I am now persona non grata in the eyes of Facebook:

If you know anything about Communism and Nazism, you will know that individuals, families and even entire groups of people simply vanished. They were erased. They were obliterated – literally and figuratively. They were not only snatched away from their own homes in the middle of the night by the authorities, but everything about them would also often be eradicated as well.

Their history, their memory, their work, their output: they were simply airbrushed out of history. Politically incorrect ideas – and those who held them – were wiped out overnight. Long before Photoshop came along, these dictators had perfected the art of total erasure. The Soviet Union was especially adept at this, obliterating entire concepts and ideas and histories that were deemed to be problematic for the State.

So too individuals. Sometimes show trials were held, with the verdict predetermined. But usually the firing squad was kept busy, and any traces of the verboten thought and thought-bearers quickly disappeared forever. Consider three examples of totalitarian regimes doing this erasing, first, in Nazi Germany:

Goebbels was immensely valued by Hitler for his enthusiasm, brilliant ideas, and vehement anti-semitism. Hitler made Goebbels his chief of propaganda, and sent him all over Germany to establish a Nazi presence and boost morale during the war. Goebbels was one of just a few people in Hitler’s inner-circle, even trusted with helping burn Hitler’s body after he committed suicide. Like Stalin, Hitler was known for “erasing” people who fell out of his favour, though it remains unknown what Goebbels did that led to his being deleted from this famous 1937 photo taken at the home of German film maker Leni Riefenstahl.

Second, in the USSR:

Yezhov earned the nickname “The Vanishing Commissar” among art historians for his disappearance from photographs after his execution in 1940. Yezhov, a loyal Stalinist, was head of the secret police during Stalin’s Great Purge, overseeing mass arrests and executions of those deemed disloyal to the Soviet regime before ironically being arrested, tortured, tried, and executed himself for disloyalty. Stalin was known for eliminating all traces of those who fell out of his good side, or whom he no longer had use for, Yezhov included.

Third, in North Korea:

After news of the execution of Jang Song-thaek, Kim Jong Un’s uncle and close advisor, broke in December 2013, North Korean state media has erased the man from history entirely, deleting him from online archives and photographs. This extreme measure makes it “the largest deletion ever carried out by the official KCNA news agency and the Rodong Sinmun newspaper,” according to the Guardian.

These three cases come from this article:

But many more could be mentioned. If I may, I can offer another: myself! It seems I have just been obliterated from Fascistbook. Tyranny did not end with the end of the Cold War. It continues in the West, especially with the Tech Giants. I am the latest victim of the biggest and baddest: Facebook.

As we all know by now, Facebook is a far-left thought-control group. It cannot stand truth, and only leftist groupthink is allowed. Anyone who dares to offer a contrary point of view will very quickly find themselves being dealt with by the FB apparatchiks. 

And just like under the Communists and Nazis, when you are whisked away in the middle of the night, you are never told of the crimes you are supposed to have committed. You are simply snatched away and never heard from again. That seems to be my fate.

At first I was told, “You can’t go live or advertise for 90 days”. But now it seems my entire page and everything else has been completely obliterated. So it now looks like my time on FB is over. They have banned me – again – and given me no word at all about what sins I am guilty of. Over 15 years’ worth of work with hundreds of thousands of posts, comments and articles completely erased – in an instant! Nearly 5000 contacts all stolen away from me! Stalin would be so very envious! Hitler would be jealous!

Again, my actual crimes are still a mystery to me. I was doing what I always do: share truth, and lots of it. Today I was posting about yet another week of lockdowns in the People’s Republik of Victoria. I was also offering genuine questions about Rona alarmism and panic porn, and about how we are clearly heading for things like mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports.

I even mentioned that with a lot of my reading and studying of late being about Germany in the 1930s and 40s, I was seeing a lot of ominous and eerie parallels with our own culture today. I guess all this was just too much for the hyper-sensitive censors at FB. Like the Spanish Inquisition of old, it seems these new tyrants have their lists of prohibited thoughts, outlawed ideas, and banned books. Pity anyone who dares to cross their path.

So now it seems I am history – although if FB really gets its way, I will not even be a fragment of history. For those wanting to stay in touch with me, you can still find me on my website CultureWatch ( ) and on MeWe, Gab and Parler. Of course it is likely only a matter of time before the thought police fully cancel CultureWatch as well.

