Hatred That Must Be Confronted

If someone says they hate you and plan to kill you, it is wise to take them seriously. Unfortunately, because many did not do this when Hitler made his threats, we suffered big time as a result. There is another group today expressing similar hatred, and also declaring their plans to eliminate us. We should therefore believe them.

I refer to radical Islamists who have both declared their intentions and carried them out on many occasions. This is a very real enemy which must be taken with utmost seriousness. Yet just as with Hitler, many in the West today are either in denial about this danger, or are seeking to appease the terrorists.

Only by taking them at their word and reacting accordingly can we be spared the fate that the world experienced 60 years ago. One way to take the threat seriously is to start listening to those who have been there and done that. I refer to those who have firsthand experience of living under Islamic jihad.

Brigitte Gabriel lived through the terror of Islamist incursions into her native Lebanon. Her book on this subject, Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America, has been reviewed on this website. I urge you to read the review, or better yet, to get the book and read the whole story.

In addition, an interesting and revealing interview with Gabriel was recently conducted by Larry Elder. His two-part interview appears on townhall.com (April 12 and 26, 2007). I here feature parts of this enthralling interview.

Larry Elder: You are of Christian Lebanese descent. When you heard what Rosie O’Donnell said, that Christian extremism is as bad as Islamic extremism, how did you react?

Brigitte Gabriel: Well, I do not know what land she is living in, but I do not recall when the last time I saw a Christian behead anybody on television, or behead somebody and advertise it on the Internet. I do not recall hearing a Christian preach that Muslims are apes and pigs because they are cursed by Jesus, the way that Muslims are teaching that we are apes and pigs. I do not recall the last time a Christian went into an elementary school, hijacked children and started shooting them in the back like the Muslims did in Beslan in Russia when they went into a schoolyard and took over the children and started butchering them and killing them. [Rosie] better be thankful that she is living in America because if she were living in Iran and spoke against her country – or any Arabic country – she would be beheaded or actually buried halfway in the ground, to be stoned to death.

Elder: Did you study Islam?

Gabriel: No, I did not study Islam; I lived Islam. I lived in the Middle East. I read the Koran in the Arabic language – I do not need translation. There is something about living in a place and being an eyewitness and coming from a culture and blowing the whistle on that culture, and that is very different from someone majoring in Islam and living in the Middle East for two months so they can write their thesis.

Elder: You call your book a wake-up call. Tell us what the West does not understand about what I call Islamofascism. And, do you think “Islamofascism” is an appropriate term?

Gabriel: Yes, it is an appropriate term. We are fighting Islamofascism, we are fighting a war that is much worse than Nazism, anything we have fought before because even the Nazis did not encourage their children to strap bombs onto their bodies and then rejoice at their deaths, as well as the deaths of their victims. Islamists are encouraging their children to die.

Elder: There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world. I want you to analyze them by ideology.

Gabriel: Not all of them are radicals. We estimate that the radicals are between 15 and 25 percent; that translates to between 180 and 300 million people like Mohammad Atta who are willing to strap bombs to their bodies and commit martyrdom operations. Now, that is still a minority, 15 to 25 percent, but 300 million Mohammad Attas ready to unleash their blood upon the West. . . . Now, the rest of them . . . despise the West, they hate our westernization, they think we are morally corrupt, that we are corrupting the world, and they think we are such a bad influence on the world that we need to be stopped at any cost. They may not be willing to commit martyrdom operations themselves, but they will sit there and cheer on and rally those who are willing to kill us.

Elder: Tell us about Islamofascism in the West.

