The Islamic Kingdom of Britain

I and others have been warning for years now that the once Christian West is quickly dissipating, with a muscular Islam easily overcoming the effeminate and spineless Christian churches. Everywhere we see Islam on the rise and Christianity on the retreat.

I have spoken before about how many churches in the UK are now Muslim mosques. I have spoken before about how England seems to be gaining as many mosques as it is losing churches. I have spoken before about how there was just one mosque in London in 1960, but there are many hundreds of them today.

Plenty of voices have warned about this, but most of these warnings have fallen on deaf ears. Melanie Phillips for example wrote her very important book Londonistan back in 2006. In it she said, “Britain is currently locked into such a spiral of decadence, self-loathing and sentimentality that it is incapable of seeing that it is setting itself up for a cultural immolation.”

I concluded my review of her volume with these words: “Religious extremism cannot be ignored, denied or appeased. It must be confronted. But an anaemic Britain which has abandoned its heritage and embraced its enemies is in no condition to fight. Fear of Islamophobia and a loss of belief in itself have paralysed Britain, preventing it from taking the sensible and necessary steps to defend itself.

“Phillips concludes by offering some practical steps as to how Britain can turn things around. It is a nation at the crossroads. It can learn from its mistakes, regroup, and move on. Or it can continue down the path of appeasement and denial, and simply wither on the vine. A choice must be made, and a book like this helps us all to decide which way we will proceed.”

See my review here:

And of course just weeks ago we had an English soldier disembowelled and beheaded in broad daylight on the streets of London by Muslims screaming “Allahu Akbar”. Yet we have not learned any lessons from 9/11, or Bali, or Boston, or London. We have not listened to prophetic voices like Melanie Phillips.

So things continue apace, with the Islamisation of Britain, Europe, America and the rest of the West moving along nicely. But ignore my voice if you will. Ignore Melanie if you will. Consider instead what the British government is telling us in its own surveys.

The headline to a report on this ought to shake all of us out of our complacency: “Britain may be an Islamic nation within 20 years”. The article begins: “Way back in 2003 an article in a British newspaper warned about a growing fear that the U.K. was on a fast track to becoming an Islamic nation. That was just ten years ago, and it seemed far fetched at the time. Now the British government has published a study with data that shows Islam will become the dominant religion within the next generation.

“The concern in the 2003 article focused on the fact that Britain, and continental Europe for that matter, are becoming increasingly secular while immigrant populations of devoted Muslims are growing. The recent survey shows that while Christianity remains the dominant religion in the U.K. at over 50%, more than half the population if over the age of 50 and, for the first time, less than half the people under 25 consider themselves Christians.

“Meanwhile, the Muslim population in Britain is growing so rapidly that Islam is predicted to overtake Christianity within the next 20 years. Combined with the growing secularization of native Britons, the Christian/Muslim ratio could tilt in favor of Islam even sooner than estimated.

“Such a change could be a serious concern. When Islam becomes the dominant power in a society, Sharia law often follows and non-Muslims may be relegated to dhimmitude which means they are subjects of the Islamic state. Already there are problems with Muslims taking to the streets of London and Paris on Fridays to observe prayers. Streets become jammed with faithful Muslims who create several blocks of traffic congestion. Though there are laws against such public gatherings, authorities usually look the other way.”

It continues, “The overall population of England and Wales increased by 3.7 million people from 2001 to 2011, but the number of people who said they are Christians declined by 4.1 million and 6.4 million said they had no religion at all. Meanwhile, the Muslim population grew by 1.2 million.

“Such statistics do not tell the entire story, however. The decreasing number of native British Christians is alarmingly higher than first thought due to an increase of Christian immigrants which skewed the data. In addition, Christians had the oldest age profile in 2011 while Muslims had the youngest among all primary religious groups. Almost half of Muslims in Britain are under 25 and nearly 90% are less than 50 years old….

“A professor of theology at Cambridge University, Fraser Watts, says that in many churches throughout Great Britain the bulk of the congregation is over 60. As Watts sees it, those numbers are so striking that Christians could become a minority within the next decade rather than the estimated 20 years.

“While the Christian population declines, the evidence seems to show that younger Muslims are more devoted to their faith than their parents. In 2011 the name Muhammad was the most popular boy’s name in England and Wales by a wide margin. It should be noted that there are no less than 22 accepted ways to spell the name ‘Muhammad’ and all were counted in the total.

“According to David Coleman, a demographics professor at Oxford, the U.K. will undergo a major change in national identity that will impact them culturally, politically, economically and religiously when the white British population becomes a minority. As Coleman put it, ‘The ethnic transformation implicit in current trends would be a major, unlooked for, and irreversible change in British society, unprecedented for at least a millennium’.”

The only question left to ask here is this: Does anyone care about this? Is anyone bothered by this? Are there any Christians out there who even give a rip about this? Even if you are not a Christian, does it not matter that a free and democratic Western nation is being replaced by a religion of violence, oppression and hate?

How can entire Christian civilisations be wiped out and displaced by murderous Islam? We are watching it happen before our very eyes. And we are allowing it to happen. We sit back, well-fed, comfortable, with all our trivial pursuits. We are in fact watching our own funeral. Yet we don’t seem to care a bit.

The death of a once great nation is occurring and no one even raises an eyebrow. The truth is, with all our complacency, indifference and appalling apathy, we deserve to lose it all. If we won’t stand up and fight for what is right, then we deserve the blood-drenched sword of Islam to descend upon us.

And that is exactly what is happening.

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  1. The Islamic Kingdom of the Once Great Britain ^_^

    I must say, a culture of fearing to be successful and effective seems to be very common in England nowadays.

