro

  5. You’re either gay or you’re not. The notion of “recruiting” people into being gay is blatant and absurd paranoia, nothing more. No wonder most authorities find you Xtians a laughing stock!
    Dursley McLinden

  6. Thanks Dursley

    Of course as is so typical of your side, you refuse to deal with the evidence. I just wrote a piece citing a number of cases of how homosexual activists are targeting children, and you just ignore it. Instead you simply throw out a statement with no support at all, and engage in a bit of ad hominem attack as well.

    The fact that many thousands of people have left the homosexual lifestyle gives lie to your claims. But I realise that your side is not interested in truth here, only in pushing your agenda.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. One does not have to voice any opinion concerning the connection between homosexuality and paedophilia to be condemned as suffering from rabid homophobia. But to simply post such links as this is guaranteed to generate “a fanatical frenzy that is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia is in a dog”:

    I also recommend that people view the site, and from the left hand side menu, select Murder and Molestation 2011, and see how many scout leaders there are in this list alone.

    David Skinner, UK

  8. Well done Bill. Keep up the good work in a world seemingly gone mad.
    Philip Richards

  9. Dursley McLinden wrote (13.6.11 5pm)

    “You’re either gay or you’re not.”

    Well, then, why all this promoting of the lifestyle, this opposition to those who disagree?

    If you hold to such a deterministic viewpoint (a variation on “gays are born that way”), there should be no need, and we as opponents should be left alone because what we say won’t matter.

    But your opposition to our views demonstrates that you can’t live with your own statement, and in fact recruitment is the only way into the homosexual lifestyle.

    You have just shot yourself in the foot, or been hoist with your own petard.

    John Angelico

  10. Maybe Dursley McLinden should purchase a copy of “A Queen Thing Happened to America”. This most enlightening book would provide him with all the answers from the homosexual community.

    Dursley should also know that there is no medical evidence that human beings are born gay and no researcher has yet discovered a ‘gay’ gene. So one can choose or reject the homosexual lifestyle.

    Madge Fahy

  11. Some people may well believe that they have always felt attracted to the same sex but this has nothing to do with a state of being, like being black or white. No matter how hard I try, or people affirm me in my whiteness or blackness, nothing changes. I yam what I yam. But people do change their affections from being heterosexual to homosexual and from homosexual to heterosexual. Some become asexual and some become polysexual. Unlike the colour of our skin, which comes from our genes, our sexual affections come from our souls, from our thinking and emotions. Jesus Christ came to restore and heal us not only physically but spiritually, emotionally, mentally.

    David Skinner, UK

  12. Mr. McLinden has just voiced one of the pansexual agenda paradigm hypothetical constructs invented to be used in their propaganda – the ‘straight/gay dichotomy.’

    Another of their theoretical construct is the ‘sexual orientation’ or ‘sexual identity.’

    These are used as ‘talking points’ or sound bites to repetitively get their paradigm into the public consciousness.

    The experience of same sex attraction is a powerful motivator that comes from a need to compensate for pain, a deficit of identity, missing nurture and affirmation, generally due to a breach in the relationship with one’s same sex parent (due to abandonment, apathy, divorce, conflict, abuse, etc) or other deeply painful adult or peer experiences. The person consequently does not feel complete, and does not have a sense of belonging with ‘normal’ same-sex peers.

    The sexualized same-sex relationship becomes a means of compensating for those deficits.

    The LBGT labels are just that, labels, substitute, assumed, arrested or stolen identities, that help supply the lack of identity and maturity. The group lifestyle serves as a cult group giving a sense of belonging. However, these groups can be aggressive, defensive, defiant and vindictive and do not welcome any disagreement or defection from its company.

    Mr McLinden was just expressing his belief in the pansexual paradigm and his inability to tolerate a differing point of view.

    Scripture, science and statistics all differ with the pansexuals’ belief system. Reality imposes its own consequences when their system or theories are put into practice as CDC, research, clinical medicine and mental health and police reports testify. Same-sex sex is correlated with a horrific abundance of negative outcomes – depression, suicide, violence, STDs, early death and in the places where homo/bi/etc. sexual activity is most approved and legalized, the negative results increase exponentially.

    God will not be mocked. God’s commandments and moral laws are reality, built on and produce His unchanging holy goodness and Character. We cannot break His laws, we only break ourselves in the attempt.

    Sin is always harmful, to ourselves and everyone connected to us, spirit, soul and body.

    The Church is desperately in need to learn to help and heal those afflicted with identity disorientations. We are the hospital, the healing redemptive family of God, not the courthouse and historical society.

    May we bring back that power of redemption and restoration that the early church knew – I Corinthians 6:9-20 – so that we may say, as in v.11, ‘such were some of you.’

    We see this healing and redemptive koinonia fellowship in our Celebrate Recovery ministries. May it spread. Amen.

    Sibyl Smith

  13. You fundo Christians are the biggest bunch of intolerant nutcases on the planet these days. No wonder people are leaving organised religion in droves. Have you people ever heard the term “tolerant” or the expression “love one another”. Judging by your rants and your sick obsession with other people’s sexuality, obviously you haven’t. You all ought to take a good look at yourselves.
    Mike Smith

  14. Thanks Mike

    OK, we will all try so much to be “tolerant” and “love one another” as you so nicely demonstrate to us here.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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