The Sexual Militants’ War On Our Children

At the end of the day the various militants pushing the sexual revolution have one thing especially in mind: our children. They are fighting to get access to our kids, while we are fighting to protect them from the many radical sexual agendas.

Our children are the ones who are most at risk in the decades-old sexual revolution. As we throw out every sexual taboo, then obviously the idea of sex with children becomes more and more acceptable. And cases of this are found all too often in the press.

Consider this brand new story. It is yet another example of how war has been declared against our children. This story comes from the Brisbane Times: “An Australian gay couple have had their six-year-old son taken from them by child protection authorities in Los Angeles while the FBI and Queensland police investigate allegations that they are members of an international paedophile ring. The men, who insist on their innocence, have told Fairfax: ‘It looks really bad.’

“The child was taken in October last year, the day after the couple’s house in Cairns was searched by Queensland police from Task Force Argos, which works with national and international law enforcement agencies on child protection cases. A spokesman for Queensland police confirmed the matter is under investigation.

“A report by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services says the FBI is also investigating allegations that one of the men ‘is suspected of sexually abusing [the child]. They are also suspected of exploiting [the child] through child pornography and obtaining [the child] for the sole purpose of exploitation.’

“Among the material in the hands of the department is a video that, according to its report, shows the son ‘watching a film of pornography with another child and speaking in an explicit sexual manner’. Another is said to show him in public with a child ‘speaking in a sexual and profane manner’ as they partly undress. The men, who claim to be victims of prejudice in Australia and the US against gay fathers, have been canvassing support for their cause in Cairns and in the gay press. They remain in Los Angeles.

“One of the men had the boy with a surrogate Russian mother in 2005. After Australia refused the child a visa, the three lived abroad until adoption and other formalities were completed in the US. Since moving back to Australia, both the child and his father have become Australian citizens.”

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. While this particular case of course is still part of an ongoing investigation, plenty of other such tales can be told. Indeed, in my new book, Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality, I document all this in some detail.

Here is just a smattering of the evidence of how we have higher than average rates of child sex activities amongst the homosexual community.  Hopefully most homosexuals do not engage in such activities, but an alarming percentage do.

Groups like the North American Man-Boy Love Association, which have regularly marched in Gay Pride parades in the past, have gone on record as wanting pedophilia legalised. “NAMBLA takes the view that sex is good, that homosexuality is good not only for adults, but for young people as well. We support all consensual sexual relationships regardless of age. As long as the relationship is mutually pleasurable and no one’s rights are violated, sex should be no one else’s business.”

The pedophile connection is not confined to North America. For example, a Dutch social psychologist and pro-pedophilia lecturer describes in an article, “Pedophilia and the Gay Movement” how influential pedophiles have been in the homosexual movement in the Netherlands.

One Australian surveyed 30 issues of the Gay Community News, from 1980 to 1983. He found that 16 issues carried one or more articles or news stories on pedophilia. Other Australian homosexual magazines also contain similar amounts of coverage on pedophilia. At a 1982 conference in Canberra for Lesbians and Homosexual Men, a workshop leader said, “Pedophiles will be free when kids are free and not before” and urged that the effort to undermine public resistance to pedophilia be continued. One Australian homosexual activist seems to endorse the behaviour, describing pederasty (male pedophilia) as among the “safest” of stigmatized forms of gay sexuality, one that “often amounts to no more than acts of mutual masturbation.”

Indeed, early conferences on homosexuality regularly had sessions on pedophilia. However, public pressure resulted in such courses being phased out. For example, a planned workshop on pedophilia was cancelled at an Annual Conference of Lesbians and Homosexual Men at the University of Queensland in September of 1984. However the then president of the university student union condemned the cancellation, saying it was an attack on freedom of speech!

And then we have had pro-homosexual authors writing in praise of lowering age of consent laws. One university press published a book by Judith Levine arguing that it is harmful to protect children from sex. In it she said age of consent laws should be reduced to 12 for sexual relations between children and adults.

Moreover, homosexual behaviour seems to be associated with child abuse. One review of the child molestation literature as it appears in medical and psychological journals concluded that between 25 and 40 per cent of all recorded child molestation was homosexual. A national (US) random survey of 4,340 adults found that about a third of those who reported having been molested were homosexually molested. Other polls have come out with similar findings. Also, homosexual pedophiles victimise far more children than do heterosexual pedophiles (150 to 20).

One research project discussed the “high prevalence of homosexuality in pedophiles (25% in this study)”. The researchers went on to say that “the prevalence of homosexuality is about 10 times higher in pedophiles than in teleiophiles [those attracted to adults]”.

This is a small collection of data on a very worrying trend. The possible abuse of this particular 6-year-old boy is just one example of where all this is heading. We dare no longer sit back and pretend the militant agendas being pushed will not impact us.

They will certainly affect us all – and certainly our children.