    English sporting teams seem almost apologetic for winning.

    The brutality that Great Britain did once share upon the world seems to have emasculated many, who are in a permanent state of shame for the horrid things once done.

    If you bump into someone in England, often enough they are likely to apologise to YOU for you knocking them.

    The thing is, if you are a Christian, you exercise that some Christian practice on behalf of your country, that you did personally before Christ.
    Dear Lord, forgive me, a sinner. And you walk into a relationship with Christ from then on.
    Therefore “Dear Lord, forgive us, a nation of sinners” and you move on, dispensing the love of Christ.
    Stop wallowing around like a limp lettuce leaf!

    I say this as an Englishman, who loves England, does not excuse the brutality that Britain HAS perpetrated, and thoroughly loves having lived in Australia for nearly 3 decades.

    It is way past time for England to be a grown up nation once again.

    William Hooke

  2. Hello Bill,

    Firstly, I would like to say that Britain has much to be proud of; for instance the work of William Wilberforce, Lord Bathurst and others in working towards the abolition of the slave trade.

    Secondly, I am currently reading ” Londonistan: How Britain Created a Terror State Within” by Melanie Phillips. This is the latest edition of the book which you mentioned above, and the parallels in Australia are of great concern.

    Thirdly, the following is a link to a programme to be broadcast on Channel 7 tonight about the Islamic plan to take over Australia and to fly their black flag over Canberra.

    “On Channel 7 this Sunday night (9th June) at 6.30 pm eastern time

    “Islam to Rule Over Australia.”

    Donald Battaglini

  3. Hi Bill. I think we could be lobbying our politicians to enforce laws that would severely punish anyone or any organisation that threatens the safety of others or to use violence against others or to overthrow the authorities incl the govt. It would also be worth having some debate re should the death penalty be an option for some crimes.

    David Roberts

  4. I have just watched ‘Islam to Rule Over Australia.’ I was shocked by the evil displayed by the faithful followers of the Religion of Peace and saddened that the Britons who demonstrated against it were rowdy right wing activist. There should have been a million Christians exhorting Britain to call on the name of the Prince of Peace and return to the God of our salvation.
    Des Morris

  5. Muslims who know what they believe are bound to be a more cogent social and political force than postmodern secular Western infidels who long ago ceased any effective belief in the one, true God and are now prone to believe in anything else in His place.

    The Old testament prophets spoke of cruel, pagan Assyria as the rod of the LORD’s anger… There are consequences for living as if the LORD and His truth are dead…

    John Wigg

  6. Among other things, we should pray for the conversion of Prince Charles.
    David Morrison

  7. Could we please run a survey of how many white Christian Expats (But hold British citizenship) are leaving due to the uncertain future that Britain holds for their children? And then correct the statistics of how much longer does Britain have of enjoying the way of life it currently has. The next 20 years is a wrong estimate, as people are flocking in their thousands every day!

    Matt Albert

  8. This is all very disturbing: not just (perhaps not primarily) the increase in Muslims but the decline in Christian faith in UK, Europe and the west generally. We desperately need a revival of true Christianity, not just “church growth” but a robust faith that is both intellectually coherent and spiritually vibrant. I have been reading Nehemiah which tells of how those who come to care about the land of their ancestors can rebuild the ruins even in the face of opposition. Perhaps those of us who care could start to mourn and pray like Nehemiah.

    Jon Newton

  9. It would be very interesting to see what the Royal family thinks about all of this, I wonder if they have any concern or do they not care at all? It would appear that they do not care seeing how far Britain has come down this path.

    Steve Davis

  10. I agree with this article and I’ve read a lot like it and the situation seems dire. And definitely, it is important, nay vital, for the message to get out so that people understand the nature of the threat and to be concerned about it. In other words, it is vital to wake people up.

    But, I think we need to include a big dose of hope and vision, as well as a plan for action. Otherwise it can become like the parent who is concerned for their kid who says, “If you keep on like this you are going to end up in jail.” And the kid ends up in jail. Compared with the other parent who painted a picture of what their kid could achieve, and they did it.

    We have the answer. There is no need for us ever to despair. The church in China has multiplied against incredible opposition until there are 100 million + followers of Christ in that communist land. The church in Iran is growing now also against unbelievable opposition. David the Shepherd was one young man who turned the situation around for his whole nation because he trusted God and acted against the enemies of God. He did not see Goliath as too big to hit, but too big to miss. And the UK has seen the power of God transform that nation numerous times in the past. It is no secret what God can do, what He has done for others He can do for you.

    So, the answer is the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed and lived in the power of the word of God. What is needed is a gospel/Bible movement in the UK, carried by people who know God personally and who are empowered by the omniscient, omnipotent Spirit of God. And that is eminently possible. Anyone can make a contribution beginning where they are with the people they relate to and see God change things, provided they know what to do. I recommend Steve Addison’s blog and his new book shown on that blog: “What Jesus Started.”

    Tas Walker

  11. Des Morris says that “the Britons who demonstrated against it were rowdy right wing activist.” Me thinks that whoever protests against the Islamisation of the UK will be perjoratively labelled, however they did it.

    Graeme Cumming

  12. John Heininger, thank you for those links. I watched the one on Luton because that was where my first wife came from. My memories of Luton are from the 1970s. What that video showed me is the horrific infiltration of a vile cult and the occupation of what once was a sturdy working class British city by an alien culture that has all but destroyed the existing indigenous culture. My heart went out to that young woman trying to reason with those irrational fanatics.

    Dominic Baron, NZ

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