A Review of You’re Teaching My Child What? By Miriam Grossman.

Regnery, 2009.

If you think that contemporary sex education is good for our children, reduces teen sex, and reduces the risk of infection and disease, you had better think again. The sex ed crowd is not interested in actually helping kids, but in pushing radical agendas.

They will not tell our children about abstinence and moral values; instead they will push every amoral and immoral agenda item there is, be it cross-dressing, sadomasochism, androgyny and “diversity”. Instead of helping our children, this group of radical social engineers is in fact harming our kids.

Miriam Grossman, M.D., knows all about this. She has been working with young people for decades in this area, and she has seen firsthand the tremendous damage being done to our young people by the very powerful and very insidious sex ed lobby.

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Says Grossman, “Sex education is not about health – it’s a social movement, a vehicle for changing the world. It happens one child at a time, and it goes on right under your nose.” One simply has to look at the sex ed curriculum to see the truth of this.

Armed with big bucks and harmful ideologies, the militant sex education industry has been doing inestimable damage to our young people, and is using our schools to push their relativistic, anything-goes ideology. Based on the lies and perverted agendas of sexologists like Alfred Kinsey, the sex ed lobby is working overtime to indoctrinate our young, break down their moral values, and turn them into hyper-sexualised individuals.

But despite this avalanche of sex education, there has been a huge rise in sexually transmitted infections, teen pregnancies, abortions, and promiscuity. All this tsunami of sex ed has done is compound the problems, not reduce them.

In the US today a quarter of all adolescent girls have a STI. The sex ed industry is directly responsible for this pandemic. Says Grossman, “they are dedicated to promoting radical social ideologies, not preventing disease.” Instead of following good science, these educators are instead following radical and flawed agendas.

The mega-rich groups like SIECUS and Planned Parenthood simply ignore the data and evidence which argues for gender differences, the case for abstinence, and the dangers of early sexual activity. Instead their message is: ‘the more sex ed the better, and the earlier the better’.

As Grossman documents, the main concern of these groups is not the health and safety of young people, but complete sexual freedom. They want kids to experience sexuality in any and every form, and ignore the values and beliefs of their parents and communities.

Our impressionable and innocent children will learn all about sex play, threesomes, gender-bending, adult products, sado-masochism, and every type of kinky and bizarre sex acts. That is what is being pumped into our kids’ hearts and minds.

The mantra of the sex ed lobby is that sex is always only good, and any and every expression of it should be embraced. Nothing is taboo, and everything goes. The only vice according to the sex ed lobby is the narrow and restrictive values of parents and church groups.

Indeed, the worst thing that can be done is to offer any moral framework about sex. No judgment is allowed. In fact, Planned Parenthood insists that “the most important lesson we can share with our kids is, ‘Being different is normal’.” There you have it. Is your thing homosexuality, S/M, group sex, or incest? No probs, it is all fully normal, and the main thing is to give free rein to all your sexual urges, and make sure no one judges you for your particular tastes.

These groups insist that children are sexual from the womb, and the only real damage to them comes from those who say they should wait, abstain, and be monogamous. These are the dangers the sexperts want to keep our kids from. They want to turn our kids into sexual dynamos who will try everything and say no to nothing.

“The experts do not provide teens with all they need to know to make informed decisions, nor is their information medically accurate. They dismiss fundamentals of child development, and omit critical findings in neurobiology, gynecology, and infectious disease.”

With tonnes of detail and evidence, Grossman backs up these claims, and then some. Indeed, it is the detail that really makes for depressing reading. She mentions one former SIECUS president who is now a minister. She is so committed to pre-marital sex that she refuses to marry couples who are not already sexually active!

These groups are not so much interested in science or medicine, safety or protection, as they are in pushing their sexual libertarian agendas. And even if they do tell kids the cold, dry facts on STIs, they are not telling them about the emotional consequences, or telling them that these are fully avoidable.

