Even the Stones Will Speak Out

As Western culture continues to head straight into the cesspool, there are at least two options. The downward decline will either continue unabated, or some concerned individuals will rise up and shout, ‘Enough is enough’. And sometimes when things get so out of control, those who stand up and speak out can come from unexpected quarters.

We of course expect some people to be doing their job and speaking out. Certainly the Christian churches should be at the forefront of this, offering a prophetic voice to the godlessness and decadence we see all around us. But sadly, far too often these Christian voices are nowhere to be found.

Often it is a non-Christian who will come along and say what Christians should have been saying, but have not. This is yet another scandal of a compromised and lifeless church which is in many ways digging its own grave. But to have non-believers doing the job instead of the believer is not necessarily a bad thing.

Even Jesus himself made this quite clear. In the gospels we read about how Jesus rebuked the Pharisees who wanted his disciples to remain quiet. Jesus told them: “I tell you, if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” One way or another God’s word must get through.

Indeed, we have examples of this in the Old Testament. Remember Balaam’s ass (Numbers 22)? If God’s own people will not get the job done, then God is quite able to use other people, or even other things, to get it done. But of course his preference is for us to be in sync with his purposes, so that we can be his spokespersons.

But if the church would rather sleep, or chase after trivial pursuits, then God will raise up others to speak his words. There were two very clear examples of this which occurred just this week. Both involved non-believers saying what believers should have been saying all along.

The first has to do with the horrendous court decision in the UK in which a Christian couple was barred from fostering children because they refused to bow to the tyrannical homosexual agenda. I wrote up this despicable ruling here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2011/03/01/judges-now-ban-christianity/

While a handful of Christians seem to have been speaking out about this, it seems that for the most part the church there has been silent. Even worse, some apostate Christians would have even applauded this decision. Thus it was utterly refreshing to see what David Starkey has said about all this.

Here is how one news report covers the story: “Last week’s ruling of the High Court in London banning pro-family Christian couples from fostering children has even self-described ‘gay’ atheists concerned. The justices ruled that it was appropriate to ban a Christian couple from fostering children since they refused to present homosexual sex as positive.

“David Starkey a renowned historian and UK media personality was discussing the ruling on BBC television yesterday. Starkey said: ‘I am gay and I am atheist but I have profound doubts about this case. It seems to me that what we are doing is producing a tyrannous new morality that is every bit as oppressive as the old.’

“Starkey described growing up being homosexual with what he believes was harassment from police. He said however that, ‘I am very, very concerned that a new sort of liberal morality is coming in, which as I said, is as intolerant, is as oppressive, is as intrusive into family life.’

“Starkey also raised the case of the British couple who owned a small hotel and were fined since they did not wish to accommodate a homosexual couple.  Starkey said he was opposed to the fine suggesting rather: ‘The way to do that is not to ban them, not to fine them. It is for them simply to put up what seems to me to be a quite proper notice in a small privately run hotel which says we are Christians and this is what we believe. Otherwise, we are as I said, we are producing a new tyranny,’ he added.”

Wow, not bad from a homosexual and an atheist. The second case involves the leader of France reminding his people of the country’s Christian heritage. President Nicolas Sarkozy has just made headlines by pointing out the obvious. Here is how a news item carried the story:

“Speaking before a crowd of dignitaries in the ancient town of Puy-en-Velay, a key location in the history of French religious devotion, Sarkozy vigorously defended the importance of the Christian contribution to the cultural foundations of France. ‘Christianity has left to us a magnificent heritage. I am the president of a secular republic, but I can say this because it is the truth.  I am not proselytizing,’ he told the group.

“‘In ascending soon the steps that lead to the choir of the Cathedral of Puy-en-Velay, as millions of people have done before me for almost ten centuries, I am very moved and I have been, like them, taken by the smiling majesty of this immense relic of stone coming to meet me,’ said Sarkozy, referring to Puy-en-Velay’s most important architectural monument.

