More “Born That Way” Baloney

We have long been accustomed to radical social engineers telling lies to push their agendas. It happens all the time. And the militant homosexual lobby has become expert at this very thing. They will look you in the face and tell you a brazen lie, believing, as did Hitler’s propaganda minister, Goebbels, that if you repeat it often enough and loudly enough, some will start to believe it.

One of the biggest lies coming out of their camp is the myth that homosexuality is genetic, that you are born that way, and that you can never change. I of course deal extensively with these falsehoods in my book Strained Relations. There I cite plenty of medical and scientific journals, and many homosexuals as well in rebuttal to these myths.

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They all make a compelling case against the “born that way” mantra. Yet despite all the proof to the contrary, the activists keep on running with this bogus claim. They still think Goebbels was right, and they keep hammering away at it.

Consider a new Australian advertising campaign spewing forth these falsehoods. As one report says, “A pregnant woman who is ‘having a lesbian’ stars in a new campaign to promote marriage equality. The billboard, which is also accompanied by a YouTube video titled What R U having?, features a woman baring her pregnant stomach in a hospital bed with the slogan: ‘Congratulations, you’re having a lesbian.’

“The campaign was launched yesterday by Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLG), while the billboard has been put up in Brisbane at Bowen Hills. The YouTube clip shows the woman getting an ultrasound with her partner beside her as the doctor asks them if they’d like to know what they’re having. ‘You’re having a lesbian,’ the doctor tells the overjoyed parents.

“The campaign’s theme is that: ‘Any child can be born gay. So marriage equality is every family’s issue.’ Spokeswoman for PFLG Shelley Argent told News Limited the campaign was designed to build support for gay marriage on the grounds that gay children were ‘born that way’. ‘Being a lesbian or gay is not a choice,’ she said. ‘It’s just the way you are.’ Billboard giant GOA has donated space for the ads in Queensland, the report said. GOA managing director Chris Tyquin said he would ask interstate billboard companies to donate space as well.”

So, we have here more blatant lies from the militants, and a billboard company up to its ears in this deliberate deception. But as I mentioned in my book, twins’ studies prove what a lie this is. I wrote there:

“Studies on twins in fact make it perfectly clear that there can be no genetic basis for homosexuality. As one researcher in the field explains, ‘Identical twins have identical genes. If homosexuality was a biological condition produced inescapably by the genes (e.g. eye color), then if one identical twin was homosexual, in 100% of the cases his brother would be too. But we know that only about 38% of the time is the identical twin brother homosexual. Genes are responsible for an indirect influence, but on average, they do not force people into homosexuality. This conclusion has been well known in the scientific community for a few decades’.”

That particular expert is New Zealand researcher Dr Neil Whitehead. He has written extensively on these matters, including his important 1999 book, My Genes Made Me Do It! (Harvest House). He is still working closely on these matters, and a helpful update to his invaluable work has recently appeared.

Here is how one write-up discusses this new research: “Eight major studies of identical twins in Australia, the U.S., and Scandinavia during the last two decades all arrive at the same conclusion: gays were not born that way. ‘At best genetics is a minor factor,’ says Dr. Neil Whitehead, PhD. Whitehead worked for the New Zealand government as a scientific researcher for 24 years, then spent four years working for the United Nations and International Atomic Energy Agency. Most recently, he serves as a consultant to Japanese universities about the effects of radiation exposure. His PhD is in biochemistry and statistics.

“Identical twins have the same genes or DNA. They are nurtured in equal prenatal conditions. If homosexuality is caused by genetics or prenatal conditions and one twin is gay, the co-twin should also be gay. ‘Because they have identical DNA, it ought to be 100%,’ Dr. Whitehead notes. But the studies reveal something else. ‘If an identical twin has same-sex attraction the chances the co-twin has it are only about 11% for men and 14% for women.’

“Because identical twins are always genetically identical, homosexuality cannot be genetically dictated. ‘No-one is born gay,’ he notes. ‘The predominant things that create homosexuality in one identical twin and not in the other have to be post-birth factors.’ Dr. Whitehead believes same-sex attraction (SSA) is caused by ‘non-shared factors,’ things happening to one twin but not the other, or a personal response to an event by one of the twins and not the other.

“For example, one twin might have exposure to pornography or sexual abuse, but not the other. One twin may interpret and respond to their family or classroom environment differently than the other. ‘These individual and idiosyncratic responses to random events and to common environmental factors predominate,’ he says.”