Practical help

There is a slim chance I might still be able to get back on – a long shot I know. But I will need your help. First, if you are on FB, can you please alert others about my latest imprisonment? Yes I know, I am a repeat offender – a real recidivist. But this one looks like it is permanent. So please pass the word around thanks.

As to the message I got, it said this: “You can’t go live or advertise for 90 days. This is because you previously posted something that didn’t follow our Community Standards. This comment goes against our standards on dangerous individuals and organizations, so no one else can see it.”

To continue, they asked for my phone number. I reluctantly gave them that, but then they demanded photo ID: “Upload Your ID. To help us check that this account belongs to you, we need a photo of your official ID. This could be a driving licence, passport or other type of official identification. If there are any issues, we’ll send you an email.”

No way José! What will they demand of me next: blood samples or a vaxx passport? Is that even legal? Who the heck do these guys think they are? Perhaps someone with some legal knowledge can help answer that question for me. Has anyone else had that happen to them? If so, how did you get around it?

And many folks on FB have no actual photo of themselves to begin with. So how would they know who is who anyway? And surely they cannot demand your personal details like that, can they? If you have any advice, please share it with me thanks. Maybe there might be some way to proceed here.

But in the meantime, it was nice being your friend there. I will miss you all. It is a pity things have gotten so horrifically bad so very quickly. As the saying goes, when Orwell penned 1984, it was meant to be a work of fiction, not an instruction manual.

Or as the satire site Babylon Bee recently put it in a headline: “Social Media Companies Remind Users They Can Be Banned For Saying Anything False Or Anything Too True”.

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  1. Unbelievable, sorry they’ve targeted you again. It would be great if we could all migrate to MeWe for good.

  2. Can you consider a second FB profile just to stay in touch? Perhaps Mr Billy Banned…. lol! I’ll find you!

  3. How terrible!! I will share this. Glad I get your posts through my e mail!! If you go to another forum, please let me know!!

    I have a separate page for FB jail necessary times. So far I have only gotten 3 days once

  4. Free speech is apparently forbidden on Facebook!
    Praying that the Lord will open up even greater doors and opportunities to proclaim His word and His truth…

  5. Hey Bill, you’re already on MeWe. How about we post that your great commenataries can now be viewed there?

  6. Hi Bill,
    Sorry to hear of all that you are going through. I actually wonder if you have been hacked by a professional hacker after you were issued your 90 day Facebook ban? If Facebook was actually banning you, they already have access to your details, your phone number, your email address, etc. I think someone else may have hacked you, and is trying to steal your identity. I would be asking your friends to report this to Facebook as fraudulent activity.

  7. Many thanks guys. A few updates. I actually have 2 FB pages: my main large personal page (with a pic of me as hippy) that has been obliterated; and a smaller public page (with a pic of me in a suit) which I am told is still up. But even so, I cannot get access to it! So it appears to be dead in the water.

    And many have asked if I can start a new FB page with a new/different name. Yes, that is possible, but I would also need a new email address. But I still will have to start from scratch to get back 5000 friends and hundreds of thousands of lost posts, comments, etc., done over 15+ years. Also, the more different my name is to fool FB, the less easy it will be for folks to recognise who it is! But that might be one way to proceed.

  8. Thanks Graham. Yes all conservative Christians are in the same boat. Although as I often say, if you have not yet been sent to FB Gulag, you may need to lift your game!

  9. Hello Bill and supporters.
    People could write a personal reference on their site. Rather than only complain.

    This is my Facebook post in protest and in support, and ask for reinstatement.

    “ Many years ago I saw an article in “The Advertiser” Newspaper by Bill Muehlenberg – and was quite appreciative of what he had written. Since that time, I have met him in person. When I was in Tasmania, he came and shared in a teaching conference on Islam with former Iranian Muslim Radical Daniel Shayesteh. While there, he was phoned by Channel 9 or 7 and rushed to Deloraine for an interview. He kindly obliged. [His local minister, Stuart Robinson, had sponsored the national conferences ‘Mosques and Miracles’. Bill was called about another matter]. I digress.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short. He is today a Christian writer with what is a conservative, but well reasoned viewpoint on most issues. At one time in his early years he was a radical hippie in the drug, “peace-man” and VW Combie Van scene.

    As of now, he has been excluded from Facebook (just like I was once excluded for being called …’Faggotter’). But now, in what looks to be a permanent arrangement by the Facebook thought police, Bill has been erased. (A bit like what happens in China, when someone disappears). This is a disturbing matter. It is why I often bang on about the dire need for ‘free speech’ in a free society.