“He went on to add that ‘Chartres, Amiens, Reims, Strasbourg, Paris, none of these towns would be today what it is in the eyes of French and the eyes of the rest of the world without these cathedrals on which the faithful and tourists always converge.’

“‘This heritage, my dear compatriots, obligates us. This heritage is an opportunity, but it is first of all a duty. We are obligated by this heritage.  It obligates us because not only do we have the duty to transmit it to the generations that succeed us, but we must assume it, this heritage, without a complex and without false modesty,’ said Sarkozy, calling it the ‘living testimony of the support of Christianity to our civilization.’

“‘To not concern ourselves with our heritage, is to betray the history of our country. Protecting our heritage is protecting the heritage of France, it is to defend the most tangible signs of our identity. I often recall Levi-Strauss: “Identity is not a pathology”.’ he added.”

Once again, not bad coming from a secularist. But I am greatly heartened that finally some people are beginning to speak out about the destruction of the West and its values. I wish that these brave words would motivate a few more believers to start doing the same.

For too long most Christians have sat passively by, too scared or too unconcerned to speak about the assaults on faith and freedom occurring all around them. Like sheep heading to their own slaughter, they have for the most part remained silent, unconcerned, and asleep at the wheel.

So we can be thankful for these two stones speaking out so loudly and so clearly. May many more do so, and in the process, put to shame those believers who should have been speaking out all along, but have not.


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  1. Excellent article, Bill! It’s telling that these two stories have received so little media attention… even though both Starkey and Sarkozy are merely upholding basic rights and freedoms that, once eroded, will open the door to the oppression of anyone who doesn’t fit the politically correct mould. And who knows what mould that will be in twenty or fifty years time?! It’s not just Christians who ought to speak out… but all the same you are right that it is shameful that so few believers have stood by in silence. Keep up your good work!
    Mishka Gora

  2. Many thanks Mishka

    Yes it is a shame how the MSM is simply avoiding these sorts of stories. They have a lot to answer for, as do many believers who refuse to speak up.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. Thanks Bill for all your articles and for often being a lone voice crying in the wilderness! I often wonder why Christians don’t speak out more, is it just fear or more apathy? I think that if “same-sex” marriage does become legal here it will largely be the fault of the Christians for not speaking out. The very fact that our society is seriously considering a thing called “same-sex marriage” is evidence of how significantly Christians have failed to speak the truth.
    Catherine Sheehan

  4. Thanks Catherine

    Hey, I was just out at the shops 5 minutes ago thinking the very same thing: a lone voice crying out in the wilderness. But you are speaking up, and many others are as well, so we are not alone. Even though perhaps a remnant, that is all it takes. So let’s keep up the good fight.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. Catherine: As Bill has said many times before and I have had numerous ‘Letters to the Editor” fail because of a quenching by MSM when attempting to speak out. Always, in my case, I have been responding to a perverted profile of Christianity that was published.

    Unfortunately many of us cannot afford adverts. Any other alternates?

    Ray Robinson

  6. I’m sorry Bill to have to carry over my statement from your previous article about the BBC “Question Time” debate over the foster parents, Mr and Mrs Johns, which can be seen here, starting at 36’:20: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006t1q9

    But it needs to be emphasised that we cannot rely on stones and donkeys doing the work for us for they will inevitably get it wrong as well. Unfortunately David Starkey blew it with his last statement by saying that Christian belief must not be translated into action. This completely undoes all that he has said before, and I am afraid is typical of the “gay” mind that is full of inconsistency, contradiction and cognitive dissonance. We must not be surprised when bad men like Starkey in a moment of rationality come out with sane statements, for we all possess God’s stamp imprinted on our consciences, no matter how scarred and marred.
    Listen to his last statement by sliding the bar to 49’:28.

