Kellogg’s Kulture War on Kids

Now the militants are targeting kids through breakfast cereal!

We live in diabolical days where wrong is now right, evil is now good, darkness is now light, and lies are now truth. Thanks to the radical secular left zealots who are intent on recreating the world into their own sordid image, we can only expect all this to get even worse as time goes on. As such, here are some basic truths you can now count on:

-War has been declared on all that we hold near and dear.
-Children are especially being targeted by the militants.
-Increasingly woke capitalism is getting behind all this.
-Only a strong and purposeful pushback by concerned citizens can start to rein all this in.

Examples of this warfare have been documented here time after time, and there is never a shortage of new examples of this. As a parent, I for one will continue to speak out on these things, certainly when these activists are deliberately going after our children.

The latest case of this has to do with American food giant Kellogg’s. As another example of woke capitalism doing its best to destroy the West while shooting itself in the foot, we have these clowns now seeking to indoctrinate children into unhealthy and high-risk sexual activities, and pushing the bogus and dangerous gender fluidity rubbish. As one report on this states:

Kellogg Company Kellogg’s has teamed up with advocacy group GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to push a limited edition, LGBTQ-themed cereal called “Together With Pride,” which hit shelves across the country last week ahead of Pride Month.


The limited-edition cereal box features several of Kellogg’s famous cartoon characters, including Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, and Snap, Crackle, and Pop. In the bottom left-hand corner, a Frosted Mini Wheat can be seen holding a rainbow flag with a triangle on it.


The side of the cereal box lists the pronouns, “he/him, she/her,” and “they/them,” as well as a blank section that encourages customers to “add your own.” General Manager of Kellogg U.S. Cereal Category, Doug VanDeVelde, described the cereal as “berry-flavored, rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter” in a statement announcing the company’s latest collaboration with GLAAD.


The campaign also includes the tagline, “Boxes Are for Cereal, Not For People,” which the company describes as “the embodiment and celebration of Kellogg Company’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, not just within Kellogg Company, but also at the tables of our cereal fans coast to coast.” The company’s vice president of talent and diversity, Priscilla Koranteng, added that “Together With Pride” is Kellogg’s “latest effort aligned with our purpose to create better days and a place at the table for everyone.”

Plenty can be said about all this madness and moonbattery, but some words from Christine Favocci are worth running with here:

Kellogg’s Instagram shows the stomach-churning image of the company’s fictional pitchmen promoting sin and exposing children to a world of perversion. “All are welcome at the breakfast table with our NEW Together with Pride cereal coming to shelves soon,” Kellogg boasted on Instagram with the cereal box featuring old favorites Snap, Crackle and Pop front and center flanked by the brand’s other characters, including an anthropomorphic Frosted Mini-Wheat holding a Pride flag.


“For every box sold, Kellogg is donating $3 to @glaad to support the LGBTQ+ community.” “Leave the boxes for cereal, you’re too awesome to fit into a box,” Kellogg’s Instagram shares in another post, alongside their new LGBTQ cereal box. But the most disturbing feature is the box top that has a special spot for children to add their own pronouns of choice. “Now your kids can write their pronouns on their cereal box! So fun! Affirm their gender, with Kellogg’s!” one user on Twitter captioned it.


There was a time when cereal boxes would feature themed mazes and puzzles to get children emotionally attached to the cereal brand with the hopes of making them customers for life. Back then, the artificial colors in the cereal that turned milk electric blue weren’t necessarily wholesome, but the brands’ identities certainly were.


Instead, this new box is chock full of sexualized messaging intended to warp young minds into believing that homosexuality is another form of love and transgenderism is a journey of self-discovery. If tobacco companies are not allowed to use cartoon mascots to sell cigarettes to children, how is it acceptable for a cereal company to use its cartoons to promote this utter depravity?


This promotion is proof-positive that the leftists aren’t promoting tolerance, but are instead determined to indoctrinate young minds to accept sexual deviance using the same powerful tools that sell their awful products in the first place. Kellogg isn’t the first company to go woke with its products, but it has done so fully and unapologetically with a product that is simultaneously synonymous with childhood innocence and mostly unfit for adult consumption.


When I was a child, society protected children from exactly this sort of thing that major brands are now turning into nationwide ad campaigns. We’d watch an “ABC After School Special” telling us how to look out for the pedophiles lurking among us, though thankfully very few of us ever encountered one.


We’d sit down to “very special episodes” of our favorite shows that warned against adults who sexualized and groomed children while the outside world was mostly free from such talk (there’s an especially fitting episode of “Diff’rent Strokes” called “The Bicycle Man” where a would-be molester feeds the young protagonist, Arnold, sugary junk food while showing him a racy cartoon).


Sadly, what’s happening in our culture is worse than anything the scare programs about strangers with candy warned us about, and the culture we inhabit is more perverse than ever. Our children are being swayed by these huge, multinational corporations which have a bully pulpit and a mountain of cash helping them to spread this depravity to impressionable minds.


The same advertising that compels children to pester their parents to buy those cereals in the first place is now being employed to normalize and promote the homosexual and transgender agendas — and this isn’t an accident. The left is intentionally feeding our children a steady diet of radical leftism and sexual perversion that they consider part of a complete breakfast. But just like the sugary GMO-ladened cereals contained within those Kellogg’s boxes, savvy parents will do well to leave the company’s sick messaging and unhealthy cereals on grocery store shelves.

Yes quite right. So we have yet another product that parents should give the flick to. The problem is of course, with so many corporations and businesses vying for who can be the most woke, there are getting to be fewer and fewer goods and services left that parents can turn to.

That makes for a very scary and brave new world indeed.

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12 Replies to “Kellogg’s Kulture War on Kids”

  1. Is anyone surprised that weeds multiply weeds until there is no garden left?
    John Abbott

  2. Oh boy! It gets worse by the day!
    I had decided not to fly Qantas, or buy ASICS, then I have added IKEA, now Kellogs.
    Christians really need to take a stand as the world disintegrates around us.
    We just need to ban putting 1 cent to their profits.

  3. Thanks Bill, the world is really ‘falling away’ as we get closer to the end. I was wondering if a list could be made of these ‘woke’ businesses and companies. I think they will go downhill fast but I guess the businesses and companies that were for same-sex marriage eg the four main banks, Qantas, Telstra etc are still around although the corona has affected their productivity.

  4. Thanks Lynette. The trouble is, there would now be many hundreds – maybe thousands – of corporations and businesses that are full blown woke, pushing radical and harmful secular left agendas. It would probably be a lot easier to make a list of all the companies that are NOT woke!

  5. Bill, would that indeed be possible: to make a list of those companies that are NOT woke?

  6. Remember NAMBLA was part of the homosexual movement early on then they found that ditching them would get the public to accept homosexuality now it seems they are bringing them back into the fold.

    I guess we should be glad that the days of prizes in cereal are long gone. Who knows what our children would find in THESE boxes!

  7. Kellogg’s may have to change the name of Fruit Loops to something more inclusive.

  8. So now there’s toxic rubbish on the box as well as inside the box!

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