    You can read his article here, on how he has become a zero.
    Some may not like what he writes, but this is not the Gulag.
    (Sorry if I have disturbed your day). Must everyone fall into line, and just accept the latest narrative, and the bullies who demand there be no dissenting voice? Wow.”

  10. Hi Bill, Sorry these dictatorial dirtbags are giving you a hard time again. What a joke asking for your private details- Facebook data-mine everyone’s private details from the moment they sign up! It’s likely Facebook has your contact list, and a pretty comprehensive record of phone calls you’ve made, and texts you’ve sent, as well as birthdays, addresses, work details, photos and much more info on your friends and family.
    Since an IT company director warned me of this years ago, I have never used Facebook, and avoid any contact with the other scumbags such as Google, Microsoft, etc.
    However, could you please tell me how secure you feel MeWe, Gab and Parler are as I’d like to take the opportunity to join your site if the security is OK.
    In the mean time, please keep up your great work by whatever means possible. We could always learn smoke signals or maybe buy some carrier pigeons.

  11. Well done Bill. You are counted as worthy of persecution. Pray that facebook bosses find salvation. And that every weapon used by satan to blind them is smashed – whether it is their health, wealth, sleep, friends, cars, holidays, jobs, family … whatever.

  12. I don’t know why anyone would want to continue to support Face Book by using it anyway. I do whatever I can to avoid supporting companies who are clearly against the beliefs that I hold deeply. I am thankful that the blog world is still relatively free but that will likely come to an end in the future. I’m sure that after we believers are removed via the Harpazo, and the “Little Horn”, the “Man of Sin” is in control, there will be no opposing voices allowed, under penalty of death. This is all a warm up, a preparation for total world domination by the evil trinity, Satan, The Beast, and the False Prophet for the final seven years until the King of Kings arrives on the Mount of Olives as seen in Zechariah 14:4 Take heart, the end is better than the beginning for those whose God is the Lord. Thank you for what you do and count it as a blessing when you are persecuted for His name sake.

  13. Thanks William. Yes, I am no fan whatsoever of supporting sleazeball woke corporations. However, God has called me to share truth in whatever way I can. With FB being the biggest social media platform in the world, and with many thousands of FB friends, it was a good outlet to share truth in.

  14. Bill, I was deleted from Facebook late last year without any explanation. You join luminaries like me and President Trump. I now regard it as a badge of honour for upholding the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. As the pithy summary of Revelation says, ‘Jesus wins!’ I get your email, so I can still read you.

  15. I would be careful on setting up another account they apparently can delete accounts set up to get around bans. They have done that to others. Something in the community standards. Funny the standards are written so vaguely the just about anything could violate them yet they still can’t even tell you which one you violated.

  16. Congratulations on being erased as simply the best compliment that Facebook can offer given their leftist ideology as they have no rational response to courage, wisdom and perseverance emboldened by the Truth.

  17. Hi Bill, sorry can’t help at all. I was banned at the start because I refused to give them a clear shot of my face!
    I’m trying to find time to invade the social media space as soon as I find my Gab login.

  18. Bill
    In this day and age it is probably a complement in the West to be persona non grata with Facebook. You have been noticed for what you do and how you do it. If Facebook had ignored you it would mean that you are seen as not constituting a threat to their wokeness.

  19. Bill, I’m just wondering whether your church website (or suchlike) would be prepared to include some, if not all, of your fine, incisive and biblically faithful writings.

  20. The Roman way: Never give your adversaries weapons that they can use against you – BAN THEM – dust your sandals and move on to real people as opposed to fake people such as the false rainbow crowd.
    John Abbott

  21. Sorry to hear that Bill , but to be honest it was expected , anyone who tells the truth will be targeted. Satan is the father of LIES.
    I was banned from FB about a year ago for a truthful post about Covid-19.
    Everyone needs to boycott FB , Twitter etc and use MeWe or GAB. Even Parler has censorship I’m told.
    Anyway – Keep up the great work.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  22. The “We Support Bill Muehlenberg” Facebook group is still active and I am pointing members to this blog to keep up to date and in touch.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Bill, keep up the great work!

