Throwing Christians – and Children – to the Lions

If you are a Christian, you are unqualified to foster children. But if you are a homosexual, you can have as many as you want. That seems to be the state of play in the nation once known as Great Britain. Today the nation appears to have gone completely mad, with Christians portrayed as criminals while homosexual activists are celebrated as heroes.

I have documented enough cases of moonbattery in the UK to make it clear that this nation is now an absolute basket case, which needs to be put out of its misery. The insanity which is occurring there on a regular basis is enough to make a grown man cry.

The most recent episode involves a Christian couple in a court case about fostering children. Eunice and Owen Johns of Derby are deemed to be unqualified to foster children. Why? Are they pedophiles? Child molesters? Wicked perverts? Evil sadists?

No, they are much, much worse than that: they are actually Bible-believing Christians, who think they should be able to share their faith with foster children. The Pentecostal Christian couple have in fact fostered nearly 20 children over the years, with no complaints.

But two years ago they were told they could no longer foster children, because they refuse to tell these children that homosexuality is a wonderful lifestyle. As one news report put it, the “Derby council adoption panel was also reportedly ‘upset’ that the couple insisted that children in their care would be required to accompany the family to church on Sundays.”

Wow, how horrifically criminal is that? To actually take a child to church! What is wrong with these people? Obviously all such children would be far better off with homosexual activists. Never mind the thousands of studies which tell us the importance of two-parent families, or the closest thing to them.

Indeed, we are now being told that the homosexual lifestyle is the preferred environment for raising children, while caring Christians are totally unacceptable. In a matter of decades we have overturned millennia of thinking that homosexuality is a disordered state, while Christianity is the climax of civilisation.

Now all that has been turned on its head. Christianity is now taboo, while social engineering and radical lifestyles are the only socially acceptable way to proceed, and all children must be protected from the former while being controlled by the latter.

Fortunately a few people who have a bit of common sense have spoken out about this travesty of justice and common sense. A few church leaders have recognised this for what it is: a clear attack on freedom of religion, an attack on biblical Christianity, and an attack on the institutions of marriage and family.

Here is how another news service covers this development: “In a letter to The Sunday Telegraph, prominent clerics, including Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, argue that supporters of homosexual rights must not be allowed to ‘coerce silence’.”

It continues, “The bishops claim that the case, which is expected to begin at the High Court this week, will determine whether Christians can continue to express their beliefs in this country. They fear that the ruling has the potential to exclude people of faith from adopting or fostering children and enshrine the discrimination of those with traditional Biblical views. It is the latest case to test how recently-introduced gay equality laws impinge on the rights of Christians to act according to their conscience.”

In the letter the bishops said this: “On Monday the High Court is to be asked to rule on whether Christians are ‘fit people’ to adopt or foster children – or whether they will be excluded, regardless of the needs of children, from doing so because of the requirements of homosexual rights. A commitment to respecting conscience is the essence of civil liberty. The supporters of homosexual rights cannot be allowed to suppress all disagreement or disapproval and ‘coerce silence’.”

Lord Carey said the case was another “sign of the way the country is drifting away” from its Christian heritage. “It is a tragedy and shows the way our country is going. So many Christians are being marginalised as a result of this hard secularism which is knocking traditional ethics.”

The Christian Legal Centre, a group that campaigns for religious freedoms, said this: “The case will decide whether the Johns will be able to foster without compromising their beliefs. The implications are huge. It is no exaggeration to say that the future of Christian foster carers and adoptive parents hangs in the balance. It may not be long before local authorities decide that Christians cannot look after some of the most vulnerable children in our society, simply because they disapprove of homosexuality.”

Quite so. The decision will be vitally important. And if the court does rule against the Christian foster carers, then we can only imagine where things will next proceed. Indeed, it is not hard to see that soon courts will declare that Christian parents are unfit to raise their own children. The courts may well decide that it is dangerous and harmful for children to be raised by their own parents if they are Bible-believing Christians.

Stay tuned. And don’t say that you have not been warned. What sounds completely crazy today is likely to be reality – and law – tomorrow.

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29 Replies to “Throwing Christians – and Children – to the Lions”

  1. Satan’s two favourite words: tolerance and relevance. If we are not “tolerant” of other beliefs then we are to be criminalised, if we do not hold modern-day “relevant” church services but instead preach sin and our need for redemption then we are legalistic moralisers.

