I Was Born To Change

Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way” is another piece of propaganda in the culture wars. She seeks to convince gullible young people that we are slaves to biology and that homosexuality is something we have absolutely no control over.

In an extensive interview with the pop star in the March issue of Vogue we find these words: “Clearly an homage to the obscure underground disco record ‘I Was Born This Way’; it is an unbelievably great dance song, destined to be the anthem of every gay-pride event for the next 100 years. She tells me that Elton John pronounced it the ‘gayest song’ he had ever heard. ‘I wrote it in ten f**king minutes,’ she says, ‘and it is a completely magical message song’.”

Now there is a pair for you: Gaga and Elton, both doing their bit to push their radical agenda, taking millions of kids with them along the way. On the one hand we have her promoting the myth of “but I was born that way,” while he is bringing children into the world without the most important people they can know: their biological parents.

As to her agenda, it of course has been refuted countless times by the most important proof available: people who have left the homosexual lifestyle. There are thousands of people who have left that life and gone on to heterosexual marriage and family.

Here are two such recent stories:

Their stories in part helped convince the State of Maryland to reject homosexual marriage. Of course the radical homosexual community hates these people more than anyone else, because they are living proof that the ‘I was born that way’ line is just a myth.

The militants will do anything to discredit these stories. In the same way those who club baby seals to death to make their profits will do everything they can to keep the public from knowing about their dirty little trade secrets.

And in the same way those who are getting rich in abortion mills do not want anyone to know the truth about what they actually do. They go to great lengths to fool the public, as they seek to hide the way in which they shred unborn babies to pieces, or burn them alive in saline solutions, and so on.

So too here: the homosexual activists will do anything to prevent the public knowing the truth about those who have been deeply into the homosexual lifestyle, but have chosen to walk away from it. If the public got a hold of this truth, the whole homosexual agenda would go up in smoke.

The same with the foolishness that two men somehow make a family and can offer the proper environment to raise children. No Elton, children don’t need aging rock stars and their male lovers; they need what children have always needed: a mother and a father.

But Elton and his activist buddies want to create a new stolen generation. They are deliberately depriving kids of the one thing almost guaranteed to result in their own wellbeing: biological parents. David van Gend comments on this act of selfishness on Elton’s and his mate’s part:

“The two men say they ‘don’t have a clue’ which one of them is the biological father of their surrogate baby. And the baby will never have a clue about his biological mother because the egg fertilised by the celebrity sperm was from an anonymous donor. Zachary Furnish-John has been brought into the world with no possibility, ever, of knowing who his mother is. He will meet the ‘gestational carrier’ who gave him flesh and gave him birth, but she is unrelated to him. This baby boy will never hear his own mother’s voice, never be comforted by the unique love between mother and son, because two men have decided that a mum doesn’t matter.”

He continues, “Here is the heart and soul of opposition to same-sex marriage: that same-sex marriage means same-sex parenting, and same-sex parenting makes it impossible for children to have both a mother and a father in their life. Same-sex marriage heralds a new stolen generation of Elton’s children forcibly deprived of a mother. This time round the offence against the child is justified as necessary for meeting the needs of homosexual adults.

“‘Marriage is fundamentally about the needs of children’, writes David Blankenhorn, speaking for those of us who oppose the new stolen generation. He is a high-profile supporter of gay rights in the US who nevertheless draws the line at gay marriage. ‘Redefining marriage to include gay and lesbian couples would eliminate entirely in law, and weaken still further in culture, the basic idea of a mother and a father for every child’….

“Marriage is not a social fad to be cut to shape according to the political whim of the Greens and the gays. Marriage is a social reinforcement of a timeless biological reality. The triple-bond of male and female and offspring is nature’s way for human life – as with other mammals – and it is beyond the power of any parliament to repeal nature and equate same-sex friendships with the inherently male-female project of family formation. Certainly, some married couples will not have children, just as some trees in an orchard will not bear fruit – but the cultural purpose of the institution, as with the orchard, is clear.”