The rest of the article is well worth reading. And in case you think this is all just theory, consider the recent “outing” of NBA basketball star Jason Collins. He dumped his long-standing fiancé to proclaim his homosexuality. Oh, and he has a twin brother – who is not homosexual:

But leave it to the militants to not just seek to deconstruct society, but seek to deconstruct truth and biology as well. After all, when you are pushing a radical agenda, you can’t let mere trifles like truth and biology get in your way.

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  1. To equate genetic with some sought of forced determinism or excluding environmental factors is very out of touch. Today we know that genes are indeed influenced by the environment. In other words certain genes can be switched on and off like a set if switches.

    Damien Spillane

  2. I knew you would respond to that. My idea is to make a similar ad, same scenario but different wording. It would go something like that: we have good news for you, your child will be normal, it won’t be a gay or a lesbian or a transgender.
    Alex Sagin

  3. I come here pretty much daily now, to get a dose of truth and courage-reinforcement; because the world out there right now is screwed up utterly.

    I have also been revisiting past events, in my memory; and recall that, in my mid-twenties, my relatively shy and quiet social life brought a couple of gay people into my circle….merely as acquaintances and not particularly close ones either. One of them had been previously married to a woman for some years; his move into a gay life during his thirties was a personal choice.

    I never felt at ease with these people and eventually they faded away; but I do wonder now whether The Lord purposefully created this situation for me, so that I would experience their existence and thus be able to relate it, some thirty years later, to help understand what is happening today.

    Chris Dark

  4. The ad also focuses on the term Marriage Inequality, though really it is a push for same-sex marriage. Equality would allow polygamous marriages, father/daughter, father/son, brother/brother marriages etc etc.. When they focus on the term Inequality, they paint those who oppose their agenda as bigots, flat-earthers, homophobes and judgemental fools. (I heard this on the radio)
    Johannes Archer

  5. Good article, Bill. It’s amazing how people will “exchange the truth for a lie” in order to appease their own thinking on a matter.

    Years ago, a homosexual man posted on my blog that he would turn “pro-life” if a gay gene was found and parents wanted to abort their babies if the fetus was deemed to turn out homosexual!

    What vicious homosexual activists want is for Christians to conform to their “world.”

    However, the Bible clearly warns us about the dangers of becoming friends with the “world.” World can mean both the material world and can also apply to godless living –it’s the invisible spiritual system of corruption dominated by satan.

    The dangers of that bad choice can be seen in James 4:4 – “Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God?”

    Enmity means hatred and ill will. A perfect example is the U.S. homosexual terrorists like the Human Rights Campaign who targeted the National Organization for Marriage via exposing donors with help from those involved in the IRS scandal. Those who have a strong emotional attachment to and a deep longing for the vain, selfish things of the world not only cloud their relationship with God, but they also take sides with the one who hates God.

    Christine Watson

  6. The homosexual movement testifies that no-one is born ‘gay’, by supporting abortion.

    If it were true that babies could be ‘gay’, they woudln’t rip their arms and legs off while they are still alive.

    Michael Watts

  7. So you’re an expert on genetics too?

    Genes are switched on and off at different times throughout life. That is why identical twins *aren’t* entirely identical. The percentage of identical twins of the same sexuality is extremely high, and demonstrates that genetics has a lot to do with determining sexuality.

    But please, don’t let a few scientific facts get in the way of your Christian agenda.

    And BTW, if you embrace your interpretation of genetic studies of sexuality, do you also embrace other scientific findings, such as the age of the earth and the origin of species?

    John Nicholls

  8. Thanks John

    So you’re an expert on genetics too? I just quoted facts showing that the percentages are in fact quite low. But please, don’t let a few scientific facts get in the way of your homosexual agenda.

    But OK, I give up – you win. It is all genetic. Oh, and by the way, my disapproval of the homosexual lifestyle is also genetic. I was born that way, I can’t help it, and I did not choose this lifestyle – and I certainly cannot leave it. So stop your bigotry and intolerance toward me, and accept me for who I am. My genes made me do it. Stop forcing me to become who I cannot be. Learn to embrace diversity John.

    And we also love how your side throws out completely meaningless non-sequiturs along the way. They really make us all so impressed with your side’s reasoning skills and logical abilities.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  9. Something that is someone is born with (ie. ‘congenital’) is not necessarily genetic.