    Like Tatchell, he believes in freedom of speech but as for Christian views having a place in the wider public arena, forget it. The real useful idiot on this programme is Ian Duncan Smith, MP who up until now has been the Conservative flag ship defender of marriage and the family. He failed to understand that the Johns would be asked to promote homosexuality as a good and superior lifestyle. The buffoon still believes that we, in Britain, are free to choose how to live when in fact we no longer have the choice to either receive goods and services with a Christian stamp of approval or reject the goods and services with Stonewall’s stamp of approval.

    Starkey’s live and let live approach is merely one of if you don’t like something, you are always free to hide away somewhere, switch off, or look the other way, but certainly not play a major role in society. His gesticulations and exaggerated movements betray his pride and strutting arrogance.

    David Skinner, UK

  7. Individual Christians do indeed speak out against the prevailing secular orthodoxy. Resistance to some of the oppressive legislation by which obedience to the platitudes of liberalism is enforced, can cost Christians their livelihoods. But some people will put their jobs on the line rather than kow-tow to the opinions of the powers-that-be.

    This is very encouraging of course, and blogs like this give Christians a platform on which they can air their views.

    However, Bill makes a crucial point about the feeble voice or silence of institutionalized Christianity – even when challenged by egregious examples of political correctness and godless enthusiasm. There is little doubt that moral cowardice is a factor in this reluctance of many (not all) bishops and pastors to give a lead by putting their heads above the parapet. It is never possible to do what is right without some cost – though not necessarily a material cost.

    The repeated failure of hierarchies within the Christian churches to make a principled stand, is a reason why some people describe themselves as Christians who never go to church.

    Alex Anderson

  8. Thanks David

    Yes I certainly did not mean to imply that he had suddenly become one of us, or that everything he said was spot on. My point was simply that even non-Christians can see some of the dangers of where the new PC, coupled with the homosexual militants, is taking us. Indeed, my point was rather more this: why aren’t there any Christians speaking out about this?

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  9. Bill, I ask myself the same question, as you know I am running a petition in support of Mr and Mrs Bull and their Bed and Breakfast, Chymorvah, in Cornwall:


    Given the strength of feeling, of outrage even, from the general public, to the cruelty and injustice inflicted on the Bulls, I had vainly imagined that the petition would instantly take off. Has it ever? Big Christian, umbrella organisations and churches on mass have ducked behind their pews. This to me is quiet a shocking revelation of the state of Churchianity in Britain. There is one consolation however and that is God’s word to Elijah, when he felt he was the only faithful one remaining. He reminded him that there were still 7000 priests who had not bowed to Baal. Who knows the petition might just about reach 7,000.

    David Skinner, UK

  10. Notice also how the sly Dimbeby when talking to Margaret Becket tries slip in the idea that there might other ideas that would be harmful for children – such as racism. The Serpent is so subtle. So here we hear it again that resisting homosexuality is the same as being racist!!!
    Such deception, deviousness, and distraction on the part of someone who is an adulterer, having left his wife and mother of his children, Josceline, for a younger model.

    David Skinner, UK

  11. Sometimes I often wonder why Christians don’t take a stand. Maybe it has something to do with the possibility of losing a job or belongings and material goods. Maybe they just don’t want the hassle.

    Not to long ago a young girl on a train was sexually assaulted by a refugee. In the opening comments of the article it stated …sexually assaulted the girl for 20 minutes as other passengers watched and failed to intervene…
    One has to wonder as to why no-one intervened. I think many who were on that train were on the way home. Probably tired, had a bad day at work, to busy fiddling on there ipod, phone, etc. Cocooned in their own little world to do anything.
    Surely some must have thought that it was wrong, but why didn’t they act? I bet many would have thought that if I intervene I will have to go the the police station to give a report. This will waste my time that I could be having with my family. There could be a possibility that it could backfire on me, and I might get put up on assault. Hmm..I might just look the other way. Its safer for me. Now you might condemn a person for thing this, but this is the result of years of learned behaviour. Many have seen and read of cases in the MSM where someone went to someone’s aid, then ended up with the wrong end of the stick. Thereby putting seeds of doubt into their minds.