“For many people, especially teens, the diagnosis is a devastating, life-changing event – the worst thing that’s ever happened to them. To pretend that such an event is unavoidable is nothing short of irresponsible…. The medically accurate message is that all sexually transmitted infections, and the anguish that accompanies them, are 100 percent avoidable.”

She continues, “A life free of herpes, warts, chlamydia, and others is possible. One simply has to delay sexual behaviour, find someone who also waited, and then be faithful to one another.” But that of course is the last message the sex ed lobby wants to present. That runs counter to their doctrinaire sexual license philosophy.

Grossman looks at various other agenda items of the sex ed brigade: the push for androgyny and a genderless society; the push for homosexuality and related alternative lifestyles; the promotion of abortion as the chief solution to the “problem” of pregnancy; and so on.

Every chapter in this well-documented book makes for scary reading. This is nothing less than a war, and it has been declared on our children. Adult social-sexual agendas are trumping the well-being of our children. Indeed, the concern is not for our children at all, but for the promotion of a radical worldview.

It is time to resist all this. Just as we have declared war on smoking and drink driving, so too we need to declare a war on teen sexual behaviour – all three are equally serious and equally deadly. Above all else kids need to be taught how to say no to sexual pressure, and learn how to control sexual appetites, rather than inflame them.

The truth is, not all sexualities and sexual activities are equal. Many are downright dangerous, and we have a responsibility to our children to let them know these truths. Lying to them to push a radical agenda helps no one. Indeed, it is killing our kids.

Our young people need to be told the truth about sexuality. They are certainly not getting it from the sex ed crowd. This book offers a wealth of fact, evidence, truth and sexual sanity. Our kids desperately need this. Every concerned parent should grab this book, master its contents, and spread the word.

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23 Replies to “A Review of You’re Teaching My Child What? By Miriam Grossman.”

  1. I just read a few days ago in the New York Times (Teaching Good Sex by Laurie Abraham, Editor Ilena Silverman) about recent developments in sex ed in schools in the USA – your article is on the money when you describe the sex-ed group as “militant” and “They want to turn our kids into sexual dynamos who will try everything and say no to nothing.” I was appalled at what these classes are teaching – anything and everything goes and if a student wants explicit instructions, or simply validation of the deviant behaviour they have chosen to particpate in as being normal, the teacher will provide that as well!.
    As parents of two young children, there are times my husband and I feel under seige. We preview every film we show our kids even the G rated films. I am horrified by the extent sexualisation of film characters designed for small kids. Its like boiling frogs in water – they start on our children so young. This generation is being set up for disaster.

    Nikki Chamberlain

  2. It would be easy to despair in the face of this information. Surely such foulness must be dealt with soon? How long before God brings all to a conclusion? We don’t know the answer to that question but we do know that, in the meantime, every choice we make can bring grace or take it away. Trusting in God, we keep up the good fight as best we can.
    Anna Cook

  3. I found it very hard when, teaching in a state school, I had to teach safe homosexual sex. I found it disgusting and degrading but, as an employee of the state education system, I believed I had no right to refuse.

    I hope, as a more mature Christian now, I would have to courage to say no.

    Roz Monger

  4. I try and do my best to ignore the world and the over sexualisation in our society today. If I ever do have children of my own it would be hard for me to know where to start to teach them on this subject.
    Carl Strehlow

  5. Hi Nikki,

    I trust you will consider home-schooling to protect your children from these school based attacks.

    God bless,

    Mansel Rogerson

  6. My 8 year old daughter is already not part of the in crowd because she won’t wear miniskirts and mid drift tops.
    The sex ed thing hasn’t happened at her class yet and I’m pretty sure God doesn’t want it to happen. So I’m left with a choice, what can I do about it and what will God give me the power to do?
    Daniel Kempton

  7. Hi Mansel,

    We have started our children at a local (Australian) community christian school which shares the same values as we do. But if that had not been an option, yes we would have thought seriously about homeschool. I also believe we have the responsibilty to not only protect our children but prepare them for what they will encounter and the choices they need to make when they are more independent and out in the world. The best place to start the battle though, is prayer.