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10 Replies to “The Sexual Militants’ War On Our Children”

  1. What a crock.
    Evidence shows that most sex offences against children are committed by heterosexuals.
    And “30 issues of the Gay Community News, from 1980 to 1983. He found that 16 issues carried one or more articles or news stories on pedophilia.”
    30+ years ago? Is that the best you can do?
    And even if they did, what was the crux of the story?
    Your grubby, unsubstantiated insinuation that gays = paedophiles speaks away more about hatred and discrimination that about same sex attracted people.

  2. Thanks Tony

    When your side gets stuff wrong, you certainly don’t mess around. You can’t even get your name right. I clearly state in my commenting rules that a full name is required here. But we know how you guys like to hide behind anonymity as you do your mud-slinging.

    ‘Most sex offences against children are committed by heterosexuals?’ Well of course they are! Most ice cream cones are eaten by heterosexuals. Most newspapers are read by heterosexuals. Most shirts are worn by heterosexuals. Given that there are 50 to 100 times more heterosexuals then there are homosexuals, they of course do more of everything. So no surprises there.

    But that of course is not the point. As I stated, it is the proportion of child sex abuse committed by homosexuals that is the real issue here. Given how few in number they are, they sure do account for a lot of this activity.

    And you obviously have not even read my article fully. I stated clearly that these early public approvals of paedophilia did not long last, because they soon realised the general public was not too keen on all their gushing praise for this abhorrent activity. So they got wise and decided not to be so public in their affirmation of it.

    Finally, anyone who has actually read this article carefully will know that I absolutely nowhere said homosexuals equal paedophilia. I simply cited the evidence to show that some are into it, and there is a higher than normal percentage of this in their community.

    But all this and more is fully documented in my book. But I realise that your side likes to ignore the evidence, and prefers to shoot the messenger instead. We get that so very nicely demonstrated in your comment.

    And isn’t it amazing how every time we present truth, evidence and facts, you guys simply ramble on about “hatred and discrimination”. So very typical of your side. I guess it is always so much easier to resort to name-calling than to actually deal with the evidence.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. It’s no surprise that the evidence demonstrates that homosexuality accounts for a higher proportion of child sex abuse than does heterosexuality. Christians have always understood the addictive nature of sin. Just as many drug users keep progressively moving on to harder and harder drugs in an attempt to satisfy their cravings, so do many who indulge in sexual perversion also progress along an ever descending trend of worsening sexual depravity. This is simply the rule for addicts of all types whether they be alcoholics, problem gamblers, consumers of porn, etc.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria.

  4. Thanks Bill – Last night I watched an episode of Law and Order that was basically about a teenager confessing to police his desire to sexually abuse his younger sibling. He said he didn’t want to but he could not control this desire. The entire episode then seemed to focus on the idea that pedaphilia is a genetic condition in which people have no ‘choice’. While they still condemned child abuse, it did seem to be attempting to soften us towards the plight of these poor individuals who are demonized through nothing they can help.
    They also made the comparison to homosexuals who also at one stage were considered by society to be mentally deficient.

    I wonder if other viewers could see the subtle indoctrination they were getting?
    Annette Williams

  5. This information is so pitifully unknown in the world at large. Thank you for working so tirelessly to get it out. I just pray that it will continue to spread. We desperately need a resistance voice in Australia like they have in the States. Even Christians here don’t have the slightest clue of the implications of same sex marriage and what will happen in terms of adoption and foster care once it becomes mainstream. God help our kids!
    Dee Graf

  6. It does not surprise me after the realisation that we are in an era where people believe in this kind of primitivism. However we are to declare the law of God irrespective of whether these people understand or accept it for it is relevant today and always will be. As a member of the Christian church I must say that we are to engage the perverse and enter the conflict between Gods kingdom and that of the humanistic socialist kingdom of darkness.
    Paul Glover

  7. I’ve read, perhaps 6-8 articles on your site this evening and I have to say, that I’m utterly horrified at a lot of what I’ve read. Yes, I’ve been somewhat blissfully ignorant and almost wish I still was.

    I’ve also read some of your source materials, and have been familiar of some of the recent News stories that you’ve mentioned in your blog. Although I believe, you as I’ve managed to confirm a number of the things you’ve stated to be true, would it be so much to ask if you could make a habit of sourcing/links to your material?

    It would be helpful, because, I like to go to the sources, for instance these 1980’s writings. I also feel its better to be able to reference them directly If I’m or anyone else is to ever to speak up, as It’s better to quote the source than, an indirect source that doesn’t provide a reference.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work.

    Matthew Pearson

  8. Thanks Matthew

    Yes I am aware of this issue. These are really just brief essays, not academic research papers with proper footnoting. In fact I don’t think this program even allows for footnotes. As to documentation, if the issue is homosexuality for example, it can all be found in my new book, as I mention above.

    Some other bits of documentation can be found on academic articles I have online elsewhere. I will often point those links out to those who are interested. Maybe I should set up a more scholarly website!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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