Gabriel: The Center for Religious Freedom went undercover last year and collected 200 publications from some of the most prominent mosques in the United States. Those books, provided by the government of Saudi Arabia to American mosques, teach Muslims living in an infidel land how to deal with infidels. These Saudi publications repeatedly exalt Muslims to, and I quote, hate them for their religion – meaning Christians, Jews, atheists and everybody in between. . . . They say that democracy, justice, freedom, brotherhood and equality cause all of the world’s problems. This is being taught in the mosques. And it gets worse. They say it is the religious duty of every Muslim to impose functionally Islamic government on every country in the world. This religious duty is binding . . . and a sacred obligation of jihad. . . . Many people do not realize that under the banner of Islam the Muslims killed children in Israel, massacred children in Lebanon, killed cops in Egypt, murdered Armenians in Turkey, killed Hindus in India, and expelled over 900,000 Jews from Arab land. All that happened before they turned their eyes to the West and before September 11, 2001. . . . This is the religion of Islam. . . .

Elder: What should be done?

Gabriel: Shut our borders. We have terrorists coming through our borders. Al Qaeda is working with the MS-13 gang [El Salvadorian gang Mara Salvatrucha], smuggling al Qaeda terrorists into the country. Hezbollah is doing the same. . . . We estimate thousands have already been smuggled into America. . . . Hamas is here. . . . They have cells in over 40 states. . . . We also need to reform our immigration and visa programs. We need to monitor who is coming into our country and why. . . . We need to increase human intelligence. . . .To get that human element that gets you the information, it takes years to establish trust with the enemy in order to get the secrets out of them. . . . As for profiling, I want everyone who fits the terrorist profile to be profiled. We have men between the ages of 16 and 40 who have committed terrorist acts around the world in the name of Islam. They are not little old ladies from Ohio with blue hair. They are not children going to Disney World on their Easter vacation.

Elder: What happens if a Democrat wins the 2008 election?

Gabriel: We are doomed. Our enemies want the Democrats to win. This last election, jihadist websites were playing victory songs and declaring the Democrats are our allies in the war against America. . . . Whoever comes next is going to have to deal with the same things Bush is dealing with.

Elder: Are we winning?

Gabriel: No, we are losing.


I urge you to read all of this interview. She refers to the distinction between moderate and radical Muslims, for example, but prefers to speak of the difference between non-practicing and practicing Muslims. She is obviously pessimistic about the current struggle. But in any war of ideas, getting truth out into the public arena is our first obligation, if we are to have any hope of victory.

So please become informed about the threat we face. Buy a copy of her book and have a good read of it. In fact, buy several copies, and give some away to your friends.

Only love can overcome hatred, and only truth can overcome lies.



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6 Replies to “Hatred That Must Be Confronted”

  1. Brigitte Gabriel is a very brave lady. It seems that those who have really seen Islam up close are those who are speaking up. Ibn Warraq and Ayaan Hirsi Ali are two others who come to mind. Then there was the feisty debate by Wafa Sultan on Al Jazeera last year. It is indeed time for the West to understand what is really happening. Here in Australia, two pastors who spoke up about Islam have been defending themselves for the past FIVE years! And the case is still continuing back at VCAT!
    Jenny Stokes

  2. It is not radical Islam but Islam. It is hard to imagine what our secular governments can do with so many Islamists multiplying living in our communities now.
    Tas Walker

  3. That’s right Tas. Whilst there are peaceful and moderate Muslims, there is no peaceful and moderate Islam.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria

  4. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but it sure seems lately that most terrorists have been Muslim. This issue sure needs some attention world wide. Let’s confront this hatred by praying together in Jesus the Christ.
    Paul Spyrou

  5. It seems crazy that anyone can claim any kind of moral equivalence between Islam and Christianity after reading this article.

    Indeed, the Muslims who are following the authentic version of Islam are the terrorists themselves, as they are the ones who are taking the words of their prophet seriously.

    James Forsyth

  6. It is so strange to me that Australians are willing to place themselves and their families in danger rather than adapt a “politically incorrect” stance. We have since the 90’s declared ourselves to be a “multicultural” country. This is incorrect. I will accept any person, regardless of race. We are a “multiracial” country, but we have only one culture. This may seem semantics but will the Muslim countries be so quick to accept our way of life?
    Jim Sturla

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