New Zealand, Marriage, and Freedom

It has been a truism in the past few decades that whenever special rights and especially marriage rights are granted to homosexuals, then there will be a corresponding loss of freedoms for everyone else. Democracy is weakened, freedom is undermined, and a soft tyranny ensues.

There are now many, many hundreds of examples of this, and I have documented one case after another of this. Everything changes when homosexual marriage is legalised, and the rest of society suffers as a result. The case of New Zealand is a perfect illustration of all this.

Since that nation legalised homosexual marriage on April 17, the bitter fruit has already been made manifest. For example, the idea of a slippery slope, which the activists claim does not exist, is already in full view. Within days of the vote on marriage, other activist groups came out of the woodwork demanding their “rights” as well.

This is how one New Zealand media outlet began the story: “A group is calling for the Government to consider legalising multi-partner marriages. The group set up a Facebook page just before the Marriage Amendment Bill passed through Parliament last week, legalising gay marriage.

“A statement on the page described multi-partner – or polyamorous – marriage as ‘responsible, adult, committed non-monogamy,’ and said all committed loving relationships between adults regardless of number should be respected and given legal acknowledgement.

“‘Some Australian Greens have now got a lobby group going, there are several MPs around the world coming out as poly and poly-friendly and it seems the time is right to at least bring it to the attention of the New Zealand public and New Zealand parliament,’ the group said. ‘This will be a long-term project but with the rest of the world getting on the bandwagon legal multiple partner marriages/unions may one day be accepted’.”

Of course every time we suggest such moves will inevitably follow the legalisation of homosexual marriage, the activists and their media clones mock, ridicule and pour scorn on such ideas. So just how many more examples of this do we need here?

And already the legal repercussions are being felt. As I have often said, whenever the government legalises something, that means there will be corresponding obligations and duties to ensure that these rights are met. Everyone must bow to these new “rights” and if they do not they will face the heavy hand of the law.

Consider these two new developments, which both made the news yesterday. First, a homosexual training to be a priest is now taking the Anglican Church to the courts. The story begins this way: “A homosexual man is taking the Anglican Bishop of Auckland to the Human Rights Tribunal after being rejected for training as a priest. A hearing begins today following a complaint from the man, who says he feels discriminated against because of his sexuality.

“It is understood the man – who is in a sexual relationship with his partner – has wanted to enter the church’s training programme for priests for years. But after applying to enter after years of study, he was rejected by the Bishop Ross Bay, who approves entrants. Bishop Bay told One News last night that he was simply following the church’s doctrines.

“The man was rejected ‘by reason of the defendant not being chaste in terms of canons of the Anglican Church,’ the bishop said. That means that anyone wanting to become ordained needs to be in what the Anglican Church deems to be a chaste relationship – a marriage between a man and a woman or committed to a life of celibacy.

“In a statement to the tribunal, the complainant says he ‘felt totally humiliated that I had spent six years of my life in study, for a process that I was not permitted to enter because I was a gay man and in a relationship. My humiliation and disappointment continue to this day’.”

So this homosexual wants us to get out the violins, and he seems to think the church should change its centuries-old policies, based on the clear teachings of the Word of God, so that he can take his sinful lifestyle into the church. Umm, I don’t think so bud.

But wait, there’s more. Those who refuse to countenance homosexual marriage will also feel the wrath of the state. Just ask the NZ pro-family group, Family First. Now they are facing the music, by daring to disagree with the homosexual marriage ruling. Says one report: “Family First NZ says it will be deregistered as a charity because of its views on gay marriage. National director of Family First Bob McCoskrie said the group has received notification the Charities Commission intends to deregister the organisation.

“He said the decision was highly politicised and showed groups that think differently to the politically correct view will be targeted. ‘The Commission argues that Family First’s efforts to represent the voice of 80 per cent-plus of families on the anti-smacking law or half of New Zealanders on attempts to redefine marriage, for example, have no ‘public benefit’, and that it is in the ‘public interest’ for Family First to be deregistered.’

