Children in the Crosshairs

I was at a meeting recently in which a professional expressed concern about how children will be exposed to homosexual propaganda in sex education classes. He was right to be so concerned, but he was far too limited in his understanding about such propaganda.

The truth is, every area of school is being used by homosexual activists to push their agenda. Any class will do, and any topic will suffice. They certainly are not restricting their offensive to the obvious classes like sex ed. They will use any and every class to promote their radical agenda.

This was made perfectly clear in a very recent piece from the English press. Entitled “‘Gay lessons’ in maths, geography and science,” it spoke about how children are to be “taught about homosexuality in maths, geography and science lessons as part of a Government-backed drive to ‘celebrate the gay community’.”

The article begins as follows: “Lesson plans have been drawn up for pupils as young as four, in a scheme funded with a £35,000 grant from an education quango, the Training and Development Agency for Schools. The initiative will be officially launched next month at the start of ‘LGBT History Month’ – an initiative to encourage teaching about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual issues. The lesson plans, spread across the curriculum, will be offered to all schools.”

The article continues,

“Among the suggestions are:
Maths – teaching statistics through census findings about the number of homosexuals in the population, and using gay characters in scenarios for maths problems;
Design and technology – encouraging pupils to make symbols linked to the gay rights movement;
Science – studying animal species where the male takes a leading role in raising young, such as emperor penguins and sea horses, and staging class discussions on different family structures, including same-sex parents;
Geography – examining the transformation of San Francisco’s Castro district in the 1960s from a working-class Irish area to the world’s first ‘gay neighbourhood’, and considering why homosexuals move from the countryside to cities;
Languages – using gay characters in role play scenarios, and teaching ‘LGBT vocabulary’.

“The lesson plans, written by teachers and backed by the Department for Education, will be available for schools to download from the Schools Out website. For younger children, the plans will suggest using images of same sex couples and also promoting books such as ‘And Tango Makes Three’, which is about two male penguins raising a young chick, inspired by actual events at New York’s Central Park Zoo.”

Such homosexual propaganda, aimed at our youngest, most innocent, and most vulnerable school children is not new of course. All over the Western world public school systems have become hotbeds of pro-homosexual indoctrination and propaganda.

Our youngest of children are in the crosshairs, and an all-out war has been declared against them. Consider just a handful of examples – of many – taking place here in Australia. At a 1995 conference on Schooling and Sexualities at Deakin University a number of pro-homosexual proposals were made. Speakers told the delegates that homosexuality should be taught as acceptable to primary and secondary students, and gay relationships should be recognised through school projects.

In 1995 the Victorian Association for the Teachers of English said that AIDS and homosexuality studies should be incorporated into mainstream English studies. It said that the study of English must embrace “the burgeoning field of lesbian and gay studies,” and that teachers need to “promote awareness of homosexual issues”.

And the AEU called for pro-homosexual education to be integrated into all parts of the curriculum. It spoke of the “rights of all teachers to influence curricula in ways that will enhance understanding and acceptance of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men”.

In 2002 a pro-homosexual booklet was distributed to every secondary school in Victoria. The 72-page booklet, Alsorts, was jointly published by the Alternative Lifestyle Organisation (ALSO Foundation) and Deakin University. The book, filled with a number of statements that many would consider inaccurate and misleading, is just one of many attempts by the homosexual lobby to convince young people that homosexuality is an acceptable and positive lifestyle.

In New South Wales a recommended reading list of fiction and non-fiction books providing positive images of homosexuals and lesbians has been distributed to NSW schools. The lists have been distributed by the Department of School Education as a response to perceived anti-homosexual attitudes.