    Nikki Chamberlain

  8. Daniel, there is a group called Family Life Victoria, Inc here in Vic, and they provide sexuality education for K-12 and the rest of the family. I’m sure there will be similarly named organisations for the other states.

    My girl is in Grade 3, and the Family Life van came around earlier this year. This is the year they start the solid sex ed stuff, and the schools have to send home a slip for parental permission.

    I declined to send my child along after hearing a couple of years back from one of the other school mums. Her boy was so nauseated from what he learned about where babies come from that he couldn’t eat his dinner.

    It’s all anatomically correct, and for a 9yo boy to be put off his food it’s not something I want my girl anywhere near.

    Interestingly, the majority of the class did not attend this year.

    Another thing regarding today’s sex ed programs, it has its roots in Kinsey’s work, and that is something that is rarely noted. Most parents just wouldn’t be aware of it, and since we all went through sex ed in high school, the impact it could have on the primary school kids probably wouldn’t even be thought of.

    More a case of, “oh good, I don’t have to answer the awkward questions.” (This isn’t a criticism, just an observation. In my family, Mum and Dad left educational books where we could find them lol.)

    Unfortunately, today the gloves are off.

    http://drjudithreisman.org/ I highly recommend setting a few hours aside to learn about Alfred Kinsey and how he carried out his “groundbreaking” research. Dr. Reisman has done a lot of investigation and she deserves more acknowledgement for what she’s doing in exposing the fraud that is sex ed.

    Debra Franklin

  9. I couldn’t agree more how ideologically and agenda driven these “comprehensive” sex ed programs are. But, sadly, too many Christian parents — including those who are evangelical ministers and Christian educators, are not prepared to take a stand and remove their children out of these sort of cruddy programs. I have learnt this from personal experience.

    A number of us in SA organised incredibly hard to get rid of the shocking SHineSA sex ed program from our public schools in SA in 2003.

    We held public forums, petitions, rallies on the steps of parliament, talks in churches and on radio and TV, obtained support from leading child/adolescent psychologists (who weren’t Christians, but who were verifying how erroneous, age inappropriate and dangerous such a program was.

    Yes, despite all this, and much more, the overwhelming response from Christian parents in our state, who had their children in these schools where these sex ed lessons were being taught, went like this: “I know this sex ed program is terrible, but I don’t want my kid being marginalised … I don’t want them getting picked on if he/she doesn’t do it.”

    Of course, this doesn’t mean we don’t try to sound the warning bells, but sometimes it’s not so easy turning a mindset that is fixated on ‘returning to Egypt when it gets a little hard’.

    Trevor Grace

  10. Thanks Trever

    Yes I remember the horrid Shine program, and well done to you and others who fought against it. And yes it is reprehensible how many Christian don’t know or don’t care about all this. Do they not care about their own children? No wonder we keep losing all these battles.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  11. When I was in high school, I was really naieve and quiet, but I was horrified enough to speak up in sex ed classes when the teachers would say “There’s no 100% safe contraception.”. When I mentioned abstienence, the response generally indicated that they fully expected us to sleep with the first person we came across. I used to think, “Do you honestly expect nothing better from us? Are we just a pack of animals to you?”. It was sickening.

    So…in light of that and other less than ideal experiences from our own public schooling, our children are going to a small christian school next year and we’ll be educating them about sex ourselves, the way God intended: with boundaries and morals firmly in place right alongside the facts, biology and the awesomeness of it all!