    I am seeing a growing movement of activists and those within the legal professions toward painting those Christians who claim the right to instruct their children in Biblical tenets as child-abusers & hater extremists parents who ‘force’ their beliefs on their children. If we don’t take the initiative and vocally counteract this trend then, just like the marriage debate, we’ll end up losing it. The next step will then be to to outlaw the right of (Christian) parents to school their own children as they see fit.

    Garth Penglase

  2. Thanks Garth

    Sadly that is already happening around the Western world, with attacks on homeschooling, Christian schools and Christian churches. It will only get much worse, unless believers wake up and start standing up for religious freedom.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. I am aware of a similar case happening in NSW Community Services here in Australia. A Casework Manager attempted to remove a teenager from a foster home because the parents were Christian and the casework manager deemed their views on homosexuality to be detrimental to a teenager (even though she had never actually asked the foster family what their views were, she just assumed because they were Christian). The only reason it didn’t go ahead was the child refused to leave the care of the foster family.
    Brad Cork

  4. However Ben Summerskill, chief executive of gay rights charity Stonewall, said: ‘Too often in fostering cases nowadays it’s forgotten that it is the interests of a child, and not the prejudices of a parent, that matter.

    That’s sounds very similar to something you said Bill. Except you were talking about male-female parents instead of same-sex at the time.

    Homosexuality is OK, I guess teenage sex is too, and abortion. And weren’t Christians the ones who took in the abandoned and orphan in the first place?

    They have convinced us that homosexuality is not a choice but innate and so they can put their rights in with those of race, and disability. Whereas religion is a choice and no choice has the right to say anything bad about something innate.

    The more I read your column the sadder and more afraid I get of what is to come in the near future. We must stand for the truth before we see history repeated.

    Kylie Anderson

  5. Thanks Kylie

    Yes the activists have become experts at hijacking and misusing our language. The “best interests of the child” is clearly about having your own biological mother and father, but they use the phrase to say that anyone can “love” a child, and family structure does not matter at all. Social engineering is always preceded by verbal engineering.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  6. I have received ‘Christian Concern’ from the UK for quite a few years now and have seen the decline of the ‘Little’ Britain now accelerating – it saddens me, because I was born there and it was once the home of some of the greatest Christian movements, outreach and men & women of God in history. How on earth could it happen? I for one believe that the ‘prince of the power of the air’ has all the higher learning facilities completely and all spheres of Government, definitely more so than the USA & Australia. I hope I am right in thinking (and I can only hope) that Australia’s egalitarian, fair go ethic will preserve it from the full frontal demonic assaults that are assailing the UK and that common sense here is more common. I read today on Andrew Bolt where British Police get training in being more respectful when arresting witches – stating to respect the spell book, dont touch the dagger and (this is really true) if you see a naked person tied up and bound, not to worry, because it is consensual!!! Churchill said after the Battle of Britain (the UK’s finest hour), that this is not the end, but the end of the beginning…….my fear is that the UK will go from the beginning, middle to the end in an accelerated way…..such is the love of darkness in the UK. Woe to those who call good, evil and those who call evil, good! We are seeing the death throws of an entire civilisation……..Australia; don’t honestly know; the USA, if the Christian middle class can awake and throw off the evil that threatens their nation, Maybe! The real hope is China, South America and Africa rising up as great Christian nations……I really do hope so!!!!
    Neil Innes

  7. Bill,

    How I wish you would be able to come over to the UK and give it the shake up that it’s so badly crying out for. Our last great leader, Margaret Thatcher, is now a frail old lady, and the current “conservative” government have more in common with their wishy-washy-anything-goes Godless heathen liberal coalition mates than they do with the old Conservative party I have voted for all my life.

    There’s no one left taking a stand for biblical morality and if you so much as upset a homosexual you’re thrown in prison, literally. Welcome to Britain.

    My father always argued that legalising homosexuality would be the “thin end of the wedge” and that the Muslims had it right. He said if it was decriminalised it would soon become deemed acceptable behaviour, and that we should punish it for the good of society and children. I thought he was being alarmist and harsh, and as a young woman I was swept along with the sentiment of “tolerance” and “compassion” for sexual deviants after propaganda films by the likes of militant activist Dirk Bogarde. How right my father was! However much I miss him I’m so glad he died whilst Thatcher was in power and he never had to witness the terrible decline of his beloved country (that he fought for!!).