In a newspaper article entitled, “Sex survey shocks,” there was a story about a Wodonga (Victoria) High School course for 14-year-olds. Year 9 students were forced to answer a blatantly pro-homosexual questionnaire. The mandatory questionnaire, which students had to sign their names to, was part of a compulsory health class. The survey asked these sorts of questions:

-“If you have never slept with a person of the same sex, is it possible that all you need is a lesbian/gay lover?”
-“How can you become a whole person if you limit yourself to compulsive and exclusive heterosexual behaviour?”
-“Is it possible that your heterosexuality stems from a neurotic fear of others of the same sex?”

The students then had to discuss these questions in class. It is designed to show that homosexuality is just the same as heterosexuality, that the two are interchangeable. But they are not of course. This appears to be nothing but propaganda: forcing students to feel guilty about being heterosexual. This is just a blatant attempt to force the homosexual agenda upon impressionable young people.

Most 14-year-olds are too young to be questioned about explicit details in sexuality. Indeed, some 14-year-olds can’t even handle questions about what they want for breakfast! Thus our public schools, with our tax dollars, are pushing the homosexual agenda on our children.

One has to ask: Why are our tax dollars being used to indoctrinate teachers with pro-homosexual propaganda, who then in turn are expected to indoctrinate their students? Simply swap the word tobacco for homosexuality and see how this plays out.

Every class has some smoking students. We need to respect this diversity. We do not want them to feel stigmatised. We need to embrace them in their lifestyle choices. We should let all students know that smoking is as normal as non-smoking. The important thing is for all students to be tolerant and non-judgmental. We do not want the smoking students to feel alienated or vilified for his behaviour. No one lifestyle choice is better than another.

Does anyone really believe such an approach would get very far in our school systems? Homosexuality is a very dangerous and high risk lifestyle, just as smoking is. Why do we have such double standards in these areas? Why do we protect our children against tobacco while forcing them to embrace homosexuality?

In another example of pro-homosexual activities in our schools, the Tasmanian Committee for Human Rights Education recently gave three Tasmanian schools prizes for their “anti-homophobia” programs. The schools were given the awards after they trialed the six-week Pride and Prejudice courses. The schools are now planning to make the courses compulsory, and the Education Department plans to run the program state-wide.

Plenty of other examples could be mentioned. All this makes clear that a war against our children has been declared by the militant homosexual lobby and its social activist supporters. All throughout the school system our children are being targeted with this propaganda.

No wonder so many concerned parents are taking their children out of the state school system altogether. It seems it is more interested in sexualising and abusing our children than it is in providing them with a proper education. If your children are still in state schools, you had better start asking some hard questions and doing some careful research – before it is too late.

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  1. All the pieces of the ugly puzzle are falling into place; activist teachers, corrupt curriculum and media and hollywood advocacy or rather force of ungodly agendas. If satan is so determined to get his hands on the next generation, how much more should we be working to touch this same generation for God? I believe that there is a life or death tug of war for this coming generation as never before. If we don’t fight for the kingdom and to establish the Lordship of Jesus, He will ask us why. Let’s get involved with youth groups, scripture teaching and intercession, to name a few things we can do. If act in faith according to His will, He will back us up by the infinite resources of heaven.
    Dee Graf

  2. Good article, Bill, very clear headed. San Francisco? Are the kids going to be taught about the sado-masochism fair? Are the kids going to be taught about advocates for man-boy “love” (from NAMBLA) being allowed to march in homosexual “pride” marches? And in the science classes will they be taught about the psychotherapies available from NARTH that help homosexuals change over to the heterosexual norm? You cannot teach a favourable view of homosexuality without suppressing embarrassing facts about it. Some kids might be fooled but others will see through it.
    John Snowden

  3. When I first read the article in the Telegraph I thought that April 1st had come early.

    ‘LGBT people are part of the population and you can include them in most of your lessons when you are thinking inclusively.’ – Sue Saunders

    Thinking inclusively? !!!!!!!!!!!

