Green Atheist Soul Mates

What’s that old saying about ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’? Well, what about the friend of my enemy is my enemy? Something like that is the case with a recent announcement made by The Council of Australian Humanist Societies.

In case you were not aware, these guys are happy to honour their own. They even have an annual Australian Humanist of the Year award. Given that this is an election year, I thought you all should be aware of this. Indeed, does anyone know who the current Australian Humanist of the Year is?

Any guesses? What about the leader of the Greens, Bob Brown. Yep, sure enough. The humanists can’t get enough of this guy. He shares all their values and is pushing all their concerns. He is a humanist soul mate, and has proudly been campaigning for the atheists’ agenda.

Consider what the Council of Australian Humanist Societies says about him in a press release when the award was announced: “This award is in recognition of the outstanding contribution Bob has made over nearly three decades on a wide range of issues of concern to Humanists.” They go on to say this about him:

“Bob’s atheistic views have found expression through his petition against the recitation of Christian prayers at the beginning of parliamentary sessions. More recently he has announced a plan to replace the national schools chaplaincy program with a scheme to help schools employ counsellors and community liaison officers. In putting forward this idea Senator Brown said, the chaplaincy program, introduced by the Howard government in 2007 and continued by Rudd was, ‘a very old idea, very much short of meeting the needs of schools in 2010. It has a religious basis whereas we must fund the program according to the needs of students’.”

They also praise him for many other outstanding qualities: “In 2007 he introduced a Private Members Bill into the Senate to overturn the 1997 Andrews Bill that had cancelled the Northern Territory Bill permitting voluntary euthanasia. He had previously introduced a private Members Bill supporting dying with dignity into the Tasmanian parliament when he was a state M.P. 1983 – 1993.

“Humanists are pleased to honour the valuable humanistic work of this outstanding Australian. The award was presented to Senator Brown at the dinner held at the College of the Arts, Brisbane on Saturday 15 May.” They also mention “gay law reform” as another of his many outstanding achievements.

All biblical Christians should recognise that the Greens’ leader is bad news, and shares nothing with the values and ethos of historic Christianity. But incredibly there are Christians going around either completely ignorant of what the Greens and their leader stand for, or are willingly blind to, or unconcerned about, their anti-Christian crusade.

One simply has to recall that Bob Brown and Peter Singer have long been in bed together (not literally). They co-authored a book on Green values and ideology in the mid 1990s, and Singer even ran as a Greens candidate for the Senate in 1996.

Just in case his name does not ring a bell, Singer is notorious for his strong defence of pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, and pro-infanticide positions. He is also of course a gung-ho animal rights crusader. And believe it or not, he has made it quite clear that while he abhors eating animals, he thinks it is perfectly alright to have sex with them. I kid you not.

And these guys are claiming to be a mainstream party? This is the party some Christians are recklessly flocking to? What in the world has happened to biblical discernment? Where has common sense gone to these days? Brown and Singer are two atheist whackos who do not deserve all the attention and promotion they are getting. But they do deserve each other.

How many Christians will vote for this ultra-radical party remains to be seen. But given how whacko they are on so many fronts, believers really should know better. Indeed, if the Australian Humanists think Brown is the queen bee’s knees, that should give us all real pause for concern.—-.htm

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  1. Hi Bill
    I read this article on an American website:
    “Advertising group takes impossible task of softening view of compulsory euthanasia.
    An Australian ABC television show The Gruen Transfer, featured marketing agencies tasked with a nearly impossible responsibility. The assignment: to make compulsory euthanasia at the age of 80 marketable. Though the ads were not to be taken seriously, they show us the Utilitarian roots of anti-life thinking.

    Two marketing agencies went at it and presented their proposed television ads to an expert panel. The first ad shows an elderly man in a hospital bed slowly unhooking himself from monitors and tubes while talking about rising health care costs and the limited resources available for the young. He walks down the hall of the hospital and sees a newborn baby with her mother and finishes with, “The time has come when we have to make some tough decisions; perhaps that time has come,”
    The other ad, which won, shows a variety of different people talking about an elderly loved one who has passed away. They tell how, if they had more time, they would have invested in getting to know and care for their deceased loved one more. Then they explain that if they had known when their loved one would have passed, they would have made better use of time when he or she was alive.
    The panel said that this argument made more sense and almost seen plausible. Although the competition was not attempting to actually justify compulsory euthanasia, the panel somewhat coldly spoke about the benefits presented in each ad.”

    You can read the whole article here. – type euthanasia in search.

    Thanks for your excellent articles
    Anne Van Tilburg

  2. Anyone out there still unconvinced of Peter Singer’s radical views, consider the title of two of his books.

    -“Should the baby live?” [guess his answer- tip: it isn’t yes]

    or more recently:

    -“Unsanctifying human life: Essays on Ethics”

    Ironically in his book he argues that as humans we should dump all prescriptive ethics and embrace the meaningless of the universe. Yet on the next page he demands we adopt his various theories. I smell baloney. And if Bob Brown gets along with that guy, well, what could you expect from the party? Beauty, goodness and virtue? Unlikely. Excuse the rant.

    Keith Jarrett

  3. If you haven’t seen this short film by Brian Godawa it rather disturbingly illustrates just where the logic of characters like Brown and Singer takes them. While they claim some sort of moral high ground based on …. the end point of their position is what you see in this film. Christianity has rescued much of the world from arbitrary “morality” yet these liars and charlatans want to take us back into the darkness where an “enlightened” few seek to dictate the terms of men’s lives.

    Warning: while this film contains no profanity, crudeness and only implied violence it could still be quite disturbing to some.

    Phil Twiss

  4. George Pell is right: the Greens are ‘sweet camouflaged poison’. What a pity other Christian leaders are so quiet.
    Stan Fishley

  5. Bill,

    Well does the Bible say:

    “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that does good.”

    A quite profound summary.

    David Alston

  6. I think political apathy might be sinful for Christians nowadays. We may have cause to regret it bitterly in the near future.
    Anna Cook

  7. I am astonished that so many people think that these Green nuts are members of just another party. They are lethal. I think a lot of the problem is that most people just don’t pay attention or are not interested. I hope a lot of voters have read the article written by Cardinal Pell on the Greens and Bob Brown. It is very good.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  8. The MSM is culpable in the rise in support for The Greens. Several years (a decade or so?) ago when One Nation was polling well with a national vote of something similar to where The Greens are today, the MSM went ballistic and put One Nation policies under the spotlight and demanded both the major parties put One Nation last on their HTVCs. The major parties dutifully complied with the MSM demands and One Nation was put last.

    However, in the case of The Greens many in the MSM are among their strongest supporters and few are making an effort to expose The Greens’ extreme agenda. There is no call for the major parties to put The Greens last, and in fact both major parties are preferencing The Greens ahead of their major party rival. This is in spite of the fact that the policies of The Greens are orders of magnitude worse for Australia than One Nation’s ever were. Unfortunately, the MSM are still the king makers of Australian politics.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria

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