    I feel partially responsible because we were all swept along on this wave of anti-Christian so-called “tolerance” and now I have a son of my own whose mind is constantly being brainwashed by all manner of heathen ideologies.

    Because homosexuals can’t breed they have to convert the young and impressionable to their cause, and my son is no different as he’s been brainwashed into accepting that “diversity is good” and “homosexuality is normal” and all the rest of it in his so-called Christian school. I’ve even found pornography hidden in his room and although I was relieved that it was naked women he wanted to look at, he told me that “We’re all animals” and “Everyone does it” as if that makes the exploitation of women and the giving in to sin acceptable! Where does he get these heathen ideas from? Let me tell you. We get scientists on the television all the time who are lauded as modern-day Messiahs, whose messages are anti-biblical. The likes of Hawking, Dawkins and Cox are all atheists who peddle rubbish about evolution, making out we’re all apes (they can speak for themselves) to vulnerable children.

    In the UK now you’re mocked and ridiculed if you still go to church, unless you’re black, which for some reason is still acceptable. The only devout youngsters are, of course, following the wrong religion – Islam. If only Christian children had half of their passion and belief in Jesus Christ there may be some hope for us in the UK.

    As it is the best I can do is look longingly overseas and wish that you were over here, Bill, so that you could speak some good biblical sense to the heathen youth of the UK. But from my heart I thank you for standing up for what is right.

    It’s hard not to despair.

    Barbara Murray-Leach

  8. Thanks Barbara

    Yes I too often despair. Things may get worse before they get better. But we know which side wins in the end so that gives us hope to keep fighting the good fight. And I know there is a remnant in the UK that has not bowed the knee to the secular PC agenda. In each of our countries those who still remain true to Christ and his word must stand up and be counted. Bless you.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  9. Barbara (I’m in Britain too): I think we just have to be grateful for the good our people have done (for Truth, justice, and civilisation) and accept that the baton of light has moved on (the Holy Spirit never stays still) and you and I (unlike your father, etc.) happen to be here when the darkness has come; but remember, we are where we are when we are by the Lord’s wish and design, not by any chance or accident, and our job, now, is to testify to the Light amongst this darkness.
    John Thomas, UK

  10. Britain’s topsy-turvy madness accelerated when we signed up for the European Union, deprived of the promised referendum. We no longer have autonomy but can be overruled by the EU, (which is made up of diverse cultures that are increasingly secular) or face crippling fines. There are links below to show the diversity of countries and religions who have a say in how we are governed. The previous Labour government brought in the Human Rights Act and the Sexual Orientation Act and their interpretation of these legislations have wreaked havoc. As you say Bill, social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering. The homosexual lobby gained momentum in the wake of human rights for ethnic minorities and the disabled but I think the issues are quite different. With the removal of God from the equation, there is nothing standing in their way.

    Sadly children awaiting adoption have somehow been separated from or abandoned by their biological parents and they are particularly vulnerable. Many biological parents are unfit parents and their children have to be removed from their cruelty. Research endorses that it is still in their best interests to be brought up by a foster mother and father as opposed to a same-sex couple because babies are conceived by a man and a woman. Why do homosexuals and lesbians want to segregate themselves from everyone else?

    There is much clamouring for their equal rights. “Rev Sharon Ferguson” recently said on a TV programme that a lesbian couple made better parents than a heterosexual couple. To which I would reply that in such a case the child would have been stolen from his true father. THOU SHALT NOT STEAL. Alternatively if a man thought it OK to donate sperm to an infertile couple, I would say in that case he would be robbing the child of his true father, himself – THOU SHALT NOT STEAL. The interests of the children are being completely ignored.

    Fortunately some of the absurdities brought in by the previous Labour government are being dispensed with. I wish the excesses of the Human Rights Act and Sexual Orientation Act which make criminals of victims could also be repealed before we all sink giggling to the bottom of the sea!

    Rachel Smith, UK

  11. Barbara Murray-Leach

    Just google the name Fr Donald Calloway, get a hold of his conversion speech, and show it to your son. This will be the best medicine possible. He talks about all the crap your son is currently being fed in school. He is now a young devout Catholic priest!