Quite right. Here we have two trendy, rich, egotistical, pampered and basically selfish rockers pushing two of the greatest myths going. Both claims are easily refuted. But because of their clout, countless young people especially will be led into this fantasyland.

The two ex-homosexuals whom I link to above will not likely have the same clout and influence as these two rock stars, but what they have to say is far more important, far more true, and far more vital than what a hundred of these trendy pop icons will ever likely say.


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  1. In the British media, Elton John is routinely referred to as the baby’s ‘dad’; presumably the other guy, his mate, is ‘mother’.

    The salient point here is wrapped up in ‘routinely’. Few seem to care about or question much the fate of the child in this abominable social experiment.

    Alex Anderson

  2. Every word the truth. Well done, Bill.

    “I can’t help being gay.” A likely story!

    It’s time this whole homosexual fraud was shut down.

    Rodney Bewes

  3. Rodney, it is right to criticise claims that a homosexual person is “born that way”, because that is simplistic and does not stand up to scrutiny. However, the claim that “I can’t help being gay” may well be true, given that the events that put a child’s emotional development off track are often so early in life and so complex that they are beyond conscious control. He didn’t choose to be put on this track, and he cannot help feeling this way. That does not mean he cannot do anything about his same-sex attractions, of course. Dr Jeffrey Satinover’s analysis of the origins of same-sex attraction is well worth a read at http://www.narth.com/docs/pieces.html and he develops this point. He writes of the child now become an adult, “In any event, his now-sexualized longings cannot merely be denied, however much he may struggle against them. It would be cruel for us at this point to imply that these longings are a simple matter of ‘choice.'”
    David van Gend

  4. Thanks David

    Of course hardly anyone is suggesting that such change is necessarily going to be easy. Recovering from any sexual addiction can be difficult and time-consuming. But real change is possible and that is the truth we must proclaim loud and clear. For starters, here are some stories of people who have broken free from the homosexual lifestyle: http://www.narth.com/menus/interviews.html

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. Bill, this goes with your next article.

    If what’s-her-name Fox says “adapt or die!” then my reply is “I was born this way – YOU adapt!”

    But seriously, this demonstrates that these crazy people will say and do anything – no matter how contradictory – to advance their own selfish interests.

    John Angelico

  6. I find it interesting that she wrote that song in ten minutes. Perhaps it entered her mind from a source outside herself.
    Dee Graf

  7. This is a brilliant article and it is heartening to hear the eloquent voices of opposition to the enormous wrong of what is happening to the Stolen Children.
    I like the assertion: Marriage is a social reinforcement of a timeless biological reality.
    I like Greg Quinlan’s rhetorical question at the Maryland debate: Why does government find it necessary to accommodate a small sexual minority whose sexual identity has no basis in genetics or biology?
    I think that what is happening to children deprived of their birthright, their biological mother and father, when raised by same sex couples, is proving to be the reason why same sex coupling is wrong.
    One reason this social engineering is taking hold is the lamentable inability of heterosexual couples to nurture a relationship where they are growing together instead of drifting apart – but that is for another day. Another reason it is taking hold is the activists are making more noise. We who oppose must be louder for longer.
    Rachel Smith

  8. I know a lot of gay people (seems to be the majority) who claim to have no control over their sexual orientation: for them it is not a matter of choice. You seem to infer that they are lying about that, which I’m sure you can’t be.

    On the other hand, if the “ex”-gays “prove” that sexual orientation is a choice; then what to make of the “ex”-gays who still admit to experiencing same-sex attraction even if they don’t act on it?

    It’s a minefield! I’m not saying you’re being deceitful, I’m just saying that it’s a much more nuanced point than I think you’re allowing.