“He said the timing of the notification was cynical, in that the Commission deliberately held off until after the final reading of the gay marriage bill, despite saying a final decision would be made at the end of January. Mr McCoskrie said other reasons given for deregistration were that it had held a conference and invited speakers that promoted its viewpoint, and that it invited people to join. ‘But it did say that one of the things was that we supported a view of family that was not in the public interest’.”

There you go – a few short weeks since the passing of the law, and already the crackdown has begun in earnest. And these are quite early days yet of course. We can expect to see many more cases of anti-Christian bigotry and statist attempts to squash all those who believe in heterosexual marriage in the coming days.

The war has begun, and is getting worse by each passing day. As I keep saying: homosexual marriage changes everything.

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  1. A man who studied for the ministry for several years and was them surprised that chastity was a requirement for ordination must have been living in a dreamworld. Of course, he may have been getting his views from people such as Bishop Spong, but he must have ignored the Anglican Communion on the whole.

    As for dreamworlds – whenever I read of all this nonsense it seems like a dream, or a nightmare. Do these people making rules about charities and so on realise how ridiculous their behaviour is? It is a case of misdirected pomposity and petty dictatorship.

    No, that wasn’t the sound of me throwing my computer out the window.

    David Morrison

  2. The Lord would NOT endorse a gay priest, let alone a gay bishop!(Even though there as been at least one I know about.) It makes you wonder if this was staged. If this guy studied for six years you would think he would know the teachings and the Bible passages in Paul’s letters on the issues of sexual morality.

    Carl Strehlow

  3. Can a leopard change its spots? Gay liberationists of the early 1970s called for the abolition of the nuclear family, patriarchy and marriage itself. Gay activist, Peter Tatchell’s October, 2010 article in The Guardian [ ] on the early days of Britain’s GLF makes this fact of GLBTIQ history plain for all who will read it. “…GLF’s main aim was never equality within the status quo.”.

    John Wigg

  4. Can the Anglican Church show any examples of a heterosexual candidate being refused entry on the same grounds?

    That would end the anti-discrimination aspect of the case immediately.

    John Angelico

  5. @John, that article is quite enlightening. They want to “free” the world of sexual shame. So bestiality, nah we must free that from being shameful. Paedophilia? Again that is not shameful. Basically they want sexual anarchy and from history that ultimately leads to that societies destruction.

    Ian Nairn

  6. The House of Lords in Britain is due to debate the Marriage Bill very soon; I don’t have the exact date, I’m afraid. Many people are emailing and posting messages to the House of Lords, to encourage them to reject the Bill….I sent mine this morning.
    It’s easy to see how one opened gate leads to another, and then another; yet so many people still can’t grasp the dangers; how much longer will this evil be allowed to flourish?

    Chris Dark

  7. Ian, Our civilisation is confronted with two conflicting conceptual models of freedom:

    One is a freedom like that of the Madman in Nietzsche’s The Gay Science, where all directions, boundaries and horizons are obliterated by that brazen unbelief which asserts the death of God – a freedom where men believe they have killed God and they must replace Him.

    The other freedom is that graciously granted to all who come to the Divine Liberator and experience that personal Exodus He has bought with His own blood and God has sealed by the resurrection of His own dear Son from the dead. This freedom is built on divinely ordained relationships between man and God and expressed in serving one another in divinely ordained relationships between all the members of the human family.

    John Wigg

  8. @Ian, yes, we know their agenda, even though their attack is based on so-called “anti-discrimination” grounds.

    I was suggesting a tactical defence against their tactical attack, which could bring them undone.

    John Angelico

  9. Bill, I’m sure you’ve written on this before, but what are the pitfalls of us married Christian heterosexuals just bowing out of “state” marriage and just being married in our churches if gay marriage passes in Australia?