    Jane Petridge

  12. Rachel Smith: (“Research endorses …”) – always remember that there are two kinds of research/science: that which is entirely objective (truthful), and that which is politically determined or ideologically directed (I would be suspicious of any research funded or promoted by our pro-homosexualist/materialist government or media). Look our for future “proofs” of existence of a gay gene, proofs of evolution, AGW, etc.
    “The interests of the children are being completely ignored” – in any ideological struggle, ordinary people are considered to be just expendable cannon fodder, in this case, children. Expect many more children (and unborn) to suffer.
    John Thomas, UK

  13. Please don’t think we are exempt from all this in Australia. I have spoken to a number of Christian families in numerous states who have had foster children removed from their care because they were taking the children to church and bringing them up with Christian morals.
    I also know of a young boy who was placed in a foster home with about 10 other children and he was not permitted to have a Bible. Yet, it was permissible to have ungodly lifestyles paraded around by the male staff in front of these children.
    Robyn Grace

  14. NZ is a little more like the UK in this. We had our names down on the NZ adoption list 15 years ago. There are so few babies for adoption, there are hundreds of couples who wait in hope.

    One time our case manager accidentally left our file with us as she went to check something and I noticed a piece of paper attached to the cover with a paper clip. On it was written, “would the religion of this couple be detrimental to the upbringing of a child?”

    I should have taken this piece of paper and kept it. When I pointed it out it was whisked away swiftly. We never were found a baby for adoption.

    Shirley Baskett

  15. This happened to my friends who are ministers. They were told if they wanted to be foster parents they would need to agree not to proselytise the children. Of course these ministers refused to compromise their faith. My mother is a foster parent and she is allowed to take her foster kids to church but not preach to them herself. This foster agency is supposed to be founded with christian principles.
    If Christians are not allowed to foster children because of their faith then we have no choice but to up the street witnessing and reach the parents before they lose their children and reach the youths before they throw away their lives. lets come back to the book of Acts! Jesus save our nation!
    Michelle Mahon

  16. I find it very interesting that even when you “just disagree” with the homosexual position the language and actions become agressive, emotive, personal then claim that you are intolerant, bigotted, narrow minded. This is then followed by claims of homofobia, hate crime and minor opinion……all these claims in fact are the very behaviour that the homosexual lobby is demonstrating….now this is the height if hypocrisy…and yes this what we are accused of also!

    It should not therefore be a surprise when people opposed to the homosexual position (whether Christian or not) wish to stand firm and resist or (gasp) take positive action that the rheteric and actions become VERY agressive and hysterical.

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

    David Stanfield

  17. Sad! Discriminative hate crimes against Christians, may the Lord reward.
    Dorian Ballard

  18. I have just been informed of two christian friends who were recently rejected for fostering in Australia as a result of being Christians. They told me that the fostered child is classed as government property (AOS) and that the foster parent/parents were simply helping the government in raising the minor, and under no circumstances was any foster parent to teach a child a faith.
    Dorian Ballard

  19. Hi Dorian,

    “…and under no circumstances was any foster parent to teach a child a faith.”

    Except the state sanctioned faith of atheism presumably. Taught through actively and expressly refusing to acknowledge God or give Him thanks for anything.

    Mansel Rogerson

  20. Thanks Mansel

    Yes I was going to say the same. Secular humanism is a worldview and a religion, and it is presumably fine to ram this down kids’ throats. And since homosexuals can foster children here in Victoria, they can also push their agenda, and the state does not mind at all. Anyone can do anything – that is, except Christians.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  21. Hi Bill,

    Yes, I wonder what the ‘authorities’ would say to a foster parent asking if they may teach the children atheism. If the answer is ‘no’, then I suppose the authorities can only mean they want them to openly teach the children to thank God for all our blessings and pray to Him. If there is some ‘middle ground’ here distinguishable from atheism, then I wonder what it is supposed to look like in practice?

    Mansel Rogerson

  22. The criminalizing of Christianity. Truth replaced by lies. The bigger the lie and the more often it is told the more people believe it.

    We have all seen it before as evolution was argued against creation and now is the basis for the education of our children and in our universities. Christian schools have to present evolution and be careful how they present creation.