    Iain Duncan, UK

  4. I read somewhere that because homosexuals and lesbians have been stigmatised by society there is now a drive to make up for past social rejection in the cause of fairness. A survey in UK 2010 suggests that they make up 1% of population, plus 5% being bi-sexual, so why does the majority have to be bombarded with propaganda about their lifestyle? The answer is social engineering. Although I have no interest in how people behave in private, when they involve children I think they have to be stopped. Children are leaving school without having mastered basic skills such as reading and writing and a recent report revealed that a large proportion of maths teachers have not grasped the subject themselves. Despite the onslaught of sex education, the UK has a high proportion of teenage unwanted pregnancies. So there has been a lot of ineffectual teaching of basic skills but a concentrated effort to promote the homosexual agenda. I shall be interested to see how muslim parents react when their children report back the samesex agenda, as it goes starkly against their religious beliefs and they will probably feel duty bound to object strongly, whereas Christians and secularists are “not sure”.

    It seems to boil down to a left wing, new order activist thing because you have to wonder why so many people go along with it.

    Rachel Smith, UK

  5. I am on the lookout at my 14 yo’s high school, the moment I see any of this crap I will be up to the principal as quick as a bullet. Incidentally she is a Christian so it will be very interesting to see if and when this stuff turns up at the school (God forbid!) how she will react to it. Some of this stuff just beggars belief!
    Steve Davis

  6. This is an outrageous example of social engineering. Critics of CRE claim that such classes are a form of indoctrination, but are strangely silent on this issue.
    Ross McPhee

  7. Hello Bill

    Have you any articles on just what you think we should be teaching children in practical terms about the gay people they will inevitably meet either at school, in the workplace, or society at large.

    Presumably we don’t teach them to go down to Kings Cross on Friday nights for some ‘poofter-bashing’. What about name-calling or alienation. What about acceptance vs no-go areas.

    Given that a person’s sexuality, gay, bi or straight, is only part of who they are, what should teachers for instance say about a known gay student in a high school who is suffering torment. “Love the sinner but hate the sin” might be a difficult concept for young people.

    I have known and worked with a number of gay people in my life (as most people no doubt have), and to be perfectly honest, they all just seemed like ordinary people to me, who I got along with same as anyone else.

    So I have developed the basic philosophy that a person’s sexuality is between them, God, and whoever else they wish to involve, eg counsellors etc. I treat them as I would treat anyone else. I also know young people who have gay friends, who they accept like their straight friends. They apperar to accept that there are people in the world who are gay and that’s that.

    The programs which you have outlined above are disgraceful. It is probably fairly common for young people to flirt briefly with alternate sexuality around puberty. Part of the process. But if correcting guidance is given by mature sexually responsible teaching, it is usually a passing phase. Programs you outline come at the worst possible time for impressionable young minds, maturing bodies and developing sexuality, and cannot lead to anything good.

    David Williams

  8. The only things 14-year-olds should be sleeping with is a teddy bear.
    David Williams

  9. Thanks David

    As to what we should be teaching children about this topic, I would say we should teach them the truth. Just as we warn children – and others – about such harmful and risky lifestyles as cigarette smoking, so we should be doing the same about the high risk and dangerous homosexual lifestyle. We certainly should not be glamourising it, promoting it, or soft-peddling it. People need to hear the truth about this, including the important truth that one does not have to be gay. Just as one can leave the addictive nicotine lifestyle, so one can – if one so wishes – leave the addictive homosexual lifestyle. Such truths need to be proclaimed loud and clear. But our MSM and schools are seldom doing this, but in fact are usually peddling just the opposite.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  10. I’m studying to be a teacher and reports like these are making me seriously consider whether I want to work in a public school! Not that some Christian schools (that I know of) are that much better (in terms of evolution and drug taking taught by a few teachers), but surely they would say no to this (we hope).

    But what if I’m a member of a minority group, and would like to be included across a facets of the curriculum? Is it discrimination if I can’t get my time in the spotlight?

    Christie Ewens

  11. That questionnaire is scary, talk about bias. My MIL doesn’t believe they would teach homosexuality to 5 yr olds. We don’t agree with her.

