The Never-Ending War Against Christianity

OK, I have learned my lesson: no more writing about the “latest” cases of anti-Christian bigotry. That’s because as soon as the ink starts to dry – or rather, as soon as I have posted an article on this – it is already out of date. The cases are simply mounting up, with new examples seemingly coming to light every hour.

All over the Western world the homosexual mafia is attacking people of faith and demanding that they bow to their militant agenda or suffer the consequences. And those consequences are very real indeed. All over the West believers are losing their jobs, being fined, or chucked into jail – all for refusing to submit to the rainbow warriors.

So another week has gone by and another heap of cases of anti-Christian bigotry at the hands of the homosexual militants have come to light. There are just too many of these cases for me to fully cover them all, so let me just highlight four examples from the past week.

Beginning in New York, we have yet another clear case of “We told you so”. We have warned for years now that when homosexual marriage and other special rights for homosexuals are legislated, then others will pay a very heavy price indeed. Everything changes, in other words, and we are all affected by this.

The headline says this: “First gay-marriage suit hits Catholic institution”. And the article begins this way: “A lesbian couple from Westchester yesterday filed the first suit against a Catholic institution for refusing to recognize New York’s gay-marriage law.

“The Manhattan federal court filing says the women — identified only as ‘Jane Roe’ and ‘Jane Doe’ — were wed Oct. 15, and that ‘Roe,’ who’s worked at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Yonkers since 2007, later applied to add ‘Doe’ to her medical-benefits coverage. But the request was denied by both St. Joseph’s and its insurance administrator, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, because hospital policy excludes same-sex spouses.”

Such lawsuits are now becoming commonplace. The homonazis will keep on assaulting all those who resist until they are fully beaten into submission. In the UK things are no different. Simply quoting the Bible will get you into big trouble there. Check this out:

“Three church groups have been suspended from preaching at a secondary school after a leaflet containing homophobic scripture was delivered to homes in Walthamstow. The anonymous leaflet, urging people to come to Wanstead High School in Redbridge Lane West on Sundays at 11am, quotes a version of a line of scripture from Corinthians 6:9 which refers to ‘homosexual offenders’.

“Wanstead High lets out its premises to a number of local community organisations through a specialist lettings agency called Schools Plus. Head teacher Chris van Bussel was unaware of the leaflet and was shocked when the Guardian showed it to himHe said: ‘We have made it quite clear to Schools Plus in our contract that any groups showing any types of racist or homophobic attitudes should not be permitted in the school. That includes church groups’.”

All because a church group dared to use some Scripture! Will the UK soon pass a law banning the use of the Bible in all churches as well? And parental rights are being stripped away all over the West as well. Consider this case from the American state of Utah: “ACLU threatens Utah school for requiring parental consent to check out homosexual book”.

The article begins: “The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has threatened a Utah school district for ensuring parents consent to their children reading a homosexual advocacy book, prompting pro-family lawyers to respond in their defense.

“The book was first noticed in January when a mother complained that her kindergarten-age son child brought home ‘In Our Mothers’ House’ from Windridge Elementary School, sparking a petition signed by 25 parents in protest. The book, which tells a story about children who are being raised by a lesbian couple, was placed behind the library counter after an April parent-teacher committee decided the book didn’t comport with state law barring homosexual advocacy in the school curriculum.”

Yep, leave it to the godless and freedom-hating ACLU to take on something like this. They are one of the most bigoted anti-Christian groups in America, working hand in glove with the homosexual activists to shut down religious freedom in the US.

Finally, consider this case out of South America. In completely typical fashion, the tolerance brigade attempted once again to shout down and shut down any meeting which dares to take a differing stance than theirs. Here is how one report covered this story:

“Homosexual activists disrupted a hearing on Thursday in Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies on proposed legislation to permit psychologists to treat homosexuals who wish to change their orientation, an activity currently prohibited by the country’s Federal Council of Psychology (CFP).