  23. So sorry this has happened to you Bill but hey you are in the company of great men. May I offer President Trump, Mike Lindell, General Flynn among many others who dared to speak truth and Godly matters.
    I posted your latest circumstance on my page and was quite surprised by a few of the comments one especially from a pro vax mutual friend. Friends Pfft. Stay strong and be bold. We are living in the most exciting time in history although hurtling towards the end.
    Blessings to you and all of your wives! (Loved all your funny FB posts.)

  24. Bill, I enjoy listening to your segment on Vision Christian Radio, but have not had the opportunity to follow you on facebook. What has happened to you (and others) is really disturbing, as it is a blatant attack on our freedoms of speech and religion. I wonder how long it will be before anything with Christian content suffers the same fate – though I am confident that God has other pathways for us. It is “amazing” that those with anti-Christian views can get away with blue murder on many occasions – their utterances are anything other than polite!! Please keep up the good work you do.

  25. Maybe Martyn Isles of ACL or Augusto Zimmerman could offer some legal advice. The saddest part of this is that unless All your persecutors really change and repent they will never have a chance to be recorded in the most important book of all, the Lambs Book of Life , let alone being Erased. Blessings

  26. Surely there’s some sort of perverse and dangerous irony about trying to deceive FaceBook in order to be able to broadcast the truth? My advice, for what it’s worth – don’t go there! God will make sure that the people that need them will find your messages.

  27. Thanks Marion. That was a suggestion made by others of course. And while I have no plans at this point to try to get back on to FB with a slightly altered name (something millions of people do as a matter of course in all sorts of areas to simply protect themselves and their identity, and do not see it as necessarily being about ‘deceiving’ anyone), if I were to head down that path, I would recognise that standing against evil often can involve morally licit subterfuge. Simply think of Rahab sheltering the Israelite spies for example, or Corrie ten Boom hiding the Jews from the Nazis in her home. Both were rightly praised for their actions which involved ‘deception’. While the situation here is of course a bit different, the idea of not recklessly submitting to evil is still valid it seems to me.

    And while some folks will still be able to find my articles, I have now lost a main means by which they used to be able to do so. And soon enough this website may well be removed by those with evil agendas. We need not be fatalists here, but work to promote truth in the public arena as best we can. Yes we trust God, but we also seek to be “wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” as Jesus put it. But thanks for your thoughts. Others may have some thoughts on this matter as well.

  28. It’s getting worse by the day. Teachers fired for refusing to indoctrinate children, ministers arrested, and now you ‘erased’. Praying not only for you but for all of us who dare to speak the truth in more than a whisper.

  29. Just checked again this morning – You’re still there Bill, at least on my feed. However, the last post is May 27.

  30. Thanks David. But no, as I have explained various times now (including in a comment above and in this follow-up article: ). As I already stated there:

    A few folks have said that my page is still there. Well, not quite! I actually have (or had) two FB pages: my main large personal page (with a picture of me as a hippy) that has been totally obliterated; and a smaller public page (with a picture of me in a suit) which seems to still be up. But even so, I cannot get access to it! Thus it is dead in the water, while the other one is completely gone.

    So once again, it is my main FB page which would have had a hundred times more stuff on it than my public page (which I only used to post each new CW article) that is down, and the other smaller page I now have zero access to. Comprende?

  31. Thanks for the clarification Bill. I was unaware that you had two pages.

  32. I guess I’ll just have share your articles more on the SENTRY-Salvationists Fighting For Sanctity page I admin. I see Dr. Michael Brown has picked up your case. I also shared your plight with Decision Magazine, the Billy Graham Evangelistic publication that quoted you recently.

  33. Dear Mr. Muehlenberg,

    I left Facebook five years ago now, I believe. I am very sorry that Facebook has decided that your words are very scary and dangerous and a threat against the evolving effort to institute atheistic materialism (Marxism) throughout the world. At the same time, writing very selfishly, I would not know about you if Facebook had not done this cowardly thing. I am forwarding a link to your website to everyone I know. God bless you for your courage. Kristy in Alaska

  34. If people can ex communicate others, destroy businesses, target your family, stop them from speaking… is not much of a bigger jump to start the camps yhen leading to the eventual death camps.

  35. Hello everyone. After my initial anger and alarm at FaceBook’s many breaches of the western principle of free speech, I took time to pray about how I was reacting and the sickening feeling that I have for the growing demise of Christianity in the West. Then the Lord reminded me (with some humor) that to Him, and in His economy and His Kingdom, FB is nothing. It is merely a human platform for “blah, blah, blah”. And, because someone (not you) owns this platform they have the right to do whatever they want with it. Find another platform and go for broke! Praise God that “they” see His message as a threat, and keep on proclaiming Jesus. Find new ways and forget about FB. It is a mere speck on God’s radar. Keep up the good work, brother, and thank you for your efforts to serve Christ in this important time and culture.