    Schools don’t just exist to impart facts to kids. There is an agenda. Everything is taught with the bias of the teachers, principals and governing authorities involved. You just have to look through the VELS to see the current agendas in our classrooms.

    Kylie Anderson

  12. To David Wiliams, tongue in cheek mate, my 14 yo is a little too old to be sleeping with a teddy bear! He sleeps with an Ipod!
    Steve Davis

  13. We should be teaching what we have been designed for and the correct way of living as we have been created for. Christians should stand up for their values, which is God’s value, as we know whom is our creator, we should be pleasing God not pleasing man. We are accountable for this generation. We should not let our children being snatched by the devil’s trick.
    Helen Ballard

  14. To Helen Ballard, You are absolutely right but the big thing is this – WHERE IS THE VOICE OF PROTEST FROM THE CHURCHES??? I have not seen one article or statement so far put out by any of the mainstream churches about this. You ask your fellow parishioners to sign a petition or something and all you seem to get is some mealy mouthed nonsensical excuse. I asked someone in my congregation a few months ago for his opinion on the Canberra Declaration and would he sign it and after reading his reply, I got the best sleep I’ve had in years!
    Steve Davis

  15. David, I tend to treat homosexual sin the same as other forms of premarital sex. I teach my children it is wrong. I warn them of the dangers. I show them from God’s word. I don’t go around bashing people living with their partners. I don’t think a homosexual should be any more offended or fell any more discriminated against than someone having extra marital sex. I don’t want the school teaching my children about GLBT sexuality and nor do I want them teaching my children about heterosexual sexuality. That is something my husband and I will do with God’s grace.

    Why do GLBTs get the special treatment? How about weaving Christianity into everything? Or Islam? Disabilities? Mental Illness? Environmentalism (OK that’s there already)? The list is endless.

    I confess we do weave the tapestry of God at work in the world into everything, but then he is already there if we but recognise him.

    Kylie Anderson

  16. A reason why children are exposed to approving propaganda on behalf of homosexuality whilst being warned off smoking, is that smokers are not perceived as members of an oppressed minority. Smokers are not counted among the victims of “traditional” morality etc.

    It would take too long to analyse here just how and why homosexuals have acquired the coveted status of victims in Western societies.

    Alex Anderson

  17. Too true Mr. Anderson. But the more important reason for targeting children is that if you control the beliefs of children you control the future of the country. That is why Satan is more interested in children than adults. As we grow older we begin to be set in our ways. If you are brought up in a strong Christian home than you will most likely be a strong Christian your whole life. And vic versa for atheism, homosexuality, evolutionism, buddhism and the lot. If Satan can control us humans all the way through our youth than we are almost as good as gone, not hopeless, but nearly there.
    We are soldiers in God’s heavenly army and we must fight, whether with words or with actions it does not matter we simply must stop lounging around.

    Raymond Cox

  18. Bill, I have attended the 2010 and the 2011 pre-launch to the LGBT History month, that runs every February and I am due to attend another Schoolsout conference in London, Saturday week. I will go in and be amongst maybe over a hundred gays, lesbians, transgender, transexual and bisexual educationists and their supporters from the Department of Education, Teaching Unions and charities like Barnardos and the National Society for the Protection of Children.

    At the end of the day I shall step out into the street and see a London bus go by, people walking about, going home or going the theatre. It will all look so normal and yet so different to world in which I been for the past six hours that I shall doubt that I really was there. But that surreal world is rising like a tide into our ever day lives, onto our television screens and into our schools. Soon reality will be something that exists only in our heads whilst we live in what will amount to be a frightening and lunatic world.

    We have seen the rehearsal of this madness in Soviet Russia, China, Cambodia and North Korea. We have no idea how this new experiment is going to unfold, but one things seems certain and that is that there will be no escape from it. No matter where we run.

    Churches need to get down on their knees and pray and fast. I would recommend that people read Daniel 10.