    How many of these people on this train would have classed themselves as Catholics or Christians? And yet sat around and did nothing.
    Maybe the real question is what would I have done in this situation?

    The mindset of this society reminds me of the priest and Levite in the Good Samaritan parable. Cross over to the other side of the road and pass by lest you be inconvenienced in any way.

    Spurgeon had a good word about the Sin of doing nothing.
    It is to you, professed Christians and Church members, that the text comes, “Be sure your sin will find you out.” And what is that sin? It is, very sadly, common among professed Christians and needs to be dealt with—it is the sin which leads anyone to forget his share in the holy war which is to be carried out for God and for His Church…

    Quite right we are being found out.

    Jeffrey Carl

  12. Militant secularism and a relativist constantly-evolving ethical framework are at the root of the current public push for same-sex marriage. The submission of the NSW and UNSW Councils of Civil Liberties to the 2004 Senate Committee of Enquiry into the legal definition of marriage issue [ http://www.nswccl.org.au/docs/pdf/marriage%20bill%20submission.pdf ] reads like a secularist riposte to Augustine’s The City of God. The core claims of the NSW & UNSW CCLI document need to be debunked. Unless a democracy bows to the theocracy of the one, true God, it will soon descend into the imposed ethical anarchy of the totalitarian state.
    John Wigg

  13. Excellent article again Bill. We are hearing a deafening silence from certainly the public face of church and Christianity. What is noticeable in light of the recent disasters there is almost no mention of God, and very little mention of prayer etc. I guess that comes as no surprise considering our prime minister is a devout atheist.

    My church is about to put an ad in our local paper in order to be a witness. We want to get people to think about what God would have us do, particularly in the light of the disasters we are seeing, and the depravity our Western nations have fallen into. Please pray for the ad, and that God will use it to move people. I’ll let you know when and where it comes out, as we will have a website associated with it.

    David Clay

  14. We wanted to foster a child 20 years ago and were refused on the basis that we were Christians and that we would be too stric t- I think the organisation was Dalwood Homes, Sydney.
    You Bill, and Danny N from Catch the Fire are 2 people who have the gift of speaking out; I note his contribution over 6 years fighting for our freedom of speech against the Muslims.
    When our Prime Minister can look down the camera lensd and blatantly lie about the carbon tax issue and be believed by many, who is going to listen to a solitary unknown voice shouting in the desert? Our best bet is to support ministries like yours in prayer and finances, which reminds me what is your Biller code?
    Ilona Sturla

  15. I agree totally with your sentiments here Bill. Some prominent bishops have been heard to comment that if they speak out in defence of some moral issue, it would make matters worse. That is a cop out. They are cowards and whenever such issues arise, they run for cover. It can be safely stated that our enemies would admire strength in character shown by a prominent churchman, who took them to task and KEPT IT UP. I am not speaking of every bishop, there are a small number who do speak out and are not given any coverage from the shame-stream-media, because the latter are confident that those who do speak out, won’t get much backing from their so-called colleagues.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  16. Ilona, If you live in NSW you may think of voting for our wonderful Christian Candidate, Paul Green, standing for CDP in the Upper House in the coming election. Fred Nile and Paul, if he gets the no 1 votes he needs to get into Parliament, are making a strong stand against the Islamisation of Australia. Fred said at the Christian Democratic Party State Election Campaign Launch today that he has observed that in most countries where Islam has made a big impact nothing major happened until they became 10% of the population but he said here in Auatralia, while they are still only 1.7% of the population they are already making big demands eg Halal Food, separate swimming pools, extensive school and community setups, and at University, they have been given three different Moslem Prayer Rooms – one for men, one for women, and one for men and women. But there are no Baptist, Catholic or even Christian Prayer Rooms supplied. Fred has also stood against the separist and oppressive use of the burqua in Australia, which also has cocerns for concealing identity and weapons. In England female Moslem doctors and nurses are allowed to wear long sleeved garments while there christian counterparts are obliged to wash their forearms with an antiseptic for infection control, and so on and in many other ways they are getting concessions made to them like being able to take action because they are offended by remarks about Mohammed and even Christians wearing crosses. The CDP is the one Christian Party that has stood the test of time and trials and has never flinched from it’s calling to stand for God and the Family, and maintaining our Christian Heritage, and more currently ‘No Sharia Law – One Law for All Australians’ and ‘S.O.S. Save Our Scripture in Schools’ – the only place where most children today hear about Jesus. Spread the message Vote (1) CDP… voting (2) will not do. These are crucial times or our Christian freedoms will be a thing of the past! Just look at what both our Major Parties are doing at the moment, backflips on all our Christian values! And the Greens are using their increasing influence to push their anti-christian agenda with an unveiled smugness. We must have more Christians who will stand up for what they believe! (Strange too how Bob Brown flaunts his Presbyterian heritage, Julia Gillard her Baptist background and Christina Keneally her Catholicism – who are they trying to con ? – but Tony Abbott is denigrated for his religious faith.) In his old age Fred Nile is called the “Father of the House” and the “Conscience of the Parliament”! He is truly a man called by God to be in Parliament as a Prophet to our Nation, and I believe so is Paul Green. I know him well. May God give you all discernment in your voting! Goodnight, God bless you!
    Lesley Kadwell