  36. Hi Bill,
    I’m shocked. I know some American lawyers are looking to take legal actions to challenge big tech. I hope Australia has lawyers who have the same interests and are willing to help you. I’ll pray for you asking God to grant you justice.

  37. Bill, I urge you to make multiple copies of ALL your Culture Watch articles on CDs, thumbdrives or whatever and distribute them to trusted people, who should also make a copy or two. You may need to transfer the whole kit and kaboodle to another server someday at short notice.

    I’ve had the seed of an idea that some IT specialists might set up a small private data centre for Christian and conservative commentators to host websites and other platforms from. I’d be willing to chip in financially to such a venture. I am keeping it as a prayer in the back of my mind at the moment.

    Any ideas from anyone or does anyone know if such a thing is in the pipeline anywhere? My own IT knowledge has gone very stale over the past decade or so.

  38. I read the Townhall link. You asked where will Christians stand when persecution comes to fellow Brothers and Sisters. I’ll stand with you, ambassador for Christ.

  39. It may well be for the best…..Facebook is a nasty time-thief (amongst all the other things you’ve mentioned). I’m on borrowed time as well and I think there’ll actually be a sense of relief, when they finally pull the pin for me, as I can’t seem to do it myself as I know I should…

  40. Fascistbook, what an apt name. Facebook are a weird organisation; they tolerate all manner of slander expressed in the foulest of language yet a little serious discussion on issues that really matter seems to exceed their capacity. I think we may be better off without them, perhaps their cancel action just might bring that day forward.

  41. Hi Bill – today I noticed that my Feedly RSS app is no longer showing your most recent posts. The newest one I have is from five days ago. Coincidence? I suspect not….

  42. Yes Philippe the camps will come. One thing about fascists/socialists/Communists they always follow the same script each time so if you know that script from history you know what is coming.

    Dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am Ende Menschen.

    Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings.

    Almansor: A Tragedy (1823), as translated in True Religion (2003) by Graham Ward, p. 142

    Variant translations:

    Wherever books are burned, men in the end will also burn.

    Where they burn books, at the end they also burn people.

    Where they burn books, they will also burn people.

    It is there, where they burn books, that eventually they burn people.

    Where they burn books, so too will they in the end burn human beings.

    Where they burn books, they also burn people.

    Them that begin by burning books, end by burning men.

    – Heinrich Heine

    True David backups are always essential. If you feel bold enough Bill you could leave copies of your articles in places, anonymously, and widen exposure. Even mail them to random people in the phone book using a non existent return address, and drop them of at a post office collection box so they aren’t immediately traced to your address (certainly Australia has these we do in the US blue boxes at various places) and include your website address so people could come to it. Of course this latter route costs money for stamps.

  43. So sorry to hear what happened to you, Bill. I just read about you on, so I guess I’ll have to dig into the archives.

    I NEVER put important thoughts (or heaven forbid, something my income relies on) on Facebook or Twitter. I never used them for logins to any other site. What happens when you’re “erased” and you can no longer get into anything you signed up for?

    I don’t use GMail, I have my own domains and I use my own e-mail.

    Good luck to you. I hope they let you back on at least to reconnect with your peeps and redirect them away from Facebook before you voluntarily pull the plug.

  44. Listening to Vision this morning, I realised you’ve been booted. Don’t be discouraged, I’ll follow you on the website. Keep researching and speaking out. Xxx

  45. Hi Bill,

    Apparently there are alternatives to things like Facebook etc. For example:

    Gab for Facebook

    Telegram for Messenger

    Parler for Twitter

    Newsmax & OAN for Fox News for Google

    Maybe you should consider setting up on Gab as a high profile person who might help popularise it and create competition for Facebook

  46. Sorry to hear you’ve been barred by the FB thought police, Bill. It seems Christians and conservatives are being forced to set up a parallel society (back to the catacombs, if only virtually.) I wonder if they realise the hellish world they’ll create if they succeed in driving us completely out of it?

  47. Well John Argus, they can have it all to themselves soon and it will be hell on earth. Jesus is coming to take his brothers and sisters home. Blessings.

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