And So the Copenhagen Circus Finishes

The three-ring circus known as the Copenhagen Summit is now history – and not a moment too soon. And the good news is, it seems to have been a dismal failure – at least on the organisers’ own terms. All the machinations to bring about “global governance” have frozen over, just like the Danish landscape.

But no serious observer expected too much of this gabfest. After all, serious negotiations are not the stuff of reality television. But if it makes messianic pretenders feel better on the world stage, and result in a few photo ops, then I guess it achieved something.

As Frank Furedi rightly notes in today’s Australian, “What so many of the commentaries overlook is that international conferences have a solid track record of achieving next to nothing. Global jamborees are essentially talking shops that provide political leaders with an opportunity to strike a statesman-like pose. These are essentially photo opportunities for politicians who want to be seen to be doing something. As for the ever growing industry of international non-governmental organisations, summits are important public relations events that help demonstrate their importance.

“That is why both political leaders and the protesters have a common interest in maintaining the illusion that something really important may occur in Copenhagen. And if not here and now, then there will be a chance at Copenhagen + 5, and Copenhagen + 10. If the organisers and sponsors are really lucky The Copenhagen Conference will run to as many series as the Beijing franchise on ‘the status of women’.

“Throughout history serious negotiations that yield significant results take place in private. In a different era the idea that 15,000 people hanging out in the Bella Centre could make history and cobble together an agreement that could save the planet would have been dismissed as naive if not ludicrous. Whatever the problems with old-fashioned secret diplomacy, reality negotiations are far worse. Negotiations carried out in public invariably turn into a routine of play-acting and posturing. The adoption of the reality TV format for an apparently momentous international proceeding guaranteed that the Copenhagen conference would have little substantive meaning. After all, it was meant to work as a spectacle rather than as a venue for the conduct of global diplomacy.”

And as usual, Lord Monckton offers some sanity on the insanity which prevailed in the Danish capital. He rightly states that despite all the post-conference hype, we have largely been spared the worst, and we can all go back to work, at least for the time-being:

“Thanks to hundreds of thousands of US citizens who contacted their elected representatives to protest about the unelected, communistic world government with near-infinite powers of taxation, regulation and intervention that was proposed in early drafts of the Copenhagen Treaty, there is no Copenhagen Treaty. There is not even a Copenhagen Agreement. There is a ‘Copenhagen Accord’.”

He provides a brief outline of just what the main points are:

“In the Copenhagen Accord, which is operational immediately, the parties ‘underline that climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time’; emphasize their ‘strong political will to urgently combat climate change’; recognize ‘the scientific view that the increase in global temperature should be below 2 C°’ and perhaps below 1.5 C°; aspire to ‘cooperate in achieving the peaking of global and national emissions as soon as possible’; acknowledge that eradicating poverty is the ‘overriding priority of developing countries’; and accept the need to help vulnerable countries – especially the least developed nations, small-island states, and Africa – to adapt to climate change.

“Self-imposed emissions targets: All parties will set for themselves, and comply with, emissions targets for 2020, to be submitted to the secretariat by 31 January 2010. Where developing countries are paid to cut their emissions, their compliance will be monitored. Developed countries will financially support less-developed countries to prevent deforestation.

“Carbon trading may be used. New bureaucracies and funding: Under the supervision of a ‘High-Level Panel’, developed countries will give up to $30 billion for 2010-12, aiming for $100 billion by 2020, in ‘scaled up, new and additional, predictable and adequate funding’ to developing countries via a ‘Copenhagen Green Fund’. A ‘Technology Mechanism’ will ‘accelerate technology development and transfer’ to developing countries.

“And that’s it. Expensive, yes. Unnecessary, yes. But earth-shaking? No.”

And he notes how after the MSM cover-up about Climategate, people no longer trust the media. “And that is bad news for a governing class that has come to develop a far-too-cosy relationship with the mainstream media. It is also very bad news for the mainstream media themselves, which are now rapidly losing circulation and ad revenue as the people rightly desert them for the Internet, where – notwithstanding various expensive attempts by the over-funded international Left to interfere with Google and Yahoo searches – the truth is still available if you know where to look.”

He concludes, “Copenhagen was the last-chance saloon not for the planet, which does not need saving, but for the UN’s world-government wannabes. They blew it, big-time, by believing their own overspun propaganda about planetary peril and thinking they had ‘world leaders’ where they wanted them. They overreached themselves, and have paid the price.