  17. It is a shameful state of affairs when a homosexual atheist will boldly say what our bishops should be saying but will not – with the honourable exception of Bishop Nazir Ali, who had to put up with the arrogant insolence of Stonewall’s Ben Sumerskill on a radio interview recently on this very topic.

    Meantime, read these words of one of our bishops and you will understand why the Church of England is dying – and why it deserves to die.


    Jill Samson, UK

  18. Not all of us are quiet – some 300+ gathered at Martin Place, Sydney on Saturday night to rally to make a Stand 4 Righteousness against the Homosexual & Lesbian MG. Pity the rest of the church doesn’t have a bit of ‘ticker’.
    Charles Northcote

  19. On speaking out, are you able to make some practical suggestions as to how we could go about it, Bill? Ray mentions letters to the editor and Charles mentions rallies. Starting a blog is about all I can think of apart from those (and Facebook status updates), but I have doubts about my ability to contribute much of quality to the discussion and to get readers.
    Ben McFadden

  20. Thanks Ben

    In one sense, there are as many ways to make a difference as there are people. Whatever God leads you to do: work in an AIDS hospital; set up a crisis pregnancy centre; run for office; become a teacher; become a judge; be a good father; etc. See this article for example:
    And here are some other tips:

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  21. Living in Queensland, I don’t hear a lot about the work of Fred Nile, but I am a fan and am so pleased to hear that he’s fighting on. His critics must realise they’ve lost the battle they were waging against him. He is a great example of what many more of the religious community should be doing – standing up for Christ. I had a brief talk with Fred when I was visiting Sydney a couple of years ago. Fred was organising something. I’m not familiar enough with Sydney to remember now where it was. I know a lot of Catholics think he’s great. I am pleased to know he’s still on the go.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  22. I think one reason why Christians don’t object to things, and the way we are going, is because they just don’t know about many events (or the full facts about events which they do hear of), and this is because too many people (Christians, and others) get their information from, and wrongly trust, the mainstream media and particularly (in Britain at least) the BBC. Some Christians just will not accept the inherent bias in the MSM and the BBC, hence they absorb a pre-biased collection of “facts”. The other day, a man (Guardian reader) told me how tremendously encouraged he was by the Egyptian revolution (or whatever we might call it). “But what of the fate of the Copts?” – I asked. “Oh … er … I didn’t know about them” Well, the Guardian and the BBC are not going to report persecution of Copts by Islamicists, are they? Well, not without a good dose of secularist spin.
    John Thomas, UK

  23. Secularization refers to the declining influence of religion and religious values within a given culture.

    Whether you are a luke warm or a full on Christian or even a Liberal Democrat or a humanist. Pleased be advised that there will be no such word as Secularism or it’s practice in your next conscious state.