    Anna von Marburg

  10. Thanks Anna

    That is worth an entire article. But the short answer is this: then we end up with a two-tier marriage system. Sort of puts up the white flag of surrender. Better to keep fighting perhaps. But I may write more in this.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  11. Bill, there is no stopping now “The slippery slope” and things will definetly get worse! The Bible says inquity will increase at the last days to such levels, but also God’s grace!
    Albert Kamau

  12. Thanks Albert. Yes there is certainly a slippery slope in action here. But we need not be defeatists about it. We are called to ‘occupy till he comes’. So we have a job to do. It is not up to us to be alarmed by the surrounding circumstances, but to simply fight the good fight and leave the results up to God.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  13. So he studies for 6 years and successfully completes ministry training…
    And THEN the trouble starts? Yoiks.
    He can only have gotten through if the Anglican training in NZ is seriously lacking spiritual and moral assessment.
    If believing the Bible and following Jesus are diluted into a bunch of intellectualism, there is no way to tell the difference between a real convert and a fake.
    For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power. 1 Cor 4:20
    It’s not just an Anglican problem either. Can you imagine a modern church resisting the flattering gifts of Ananias and Saphira?

    Tim Lovett

  14. I have said this before to just about everyone I know that this is not a war about Homosexuals wanting to get married. It is as the Bible clearly states a continuing blaspheme’ and war against God himself, his rules and Christs confirmation of that state. Jesus said anyone who has seen me has seen the father.
    What we will see here is Homosexuals demanding from the church the right to be married according to the normal Marriage rites as performed by priests/Vicars/pastors etc for a heterosexual marriage (between a man and a woman) ceremony. Such words as cleave unto her will obviously be replaced by each male saying they will cleave only unto him. Seriously how can you say those words in Gods name when the only cleaving each can do is through the anus of the other or in the case of two women not at all except by other various means? I.e. Does one also take the sex objects to church to be sworn to faithfulness?
    Once you have incorporated God into giving via the clergy (the very elite) a blessing to such an abnormal and abominable union then of what worth will the then corrupted word of God be? Especially to the teaching and pasturing of new Christians or those in dire need of his presence and love
    I once heard was that it only takes one generation to create a Godless nation..
    The whole aim of this homosexual process and that of other deviants is to ruin the precious name of our creator by coercion but not by a direct attack but by those very elite that are willing to succumb to some vague new age philosophy, and yes there are many that have done that already.
    One question I would ask of all evolutionists would be that if homosexuality is to be accepted as normal how come the human race has managed to survive for millions of years whilst their percentage remains so small?
    On a relevant note and Having just read the Obama inspired new healthcare scheme and a specific legal challenge against its enforcement that coerces employers to pay for insurance that guarantees coverage for all forms of abortion costs or face catastrophic fines. In this regard I find the principles of its enactment to be very similar to the above. I.e. In the first instance people who oppose the Homosexual agenda are publicly berated and face an onslaught of scorn both for their opposition and predominately their Christian beliefs.
    In the latter the penalties for non compliance are financial, heavy and mandated -without regard to the guaranteed rights and freedoms of the constitution- by a corrupt and evil government, which by their attempts to ensure that all become accessories before the fact. We then by payment of the said insurance become parties to the articles of the mandate and therefore equal in guilt and are complicit to the crime of abortion murder and infanticide.
    As I said it’s not just about Gay marriage it’s about making our precious father into a God of no account until we either fail to the new world order or hold fast.
    I have no doubt It will be an evil time of testing.
    Dennis Newland

  15. The case you mention interestingly was taken by the lawyers of and a member of the most outspokenly liberal anglican churches in NZ. Its not hard to see this as the liberal wing of NZ anglicanism forcing the church to comply with its reforming goals.

    Matthew Flannagan, NZ

  16. Not surprised, just deeply saddened and more determined than ever to hold the line for as long as we can.


    Anna Cook

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