“Even though next year is an el Nino year accompanied by fast-recovering solar activity, 2010 may not, after all, set a new global-temperature record to overtop that which was set in 1998, the year of the Great el Nino. By the time the next yackfest takes place in Mexico City in December 2010, the steam will have gone out of the ‘global warming’ scare. We should not let our guard down, but Copenhagen is more than the end of the beginning for Green fascism: it is the beginning of the end. The eco-Nazis’ attempt at global bureaucratic coup d’etat has failed, and no such attempt is likely to succeed again. Too many of you are watching.”

Yes indeed, thanks to people like Lord Monckton, and thanks to the alternative media, it is a lot harder for our ruling elites to pull a fast one over us. Sadly, however, this will not be the end of the matter, and therefore as usual, eternal vigilance must continue to be the price of liberty.

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  1. A few days ago E. Calvin Beisner nicely summed up the Copenhagen scene:

    I’ve mentioned in some earlier blogs that I’ve heard precious little discussion of temperatures or science here in Copenhagen but plenty of politics and money. Both in the streets (thousands carrying red flags of the Communist Party, complete with hammer and sickle, and flags of the International Socialists) and in the conference itself, these have been common.
    Well, if nothing else confirms that, the official delegates’ response to the tirade by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez this morning does.
    Chavez, who exceeded his five-minute time allotment by 20 minutes (assuming, I guess, that time as well as money could be redistributed!), told the crowd that the process here was “not democratic, it is not inclusive, but isn’t that the reality of our world, the world is really an imperial dictatorship . . . down with imperial dictatorships. The crowd applauded vigorously.
    Then he said there was “a silent and terrible ghost in the room”–capitalism. The crowd applauded even more vigorously.
    But when he concluded, “our revolution seeks to help all people . . . . socialism, the other ghost that is probably wandering around this room, that’s the way to save the planet, capitalism is the road to hell . . . . Let’s fight against capitalism and make it obey us,” the crowd of official delegates–no doubt sober, unbiased, evenhanded, objective public servants all–gave him a standing ovation.
    And that–not science–is what’s driving the demand for a global climate treaty.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  2. Your article puts it in a nutshell. A possible reason the conference failed is that right at the back of their minds some did not really believe what they claimed to believe. Closet skeptics keeping up appearances. What we need is ten years of record cold temperatures around the planet and the inner doubts will crystallise out.
    John Snowden

  3. Thanks Bill.
    I have been following the Copenhagen (Hoaxenhagen) gabfest on the Internet, and I certainly hope that this is indeed the beginning of the end for the global warming hoax. What is truly mind-blowing about it all is how the Left has got itself into an area it knows nothing whatever about, viz. hard science, and physics in particular. Anyone who dares voice a contrary view is met not with science and sound statistical method, but intimidation, abuse, circumstantial ad hominem, special pleading, posts hocs, circular reasoning, non sequiturs, etc: indeed, every fallacy in the book to the point of sheer pig-headedness and obscurantism. We can see this very much in the attitude of Penny Wong, as well as the other players on this charlatan stage.

    The Lavoisier Group has now stitched up a tour for Chris Monckton to coincide with Rudd’s attempted reintroduction of the ETS Bill next February. They are wanting to get him on to the platform of the National Press Club on 3rd Feb, the day after the reintroduction of the said Bill. Anyone who may be able to exert some influence in this respect could contact me and I in turn will contact Ray Evans, the Secretary.

    As you say, Bill, this madness must be stopped, but to do so finally there is still a lot of work to do in the coming year.

    Murray R. Adamthwaite

  4. Hi Bill
    I don’t know whether you’ve seen this clip – – but if the advocates of global warming / climate change, including the UN, are so paranoid about being asked a question at Copenhagen that they have to call in armed guards, surely we must all be asking questions of their integrity!
    Roger Birch

  5. My readings in the Bible today are in Micah 5-7; very interesting reading it in the light of the past week!
    It even mentions you, Bill! It says in 7:4 “The day of your watchman has come.” 🙂
    Before that it says, “The powerful dictate what they desire–they all conspire together.”
    Then it says, “The day of you watchman has come, the day God visits you. Now is the time of their confusion.”
    Chapter 5 says that the diaspora scattered throughout , their hands will be lifted in triumph, v.9.
    Which means that we have to take 7v7 as active and not passive. That is, “But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, my God will hear me.”
    That means, Diaspora! Keep praying!
    Well, I feel encouraged, anyway! 🙂
    There’s more in there about the nations covering their mouth in shame. I don’t know if that’s only after Jesus comes back or if we can have some corporate faith to pray that into the next decade!

