Honest and Selfish Elton

OK, he may be somewhat honest here, but he clearly is still one big selfish greedy pig, if I can put it politely. I refer to aging pop star Elton John and his utter contempt of children – including his own. He has now admitted his manufactured child is missing out.

I previously wrote about how he and his “husband” ordered a baby boy, conceived by an anonymous surrogate mother from California and a separate egg donor, much like one would put in a demand for a made-to-order sports car. Children are simply commodities in such situations, manufactured to satisfy the selfish wants of selfish adults: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2011/01/03/more-commodification-of-children/

And now several years on even old Elton is acknowledging that his own son is getting a raw deal. The headline puts it this way: “It will break my son’s heart to realise he hasn’t got a mother, says Elton as he reveals he’d like Zachary to have a sibling”.

We can stop right there for a moment. Did you get that? He actually admits that he is depriving his child of one of the two most important persons in his life – his own mother – and yet he wants to do it again to another poor kid. And of course young Zachary does not even have his own biological father either. All he has is some spoiled rotten senior citizen rocker and his male lover.

The article begins this way: “Since his son’s birth 18 months ago, Sir Elton John has been the epitome of the proud father. But the flamboyant star, now enjoying life as the parent of a toddler, has admitted it will be ‘heartbreaking’ for Zachary to grow up without a mother.

“The singer, 65, and his civil partner David Furnish, were delighted when Zachary arrived on Christmas Day 2010. Sir Elton John and David Furnish, 49, have made it no secret that they want to have another child to keep Zachary company.

“Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John – to give him his full name – was born via surrogate in California and was conceived using a donor egg. Sir Elton and Mr Furnish, 49, have made it no secret that they want to have another child, and may start trying to father a sibling for Zachary this summer.

“However, in an interview, Sir Elton confessed: ‘It’s going to be heartbreaking for him to grow up and realise he hasn’t got a mummy. But he’s so happy. I’ve never seen a more contented child. ‘And you have never seen two more contented people as David and I.’ Talking about boosting their family, the singer said: ‘I’d love to have more children’.”

So am I the only one absolutely staggered by all this? He has a flash of insight and honesty, realising that he is messing with his own child big time by denying him his right to have a biological mother (and father), and yet he says he wants to do it all over again!

Is this the height of selfishness or what? Is this the height of stupidity or what? Is this the height of arrogance and callousness or what? I repeat: Elton is a big fat selfish greedy pig. No question about it. So is every single adult boofhead who thinks he or she has a right to deliberately bring children into the world robbed of their own mother and father.

I do not resile from this statement for a moment. I am sick and tired of seeing poor defenceless and helpless children being treated as mere commodities or fashion statements for completely selfish adults who think they can buck biology, spurn morality, and defy logic.

Shame on Elton, and shame on all these other selfish social engineers who do not give a rip about the well-being of children and simply want to satisfy their own greedy wants. They are deliberately creating a new stolen generation – cavalierly denying children the two most important people they will ever need.

But we live in an age which is contemptuous of children and their basic human rights. All the attention is on the selfish whims and wants of immature adults who think the world owes them everything – including their own designer children.

Any society which allows selfish adult desires to trump the needs and interests of children is a society which is in steep and dangerous decline. Well did Jesus warn: Whoever causes one of these little ones to stumble, it would be better for him if he had been cast into the sea with a heavy millstone hung around his neck.’


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  1. What a loser. Seriously, I know you prefer more erudite comments. . . but I can’t think of anything else to say except Elton John is a ridiculous loser.

    Kendra Adams, US

  2. Well Christians mightn’t like Elton John’s lifestyle but how many listen to his music? I don’t! Seeing all those adoring fans applauding him at the Queens Jubilee Concert made me sick.
    John Bradford

  3. I wonder whether we will hear a future PM apologising to these children? And perhaps having to offer compensation…! Do these decision makers ever talk to adopted kids (whose parents chose to give them up due to circumstances beyond their control)? Poor Zachery.

    Ineke Laning

  4. This situation alone should be proof enough that this type of “arrangement” is unacceptable and will not benefit society overall. However most people have been dumbed down by all the emotion involved and simply gone along with the flow, or should I say “Gone down the broad road through the wide gate!

    Steve Davis

  5. When my friends were outraged that same-sex couples are denied surrogacy in QLD I asked: ‘Why don’t the rights of children matter?’
    The only response I got was: ‘I don’t see how their parent’s sexuality affects the rights of a child.’
    I was flabbergasted. I pointed out that no child in the history of the world has had ‘homosexual parents’. Every child has one mother and one father.
    They seriously didn’t get it. It was the first time I was really confronted by the stupidity of such arguments and I was surprised that it was such BRUTE stupidity.
    I am now less surprised by the articles you write.
    This one is exceptionally sad though.

