The Importance and Necessity of Proclaiming Truth

This is why I do what I do:

If you ever wondered why Jesus came into the world, thankfully we are told quite clearly, so you need not wonder any longer. In John 18:37 Jesus said this: “The reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.”

There you have it. And sharing the truth involved the truth of his mission: to deal with lost sinners alienated from God by taking the penalty they deserved upon himself so that people might be reconciled to God via faith and repentance. So he came to do a mighty work to bring us back to God, and to share truth about this.

But of course for doing so, he was hated and despised by many, and the masses eventually cheered on his crucifixion. That is the usual reaction to the proclamation of truth. In my own small way, I too have known and experienced this. I get almost daily hate mail along with the occasional death threats because of my desire to share truth.

So why bother then? I do what I do because the truth matters, and we live in a world which is starved for truth. I am under obligation to share truth with as many people as I can. So that means I seek to use as many different means as possible to do so.

Indeed, all Christians are called to share truth. We are under obligation to share truth. It is part of the job description of every single believer. As the Apostle Paul put it in 1 Corinthians 9:16: “For necessity is laid upon me. Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!”

Sure, it will result in plenty of opposition, resistance, hatred and abuse. That goes with the territory. But as Jesus also said, it is the truth that will set people free (John 8:32). If we care about people, and want to see them set free from all that enslaves them, we MUST share truth with them.

So that is what I do. And that is why I do it. As I have often said, I have a responsibility to be a watchman on the wall, as we read about in Ezekiel 3 and 33. In a sense we all have that responsibility as believers. And if we fail in that duty, we will have blood on our hands. See more on this here:

So a major part of our calling is to share life-changing truth as much as we can, as far as we can, and with as many people as we can. That is why I have this website. That is why I am on social media platforms such as Facebook – er, why I WAS on Facebook!

You have been terminated

As I reported yesterday, it looks like I have been permanently banned from Facebook. My entire page has been ripped down and everything on it has disappeared. Hundreds of thousands of posts and comment gone in an instant, thanks to the zealous censors and fanatical thought police who run FB. You can read all about this here:

As I said there, with many thousands of friends, and many hundreds of thousands of posts and comments, it was a major means by which I could share truth to a very wide audience. That has now all been taken away from me. In the short term, as I mentioned, if you are on FB you can help me by telling others about my fate. That would be greatly appreciated

Let me offer a few follow-up bits of info about my termination. A few folks have said that my page is still there. Well, not quite! I actually have (or had) two FB pages: my main large personal page (with a picture of me as a hippy) that has been totally obliterated; and a smaller public page (with a picture of me in a suit) which seems to still be up. But even so, I cannot get access to it! Thus it is dead in the water, while the other one is completely gone.

Other folks have suggested that I start a new FB page with a new/different name. Yes, that is possible, but I would also need a new email address. And I still will have to start from scratch to get back 5000 friends and hundreds of thousands of lost posts, comments, etc., done over 15+ years. Also, the more different my name would be in order to fool FB, the less easy it will be for folks to recognise who it is! But that might be one way to proceed.

And some other folks have said that FB really is bad news (true enough!), and that I should just stay off it. Why further promote their woke and radical agendas? Yes, I am no fan whatsoever of supporting sleazeball woke corporations. However, God has called me to share truth in whatever way I can. With FB being the biggest social media platform in the world, and with many thousands of FB friends, it was a good outlet to share truth in.

So it may be worthwhile trying to get back on it at some point, somehow. In the meantime, I am on three other social media sites: MeWe, Gab and Parler. I hope many of you will join me there. The truth is, things will only continue to worsen at FB, and many of you will likely find yourselves in the same boat as I am sooner or later. And as I often say – half in jest – if you have not yet been sent to FB Gulag, you may need to lift your game!

One other point. A terrific website, Caldron Pool, has just reprinted my earlier article. They are well worth supporting and visiting:

If you find their name to be a bit odd, you need to revisit C. S. Lewis and his The Chronicles of Narnia series. Book seven, The Last Battle, and the first chapter, will explain it all!

And one final thing: I need to add new categories or subcategories to my website every now and then, as new things arise. Woke capitalism – of which FB is a prime example – is one such newish and worrying development, so I now have a new subsection on that topic for those who are interested. It already has a dozen articles in it:

Concluding spiritual reflection

I am just now once again reading though the book of Esther. It is all about an amazing reversal of fortune. At one point it looked like all the Jews would be wiped out, but in the end, they were preserved and their main opponent, Haman, was killed instead.

I could not but help find a few loose parallels there with my own story and that of all conservative Christians who are being persecuted and hated on, especially by the Tech Giants. Folks like Zuckerberg and Dorsey really do not like truth, and they really do not like biblical Christians.

They are working overtime to cancel them, to delete them, to erase them, and to terminate them. I am just one of millions of examples of this. It reminds me of what we find in Esther 3:5: “And when Haman saw that Mordecai did not bow down or pay homage to him, Haman was filled with fury.”

