Selective Outrage About Carnage

Last week two events took place, both of which dealt with carnage, killing and disrespect for human life. One of course was the Virginia Tech shootings. The whole world was rightly outraged and shocked by what took place there. The wanton destruction, the paltry view of human life, the lust for blood-letting. Who wouldn’t be appalled at such an action?

Yet when it comes to another type of gruesome killing, we remain largely silent and indifferent. I refer to the other act of carnage that received attention last week: the Supreme Court decision to continue the ban on late-term abortion.

This decision to keep one of the most barbaric and inhumane procedures illegal was not given anywhere near the attention the Cho killings were – except by the pro-aborts. They were up in arms, claiming this was a violation of women’s rights, etc.

For example, as American columnist Cal Thomas notes in an April 24, 2007 article, “The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists called the Court’s decision ‘shameful and incomprehensible.’ What is shameful is the systematic and legal destruction of more than 46 million babies in the United States since 1973, according to the pro-choice Alan Guttmacher Institute. What is incomprehensible is a society that would allow for the destruction of a generation, depriving the nation of talent and unknown contributions.”

But much of the populace is ignorant or uninterested in the issue of late-term abortion. Why is that? Part of the reason is the mainstream media refuses to run with the story. It certainly refuses to let people know what actually takes place in a late-term abortion. And it certainly will not show images of the ghastly procedure.

If the left and its media allies want to see something brought to a halt – say, seal hunting – there will be plenty of full-colour pictures and videos of the ugly killings splattered all over the media. And that certainly helps to sway public opinion. In the same way, if the media were ever honest enough and unbiased enough to actually show what happens in an abortion, and the aftermath of an abortion, public opinion would also turn against abortion. Which is why the media refuses to honestly report on the abortion issue.

Says Thomas, “There is an inverse connection between the carnage at Virginia Tech and the carnage that is abortion. With Virginia Tech, we saw pictures of the bloody wounded. Survivors told us the rest. With abortion, especially the partial-birth kind, the most we get are drawings. The full horror of what happens during the procedure and the failure to inform women about it and its alternatives has never been shown on television, or published in newspapers. The reason is that big media wishes to promote policies associated with the Virginia Tech carnage – chiefly more gun control laws – but does not promote the policies associated with abortion, so the public is kept largely in the dark.”

The deliberate concealment of truth has been a long-standing tactic of the left and its media accomplices. Part of the reason for the rapid rise in the blogosphere is the need for an alternative voice. Truth will always win in the end, but it needs to be widely disseminated in order for it to be effective.

For too long the truth about abortion has been covered up. The more we can let people know the real story about abortion, the sooner this act of incredible barbarism will be stamped out. The liberal media knows this. That is why you won’t hear about the plain truth about abortion there.

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5 Replies to “Selective Outrage About Carnage”

  1. Thanks Bill, keep up the good work. It is important that we stand up to protect the innocent. The main reason I will vote against the left is its immoral stand on a number of issues especially abortion. Forty Six million murdered in the US under the banner of abortion! I am astonished how huge that figure is. It makes me wonder how many more must it be in China? The US alone have killed off over twice our population size. That is huge, such a huge number of people, it makes me furious. The ANZACS fought to defend us, they put their lives on the line to give us a future, to protect those who could not defend themselves, to protect all Australians including the yet unborn future generations. And what do we do to repay this sacrifice but kill the most defenceless people, the very same unborn they gave their lives to protect. The media is happy to say we should honour the ANZAC spirit and yet they support abortion. What hypocrites!
    Matthew Mulvaney

  2. The men and women who operate the media machinery, the journalists and editors, the CEOs, managers and shareholders could rouse public opinion and see this bloodbath ended within a year or two if they truely cared about humanity. Stop the killing. Choose life.
    Tas Walker

  3. What of the recent legislation in Victoria concerning proactive intervention for unborn children at risk of child abuse? Remarkable given the same government’s willingness to allow the unborn to be put to an untimely and unjustified death if their mother so desires.
    John Nelson

  4. It certainly seems weird to me that on floor 2 of the hospital we have innocent little babies being snuffed out, yet on floor 6 we have enormous amounts of taxpayer dollars being thrown into sparing that little “clump of tissues” that was born prematurely. Doesn’t this seem mad to you?
    Ian Brearley, Canberra

  5. What bothers me most, to tears in fact, is the silence of the church – us! Except for a handful – Bill & co. The main Sunday messages are /pray more/read more/do more (in the building) and give more! No talk of standing alone in the face of hostility and being a voice for the unborn, or slavery as in the past or even the plight of widows, orphans the poor – or don’t we have any more. S’cuse my cynicism but I feel a voice screaming inside me, scream for the unborn, scream against injustice. Jesus did not scream per se, but he spoke about loving each other – does this not mean stepping out of our comfort zone and doing a bit more then religiously sitting in pews and letting injustice towards those that cannot speak rule?
    Ilona Sturla

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