The Facts on Same-Sex Adoption Rights

With renewed cries for same-sex adoption rights, some clear thinking is in order. These quick facts will help to separate fact from fiction, and bring a bit of reason back into the debate.

-It is abundantly clear from the social science research that children are best served when raised with their biological mother and father.

-For the best outcomes for children, no other parenting combination comes close to that of the mother-father union cemented by marriage.

-No one has a “right” to children.

-Every child has a right to a mother and a father.

-A child needs a father, not just “male role models”.

-A child needs a mother, not just “female role models”.

-A child needs to see how men and women interact and relate to each other on a daily basis.

-Long-term homosexual relationships tend to be very rare.

-In contrast, heterosexual relationships have a much better record of permanency.

-Most homosexual relationships allow for other partners and/or other sexual outlets.

-In contrast, heterosexual relationships involve fewer outside partners and fewer outside sexual contacts.

-The fact that heterosexual relationships may not always last, or may not always be faithful, does not mean we should further harm our children by including homosexual couples. Two wrongs do not make a right.

-Studies purporting to show that children do OK when raised by same-sex parents have been criticised for many methodological shortcomings.

-Studies also exist showing the harm children experience when raised in same-sex households.

-These studies also show that children raised in same-sex households are more likely to become homosexual themselves.

-The rights of children should always come ahead of the desires and whims of adults.

-Children should not be treated as guinea pigs in grand social experiments.

-Many other groups are denied adoption rights: those who are too young or too old, those with criminal records, etc.

-The family unit of mother-father-child has been the norm throughout human history and should not be jettisoned by radical alternatives.

-For the sake of our children, we should reject same-sex adoption rights.

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10 Replies to “The Facts on Same-Sex Adoption Rights”

  1. There are quite a number of general statements in there, such as “A child needs a father, not just ‘male role models’, and “Studies also exist showing…”

    Are you going to back yourself up at all and give sources, or just bandy about vague generalisations?

    Zenobia Frost

  2. People say that homosexuals can’t raise a child, but some heterosexual couples can’t even handle it.

    What if you weren’t allowed to have a child? You can tell me your opinion then.

    Macy Creer

  3. Thanks Macy

    The fact that sometimes heterosexual parents are not the best they can be is of course no argument that therefore any and every type of relationhip should be allowed to raise children. The social science data is quite clear that children do best when raised by their own mother and father. The evidence for this can be found in the link provided above.

    If by not being allowed to have a child you mean a heterosexual couple which is infertile, the same answer applies. While it is unfortunate that infertility occurs, that is no argument to say we should allow kids to be part of a social experiment where anyone can raise them.

    But if by that comment you mean if a heterosexual were not allowed to have a child (by coercion), the answer is this. We all have a right to choose to have children, if we play by the rules. Nature knows of only one way to bear children, and the right of a child to have his or her own mother and father should be paramount. Depriving a child of these two most important people in their life is not fair for the child.

    There is no law saying a homosexual cannot have a child. He or she can find an opposite sex partner, make a commitment, and have as many children as desired. Because we are talking about another human being here – not just some commodity – most nations have recognised the right of that child to the best possible environment, which means two biological heterosexual parents.

    The rights of the child should always take priority over the mere whims of adults. If an adult is unwilling to give a child what is most needed (a mother and a father) then that adult should not be demanding the right to have a child. We do, after all, have laws on the books against child abuse and neglect. Given all we know about how children can suffer outside of biological two parent families, we should not be neglecting the child just so that adults can do their own thing.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  4. In my experience, people who see nothing wrong in homosexual relationships, nevertheless draw the line at adoption by ‘gays’. Recently when the first ‘gay’ adoption occurred in WA, a phone-in poll conducted by a TV station showed that around 85 % were opposed to the decision. I think that speaks volumes.
    Dunstan Hartley

  5. You are a chauvanistic discriminatory b**tard! you have absolutly NO facts to back up your so called “studies”! Its dumba**es like you that are so uncomfortable with your own sexuality that you cant be comfortable with some one thats outside your “norm”! Get out of your 1950’s stereotypes and realize that homosexuals are just as juman and American as you or anyone else! So you can take your typical conservative believes and shove ’em!

  6. Thanks B

    Your comment of course breaks all my commenting rules (full name required, no personal abuse, etc.), so should not be allowed on here. But it is worth posting because it says so much about your side. I always find that those who shout the loudest about tolerance and acceptance are the most intolerant and un-accepting people around. Thanks for so nicely making my point.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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