    BTW my devotional book that recommended these readings for today is “The Word for Today.” Highly recommended blurbs–from Queensland.

    Rebecca Field

  6. Environmentalism and the democratic socialist left have lost all relevance and credibility in recent times. Their orchestrated and grossly Machiavellian shenanigans are a cyncial and condescending insult to the greater community. Now the shocking lies and deceit perpetrated on the world at this conference will further cement the distrust for politically corrupted science, extreme environmentalism and the mainstream media.
    Max Hunter

  7. It is interesting to note that communist dictator Hugo Chavez received a standing ovation when he rubbished capitalism and yet these same feather brained hand clappers were in the next breath, demading that so called capitalist nations hand over their hard earned money to these troglodytes, who would give nothing to the poor but instead use that largesse on new villas in Southern France and in-house prostitutes. The disUnited Nations, of couse could not be truusted with anything, following their pirate mentality with the oil for food scandal. As for the disgraceful MSM, one commentator on Fox News, the only US network worth watching, correctly refers to them as The Shame Stream Media.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  8. “What we need is ten years of record cold temperatures around the planet …” (John Snowden) – Yes, John, but are we likely to get objectively-truthful records, or bent figures created by the state-funded “scientists”? How will we know? Who regulates the scientists? Who oversees them, in the name of objrctivity?
    John Thomas, UK

  9. Lord Monckton doesn’t seem to be taking much cheer out of the failure of Copenhagen and thinks that it was set up that way anyway;

    “What is going to happen is they’re not going to have a treaty. They’re going to have a ‘political agreement’ which will be long on rhetoric, long on aspirations, short on specific detail, because the West isn’t going to be willing to pay the kind of money that the third world countries are demanding in alleged reparations for climate debt. That was never going to be a flyer. All that sort of very extreme stuff was not going to happen.

    ‘“The danger I think is the one thing that is going to happen is there will be, or, if you like, there already has been, an agreement that the mechanisms of what could very easily become, powerful enough and wealthy enough to become, a world government are going to be set up.

    “Every draft of the treaty I have seen, I’ve had to fight to get each one because they’re doing their best to keep it all secret, has shown that the beureucratic structure, several hundred interlocking bureaucracies, that they have set up, that is something they are planning to do, even if nothing else happens.

    “And that, in itself, will cost the West a fortune. So that is the first thing that I think they will do out of all this.”

    Lord Monckton said the delegation walkouts and the demonstrations have all been part of the “street theatre” to keep media interest running high.’

    Damien Spillane

  10. We know this the Indian and Chinese leaders walked into the building, did a few photo ops, and then went into a closed room with the US, Britain, Russia and a few others. People went in enthusiastic and came out silenced. Only China and India seemed happy with the discussion. Both the Chinese and Indian leaders then left a day early. Any hope of changing their minds left with them.
    What was said in that room? My guess is that both climategate and Phil Jones got mentioned and the key words were “Its over; there is no greenhouse effect”.
    Both countries have tried communism or socialism in some form. They wont admit it bluntly but they wont go back there. Both are growing rapidly.
    Neither has anything to cover-up, they had no one at the University of East Anglia.
    Their intelligence officers will have been all over that data.
    While the mainstream media is silent in the west. I suspect the first mainstream media to break the details will be in one of these two countries. Killing the Green house effect will an Asian game.
    Wesley Bruce

  11. Dear Bill, Then as a grand finale Mse Lundy had to play errand girl for her boss Kevin Rudd who needed a diversion after he came back from Copenhagen with egg all over his face. What was the message she was allowed to deliver? A side swipe at Christianity but the Catholic Church in particular which was the builder of Western Civilisation which she doesn’t want our school kids to learn about at school. A happy Christmas to you and yours.
    Patricia Halligan

  12. One of the most ludicrous articles ever published in the Fairfax media. Let’s get this straight – Fidel Castro criticizing “brutal methods to crush resistance” and “those entitled to express their opinions”?

    I especially love this:
    “…we have an obligation to defend the rights of Mother Earth against the model of capitalist development, the culture of life against the culture of death.”

    What alternate universe do these people live in?

    Mark Rabich

  13. Mark

    Just goes to show that o/s tyrants will hypocritically but effectively use our own western guilt complex against us. It also shows how in cahoots western leftists and totalitarians really are. Could you imagine Castro or Khomeini criticising the left over a conservative issue?

    Damien Spillane

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