    So why is the church so quiet on secularism. How can we have good moral judgement in all activities business or private when the church readily accepts such bondage? If we look at the early US constitutional Ethos as being one nation under God how did secularism gain so much ground?

    Yes I love hearing about the love of God and the re-inforcment of his word but why aren’t all Christians doing something to improve or castigate the overely liberal views of people who are rarely fit to govern.
    I see a paradox here where we accept a government that has a distinct lack of moral fibre and integrity often having liars at their helm and cheats in their midst yet we as Christians who are still in the majority do nothing even when faced with a government cow towing to small but often powerful minority wagging the tail of the media dog

    I find it unacceptable that Journalists or Editors can vent their personal views and influence the weak minded and some politicians no matter how crass or rediculous their comments may be whilst Christians have no voice. If we then have no place in government then neither has the media unless they are actually quoting a government representative or policy. Individual or editorial views have no more right than the church to influence policy.
    Yes I know all about ignoring wars and rumours of wars and i know that the wheat must grow with the chaff until the harvest is ripe etc etc. But didn’t Jesus come down here to show us the way to make this a better place? Surely we should show our combined mettle to illustrate and propose there is a better way?
    Sermons are very good at reinforcing our faith and views but we are generally preaching to the converted. We are Luke warm. “He who loveth his life shall lose it” surely that shows us how wish washy feel good some of our sermons are.
    If small minority groups can have so much power why is ours so weak and what are we doing about it.
    We have freedom of speech even though that may be curtailed at some future point but most of all we need a media because until we do governments will never listen or fear the consequences of their ineptitude.

    Dennis Newland

  24. Hi Bill
    I see by the responses to this article that we have willing voices opposing the acceptance of all manner of vile things foisted on us in the name of political correctness. We have so many good voices that need to be heard and there is a way. NewsMax in America whilst I do not propose it as the example we should follow it nevertheless commands a substantial on line media audience in a manner which I believe we could emulate or learn from.
    Dennis Newland

  25. Being salt and light is every Christian’s responsibility. If we wanted to, we can make a difference in our society by just sitting at a computer desk and typing a letter. If Woolworths and Coles got 100,000 emails asking which of their shops stock non-Muslim Vegemite you can be sure they will be putting the pressure on Kraft to drop their PC silliness. If 10,000 people wrote to ANZ telling them they are closing their accounts with the bank because of their pitch for the pink dollar (they are sponsors of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras) the Marriage Act no longer conforms to their organisational values, you can be sure they will change their tune. If thousands called the bank and spoke to their Customer Response Centre for half and hour, as I did yesterday, their human resources strain would start to tell. If 100,000 Christians wrote to the PM about abortion, same sex marriage, Sharia Law, euthanasia, etc, you can be sure these things will never get up. But we are too lazy even to sign the Canberra Declaration that takes only a few seconds.
    Des Morris

  26. 20 years ago, more than 10,000 Christians gathered in Sydney at a rally organised by the then Festival of Light. Last Saturday, there were barely over 100. I am not sure that it is just complacency that stops Christians from being active these days, I think, it is also battle weariness. Jesus said in Mat 24:12 that the love of many will grow cold because of all the lawless things that will be happening around them. I was actually looking for some comfort or promise that went with this verse, but all it says afterwards that “those who endure to the end will be saved.” So, endurance is once again the key prayer and faithfulness in strengthening others. Thank you Bill for doing that.
    Ursula Bennett, Moruya, NSW

  27. No one will probably go back to this post any more, seeing that we move onto other things. I was glad to hear that about 300 were at the rally in Sydney on the weekend. Ilona, your comment on the loan voice in the wilderness? John the Baptist was such a voice, it didn’t make him go home though, he was that voice alone and paid for it with his life. We must be likewise that brave and we can be with God’s help.
    Ursula Bennett
    C.D.P. candidate for Bega in the NSW state election

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