    Julie Lawson

  12. Thank you very much Debra, I will take on board what you have said. Bless you.
    Daniel Kempton

  13. My children go to a christian school (which has been fantastic), It was a shock when my eldest daughter (9yo) said to me during a bedtime chat ‘Daddy what does it mean when a boy says he wants to sleep with you?’. After picking myself off the ground we were able to have a good 9yo chat with her (and have had a couple since then). It seems our children are being bombarded with sex stuff earlier. I think the most important thing is us parents being prepared to take the lead on discussions, to impart a Biblical view, rather than others giving their secular agenda filled views. Parents don’t be fooled, it’s not just sex education at schools we should be concerned about, it’s magazines, TV, peer groups, radio…. I work at a Christian radio station and carefully screen the music to protect our listeners from the current lyrics. So many are blissfully unaware of the lyrics they and their children are listening to. If you listen to secular radio take a minute today to check out some of the lyrics you’re allowing into your car and home. Scary stuff.
    Scott Haas

  14. HI Bill,
    I’m surprised no-one has mentioned that sex ed is a pillar of the Frankfurt Project to ‘make western civilisation stink’. But it is certainly working and destroying families as well as individuals just as it was planned to do. Stopping it will take a counter-revolution.
    Alan Williams

  15. I will be in control of my children’s sex ed but I still struggle with what to teach when. Perhaps I will just know from their interest levels, perhaps I will have to decide it can’t wait any longer. I think I will be teaching about contraception at some point as I don’t trust doctors to tell them that the pill can prevent implantation or that NFP is very accurate. I hope that we live in such a way that we don’t ‘hit’ our teenagers with abstinence until marriage but that they grow up knowing that is God’s way because every time we discuss sex we make God’s plan for sex only within marriage clear to them. I have a niece born out of wedlock and it is hard to know how to answer questions about Mummies and Daddies not living together in a clear but grace filled way. I feel that I should put a limit on when they can start dating but I made that decision for myself so I’m not sure what is best.
    Kylie Anderson

  16. “a quarter of all girls have an STI”…I’m sorry to sound like such an American but why isn’t there a class action suit against the education system for this. This is not a rhetorical question, I’m serious. Why can’t we start a facebook page in Australia and ask young people with an STI to think about suing their schools. Enough is enough. People have sued for much less than this great injustice to our young people.
    Anna von Marburg

  17. Thanks Anna

    Yes just this afternoon someone else was talking to me about this article and he said the very same thing. We should be taking class action suits against these sleazeballs who are causing so much harm and damage.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  18. Just on Monday I was in a toilet at a cinema and saw an ad saying that condoms were the best protection against STI’s.

    I really couldn’t believe how ignorant or deliberately deceptive the ad was.

    Mario Del Giudice

  19. Even television shows for kids are “”sticking their toe into the water”” to check the reaction of cartoons that include MORALITY stories like ‘my friend has 2 dads’ etc., as seen through the eyes of kids – and of course kids NEVER see anything wrong with stuff and make adults feel mean and stupid. The young people will say “Yeah Gena’s dads are GREAT, can you believe some people don’t want them to get married?” Crap like that – then the kids watching go YEAH that’s really mean not to like gay people!! I watched a show on Nickelodean for ‘tweens’ showing a white girl of about 11 or 12 having her ‘first kiss’ with a black kid (of course) apparently every white woman in america dates black men, I’m surprised there’s any white couples left based on what I see on television.

    I’d like, if I could, to tell you how great things worked out with my son, as far as talking to him about anything and everything – taking into account his ‘age’ at the time, whenever we would speak…and what a complete difference it made intellectually, morally & just being a person able to make really good decisions – because he was armed with good knowledge.
    We also spoke about love, emotions, feelings, pain of rejection, cruelty, bullying, growing up & meeting a beautiful girl-falling in love-and getting married (when he was 3 that was his favorite story ‘ the married story ‘ loll) BEING HAPPY, and what generally makes people happy and what generally DOES NOT lead to happiness, that there’s more to sex than ‘sex’ (like you said) that having sex is NOT worth dying for (HIV) or contracting a sexually transmitted disease, something not to be taken lightly. As soon as he started to asking (around 4) what does THIS mean I saw on TV, I started to answer (taking into acct his age and just how much info he required) and after watching a movie or a TV show, I might say HEY K., what did you think about that girl who told that lie; or wow wasn’t that really nice how happy they were? Isn’t it great that the trusted each other? Because that is REALLY important when you love somebody. Scenes in a movie, or sometimes watching people in real life – talking about what we thought about their actions, etc. Well I came to know he was a very considered person & he knew right from wrong REAL good, and he didn’t like to hurt people or seeing people get hurt.