    David Skinner, UK

  19. Bill as I have said I attended the first pre-launch to the LGBT History month which was held in the British Museum in November 2009. Stephen Green of Christian Voice reported:

    “According to the website, the day will begin with a morning session in which local school pupils ‘will learn about objects in the Museum with relevant LGBT themes’. One of these objects will the Museum’s marble bust of the Roman emperor Hadrian. The school children will be told he was a famous gay man, but probably not that he was a predatory paedophile who molested his pre-pubescent houseboy Antinous. Hadrian proceeded to initiate the impressionable boy into a full homosexual affair, which only ended with the latter’s mysterious death by drowning in his mid-twenties in or around AD123. Hadrian had a statue built to commemorate him and declared him a deity. Homosexual men have been worshipping images of well-favoured youths ever since.”

    I know this is true because I accompanied these children around the Museum. The director of the British Museum is Neil MacGregor, a homosexual, as are many of the directors of public cultural institutions in London. In the afternoon there were a number of session for teachers, through which I also sat. Listen to John Harold, a queer teacher, who also makes mention of Hadrian and his boy lover. Listen also to his enthusiasm about his indoctrination and grooming of children on an industrial scale:

    David Skinner, UK

  20. Also in your article, Bill, you mention that “Lesson plans have been drawn up for pupils as young as four, in a scheme funded with a £35,000 grant from an education quango, the Training and Development Agency for Schools.” The man in charge of TDA is Pav Akhtar. He has responsibility for the professional development of over 40,000 teachers, every single year. In this clip he outs himself as a proud gay Muslim amidst cries of joy from the audience.

    Listen to the way he tells the assemble “educators” that though, compared to promoting homosexuality through dance, music and drama, the use of legislation might sound dull, it certainly is not. What he really meant to say, but didn’t, was that legislation will mean that teachers who do not conform to gay ideology will either be forced to attend diversity training, take demotions, be fired or face huge fines.

    David Skinner, UK

  21. Or what about this? Listen to Ellie Barnes who then was Head of Year 11 (Aus 10) and a music teacher at school in Stoke Newington. Listen to the way she and others mock the isolated, Christian parent who is made to look like a homophobic bigot for complaining that their child is being brain washed.

    In fact people should watch the whole afternoon’s performance. In the evening Ben Bradshaw, the then homosexual secretary of State for Culture and Sport came to do a text book cultural Marxist talk. This was followed by the black Leninist, Sir Trevor Phillips who is head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission that is currently is persecuting Mr and Mrs Bull, a Christian couple who run a Christian Bed and Breakfast business in their home in Cornwall, for not offering a double bed to two queers.

    Please sign the petition:

    David Skinner, UK

  22. Thank you David Skinner for your posts, which have a fresh angle as usual. I didn’t know about Hadrian and the child abuse. Did you know that the Roman poet Juvenal mentioned a Roman experiment in homosexual “marriage”? He seems to have seen it as freakish and not to be taken seriously.
    John Snowden

  23. Just another reason why I won’t be letting my children within kooee of a school institution…
    Katie Donovan

  24. John Snowden, Men having sex with men has always been viewed as being unnatural. The criticism of homosexuality as some would suggest is not a modern prejudice, homophobia, towards something that has always been accepted. St. Athanasius 350 A.D wrote:

    “And such a one is the god Antinous, that was the emperor Hadrian’s minion and the slave of his unlawful pleasure. A wretch that when worshipped in obedience to the Emperor’s command, and to fear of his vengeance, knew and confessed to be a man, and not a good deserving man neither, but a sordid and loathsome instrument of his master’s lust. This shameless and scandalous boy died in Egypt when the court was there; and forthwith his Imperial majesty issued out an order or edict strictly requiring and commanding his loving subjects to acknowledge his departed page a deity and to pay him his quota of of divine reverences and honours as such; a resolution and act which did more effectually publish and testify to the world how entirely the Emperor’s unnatural passion survived the foul object of it; and how much his master was devoted to memory, than it recorded his own crime and condemnation, immortalized his infamy and shame, and bequeathed to mankind a lasting and notorious specimen of the true origin and extraction of all idolatry.”