    Denis Colbourn

  23. You are hitting the nail on the head on a really important issue here, Bill. I am in the foster care system and without going into too much detail have experienced for myself the heart of darkness that this government organization can be! What is happening in the UK is really no surprise. We know we can expect nothing but the very worst from this current world order and nowhere is this more evident than in anything to do with the next generation. I believe that satan’s plan is to take the children of Christians and give them to foster carers that will be anything but compatible with our beliefs (e.g. homosexuals and/or occultists). They will not need much of an excuse and if we get thrown into jail, which many of us could be, that would be the perfect excuse to have the children of such a family placed in the home of whoever this evil state deems fit.
    Dee Graf

  24. Well, I was talking this afternoon to my daughter who has just commenced fostering a 15 year old boy with a horrendous history of abuse and dysfunctional family life. She and her husband are finding themselves under constant stress due to DOC’s handling of the case. They are in their early forties, have 5 children of their own from 3 to 19yrs, have had foster children for weekends and holidays for a period of years. They put their names down to foster , and after 2 children being withdrawn by the system they were suddenly asked to rescue this boy and given limited time to make a decision. They were told that after being in danger of being lost in the system for 7 years this was his final chance to be redeemed. So the case was sort of rushed through. Among other things they were told he had joined a Youth Group called ACON and was to continue attending twice a week. They were not told it was a Homosexual support group. in fact as his mother was an alcoholic, drug addicted prostitute they thought it was aligned with Alcoholics Anonymous. It turns out the school had set him up with ACON. Now the Welfare Officers and Social Workers are present at all frequent case sessions, always checking that he is still going to ACON, even ringing him up and reminding him to go, offering him lifts and all. They check in on how he feels about everything and my daughter feels she and her husband are being constantly watched for any reactions to the homosexuality push. When he wasn’t so keen to go to church with them, they were just lucky that one of the case workers is a christian and suggested that as it is a family activity he should at least try it for 2 months. His main problems are zero grades and socialising with his peers. He has had bullying from other students calling him ‘gay’ and ‘homo’ and probably worse, because this is very prevalent in todays youth, especially when boys are of a gentle nature. Another of our grandsons who is also 15 has taken him under his wing and he has responded to him well and is going to Home Group with him. He told them at school our family get-together on Father’s Day was the best day of his life, but my daughter and hubby are feeling under terrific pressure and scrutiny, to address his real needs, in view of DOC’s involvement and attitude. Everything is discussed in front of the boy and they are told exactly what they can and can’t do, in front of him. It is quite intimidating and undermines their authority in so many ways. They wonder what they have taken on.
    DOC’s have now told him he will be given $350 a fortnight to do whatever he wants. When my daughter suggested he could set up a bank account and save some, DOC’s said it was entirely up to him, and not for them to say. He is currently spending every cent he gets and of course it is not on clothes or food because he is already getting that supplied, it is on his mobile, games and entertainment. He has no idea of the value of money or the cost of living and is quite naive in many ways and in spite of other deprivation he has been overindulged as he could always get a handout in one way or another, and allowed to miss school 75% of the time. Even at school he misses lessons when he feels like it. He has so much to learn in a short time before he is out there on his own. My daughter feels that all the wrong tools are being given him, at least by the government, to face the decisions he will soon have to make himself. Sorry to draw this out but it is such an example of all the wrong things that are going on in our current social welfare system. And it especially shows what Christians are up against in trying to be there to ‘help’ anyone.
    Lesley Kadwell

  25. Everyone lives what they believe. As parents we are teaching (proselytising) our children constantly, even if not consciously. I understood that adoptive parents are matched to the child in terms of faith etc. Is this still the case or is adopting just as hard for Christians as fostering?
    Kylie Anderson

  26. Can you imagine what would happen if a Muslim family wanted to adopt and to take their adopted child to the mosque?

    I bet the authorities would not have considered that detrimental to a child.

    Pam Renton

  27. Lesley, it seems to be a case of, can you feed, clothe and house this child for us but don’t you dare raise him.

    Evangelical Christians also believe that sex before marriage is wrong, and abortion. Why is homosexuality the one lifestyle choice that can’t be spoken against? In the UK case it isn’t that the child already claims homosexuality but that they can’t be taught it is wrong.

    Kylie Anderson

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