What the Loss of Sin Entails

Two items came in my inbox today which fit together like hand in glove. One has to do with another shocking case of moral relativism and sexual perversity. The other has to do with a call to return to a world of moral absolutes. Both nicely dovetailed so I present them here in this one article.

The call for moral realism and a rejection of moral anarchy has been made by plenty of leaders and thinkers over the years. Many have noted how the process of secularisation has resulted in a moral free-fall, where it seems like anything goes.

As long as individuals are allowed to indulge in all their wants and desires, with little or no concern for the social good, most Westerners are quite happy. But few realise that such selfish and cavalier attitudes are leading to social decay and moral destruction.

One church leader has just issued a stern warning about how in today’s society “morality has ceased to exist”. This is how one religious news service covers the story: “Cardinal Raymond Burke, head of the Vatican’s highest court, delivered a dire yet hopeful message about the current state of society in an address at the 129th Knights of Columbus Convention Tuesday. ‘We are witnesses of a society in which, in many respects, morality has ceased to exist,’ said Burke. ‘We are called ever more urgently to the new evangelization of our culture.’

“Cardinal Burke pinpointed the problem as ‘moral relativism,’ which he said ‘has even entered into the thinking of some theologians in the Church and which has provided an ideological foundation for a culture which is predominantly marked by violence and death.’ The Pope, said Cardinal Burke, ‘described a moral relativism, called proportionalism or consequentialism in contemporary moral theology, which has generated profound confusion and deadly error regarding the most fundamental truths of the moral order.’

“He exemplified the erroneous thinking, saying: ‘We think, for instance, of the justification of the murder of the unborn child in the womb as the exercise of the right of the mother to choose, weighing other goods, whether to bring to term the baby she has conceived; the justification of the abhorrent practices of the artificial generation of human life and its destruction, at the embryonic stage of development, as the means to obtain supposed cures for crippling or deadly diseases; the justification of the so-called ‘mercy killing’ of those who have the first title to our care, our brothers and sisters who have grown weak through advanced years, grave illness or special needs, as respect for the quality of their lives; and the justification of the sexual union of two persons of the same sex as tolerance of so-called alternative forms of human sexuality, as if there were a true form of human sexuality other than the form written in the human body and soul by God.’ Effectively, according to Burke, the culture’s need for evangelization now is as dire as when the Church first began.”

Quite right. I and others have been saying much the same for years now. We are entering into a new dark age, and the situation today in the West is not unlike that which the early Christians found themselves in. Thus while we work for moral, cultural and social reform, we also have to almost go back to square one in terms of re-evangelising the West.

And the evidence of the moral decline so prevalent in the West is so very easily documented. Indeed, I would have hundreds of examples on this site of the moral decay found all around us. But the most recent example I wish to present here really does serve as a perfect example of what Burke and others have been talking about.

Consider this headline: “UK judge to teacher: ‘I don’t criticize you’ for sexual attraction to two-year-olds”. Yes you read that right. In yet another case of judicial madness, here we have a big-cheese judge effectively telling us that the lusts of the paedophile are just peachy keen.

She is basically saying: ‘Hey, no probs man. We all have our particular tastes, whims and desires. Who am I to tell you that your sexual lust for little children is wrong? After all, truth and morality is whatever we make it to be. So don’t get too bothered about it.’

Here is how the story goes: “A UK judge assured a teacher busted with pornographic images of children as young as two years old that she would not ‘criticize’ him for being sexually attracted to children. On Saturday, Judge Mary Jane Mowat addressed remarks to substitute teacher David Armstrong as she handed him a suspended sentence for pleading guilty to possession of 4,500 images of child porn. ‘I don‘t criticize you for being a teacher who’s attracted to children…Many teachers are but they keep their urges under control both when it comes to children and when it comes to images of children,’ said Mowat.

“63-year old David Armstrong was reportedly caught when a colleague at the Little Heath School in Tilehurst notified police after finding files on Armstrong’s laptop with names such ‘rape wife,’ ‘nude model,’ and ‘gay alligator.’ The Blaze reports that some of the images retrieved from Armstrong’s possession include ones of children as young as two years old. This is not the first time Mowat had stirred controversy over her handling of sexual abuse of children. The Daily Mail reports that, in 2008, she allowed a former headmaster charged with pedophilia to walk free after he blamed the attraction on his drugs for Parkinson’s disease.”

Ah, don’t you just love the progressive and enlightened view modern jurists take? We have become so clever and up-to-date in realising that sin is just a foolish old notion from the dark past, and today we know that people might be sick, but never evil, or wrong.

Today we seek to heal the sick in our law courts, not punish the criminal. We have long ago abandoned the notion that there is such a thing as right and wrong, and moral absolutes. Instead, we prefer to treat so-called criminals as those who are socially maladaptive, or enduring some sort of illness.

No wonder all over the Western world horrendous crimes are being committed, and horrific criminals are getting off scot-free. No wonder victims’ groups are springing up all over the place, demanding that we get rid of these ridiculous lenient sentences and these ridiculous judges who are more concerned about criminals’ rights than victims’ rights.