    Lauren Hughes

  6. Elton is all that and more Bill. Can you imagine the poor child when he starts school and Elton turns up for parents day……aged 69!!!!! How sad for this poor child.
    I have never like him and can’t stand his music. As far as I am concerned if you buy his records or go to his shows you are supporting his lifestyle.
    God help little Zachary and all children caught up in these terrible circumstances.

    Madge Fahy

  7. Another human experiment, just the tip of the iceberg that all the evil legislation will be ushering in. How much human misery will we see before God shouts ‘enough!’? There’s nothing harmless about flouting the laws of God, for the victims or those who will one day face the wrath of God.

    Dee Graf

  8. This is a case of emotional child abuse in the form of denial of basic human rights.
    Deliberately causing children to suffer the emotional loss of their natural mother and father is criminal and cannot be compensated by rich benefactors in a dysfunctional relationship. If we all did what Elton did, the world would be a complete mess. So much for the value of “gay marriage”.
    Michael Treacy

  9. I have to totally agree with Michael Treacy.
    Whose fault is it that this innocent child has been deprived of natural parenting? This truly is government sanctioned child abuse to satisfy the lusts of these sodomites. Sir Elton also says he wants another child. This beggars belief, what have we become as a society. Anyway, who cares about children in our western civilisation? They are indeed a commodity to be used, abused and discarded at the whim of selfish adults. Children will soon be available from an internet shop the same as any other commodity, type in the type of child you would like and IT will be delivered next day, if not satisfied just send IT back for a full refund. The lake of fire beckons to such as these workers of iniquity. May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us all. Come Lord Jesus and heal our land. Amen.
    James Lang, UK

  10. We read that “Counsellors have advised Sir Elton to make a scrapbook for their son that explains how he was created”.

    Deliberately denying the child his mother is a crime and abuse of his basic Human Rights. How long before the warped machinations of the law can process this fact? Nobody wants two fathers. They want their own mother and their own father.

    Rachel Smith, UK

  11. Dee, when will the people of God shout and consistently? Isn’t that what he wants us to do as his body?
    We need the grace to shout as a body, not have just some shout and to shout under fire.
    Too many influential Christians buckle under the pressure.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  12. Hi Bill, I saw his interview the other night. Aside from all that you have rightly said, what are two old men thinking of becoming new parents. Elton John is old enough to be that child’s great grandfather, or at least his grandfather. How sickening is that. How long will Elton live… potentially robbing the child also of a ‘parent so to speak’ when they have hardly been able to reach adulthood (and maybe not even that). The plight of the child worldwide for their health (body, soul and spirit) are at peril. I just watched last night the horrific Four Corners programme which showed on Monday night. Parents selling their children, especially the girl child to drug barons because they can’t afford to repay the loans they were given to grow the opium poppies because the UN oversaw the government destroying the crops. They never fully thought thru the final outcome but… the most innocent, the most powerless once again pay the price! Whether with Elton John, the children of Afghanistan, Cambodia and on and on, the heart of God must weep uncontrollably at seeing innocence lost and the young image of God scarred beyond recognition.

    Diana Hallas

  13. All I can say is I hated his music and thought he was “uninteresting” way back in the 70s and early 80s when I didn’t know he was a “sad” (I refuse to use the term “gay” to describe homosexuals).

    Graeme Cumming

  14. I read somewhere that both Elton and David donated their eggs to the surrogate thereby they don’t know who the biological father is. Too many children are treated as extensions of the adult, which allows them to be designed, dressed, named or treated totally by the desires of the parent not giving any thought that each child is a unique personality that will have to move and have it’s being in society. When children are saddled with stupid names or expectations to start with it doesn’t bode well for their futures. As far as I can see children do not have any rights if they tend to interfere with an adult’s desires. God have mercy on us.

    Fay Allinson

  15. On another topic, Hockey Victoria seems to be aligning itself with the homosexual lobby and having a “fair go” weekend this coming weekend. See their website http://www.hockeyvictoria.org.au/ for full details. I know some of our church members have already declined to participate.

    Alison Stanley

  16. The gaystapo/mafia accuse us of hiding behind the Bible in order to make hate speech, when we are simply speaking the truth. Being found guilty of such a crime results, at the very least in a session of forced re education at Stonewall’s headquarters in London or a worst even a prison sentence. But they can hide behind art, music, poetry and comedy in order to mock, scorn and say the most vile things about all that is pure, true and of good report, with complete impunity. Elton John, in 1999, at the Albert Hall, London, put on a concert to raise money for the “charity” Stonewall, in which he had young male strippers, dressed as cub scouts, performing lewd acts in front of him. If this was not promoting pederasty and paedophilia I don’t know what is.