    With regard to John Nichol’s assertion that sexuality is largely determined by genetics: only in-so-much-as the roles of X the X and Y chromosomes have in generally determining sexuality as defined by secondary sex characteristics – usually through receptors to the sex hormones.

    There once was a theory about the role of lack or diminished numbers of those receptors in homosexuality, but not much recently on that: that may not be genetic either.

    Graham Mack

  10. Thanks Graham. Yes, as I document in my book, there are numerous scientists and even homosexuals themselves who deny a genetic basis to homosexuality. Yet the activists refuse to face facts here. As to our homosexualist friend here, his agenda pushing does not even allow him to see the fallacy of his own position. Of course genes can switch on and off or be expressed in different ways – but that does not help his argument at all.

    As a Harvard University study states, “New scientific research shows that environmental influences can actually affect whether and how genes are expressed. Thus, the old ideas that genes are ‘set in stone’ or that they alone determine development have been disproven. In fact, scientists have discovered that early experiences can determine how genes are turned on and off and even whether some are expressed at all. Therefore, the experiences children have early in life—and the environments in which they have them—shape their developing brain architecture and strongly affect [them].”

    We know that the overwhelming majority of those who embrace homosexuality have done so because of environmental factors: a weak or absent father, abuse, and so on. In my book I offer plenty of documentation on this as well. But we know that the activists are not the slightest bit interested in evidence or fact.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  11. Yes, certainly many traits can be determined by a number/multitude of genes, rather than by ‘simple mendelian genetics’ (the way the basic units of genes – alleles – interact). Some traits are more influenced by environmental factors than others.

    The testimony of the overwhelming majority of homosexuals seems to be that they did not choose being homosexual.

    I wonder what sexuality predominates with the various types of intersex person (formerly hermaphrodite)?

    Graham Mack

  12. Thanks Graham. Again as I document carefully in my book, plenty of homosexuals do admit to genuine choice in their lifestyles. But given all the environmental factors I have also discussed, no wonder when they are older some think it is not chosen. And as I also discuss in my book, the Intersex situation is completely different. There we have genetic abnormalities resulting in sexual confusion. There can be ambiguous genitalia, chromosomal imbalances – eg, having an extra sex chromosome – and so on. These can be found in conditions such as Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Turner Syndrome, Klinefelter’s Syndrome, etc. But again, this has nothing to do with homosexuality, and Intersex folks resent being lumped in with them.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  13. So now we can have lesbian babies, I assume that if someone doesn’t want a LGBTI baby then I am sure the mother has a right to abort it should she please. I bet that would make them really uneasy, since they often say it is a mothers right for any reason to choose to abort.

    They are now suing the doctors and hospital involved.

  14. John Nicholls, if genes are switched on and off over time, how can people say they were ‘born that way?’ How can homosexuality be genetic? If sexual attraction is as fluid as the research shows, wouldn’t it be better to go by our genitalia to determine who we are sexually?
    Geoffrey Bullock

  15. Bill, you cite Dr Whitehead as an “expert” and his book as “important” – yet the book is only published by a Christian publisher, who describe Whitehead as a “Christian writer”.

    You are being very selective with your sources. Why claim he is an “expert”? Which scientific journals has he published in?

    Will you be reading any books on the same subject written by non-Christian scientists?

    Anthony Loveday

  16. Thanks Anthony

    But let me call your bluff here. I of course am not about to give you or anyone else the hundreds of quotes I offer in my book. Go get it and read it if you are not just asking rhetorical questions here. But I will offer just one – let me know if you think he is scientific and non-Christian enough for you: “The body of genetic determinism needs to be laid to rest. Whether you hate homosexuals or whether you love them, whether you want to lock them up or ‘cure’ them, your reasons had better have nothing to do with genes. Rather admit to prejudiced emotion than speciously drag genes in where they do not belong.” (Richard Dawkins)

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  17. Great points. They aren’t born that way, and even if they were that wouldn’t mean the behavior wasn’t sinful.

    I like to ask the pro-LGBTQX people — who are typical pro-abortion as well — if they would support laws banning abortions of (hypothetically) gay babies. So far every response has been to choose abortion over gays or to ignore the question (because they know that if they choose life for gays that they have to explain why they won’t support it for others).