    Dursley McLinden

  9. Thanks Dursley

    I have dealt with your concerns in other articles on this site, and even in my comment above. So I won’t now belabour the point. Overcoming any sexual addiction can be a tough and lengthy process. Some ex-homosexuals report that they have been freed even of desires and inclinations, while others report that this is much more of an on-going struggle. The point is however that tens of thousands of people have left the homosexual lifestyle.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  10. Hey Bill, thanks for the great article. Maybe your next article might take the subject further and deal with the falling standard and morals in lyrics across the board in secular music? As a parent I’m doing all I can to protect my childrens little ears. As MD in a Christian mix radio station I’m doing all I can to protect the little and big ears listening to the radio! It’s amazing how awful the lyrics to 95% of secular song are. It’s getting quite difficult to pick new music. I haven’t been able to add 1 secular song to our mix in 2 weeks. My concerns is what influence singers like Rihanna and Lady GaGa are having our us as a culture. Many of my friends are completely unaware of the deprived, sexually explicit music and videos available today. It’s as if they are deaf to the images and lyrics! How can we protect our children when we are blind ourself? Would love to see an article on this subject to bring some light to the issue. Keep up the great work 🙂
    Scott Haas

  11. John
    I get your point.
    I never thought about it that way, I suppose one could condone just about anything with that logic?
    Daniel; I enjoy murder.
    Friend; no but that’s different.
    Daniel; But you said each to their own.
    Friend; All this talk about murder.
    Daniel; But it makes me happy-born this way.

    Daniel Kempton

  12. Dee, the exact same thought occurred to me. No doubt many of these godless rock stars are influenced by demonic forces whether they are conscious of it or not.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria

  13. Elton & his male wife/husband???? I wonder if they ‘truly’ look after this poor child or do they go off & do their own thing & not put in the ‘caring issues’ of the baby? Or do they have ‘nanny’s’ – female??? – I wonder!!! to feed, clothe,bathe, change dirty nappies, etc. Maybe the little kid will have ‘female’ carers in his life & get ‘mothering’ in this way?? Or will he have ‘male nanny’s’?? & get no ‘female’ input in his life??? I’d like to know ‘how’ this little kid is being looked after! He needs his real mother & father & not this terrible setup. It sure isn’t God’s way!
    Darilyn Adams

  14. Recently in Thailand, a talent quiz show called ‘Thailand’s Got Talent’ (similar to our Aussie talent shows). A young beautiful transsexual deceived the judges with her beauty and angelic singing voice. But to everyone’s surprise, half way through the song her angelic voice changed into a masculine voice… The crowd went wild including the judges – and all three judges on the show gave her their thumbs up.

    She was Interviewed later, and reflects on her trans gender journey. It’s disheartening to watch anyone going through an identity crisis, just like this young woman who honestly believes that she was born to become a transsexual – clearly a lie from the enemy!

    And sadly, this is another example of homosexuals using their talent and so called “victim mentality” to influence the young pop – culture.
    To watch and read the subtitles please click on this link. (please note this version is from the gay web site which was the only one that came with subtitles) http://www.samesame.com.au/news/international/6551/Thailands-got-trans-talent.htm Or to watch without subtitles click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJQeySNgR8I
    Panage Kontos

  15. Perhaps you should focus more on the catastrophic failings of your own religion and their followers rather than constantly questioning whether individuals can ‘choose’ whether to be gay. As much as I would love to ‘choose’ a ‘lifestyle’ which routinely subjects me to brainless meandering from internet personalities too fringe to get airplay in any forum resembling actual society, I regret to say I did not ‘choose’ to be gay, nonetheless I am happy.
    Aaron Wyllie

  16. Thanks Aaron

    I have yet to meet a genuinely ‘happy’ homosexual. Underneath the glib exterior is a desperate and unhappy inner life. Which is why so many seek to get out of the lifestyle, knowing it is a dead end, high risk, and barren lifestyle.

    Whether or not you want to change is not the point. Many people do want out, and I will continue to tell them the truth and the good news – real change is possible, as so many thousands can testify to. If that bothers you, well that is your problem. I will continue to offer hope and healing for those who want it.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  17. If same sex relationships are all about love, why are people bringing a third, unknown party into a relationship to be the “father” or “mother” who will never know the child? Right indeed to call these children a “Stolen generation” and to think we live in a supposedly Enlightened period. So rather than wait for law suits to happen in 18 years time, save money, save a child’s childhood, and allow them their parents now.

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