    The British Scouting Association was naturally outraged, but (Sir) Elton’s spokesman said: “The performance was a bit of high camp in the great British tradition of comedy like Benny Hill. It was meant to be fun for an appropriate audience.”


    This was supposedly a charity concert, played in front of the wives of the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair and the wife the ex- leader of the Labour Party, Neil Kinnock. It raises another head of the pink hydra: the gaystapo are able to register their organisations as charities and thus claim millions in tax exemptions and extra funds paid from the government coffers.


    But yet another head raises itself; this time it is the way the law’s default position is nearly always set to judge in favour of the pinkoes.


    Homosexual,Sir Adrian Fulford, High Court Judge and judge on the United Nations International Criminal Court has said, “We have suddenly travelled a long way in a very short period of time. To use the language of ‘Star-Trek’, it’s as if the warp-drive has suddenly been attached to LGBT rights. Pink Law will not be an anomaly but rather the shape of things to come.” Did you get that? “Pink Law will not be an anomaly but rather the shape of things to come.”


    Elton John is clearly set on a path of self-destruction, but what concerns me is that, like the Titanic, he is determined to suck as many of us and our children down with him.

    David Skinner, UK

  17. I agree Ursula. When you can’t even get 300 people to agree that teaching children in schools the raunchier aspects of homosex is damaging then we are clearly in alien territory. They think we are on the wrong side of history; but the side of history that we are currently on is an explosion of corruption in all aspects of life from the highest to lowest eschelons of society, and a desertion of high moral principles.
    Rachel Smith, UK

  18. Rachel, when we are accused of being on the wrong side of history, as though we want to go back to the 1950s or Middle Ages, we have to tell our oh-so-un-gay friends that it is they who have become fossilised in the Darwinian, 19th century layer of history; and that it is we, the Christians, who look to the future, not the past, when Christ will come again.

    David Skinner, UK

  19. Dear Bill. Having almostly read through you book “STRAINED RELATIONS” I now understand the rightious anger in your writing althemore. Like the expressions of David S. above it is notting to do with us socalled bigot homophorbic stand point, it is all to do with the progeny these selfish people sprout into this already unforgiving socity of our western world. These children won’t stand a chance of any normality in there life. Jesus warning words about leading “these little once astray” ring in my ears, and make me shudder in thinking of the consiquences for those that don’t take His words to heart.
    Please keep on beating this drum Bill, no matter what may befall us in this life, for the sake if little lives that can be spared because of your commitment.
    Wilhelmus Heggers Perth

  20. We should still be lobbying government to reinstate both biological parents names be on birth certificates. Who do we write to, Federal govt. or state ?? I`ll write to all M.P`s anyway.

    Johannes Archer

  21. I’m an adoptee, Bill, so I view this as horrendous from several different angles, not the least being adoption in general. All adoption causes trauma to a child. Being separated from your own mother (regardless of the reason) causes deep wounding that can often take years to surface, and a lifetime to heal. People just like to kid themselves that it doesn’t and that it is invariably in the child’s “best interests.”
    The fact that this man can throw enough money around and have a human being created to satisfy his selfish wants is also sickening – as is the positive media that has been gushingly poured out about this whole saga.
    Don’t even get me started on the fact that there is not even a substitute mother in this child’s life…!
    I share your disgust, Bill, and understand your sentiments.

    Christina Charles

  22. I grew up listening to and loving Elton John’s music. I still love his music from the seventies. I had a crush on him, and applauded him when he came out as being bi-sexual.
    So It saddens me to see what this man has become — both musically and as a person. It seems ever since he was knighted he has been revealing his true colors, which are not pretty.
    He unashamedly performed a very sick musical stunt in England with teenage boys dressed as cub scouts who were holding their penises!
    Elton was also investigated by the police for possessing child pornography, which he calls “art.” The only reason he wasn’t arrested is because he’s a knighted celebrity.
    He showed pornography at his Las Vegas concerts.
    He has lived up to every negative gay male stereo-type, and he can’t understand why people are against allowing gay people to adopt children, and to marry. Then, as an elderly man with serious health problems he brings a child into the world, and then comments that it’s a shame his son won’t have a mother, and then makes the most nauseating selfish comment I’ve ever heard. He said that “children pay a price for adult satisfaction.”
    Elton John now makes me sick to my stomach. He is an absolute disgrace, and a selfish disgusting pig! He also needs to see a psychiatrist.!!! Get help EJ!

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