“The bill, known as Legislative Decree 234/11 and derided by Brazil’s leftist media as the ‘gay cure’ bill, would also overturn a CFP regulation that prohibits psychologists from publicly speaking of homosexual orientation in a negative way. Psychologist Marisa Lobo spoke out for patients’ rights.

“Homosexual protesters began to interrupt the hearing when psychologist Marisa Lobo spoke to defend the rights of homosexuals to receive treatment for their condition, calling her ‘homophobic,’ ‘fundamentalist,’ and ‘blabbermouth.’ ‘Everyone in the world who disagrees with you, you call “homophobic”,’ retorted Lobo, according to the Correio de Bahia newspaper.

“Lobo noted that the CFP’s prohibition of reparative therapy for homosexuals ‘injure the autonomy of the patient, because it prohibits treatment for homosexuals,’ and that as a psychologist, she must ‘listen to that psychological suffering’ when homosexuals wish to change their orientation.

“The homosexuals in the audience continued their interruptions, and were ultimately expelled from the chamber when they began to read aloud a statement by the CFP repudiating the hearings. Christian supporters of the bill remained, however, cheering on the author of the legislation, Federal Deputy João Campos, a leader of the National Congress’s Evangelical caucus.”

Yep. Just seek to close a meeting – in true Nazi-fashion – and pretend you are doing it in the name of inclusion, openness and tolerance. And while you’re at it, make absolutely certain that anyone who really wants out of the dangerous and high-risk homosexual lifestyle is denied that choice.

The truth is, there is no choice in the homosexual camp – if you dare to leave you are a traitor and turncoat who must be denounced in the strongest of terms. Hmmm, where have we seen that sort of behaviour before? All people trapped in an unwanted homosexual lifestyle must remain there – there is only freedom to embrace the lifestyle, not leave it.

So there we have it: another week, and another batch of anti-Christian bigotry and homosexual jackbootery. But my apologies in advance: as soon as I post this I will already be behind the times, with even more such cases emerging, in need of a write-up.

No wonder I keep so busy.

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7 Replies to “The Never-Ending War Against Christianity”

  1. Suggest Bill that you simply title it the happy brigade attacks then simply list the links to the news items. The headlines tell the story for the most part, this way the happy brigade cannot claim, as they will, that its taken out of context, its only isolated incidents and all the other normal excuses they vomit forth to divert attention away from their anti-God ideology.

    Neil Waldron

  2. Hopefully we will see some good news story here, because everything you seem to talk about is negative. Unfortunately that is the world we live in. 🙁

    Ian Nairn

  3. Hi Bill,
    Yep you are right in saying the ink wont have chance to dry…
    This week the ACL held a webcast on marriage.
    Here is some footage from a gay website boasting about how they protested out the front of one of the host churches, including a ‘kiss-in’.

    When will our nation wake up and realize the true agenda of these bullies, who seek to destroy our freedoms.

    Thanks for sounding the alarms Bill.

    Annette Williams

  4. Slightly off-topic, but there is an online poll on the perthnow news site on whether religious education should be provided at WA public schools: (about midway down the right).

    I don’t think we should let the objectioners win.

    Mark Wong

  5. The thinking of a Nation is in ruins before the economy collapses. Stormy days ahead, however one defines the terms.
    Seemingly the ‘rights detectors’ indicate not only is ‘choice’ sacrosanct but so also is the desired result of the chosen action.
    Surely “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad’.

    Arthur Hartwig

  6. I wonder what would happen if Christians picketed a homosexual gathering and chanted slogans against christophobia and mickbashing?

    Actually that’s a bit of a trick question. We all know that the Christians would no doubt be advised by the police to move on and stop causing trouble or face arrest for harassment and intimidation.

    Debra Franklin

  7. “He who wants to win the world for Christ, must have the courage to come into conflict with it” Fr. Titus Brandsma who, like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, was martyred in a Nazi concentration camp.
    Perhaps we all need to recognise that quote as a personal wake-up call for the days that are coming. May God give us the graces we’ll need to be as faithful as they were.

    Anna Cook

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