Because we will not bow down to the radical secular left woke PC agendas of these media companies, we are the object of their odium and disgust. They ARE seeking to weed all of us out. But as I say, the story discussed in Esther ends well, with a major reversal of fortune.

Whether God will do the same here remains to be seen. We do know that one day all these powerful figures who now shake their fists at God and truth will meet their Maker and Judge and give an account. But in this life, they may continue on for some time.

Thus whether I ever get back on to FB remains to be seen. Justice may not happen in this lifetime. But one day it most certainly will happen. That should give us all hope. While it seems that evil now has the upper hand, it is only short term. We know who wins in the end.

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20 Replies to “The Importance and Necessity of Proclaiming Truth”

  1. Well Bill!
    If Facebook has cancelled you then let that be a badge of honour.
    For you are part of a very special club of truth tellers of who the satanic forces are trying to silence the good and faithful servants of the Lord Most High.
    Congratulations and well done.
    Terrence McDonnell

  2. The book of Esther is an inspiration and helps put backbone in believers during difficult times.

    We must always be prepared to stand up to the Hamans, the Herods and the Hitlers.

  3. Truth is hated so much by the world if only ONE man was speaking it they would still conspire to silence or kill him.

    In the late 20’s AD the Jews rejected Jesus who wasn’t the messiah they were looking for sadly today many CHRISTIANS too rejected Jesus for not being who they are looking for.

    Truth confronts us, makes us uncomfortable, makes us feel bad, HURTS OUR PRIDE! Lies sooth us, make us feel warm and fuzzy, make us relaxed, INFLATES OUR EGO/PRIDE! This is why for so many Jack Nicholson’s character was right: you can’t handle the truth!

    Look at the ballot recounts in the us people talk about getting to the truth but no matter what side of the election stolen/ illegal or false votes you fall on whether the result is the TRUTH will depend completely on outcome. Was the process of recounting fair?? Again it depends on results. That is the world we have where truth is SUBJECTIVE not OBJECTIVE. Post-modernism at it’s “finest”. If OBJECTIVE truth can’t exist then there is only what you want to be true vs what someone else wants to be true. Thanks to postmodernism we have men claiming to be women and vice versa boys claiming to be girls and vice versa a man claiming to be a 6 year old girl and a white woman claiming she is black. Sex, age, and race are no longer OBJECTIVE in this brave new world of postmodern thinking. Everything is a social construct and they can be changed at a whim.

    The world returns to lies like the sow return to her mire. Oh you can give the truth to the world but it is a unnatural condition and the world left alone for any amount of will return to it’s natural state. You can clean up the sow but turn your back and she’ll be back in the mud in no time. Truth is unnatural, good is unnatural, right is unnatural, following Christ is unnatural. One must fight natural man to come to God, to speak the truth, to do good, and to do what is right.

    Truth isn’t up for a vote. If a billion people said the sky is purple and only one person says it is blue he is right. Even if all of humanity says Ja to a falsehood you must as a Christian be the voice in the wilderness that says Nein!

  4. Thanks Bill!
    Thankful we can still follow your blog.
    Truth will prevail!
    Truth will triumph!
    “Now thanks be unto God, which always causes us to triumph in Christ!”
    2 Cor 2:14

  5. Hi Bill, i am now considering to use my previously-created gab and parler accounts more seriously.

    Your erasure on fb leaves a big conservative hole in my news feed.

  6. You are a truth teller. Thank you for encouraging others to be truth tellers, Bill. It is unjust how you have been removed from FB and all your work stripped.

  7. My FB newsfeed will not be the same. Praying your future social media ministry direction will clearly reveal itself in time and have even greater impact than the one stolen from you.

  8. Sorry to hear Bill. If it’s any consolation, Craig Kelly also had his Facebook page erased with the only warning/reason given being “spreading misinformation”. However, Craig being a Federal MP is taking Facebook to court over losing all his information, so he said on Cory Bernardi’s show on Skynews channel last night.

  9. Thanks Bill, I hope it will be a David and Goliath battle as we know who will win and another short video of Israel Folau fighting back follows.

  10. While I was in the bath I had a burst of inspiration by way of C. S. Lewis – namely from ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’. And there I found it – ‘The Last Battle’ – Specifically Chapter One, ‘The Caldron Pool’. By my favourite author.

  11. It should actually read “By Caldron Pool”. And I thought the Chapter heading was perhaps relevant to your situation, Bill – being entitled “THE LAST BATTLE” – although I’m sure there may still be more battles ahead. May God help you to win each one!!

  12. When Paul got beat up, he recovered and went to the next city (telegram?). As long as we are on this planet, that is what we are to do – keep on keeping on. May the Lord enlarge your tent and grant you sevenfold restitution and may He multiply the works of your hand (head and heart, all in!).

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