This is all because the West has lost the notion of sin. And now we are paying the price big time. With sin out of the picture, so too is morality. And so too is any solid defence against evil. Now anything goes, even paedophilia. What a price we have paid for the loss of sin.


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10 Replies to “What the Loss of Sin Entails”

  1. And today we see Reverend Fred Nile absolutely annihilated by the press for suggesting the danger that ethics classes introduce by their ‘relativism’ and the demolition of absolutes like right and wrong.
    Annette Williams

  2. It is interesting that many “running the show” get things wrong at both ends of the spectrum. Compare the stupid remarks of that judge in relation to the attitude of the pedophile with a report in today’s Courier mail of a woman in Southport who was frustrated with the smell and noise of a colony of bats who set up house in trees near her home. She attempted to shift them by blowing a horn. The Department of Environment and Resource Management acquired a court order to raid her home confiscated the horn and threatened her with a $100,000 fine and a jail term if she persisted. On the next page people were questioned about this travesty of justice. One woman, with a straight face, opined “Flying foxes have as much “rights” as we do to live where they wish”. Need I say more?
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  3. Fred Nile is absolutely right in his comments about ethics classes. The problem is that though on one hand we have asked God to depart from the public place, we still insist on the right to enjoy His blessings, not knowing that they are HIS blessings, but thinking they are the product of enlightenment. So, a comment like that of Rev. Fred Nile’s can no longer be made without the lengthy explanation that goes with it, that God gives ethics which are unchanging and always good and just and that leaving ethics in the hands of man may not at first appear to make a difference while the common law, which was established on christian principles is still largely observed, though that time has together with God already departed. It is again that very denial of sin that will leave people trapped in it.
    Many blessings,
    Ursula Bennett

  4. I was heartened to read that a representative of a teacher’s organisation sternly rebutted the judge’s outrageous remarks about adult’s natural sexual attraction to children citing a teacher’s need to be professional and capable of self control. In the UK we need to get shot of the Euro Court of Justice in Strasbourg telling us what to do based on the Human Rights Act agenda, which favours the perpetrator of a crime rather than the victim. Before long I predict the mother of all backlashes to this ideology.
    Rachel Smith

  5. What a double standard!

    Point being that I’ve read of the reverse at work too, where a 17 year old boy gets upset at his 16 year old girlfriend when she dumps him, retaliates by publishing a semi- (or full-) nude image of her on some anonymous online forum, and ends up with a lifetime pedophile label/rap-sheet on himself. He might be may things but he’s not a pedophile. The law here and in the US, however, doesn’t differentiate properly.

    That’s equally repugnant, as far as justice is concerned.

    It seems in the area of sexuality, the legal profession has completely lost the plot… in every direction!

    All in the name of knee-jerk fear-driven political correctness and vote-securing.

    Alister Cameron, Melbourne

  6. Hmmm, the re-evangelisation of the West?

    Maybe the Africans and Chinese, to whom we sent missionaries, will repay the favour and send some back!

    Not kidding. And yes, I know, in a small way at least, this has already happened.

    Graeme Cumming

  7. “Effectively, according to Burke, the culture’s need for evangelization now is as dire as when the Church first began”

    The problem is that much of the Church isn’t evangelized itself. I dared to teach that Jesus is the only truth to my kids’ outreach group just last week and found myself in opposition with one of the leaders of the church who attends new age spiritual meetings with Buddhists etc. you name it. If the Church doesn’t even believe that Jesus is the only way and that you can’t meddle with one word, one concept from the Bible, you open yourself up for all kinds of subjective interpretations of everything written in there. Forget morality. That’s one of the first things to go. Without the work of grace operating through faith and belief in every word of the Bible, we humans have absolutely no power to live a godly life and if we aren’t living a Spirit empowered life, how on earth can we hope to begin to evangelize the world?

    Dee Graf

  8. How clear now is the writing on the wall and how urgent the need to act whilst there is yet time! If only we cared about the pollution of souls as much as we agonise over “carbon” pollution. The first is certainly man made with much assistance from below. The second definitely a mess of pottage,(to muddle my metaphors) for which our current government has sold the birthright of this nation to the greens. May God in His mercy correct and help us.
    Anna Cook

  9. “Consider this headline: “UK judge to teacher: ‘I don’t criticize you’ for sexual attraction to two-year-olds”. Yes you read that right.”

    These judges are plain stupid idiots; what about the ‘rights’ of these poor unfortunate ‘babies’/children being molested. Don’t these judges think that the children want to grow up & choose the life they want to live; & have happy healthy bodies & minds!!!

    Another point; re: marriage: that some Uniting Churches think ‘same sex’ marriage is ‘o.k’. Don’t they read what God said in the Bible; that it’s male & female who marry & not ‘same sex’ couples who marry. People are just making up their own rules & not following what God says!! We’ll suffer for it; like history has shown us in the past!!

    Darilyn Adams

  10. To Dee Graf,

    If that is your church leadership reacting to your teaching, then it may be time for you to look for another church. If it is not, then it is time for the leadership to sternly rebuke this other non-Christian parishioner who is obviously a wolf.

    Mario Del Giudice

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