    Katie I would suggest that in addition to protecting your own children from what is not just a disorder but a curse, become acquainted with the subtle arguments of the enemy and learn how to make them captive to the word of God. God bless and protect you, your children and all of us from the coming onslaught.

    David Skinner, UK

  25. Thanks to David Skinner for the video links regarding the active promotion of homosexuality. It’s alarming to see how embedded in the education system these proponents seem to be. The first speaker at the LGBT history month conference played to the gallery for cheap laughs about cute little children who gamely tried to show they were understanding what he was saying, from whom he hid the true nature of his agenda. He had got past the first post of grooming these children.

    The second speaker, the muslim gay, gave the audience ten minutes of self-confessed, unmitigated verbal diarrhoea, in the interest of furthering his career, about what he himself called boring legislation, occasionally interspersed by the inane titters of the converted in his audience.

    It is true that many homosexuals have achieved distinction in great works in all walks of life. However their private sexual proclivities should not be promoted at the expense of the natural male/female mating process by which humans reproduce, which is what children need to understand. I detected in the speakers a sense of victimisation despite their bravado.

    I presumed that the LBGT agenda would be unacceptable to muslims – it is apparently not as clear cut as I thought and I attach a link below which discusses homosexuality from the viewpoint of Islam, which I think speaks more explicitly about their stance on the matter than any Christian text on the Christian stance that I have read. On the other hand, polygamy is acceptable to Islam although rarely practised, which is anathema in western culture.

    Unfortunately there is much disillusion with Christian belief because of inconsistencies and travesties, such as the collaboration of the Roman Catholic church with the nazi war criminals in crimes against humanity, and the indefensible sexual abuse by catholic priests and church ministers against children entrusted to their care thus opening the door for Humanism to attempt a take-over. Without the moral compass of God, attempts at social engineering are doomed to fail. As it is, we are starting to see the rise of that I call “frightening morons” in local government who lack and probably despise intelligence, and would prefer to robo-check and nod through all manner of legislation which exposes us all to danger and demise down the line.

    Rachel Smith

  26. Also at this year’s pre-launch to the 2011 LGBT history month was this contribution from Dr Eric Anderson, a gay man from California (where else!!), who teaches at Bath University. What he says confirms what many of us have been saying for a long time; and that is that homosexuality is a psycho-socio and ideological manifestation and not genetic or a fundamental and immutable part of a person’s nature. And that it can be adopted by the rest of society.

    To put this to the test I did a bit of googling and found to my dismay this:

    Peter Tatchell, in his article, Beyond Equality, which needs to be read in its entirety (below) looks forward to the day when there will no longer be gays and straight because we will all, or rather our children, will have become queered. He says:

    “Homophobia also damages heterosexuals because it means they are denied the pleasure of relationships with half of humanity. Emotionally and sexually cut off from people of the same sex, their potential range of experience is narrowed by 50 per cent. It is not rational to exclude the possibility of loving someone because they happen to be of the same gender. Yet millions of hets do it; depriving themselves of some wonderful sexual and emotional opportunities.
    It follows that queer politics has an agenda beyond law reform and legal equality. Its aim is the transformation of society to ensure sexual liberation for everyone.
    This post-equality agenda involves a fundamental renegotiation of sexual values and laws. It seeks an end to heterosexual hegemony and to all erotic guilt and repression.
    The assimilation of queers is not just bad for lesbians and gay men. It is also indirectly against the interests of straights. Mere equalisation of the law perpetuates the sex-negative status quo, which hurts them as well as us. Everyone would benefit from a more sexually enlightened culture.
    The absurd laws against prostitution and pornography illustrate this point. Securing legal equality for queer sex workers would be a limited advance. Homosexual prostitutes, and their clients, would simply face equal criminalisation and harassment as their heterosexual counterparts. What is needed is the complete repeal of the laws against prostitution, and their replacement by legislation that recognises the right of people to control their own bodies and to use them in any way they wish, providing it is with consent and no one is harmed.
    A similar principle should apply to pornography. There is nothing shameful or obscene about the human body, including pricks and pussies. Sex is not dirty, but something to be shared and enjoyed. So why shouldn’t we be able to view explicit sexual acts, both hetero and homo? After all, using porn to wank with is a safe form of sex which can help reduce the spread of HIV. For people who are not able-bodied, young and handsome, and for those who find it difficult to meet sexual partners because they live in remote communities, porn is often one of their few means of sexual fulfilment. Why should it be disparaged and criminalised?
    It is not good enough to only seek an end to the way gay porn is more strictly censored than straight porn. Lots of explicit images of sexual acts between men and women are also banned. Equality with heterosexuals under the anti-porn laws would thus mean only a slight liberalisation while leaving the bulk of draconian censorship intact. What is required is a revision of the laws against pornography in their entireity.

    David Skinner, UK

  27. Can you please explain to me how homosexuality is “a very dangerous and high risk lifestyle, just as smoking is”? I’m curious how you make that comparison, as you stated it more than once but never explained why.

    Thank you for you time,

    Rebecca Lowe, Australia

  28. Thanks Rebecca

    Have you ever heard of HIV/AIDS for starters? In Australia around 85 per cent of cases involve male homosexuals, and to a much lesser extent, intravenous drug users. There are dozens of other diseases and medical problems which are overrepresented in the homosexual lifestyle. The human body was simply not made for homosexual sex, and it causes all sorts of problems, which any doctor can tell you about. And with homosexuals dying at an earlier age on average than non-homosexuals, that in itself is a telling statistic. As with smoking, if you give up the dangerous lifestyle, you greatly lessen these various risks.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  29. “porn is often one of their few means of sexual fulfilment.”

    If he thinks a person can find sexual fulfilment with porn as a partner he is sadly lacking in understanding, and dare I say experience, of sexual fulfilment.

    Kylie Anderson

  30. To Steve Davis
    regarding Teddy bears & Ipods.

    Oh dear, I come from a more innocent age. However, I am a firm believer that you are never too old to have a teddy bear and that everyone should have at least one in their life. Mine no longer sleep with me but sit smiling on the bedside table.

    Don’t care what names you want to call me, I will not be disuaded on this issue!!!

    Cheers mate.

    David Williams

  31. Rebecca it is not just the disproportionate amount of physical, emotional, psychological, societal and dare I say spiritual harm that homosexuality causes, it is the fact that with the absence of the balancing effect of feminine influence on a male’s natural testosterone driven tendency towards promiscuity (homosexuals have far more partners that do lesbians), and the absence of all those moral constraints and governing influences, such as the instinct towards protecting one’s family, necessary for raising a stable, strong and secure family, then homosexual propagandists, like Tatchell will act like drug pushers within society – urging men and women to cast aside all self control in order to get what they want when they want.

    Oh yes, Tatchell claims not to have discarded morality completely. The three moral principles for him are 1) that sex between partners has to be consensual; 2) that it has to be enjoyable and 3) that it is safe!! But against whose value system does he judge whether something is consensual, enjoyable or safe, especially with regard to sado-masochism. Not so long ago the case of Armin Meiwes hit the headlines. Factors that guided him towards cannibalism were an absent father and a domineering mother.

    As for zoophilia and paedophilia, exponents of this such as Peter Singer use exactly the same principles of consensuality, mutual enjoyment and harmlessness.

    David Skinner, UK

  32. To Dave Williams, mate I think it would be good if the world went back to the days of 14 year olds sleeping with just teddy bears considering what they are exposed to these days. As for your teddy bear, if he has lasted this long then he must be made from pretty good materials. All the best mate.
    Steve Davis

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