    Neil Simpson

  18. Bill, what can we do about these billboards. Can complaints be made on these such as other offensive boards? thanks
    Liz Gee

  19. It seems to me the homosexual camp is a little divided over whether homosexuality is genetic or a choice. I distinctly remember some activists insisting that it is a choice. So, are they hedging their bets both ways?
    I wonder though also, especially in the case of identical twins, where environmental factors as well as genetics should be pretty similar and yet one acts homosexual and the other doesn’t. Once we act on an environmental stimulus or a stimulus in our own body, in other words, make a choice would the repetition of that choice then in itself not become an environmental factor or at least open the gate to environmental factors?
    The billboard you spoke of, Bill, has it been vandalised or have conservatives staged heterosexual kissing sessions under it like it happened in reverse in Tasmania recently?
    Thanks for the links where we can post our opposition to bill board space being used in such a way. It seems a little contradictory to the libertarians agenda of free agency to want to predetermine the sexual attraction of an unborn baby.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  20. I find it incredible that anyone could think that two parents of the same sex could be as beneficial for a baby & child as the normal mother and father relationship!
    Even the thought of a surrogate baby being torn from a mother’s breast for two men to play fathers together makes me feel desperately concerned, much less the emotional effect on poor mothers who carry a baby for money, as has happened in India for Australian men.
    To be realistic also, I cannot imagine a little female child, having the same normality of emotions & comfort when climbing into the ‘marital’ bed between two males. Being once a sensitive little female child myself, I find that utterly abhorrent.
    But, there is no reasoning now, that is not called homophobia, so how about heteraphobia, or Christiphobia?

    Janet Sangha

  21. Whether a person is born a particular way or not becomes a moot point when one takes into account that Jesus is able to heal us of all things. He healed a middle-aged man who was born blind!

    Not only that, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 lists a bunch of different sins that many had turned from and this list included homosexuality.

    This means that if a person does make a genuine decision to follow Jesus and chooses to forsake their sin, they will overcome it. This doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy, but it most definitely can be done!

    The whole “Born that way” argument is nothing more than an attempt to create an excuse to stay in sin that will not only send people to hell, it will shorten their lives between here and that eternal destination.

    Homosexuality, just like any other sin needs to be repented of and forsaken. Too many equate homosexuality as part of their identity as opposed to something they do. This makes it all the more difficult a sin to let go of. If a person is willing to change their mind and their ways, God will be there to help them out. If they are not willing, then God is not the one they should be blaming when they face his judgment.

    Mario Del Giudice

  22. I think there have also been studies that show that particular genes are associated with a propensity for sociopathic behaviour and murder. Does this mean society is opposed to equality by putting murders in gaol? Clearly they are not being treated equally with all us non-murders when they apparently couldn’t help it. ??? They were born that way. All genetic studies show is that people vary and obviously, some people are going to be more prone to certain influences than others. What is clear is that with good parenting, both murder and homosexuality and any other immoral behaviours, can be prevented.

    Homosexuality immoral? I think the fact that they don’t care that homosexual adoption and marriage laws make the institutionalised rape of children as occurred with the Cairns man, inevitable shows the point clearly. They are more interested in their own feelings than the protection and rights of others. Even if homosexual men only had the same propensity for paedophilia as heterosexuals it would still make this scenario inevitable but from what I can make out the propensity for paedophilia in homosexuals is many times that of heterosexuals. If I was homosexual this alone would be more than enough for me to not pursue gay “marriage” and adoption.

    Then there is the fact that they are more than willing to trample all over something they know others hold as holy. Would they trample over Aboriginal holy ground as readily or make a farce of their rituals? Immoral?

    Then, of course, there is the huge proliferation of lies and pheromone induced hoaxes on the internet, trying to give the impression that homosexuality is natural. Surely lying and misrepresentation is immoral.

    Then there is the spurious claim of “equality”. Clearly a homosexual relationship is not equal with marriage. It is not sexually functional. It does not respect the sexual process. It does not respect parenthood. It does not respect the rights of children. It does not respect the right, handed down through countless generations and through almost all cultures, for the correct respect of marriage. There is no logical reason why a homosexual “marriage” should consist of only two people. There is no moral imperative for homosexuals to stay together through thick and thin, irrespective of whether they feel they love each other or not. A homosexual “marriage” cannot be used to determine whether incest is occurring with any offspring or close relative.

    Then there is the fact that they are more than willing to have a child raised without a father or mother thereby deliberately denying a child a huge aspect to their existence and in contravention of the UN bill of rights.

    The fact is, homosexuality is immoral. You don’t need to be a Christian to realise this. Just look at the facts and the lessons from history and stop being truth-phobic.

    Michael Weeks

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