    I never considered talking to my son a burden or an irritation in any way, I LOVED the fact that after a while he would run right up to me with questions, then you could see the wheels turning as he thought about it – then started drawing his own conclusions from facts, and instead of asking he’d say MOM – this is what I thought, what do you think? And he would be perfectly correct. He had great abstract reasoning skills, and high morals, better than me, really.

    As he got older, alcohol, pre-martial sex, homosexuality, it all came up – I told him the ONLY way to avoid disease, etc., is abstinence, but, that also he’d be happier and more content if he waited – and would never regret it. That he’d be glad after watching all the problems & drams his friends would have.

    Keep in my, normally most people would not believe a handsome young man would be able to resist so many girls jumping all around, because my son was gorgeous, and that is not just Mom talking! Girls called night and DAY.

    Slender and muscular with very broad shoulders, thin hips, long legs, gorgeous huge smile with perfect white teeth & giant dimples, blonde hair and blue eyes the size of small eggs!! Plus he was very kind, interesting, smart, and would listen to girls when the talked!! HAHA He was highly sought after!! When he was 13 he started dating the nice red headed catholic girl with the milky white skin, teeny 4’11” 90lb china doll.

    By age 15, they were still together, ‘in love’, and both believed in abstinence before marriage.
    My son had never smoked, had alcohol or drugs, he never stayed out later than he said he would, if he moved to a different location he called first. I mean, perfect. Just the way you want it to be. He didn’t even have a curfew, he didn’t need one, he was responsible and it never came up.
    Out with friends who started drinking, he walked away from them & called us to come get him – he refused to be around drunks but more important WOULDN’T RIDE in a car with a driver who had a drink!! HE LISTENED! HE REALLY DID.

    He opened doors for ladies & girlfriends, held umbrellas above girls heads in the rain, while he got wet & with a big smile on his face. Adults in the neighborhood would call us to say how amazing he was, that he had yelled and waved hello, then ran up to speak with them, said “yes sir” etc with a big smile on his face – apparently SO abnormal in this day and age LMAO they had to CALL US to say so.

    SO confident and comfortable with himself, that when this VERY obese (at least 250, maybe 300) but highly intelligent, interesting and sweet girl across the street, begged him to go to a school dance with her (it was couples only and she really wanted to go). Not only did he say YES, he told his father he needed a new blazer & tie. He treated that little girl like a human being, like we all teach our children to do – but yet somehow they don’t. Especially boys, most boys even if they are friends with a fat girl, they won’t go with her – too embarrassed! They are worried about getting teased or something. Also, if anyone had said anything mean to her, about being fat or whatever, he would have immediately taken them to task, and just been outraged, he didn’t join IN with mean people like that, AND he told them off… a real knight in shining armor.

    I lost my boy at age 15. He was shot and killed. I guess no matter what you teach your kids anymore, this shitty country has allowed the ghetto filth to get so out of control you can’t even walk down the street anymore, causing a permanent obstacle to the safety, health and general happiness of normal people who just want to live their lives. Thanks ‘civil rights activists’.

    Rebecca Smith

  20. Why is it we can`t get together and have the same influence on Public education as these groups like Siecus and Planned Parenthood? Are we such a walk over, mushy lot that don`t know how to express morals in an articulated debate, must be, and I`m guilty too. Even when we do have good people in high places, like Fred Nile in NSW Australia, we distance ourselves from him. Will Jesus say He knows us when we don`t want to know His servants He gives us.
    John Archer

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